Doctor D.R.Acula Ch. 06

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Part 6 – The Face-bow

I walk over to the cabinet that I store the face-bows in and select a few sizes that I think should fit. The surface of the cabinet has a glossy finish to it and I can partially see her reflection in it. It looks to me as if her legs are slightly spread, but when I turn back, she has her knees tight to each other. The smile on her face shows me that she knows what she is doing and that she knows that I couldn’t clearly see what she did.

I pull a stool up beside the chair and she gives me a smile, revealing all the metal in her mouth. The first face-bow that I try is too wide and sticks out too far from her lips. The next one is a better fit, slipping into the tubes on her molar bands with only a minor adjustment. I run my fingers over the bands on her back teeth as I give the face-bow a gentle squeeze to fit it into her molar bands, then trace my fingers along the archwire until I reach her canine teeth. They still haven’t retracted and I know that she will need another dose of the virus to complete her transformation. I slip the face-bow in and out of the tubes a few times, making sure that it doesn’t stick. When I am satisfied with the way that fits, I say to Sharlene, “Open and close your mouth a few times and let me know how it feels.”

She closes her mouth, opens it again and does it a few more times. At first she has a slightly puzzled look on her face as she gets used to the feeling of the wire that is sticking out between her lips, then she begins to smile, keeping her lips tightly closed against the wire. This face-bow rests in line with the bottom of her upper lip when she has her mouth closed. She rubs her lower lip over the bottom of the face-bow, then her upper lip over the top. And then the pink tip of her tongue comes out and begins to run over first the top, then the bottom. The way that she is using her mouth and tongue is so child-like, especially with the way she is dressed and how she is sitting in the chair with her knees just barely together and her hands resting daintily on the hem of her skirt.

“Can I see what I look like? Do you have a mirror? It feels so weird having this in my mouth.” Her child-like voice, along with the stream of questions, fits so well with the image she is presenting. She looks up at me with an innocent look and smiles so prettily, letting me see the bands on her teeth. When I hand her the mirror, she starts to move her head around, looking at her smile from different angles. It isn’t very long before she reaches up with her free hand and starts to run her finger over the front of the face-bow and along the wire over her cheek towards the hook just below her ear. “Something is missing. It doesn’t look quite right.”

I look at her laying back in the chair, looking up at me with that innocent on her face, and then I smile in understanding. I turn around to the cabinet again and pull out another drawer. This time I make sure to watch her in the glossy surface of the door. “What color of neck-strap would you like, Sharlene? I have white like your blouse, light blue similar to your skirt and several other colours.” I can see her knees parting slightly in the gloss of the door, but it is not reflective enough to see her clearly. I remove the drawer from the cabinet and turn so that I am facing her again.

From the corner of my eye I can see her knees come together again. I place the drawer of straps on the table beside the chair where she can see them and begin to lay them out.

She reaches to the collar of her blouse, slips her hand inside to her shoulder and takes the strap of her bra between her fingers. Then she pulls it so that it is exposed and asks me “Do you have a pink one that will match this colour?” The gap in the front of her blouse widens slightly, revealing just a hint of lace at the top where her bra strap and her bra cup meet. My eyes have been following her hand and they are looking exactly where she wants them to be looking, at her small, blouse covered, barely-there breasts. Even though they are covered by her blouse and bra, there are two small bumps showing through the material. “Well, do you have a strap in this colour?” she asks me again.

I look up at her face and see that innocent-looking smile again. The gleam in her eyes says that she is having fun playing with me. I look into the drawer to see if I have anything that is close to that shade. I know that I have all the typical bright colours, but down at the bottom of the drawer is a hint of pink. It is a close match to the strap that is still showing through the gap between her neck and the collar of her blouse. I remove the strap from the drawer and move my hand to her shoulder, placing it next to her bra strap. She looks into the mirror and compares the colours, then she smiles a big smile, letting all of the metal covering her teeth show along with the wires of the face-bow.

“It is an almost perfect match to my bra-strap. Will you show me how to put it on now, pleeease,” she bahis firmaları says, drawing out the last word just as a young girl might while excited.

I give her a grin, my own metal-clad teeth showing and say, “You need to sit up to do that. Let me adjust the chair for you.” The chair whirs as the back of it moves up until she is sitting upright. I remove the strap from the plastic that it has been stored in and straighten it out, getting it ready to be attached to the ends of the face-bow.

As I am just about the reach out to put it around the back of her head, she swings her legs over the side of the chair, keeping her knees tight together as her skirt slides up her legs to close to the top of her thighs. Her hands are in her lap, preventing the skirt from sliding all the way to the top of her legs and keeping her crotch hidden from my gaze. Then she slides forward to the edge of the treatment chair, the back of her skirt slipping from underneath her bare butt-cheeks and giving me a glimpse of the skin on the outside of her leg and cheek, before her high-heels touch the floor with a tap-click and her skirt drops back into place and covers her again.

She just smiles at me and says, “I think it would be easier if we used the mirror on the wall, that way I won’t be distracted by having to hold a mirror and can devote more attention to watching what you are doing.”

I go to stand up and she says, “I want you to slide the stool over there so that I can sit on your lap while you are showing me how to put on and take off everything. I also want to practice doing it for a while just so that I know that I am doing it right.” She gives me a child-like innocent look and begins walking across the floor towards the mirror, watching my reflection in the mirror.

I lay the strap over my shoulder and crab-walk the stool across the floor behind her, enjoying the view from behind of how the shoes she is wearing are affecting how her legs and feet look, and how long and slim her legs look as they disappear under her skirt. I catch up to her just as she reaches the mirror on the wall. I have also been looking at the unattached ends of the face-bow and watching as they bobbed up and down slightly as she walked across the room. Her braided pigtails with the pink ribbons at the ends are just brushing against the hooks at the ends of the face-bow and there is no hair laying against the back of her neck to get in the way of the strap.

When I come to a stop behind her, she looks over her shoulder at me, gives me a sparkly smile, then looks down at my lap. She bends over slightly, places her hands on my knees and spreads them enough so that she can get her legs between them and sits down on my lap after first brushing the bottom of her skirt back. This places her entire bare-skinned bottom on the upper portion of my legs, the only thing between us the material of my pants.

She brings her hands up to the front of the face-bow and gives it a gentle pull, popping it out of the tubes on her molar bands. I look over her shoulder as she removes it from her mouth and takes a look at it. After a brief look at the ends, she opens her mouth wide and tries to look at the bands on the back of her teeth, but the light isn’t at the right angle to see into her mouth. She squirms around on my lap and tilts her head until the lights around the edge of the mirror are shining into the back of her mouth and she can see where the tubes are. She slides forward slightly on my lap so that her face is closer to the mirror and leans forward, lining the end of the face-bow up to the tube on her molar band and pushes it into place. When she tries to slide the other side in, she finds that the end of the face-bow isn’t lined up and won’t slide into the tube.

“You need to squeeze it slightly as you insert the ends at the same time. Let me show you how.” She looks at my reflection in the mirror, then slides her butt towards me again. With all the squirming that she has been doing in my lap, I have developed a bulge in my pants, which she positions the gap between her legs on. When I reach up to show her how to squeeze and position the ends of the face-bow, she leans back against my chest and spreads her legs slightly. I slide it into her mouth and into both tubes at the same time. “Try doing it that way. With a little practice, you will find that you can do it without looking in the mirror.” I slip it out again and hand it to her.

This time, when she leans forward, she spreads her legs a little wider and slides forward and then back slightly in my lap. As I watch her line up the ends of the face-bow with the tubes, I become aware of a warm damp-spot forming in the middle of my lap. This time the face-bow slides into the tubes with ease. She gives an excited little wiggle in my lap and that damp-spot gets warmer and wetter.

She gives a girlish squeal and says, “I did it. I did it. I got it in.”

“Do you want to try the neck-strap next?” I ask. “I will probably kaçak iddaa have to adjust it to fit.”

“Oh yes. I can hardly wait. Will you show me how?”

Her hand has dropped to her lap and I can feel her fingers rubbing against her leg just below the hem of her skirt. As I reach for the strap draped over my shoulder, her fingers creep higher up her leg, venturing under her skirt. When I lay the strap over the back of her neck, moving her pigtails to the sides, I feel her fingers rubbing higher between her legs. As I look in the mirror, taking the ends of the strap in my hands and move the ends closer to the hooks at the end of the face-bow, her hand brushes against the top of her legs very close to the damp patch in my lap and I can feel the back of her fingers against my leg. This strap has plastic at the ends with holes, and I move her head slightly so that the holes are visible on the one side in the mirror. As I am about to slip the strap over the hook, she gives a slight moan and my lap goes from damp to wet and her hand comes into contact with the bulge in the front of my pants.

“Oh my, I think that we have a problem. I seem to have made a bit of a mess. I think that you need to take off those pants. They seem to be wet.” She slides her butt back and forth in my lap a couple of times, her hand maintaining contact with the bulge. “And your pants seem to be too tight. I think you would be more comfortable without them on.” She leans back against my chest and lifts her petite ass off of my lap, then brings her hand to the top of my pants and pulls down on the elastic at the waistband.

“That’s not going to work. My pants aren’t going to move with me sitting on them.” I push her forward slightly, bring my hands down over her shoulders and slip them under her arms, my fingers coming to rest against her chest on the outside edge of her bra-cups. I shift the stool forwards until my weight is over my feet and stand up just enough so that she can slide my pants down close to my knees. When I set her down on my knees, she brushes her skirt back and leans forward to push my pants down to my ankles, then puts her feet between mine and uses one foot to hold my pants down while I pull my feet out. I lift one foot out at a time, freeing my feet then spread my knees slightly to give me more stability.

She bends over to pick them up and the bottom of my shaft comes into contact with the warm, wet lips of her shaved pussy.


When I bend over to remove the pants from around his ankles, I have an unobstructed view between my legs past my bald pussy all the way to his hard shaft. I slide my hips back until my lips rub against the base, then wiggle slightly so that they spread around the base. His balls are just about touching the skin over the bud of my clit. I am tempted to reach between my legs and stroke myself, but there is something else that I want to do first.

The strap of the headgear is still draped over my shoulders and I slowly sit upright, trying to maintain as much contact between the lips of my pussy and his shaft as I can. This forces my back to arch forward, pushing out my almost nonexistent 32AA-cup breasts forward against my bra and blouse. His eyes are drawn to the shape of the little cones that are almost more nipple than breast tissue.

The lips of my pussy slowly slide down to the bottom of his shaft until I lose contact with it. I miss the feeling of it against my lips, but can feel it between the cheeks of my ass underneath the fabric of my skirt.

Looking at him in the mirror, I ask him, “Can you finish fitting the strap of the headgear please?” As his hands once again take the ends of the strap in his hands, I move my feet back so that I can raise my butt off of his lap slightly. There is just enough space so that his shaft can slip down between the cheeks of my ass and fall forward between my legs. As his hands begin to slip the loops of the neck-strap over the hooks, I lower my body down until the tip of his penis is just parting the lips of my pussy. When the first loop is completely attached to the hook on the face-bow, I lower myself until the head is just inside me.

As the loop on the other side settles into place, I lower myself farther and am surprised to encounter a barrier preventing further insertion of his shaft. I look at him in the mirror and am thrilled to see his look of excitement and amazement. I bounce up and down just slightly, stretching but not breaking the tissue of the barrier.

I want to feel his hands on my body, so I reach up and take his hands, bringing them down to the outside of my arms. He rubs them against the outside of my arms, then moves them in towards the side of my chest when I raise my arms. As his hands settle against the side of my chest, I grasp them and move them forward around to the front, placing them over the tiny cones protruding there. He begins to touch them through the fabric of my blouse and bra, and then I begin to unbutton kaçak bahis my blouse from the bottom. His eyes watch as I slowly undo one button at a time, pausing between each one. I stop after I undo the one just below where the front fastening is between the cups of my bra and slip one shoulder of my blouse off. This exposes the strap all the way down to were it meets the lace at top of my bra-cup.

My legs begin to tremble, partially from the strain of keeping my position on his shaft, but also from the excitement of what I am doing. I run my tongue over the gap between my top and bottom teeth and then up between the wire of the face-bow and the bands on my teeth. While I am doing this, I look at him watching me in the mirror. His shaft gives an involuntary jerk and I shift myself upwards slightly, relieving the strain on the barrier inside me.

His hands take over from mine, unbuttoning my blouse and finally pulling it open, exposing my bra-covered breasts. I take his hands and bring them up to the clip between my minuscule breasts and together we unfasten it. He places his fingers on my nipples as I move the cups to the side, uncovering them, and he gives them a gentle squeeze. My nipples and breasts harden, almost doubling the amount to flesh in his hands, as the blood flows into them.

A very pleasant jolt travels from my breasts down to my pussy and my legs shake at the same time as his shaft pulses just inside my pussy lips. For the second time today, I lose my virginity to him as his shaft enters my willing vagina, parting the barrier as we move together. I give a loud moan of pain and pleasure as I slowly sink down his shaft until he is fully encased inside me.

I watch his face in the mirror as I extend my tongue out and run it over the joint between the inner and outer wires of the face-bow, then raise my head slightly, increasing the pressure of the face-bow on my molars. He pulls up on my nipples gently and I try to raise myself up on his shaft, only managing to get about an inch before failing and sinking down again. This time I cry out loudly in pleasure as my whole body begins to shake. All that is holding me in place is his shaft inside me and the hands on my chest. I have been on edge for so long that it didn’t take me very long to orgasm.

He waits patiently as I twitch in his lap, allowing me to ride out my orgasm without additional stimulation.

D.R. Acula

I am amazed that I feel the barrier inside her opening so soon after having had sex for the first time, especially as she still hasn’t completed her transformation. I can still see her canines haven’t retracted. They are protruding down below her face-bow in an attractive fashion. Her tongue brushes over them as she runs it over the brackets behind her face-bow. My penis gives a twitch and I feel the barrier stretch, but not tear, then she shifts her position slightly, reducing pressure.

I take her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and begin to gently squeeze and pull on them. They increase in size slightly as I play with them and she begins to lose her focus. I feel her legs shake at the same time as my shaft gives a twitch and my head slips through the barrier, into the tight interior of her body. She shifts slightly as I bottom out, then cries out and begins to spasm in my lap. I just hold her tiny breasts in my hands, my shaft preventing her from sliding off my lap, letting her ride out her orgasm.

When she finally seems to be back in control of her body, I lift her and turn her so that she is facing me. I spread her legs on either side of mine and pull her towards me so that we are face to face. As her pussy slides up my legs and reaches my shaft, I lift her just enough to place the head of my shaft between her lips and lower her again.

In this position, she is the same height as me and I place my hand behind her head and pull it towards me. My lips part and meet hers at the joint of the face-bow, followed by my tongue. I slip my tongue underneath the face-bow and between her lips, beginning to run it over the brackets on her teeth. Her hands grasp the side of my head as she begins to rock in my lap, maintaining the contact between our mouths. It doesn’t take long before I feel the walls of her pussy to begin to spasm again and this time I am close to the edge as well.

I run my tongue over the edge of her top teeth until I feel her canine tooth just below the wire of her face-bow. She gently bites down, trapping my tongue, but not piercing the skin. She is in total control at this point and, with one last forward motion, her whole body shakes and takes me over the edge. I begin pumping sperm deep inside her body. My orgasm isn’t as intense as hers and I am able to support us both until hers ends.

We sit there, with both my hard shaft and my tongue inside her until she stops trembling, and then she releases my tongue and continues the kiss that we had begun. Our tongues play around the joint of the face-bow for a while as we take turns exploring each other’s mouth and braces-covered teeth. Every so often, when I run my tongue over her braces, her pussy clenches slightly with an after-shock from her orgasm, keeping me hard inside her.

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