Disappointed Master – Clare 2018

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This client has been with me for 4 years, nothing is really said between us, but she pays well, not like I need it, but she insists.

Monday 12th Feb 2018 Clare is 32 long brown curly hair, curvy figure and around 5ft 8inches. She loves the silence and the way I operate. She sometimes emails me with random requests, and today was one of those days.

She wanted it rough, so much so like she had done something wrong.

So when she arrived as usual she said nothing. I closed the door and grabbed her by her hair flung open the door and held her by her hair looking into the room full of pain and pleasure. She smiled and I could feel she’s enjoying, her skin always turns to goosebumps at the beginning, she know when that happens there is going to be a massive orgasm followed by a massive tip.

She giggles which makes me look at her. “How dare you!”

I throw her into the room slamming her to the ground, the door shuts behind me making a deafening loud bang as the noise echoes into silence.

She feels the cold of the white glass floor on her hands, face and legs. The little black short dress is riding up over her arse slightly showing off her knickers, but she’s too scared to move as she hears the silence fills with my slow footsteps, gaining on her towards her head. She lays there hearing the grit catching on the sole of my shoe as she hear me stop right next to her head she shivers with excitement.

“STAND!” I shout. She picks herself up off the floor in a hurry and start to brush herself down.

“STOP!” I shout as I put my face in hers.

Her body now quivers not knowing what is going to happen.

I start to walk around as she picks off dust on her top. My lite touch moving my fingers around her neck to her tied up hair making her shiver more and quiver with exceptions of more.

My hands slowly move tenderly down her back just touching her softly, following her spine, making her tense up and tingle. She knows she can’t move and have left but her knickers start to get wet from the anticipation of what is going to happen.

“You like the dress I bought you?” I say standing behind her, feeling down to her arse and back up her hips feeling the material. “Ermm, yes Sir I do, I like it very much?”

“So why are you wearing something that I did not allow?” I move my hands back down to her soft cheeks and feel around them.

“I’m so sorry Sir. I thought they would be a nice addition” She start to quiver more as my hands stop and start to ride up her dress feeling her hips and feeling around her knickers slipping a finger pressing lightly on her clit.

I take a step back, watching her shiver not knowing what I’m going to do next.

She hear me walk over to the walls. internet casino The grit under my shoes getting louder and louder as I approach her. I can see how wet she is through her soaked knickers. The state her is making my cock grown, the fact that she is wet and just so hot, her breasts in the dress just heaving over.

From behind I grab both of her hands, they slightly brush my crotch making her feel my cock is getting hard. I start to bind her hands together, walking her over to a fuck bench at the side and slam her down on in, I force her face down onto one end of the bench where she lets out a little pleasurable scream. I start to tie her ankles to the other end spreading her legs wide opening her up and exposing her now glistening pussy pressing her lips into her already soaked knickers. Both ankles now strapped to the bench I can see her pushing herself up trying to get my crouch pressing it closer, I quickly release her hand from the binding slamming her arse into my hard cock now throbbing trying to grind it.

I grab her right hand and move around and tie her wrists tightly to the leg of the bench spreading her out arching her back up and putting her are and pussy on display. I grab her left wrist and pull her into a comfortable position.

She start to protest and moan at me… “But they are really nice knickers, I go them especially for you.” I retreat as she protest more, knowing she can’t move, her body is completely mine.

She look around trying to find me and start to get louder with her moans and protests, testing the ropes and restraints.

I’m standing right behind her and lift my leather paddle and slam it down on her covered arse. “ARRrrrggghhh. FUCK! YES!.” she screams as I slam down again and again.

“ENOUGH!” I shout, knowing that no matter how much she screams she’s enjoying it too much. The pain followed with anticipated pleasure.

I go to the walls again and making sure she can see me out of the corner of her eye that I grab something else, but she can’t see what it is.

I come behind her and she feels my cock pressing through my trousers again just level with her clit sending her into a little moan, it strokes it as I move down making her gasp as I forcefully grab her hair. She start to protest even more (which she’s always been quiet before until today but finding it pretty hot and I can see in her eyes she is enjoying, moaning as I slide her knickers to one side as I unzip my trousers and slide my cock onto her clit. I feeling her body twitch with pleasure of the pressure of my cock now pressing again the opening of her pussy. She is so wet that I almost slipped in. I reach forward slowly pressing my cock inside her as I grab her head back and place the gag over canlı poker oyna her face and straight into her mouth and tightly strapping in to her face as she moans from the bliss of my cock being inside her.

“Thats better” I say.

I place my hands firmly over her body, feeling the dress every part of her skin all her bumps, then getting to her soaked panties, moving her dress up more and grabbing hold of her knickers as I slide even deeper into her. Holding her knickers so tightly as I start to pound her harder and harder, listening to her scream with pleasure feeling her pussy tighten while she gets close to cumming. I pull her knickers even more snapping them pulling them clean off.


She quivers and shivers from the power of my voice as I’m pounding harder into her.

“YOU’VE MADE ME ANGRY!” I step back my cock hard slipping out of her pussy, picking up the paddle and then again slam the paddle right down grazing her bare arse making it instantly red. She shrieks out with pain and then moan wanting more.

I throw the paddle down in from of her face just missing her, my cock throbbing as I slide into her slowly making her quiver and moan out with pleasure. I withdraw and then slam hard into her pulling out my bareback cock now dripping in her juices and pound it back inside her.

She moans more and more feel only pleasure slamming into her harder and harder, each time the bench moves slightly forward the wall with each forceful thrust. I feel her tense and moan with pleasure, and feel her pussy get tighter and tighter. I feel myself getting closer and closer.

I keep pounding her feeling the build up until I’m almost there, her body is quivering from the pounding of my rock hard cock. I pull out edging myself knowing there is more pleasure to come. As I pull out a bit of precum drip onto her arse.

I’m so hard, she’s loving it. I’m enjoying that she is enjoying it.

I walk away from her making sure she hears me and see me again and my footsteps walking to the walls, taking off a contraption and walking back. I place something next to her clit and then it starts to vibrate at a low level and then slowly start sliding into her pussy making her judder with pleasure.

“I’m always a gentleman as you know. I always make the lady cum first, and then second and then third, and then maybe fourth and fifth depending on if I feel cruel or generous.” I start to feel my hands around her back and then ripping the dress as the vibrations become unbearable. She starts to shudder feeling herself on the edge as I rip again. Her dress now exposing her bare flesh I begin to lick down her back and around poker oyna her breasts hanging down, her body so tenses she is almost there, she lets out an almighty moan.

“You want to cum. You’re about you, oh my gosh you’re just.”

I then stop the machine, I rip into her dress again completely making it fall to pieces around her, she is now completely naked on the bench.

The machine starts up again but this time she feels a small vibrator sliding inside her as the vibrations intense even more. It’s right on her clit and inside it is right on her g-spot. She starts to shiver, shake and moan. She is close again. I start to kiss and lick up and down her body making her feel the intensity. I feel she can’t hold it anymore. She start to cum and squirt everywhere. The sight is amazing, my cock pre cums even more and is now so rock hard.

The vibrations send her into a shaking mess on the bench feeling so good, but the vibrations don’t stop, its starting to get too much, she tries to get away from it, trying to pull away but I push her down onto the bench forcing her clit onto the vibrator even harder sending her into a spasm.

I look at her and my cock needs to be in that pussy, I remove the small vibrator from her pussy and slide my cock into her knowing she won’t be able to take it, knowing that I’m probably going to break her but I carry on fucking her hard. She can feel me swelling already inside her as I pound her again and again getting harder and harder each time. She hears me gasp out loud as the vibrations catch my ball. I’m there I’m going to shoot my load in her pussy. I rub my hands all over her body, grabbing her as I pound further in and harder. She starts to tense up as I feel her cumming again. I start to pull her back placing her clit even harder onto the vibrator. She is there, fuck I’m there. We both start to shudder and let out a massive groan as I pull out cumming all over her arse.

The vibrator still keeps on going as I walk around to her head my cock still out and still dripping with semen, I loosen her gag taking it off, she’s still shivering from the vibrator behind her and moaning so loud now. Get her mouth and open it wide sticking my cock inside getting her to taste her pussy and my cum still spilling out. I pull out and zip myself up.

I start to walk towards the door leaving her in this state. The door slam shut making her thinking I’ve gone. The vibrator still going on her clit, lubing it with my cum dripping down her arse to her pussy.

I come back into the room see she is close to cumming again, turn off the machine and untie her.

She lays there free to go, I take a sip out of my drink and take a seat facing away from her.

She slowly gets up and reaches for her bag, wipes the cum off her arse with a wetwipe. I can only imagine a smile on her face as she gets out her extra pair of clothes and gets dressed in front of the mirror. “Thank you.” She says putting some money on the side and opens the door to leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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