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As many of you know if you have read my stories I was married for over thirty five years to a guy that knew nothing about sex except to jump on and off. Well that is the way he was with me. How he did it with other women I don’t know…

After I become a widow I met a guy named Don and he showed what I had been missing all these years. But he also died too young and then I met Denny. Oh, shit this guy knew everything and had done every thing and loved to do it more than any one I ever met after him… and I did meet a few after him. Hell I met a lot of guys after him and this is just one story about how into sex I was at fifty six or was it fifty eight… I am way past that now so it really don’t matter much how old I was back when I sold my house and moved out to the country.

I had found a place I liked a few miles out of town but wanted to sell my house in town first. So I called a realtor and he said he would come over look at my house and give me a market price and if anything needed to be repaired first. So I said come on over…

Since I had a few hours before our meeting I went out in the yard and started to clean the place up. I some how last tract of time and before I knew it it was close to the time we agreed on to meet. I dashed in the house and jumped in the shower. My hair was a mess but no time to wash and dry it so I let that go. I got out and brushed my hair and was wrapped up in my thick fluffy white terry cloth robe. A self gift and I loved it. Before I could even get clean panties and a bra to fit my forty double D’s the front door bell rang. I ran down stairs and saw two shadows through the side lights.

My plan was to open the door, let him in, tell him to look around then dash back up stairs and get dressed. I opened the door and there to the left of Mr. Mark Thompson the Realtor was Denny Wheeter my long time lover, and second teacher of sex and lustful pleasures. My heart jumped a few times and before I knew what I was doing I was in Denny’s arms and we were kissing. Denny still had his arm around my waist when he said “Mark this is the Wilda I was telling you about. She used a different last name when we were friends.”

“How very nice to meet you Wilda; Mark Thompson.” Mark said as he extended his hand.
I shook his hand and he was smiling from ear to ear and I was wondering just what Denny may have passed along as information about me. Denny was one hell of a lover and I was a student willing to try anything once, twice or three times just to get it right.

I asked “Just what did Denny tell you about me or us?”

Denny cut in and said first off he did not know it was “Me” so when he (Denny) heard the name Wilda he just said he had known a Wilda a very lovely lady a few years ago that was the sexiest thing he had ever met. Then he quickly added very beautiful too.

That was true I had taken back my maiden (Raven) name so Denny would not have known it was me. We moved into the Den and I offered them coffee. I had pretty much forgotten I was dressed only in a robe. Which by the way had come open at the neck while Denny and I were greeting one another. My melon sized breast were swinging freely under the thick material and the cleavage was clearly visible. I could not help myself I was getting excited by Denny’s presents and I could see he was remembering our good times also.

Mark was kind of letting Denny and I reminisce about old times and I got the idea that what ever they talked about was very intimate and should not have been talked about.

Then Denny said “Wilda I had no idea it was you here and now or I would not have talked to Mark about our good times as it were. But you see Mark and his wife Carol have just started swinging and so talking about my “Wilda'” and our good times was not to far casino siteleri out of line.”

Mark said “Wilda every thing Denny told me was complimentary and no matter how beautiful he said you were it was not enough.”

I started to like Mark. I knew why Denny had left town and I was truly surprised to see him back it had only been a few years. I asked “Denny are you still into swinging and all that stuff?”

“Not when Mark and I first met and I was looking for a job. But then one day I said I was into the sex game a few years earlier and he said he and his wife were just talking about it and thought it might be fun after all there kids were gone and they had lots of time on there hands. So together we had a threesome with Carol and she loved it so then we started to look around for more swingers locally,” Denny said.

I went to the kitchen as the was a pot of coffee ready to be poured.
I sat in my big chair and the guys were seated on the sofa across the coffee table from me. I had forgotten all about my robe and the way I was dressed.

Mark tried twice to get the talk around to business and the price of the house but Denny kept going back to the subject of swinging. Denny then asked right out. “Wilda are you still into swinging?”

I looked at Mark first and saw he was smiling and there was a bright little star blinking in his eyes. I wondered what his wife Carol looked like.

I told them that after he; Denny, left town I dated a few times and I went to see Carl and Hazel a few times but it all came to a stop over time and now I only have one girl friend that I do see and we will get into trouble some times.

Denny said “If I may speak for Mark and Carol why don’t we four plan on going out to diner Friday night. We can go to the old haunt the Riverside Inn.” Denny turned to face Mark and said “If that is Okay with you, check with Carol and see what she has to say.”

I told them that would be fine with me. Then Denny said “Why don’t we three go up and see the bedroom. “Would you like that Wilda?”

Denny was already standing and reaching for my hand to pull me to my feet. I was lost in thought as he took me in his arms and kissed me again. Oh God I thought if he kisses me one more time I am going to drop down unzip his fly and suck his cock.

Some how my robe came open and Denny held it back to expose my breasts as he said “Mark look at these beauties. I know Carol got nice tits but these beauties are so sensitive I could make her cum just by sucking on these nipples at one time. It is time I find out if they are still that sensitive.”

Marks eyes were a little farther south than my nipples and I felt his eyes roaming around my soft round belly and thick naturally blonde pussy hair. Mark said with out looking up “Denny told me you like to have your pussy licked to a climax.” I don’t think he was really looking for an answer I think he was telling me something. Something he thought I wanted to hear and Mark was so right that suggestion sounded so right.

But in my mind I added “Yes and it is even better if I have a hard cock in my mouth. Oh, Denny where are you?” I laughed as we three went up the stairs.
I walked toward the bathroom stopping to drop my robe. Mark looked at my ample body; my forty DD’s and quickly started unbuckling his belt. Denny stood to the side and was watching this drama that was about to be played out. I was getting hot just because I was about to get a couple of stiff dicks in any orifice I wanted them in. Mark was no super stud but like Denny I saw his cock was one of those that get rock hard. So many guys with bigger dicks never get really hard. I like to suck a big dick that never gets really hard it feels better in my mouth. But both of these guys were güvenilir casino rock hard and I knew I was in for a good fucking. God; what a way to spend an afternoon.

Mark jumped up on the bed beside me and was quick to grab a tit with one hand and his other hand traveled down my stomach coming to rest on my blonde hair covered mound. My clitoris is very sensitive as is every other part of my body. No matter where a guy touches me I get excited if we are both naked. I got his cock in my hand and was doing an examination of it when Denny came up on the other side of me taking my other tit in his hand. I closed my eyes and let the thrill of holding two cocks in my hands warm me through and through.

As they say it don’t get any better than this. Both of my nipples were getting twisted there were two set of fingers probing my pussy and clitoris and best of all I held a stiff cock in each hand. My blood pressure was rising with each touch of my clit and my tits were hurting from the sensation not the twisting of my nipples. I was in heaven. But being the bitch in heat and lustful cunt I needed more so I turned my face toward Denny and jerked on his cock. Denny is a quick study and moved up so that his cock was available to my mouth. God; I do love to feel a hard warm cock in my mouth. I have been told I would just as soon suck off a cock as have it cum in my pussy. Or my ass for that matter. I was thinking that Mark’s cock would fit my ass perfect if I could get Denny to fuck my mouth if I got up on all fours.

Mark was already kissing down my belly. I was happy about this as I love to have my pussy tongue fucked and my clit sucked raw… maybe he would wiggle a finger up my ass too. You would think I had not been fucked for a month the way I was carrying on. Denny moved up placing a knee on either side of my face so he could fuck my mouth while Mark licked my pussy to my first climax of the day.

Denny told Mark to stick a finger up my ass because “She likes that” he said…

Mark did as Denny said and even though I had a mouth full I agreed I liked that, really liked that…
I could not last long and gave up a spurting climax wetting Mark’s face with a generous amount of my juices running down between my ass cheeks and over my ass hole.

Denny moved as I had hoped he would get me up on all fours. Mark got up behind me and started to push his cock in my pussy. But Denny said “Mark do her ass; do her ass she loves a cock in her ass after she has had a climax. There will be plenty of time of fuck her juicy cunt later.

Mark got up around me with one leg holding his weight as he aimed his cock at my wet bung hole. I grabbed a couple of pillows and lifted my ass up high for him to get in deep. Denny from out of the blue started taking pictures. I guess he had a digital camera with him to take pictures of the house. But taking a picture of me with a cock in my ass was a better shot. I turned to see what he was doing and he took another with my face plan as day for all to see. I told him I wanted a couple of those for my album… and we all laughed as Denny said “I really want it to show Mark’s wife.”

Mark got down to business about than working his rock hard cock deep in my ass. God was he hard. I screamed for him to fuck me. Mark groaned and rammed his cock as far as it would go and I screamed I loved it.

“Oh fuck, I am cumming.” I screamed. I lost it and jerked so hard I pulled Mark’s cock clear out of my ass. He grabbed me by the hips and with help from my free hand rammed it back in my ass just as he shot a warm stream of sperm up my bowels. I was whimpering and shaking as he pulled his cock out of my ass. I love to feel a steel cock up my ass and this one was so good I was crying from joy. Denny had been watching canlı casino the whole thing while playing with his sixty four year old cock and he was about ready to cum so he moved in close aimed his cock at my mouth and shot a load down my throat. Mmmmm so fucking good, cum in my ass and cum in my mouth… God it just doesn’t get any better than this.

I went to the shower; Mark was standing at the sink washing his cock that was still hard, but not as hard as it was. Denny was taking a long slow piss and we all agreed this was a great way to spend the afternoon.

Ten minutes later I was back in my terry cloth robe and the guys were in there briefs. Why I don’t know I could still see they were both erect. But we walked around the house looking at every room.

I found out Mark was forty one and his wife was only thirty one. Denny said she wanted to try the bi thing and asked if I was still into bi sex.
I told him only if it was part of a good fuck and suck party. But if Mark wanted to bring his wife over the four of us could get a party started and see were it goes.

Mark was looking up the fire place when he said “Wilda I would love to see my wife licking your pussy. God; what a sight that would be. I bet I could get her to take my cock up her ass while she licked pussy.”

I turned to Denny and said “That’s way you wanted the pictures to convince Mark’s wife what’s her name? Oh yes Carol; to take a cock up her ass. Is Carol’s ass virgin?” I asked.

Denny said “I have not gotten into it yet. Mark tells me her ass is virgin. But only time will tell.

I reminded him an ass was not like a pussy there would be no way of knowing if it was virgin or not.

He agreed but said “You can tell by the way she takes it and how she reacts to a cock going up her ass if she has a virgin ass or not.”

I had to agree with that and told Mark I looked forward to seeing him and his wife soon very soon.

Mark was busy measuring the room when Denny took my hand and lead me to the love seat in the Den. He sat me down; kneeling in front of me he parted my legs while lifting them up so my pussy was fully exposed to his view and mouth.

If there is one man alive that knows how to lick a pussy it is this man. Denny can make me climax just by the mere touch of his tongue. With his thumbs he parted my pussy and started to lick from my tender well fucked ass hole all the way up to and over my swollen clitoris. Reaching up and over he rubbed my clit with his thumb as he licked. He tongue is so talented I was soon squirming and wiggling uncontrollably. I heard my voice shrieking and wavering as I felt my climax climb up fro the depths ready to fill his mouth with my ever loving juices. I was “Oh, god-ing” and just making those wonderful noises we girls do when I felt the nectar of the gods; as Denny calls it spurt from my body. At that precise moment when I felt the juices shoot from me Denny rammed this thumb up my ass. I jerked forcing my pussy hard again his mouth. I screamed and I believe I passed out for a few seconds. There has never been any thing like that and never will be. He licked me down from a high and let my legs fall to the floor. Now my pussy was as happy as my ass and my mouth. I was well fucked all over.
I watched both men get back into there car and drive off. I had my robe on but hanging open. Both Mark and Denny had reached in and fingered my pussy when they kissed me good-bye. I had Mark’s number and planed on calling his wife this afternoon after He had a chance to tell her of our threesome recreational activities. Mark will blame it on Denny and Denny will back him up with the picture of Mark with his cock up my ass. Maybe a foursome would be nice. It had been awhile since I had screwed around like this. But was looking forward to getting back into the swinging mood. Especially since Denny was back in my life.

I had not asked but I now wondered who if anyone had Denny been screwing with since he came back to town. Maybe this would be a five-some not bad, not bad at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32