Developing a Panty Fetish Pt. 03

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I woke up with Catherine’s white cotton panties bunched up beside me on my bed. “What the hell was I thinking?” I thought to myself as the sobriety of a cold, grey, Saturday morning in January hit me. “What am I going to do with these panties I collected yesterday?”

It seemed like Valerie’s light, green, silk panties were left as a parting gift; Amrita’s red, lace, g-string panties seemed to be thrown at me as a joke; but Catherine’s white, cotton panties were flat-out stolen by me!

I was quite sure Catherine wouldn’t miss them. I took them from her laundry basket after finding them under her white, cotton pantyhose. She had lots of panties in her drawer that I peered into. If she noticed they were missing, she probably wouldn’t realize it until after she did her laundry. She would figure they went missing in the dorm laundry room. It wouldn’t be the first time a co-ed had her delicates go missing from the laundry room.

I pulled out Valerie’s silk panties from under my mattress, and picked up Amrita’s red g-stings from the floor, and I laid back on my bed. Valerie’s panties felt so smooth and nice to touch. They felt so good against my penis the day before with Valerie grinding on my naked body.

I brought Amrita’s g-string to my nose. They were feeling a little crusty, after she drenched them with her lovely nectar just the night before. They smelled wonderful. I felt myself getting turned on.

I started to rub my now hard penis with Valerie’s panties. They felt so smooth as I slid them over the throbbing head of my penis. I was completely turned on by both sets of panties; the smell of Amrita’s red, g-string held to my face, and the feel of Valerie’s green, silk panties rubbing against my fully erect penis.

I looked to the side and saw Catherine’s white, cotton panties and stopped myself. I felt guilty about stealing them. I stuffed Valerie’s and Amrita’s panties under my mattress and wondered what to do with Catherine’s panties.

It was a quiet day in the dorm. Many students were nursing their hangovers while watching basketball, and others studied or did errands.

Catherine had a bad hangover. She was embarrassed by her behavior the night before, and stayed to herself. That was until she visited me in the early evening.

I was getting ready to go out with my buddy Jeff when I heard a faint knock on my door. “I’m really sorry for how I acted last night.” Catherine told me when I opened the door.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. You were drunk. We all have drunk regrets from time to time.” I told her. I really didn’t mind at all. I could of gone without her swearing at me, but I guessed she was referring to her kissing me and getting undressed in front of me.

The image of her falling on her bed in her t-shirt and white cotton panties was etched into my mind. Remembering seeing her bush faintly showing, through her faded panties was coming back to me.

Now, standing in front of Catherine, I began to feel myself getting hard. I glanced down and saw she was wearing her typical bulky sweater and hangover sweatpants. Her b-cup breasts slightly protruded from her sweater.

“I just feel bad about everything.”

“Hey don’t worry about it. Here, have a gatorade. It’s good for hangovers.” I stated and I handed her a bottle. “You probably need some hydration.”

She took the bottle and we found ourselves in a moment of uncomfortable silence. “I’m sorry I, ah, kissed you last night.” She awkwardly stated.

“Oh you remember. I wasn’t sure if you’d remember or not.”

“Yes. I also remember falling over while getting undressed.”

“Yes,” I laughed. “You were pretty drunk.”

“Yes, thank you for not taking advantage of it.”

We were standing face to face. I looked into her green eyes and said; “You don’t need to apologize for kissing me.” I leaned into her held her close to my body and kissed her deeply on her lips.

Catherine was surprised by my advance, but quickly she gave into the warmth of my lips against hers. We passionately held each other close as she ran her hands through my hair and wrapped her arms around my neck. I felt her perky breasts rub into my chest, my now hard penis pressed up to her mid section as our bodies melded together. We stood as we continued to passionately kiss. Feeling more excited, I turned her around so I could lower her to my bed, but that’s when she stopped.

“Mike, I don’t know about this,” she said as she canlı bahis pulled away. “You were with Valerie just yesterday. I would have jumped at the chance to start dating you if didn’t just sleep with her.”

I was glad she didn’t also know about Amrita. It also really hit me that being with Catherine would be a serious commitment. “I should go back to my room,” she told me. “I think I have lots to think about.”

She left me standing in my room alone with my thoughts. I had managed to have a good time with a few girls at school without having to make a commitment. With Catherine it would be different. With Catherine, it could be a commitment without the fun. Her being a virgin, it would probably be awhile before we had sex, if we ever did. Did I want that? I would also have to think about it.

That night I went out with a group of friends to a sports bar. We figured we’d get a few pitchers of beer, watch a game or two, and play some pool. We were having fun with just guys when Amrita, Natasha and a few girls from the dorm walked in.

I just looked at Amrita and the thought of her red, g-strings came flowing into my mind. I couldn’t help but feel a pulse in my jeans. My buddy Chris motioned for them to join us, and in an instant, we pulled a table to ours; Natasha moved to Chris, her other friends became quickly entertained by the quick wit of Jeff, which left Amrita conveniently beside me.

I felt a little nervous beside Amrita. I was still contemplating a relationship with Catherine. I didn’t want her to find out about Amrita. Natasha lived down the hall from Catherine and, being a real gossip, Natasha wouldn’t hesitate in letting everyone know about Amrita and my exploits. Eventually I could relax as my mind was put at ease.

“Hey Amrita,” Natasha called from across the table. “Is this attempt number two with Mike?”

She and I nervously laughed, but Jeff chimed in with; “You don’t have to worry about Mike, he’s been too busy striking out with Catherine to hit on your friend!”

“Ah, your finally taking a run at the residence virgin!” Natasha blurted out; “I didn’t think Catherine was your type.”

“Hey, don’t talk about Catherine like that.” I struck back; “What she and I do, or don’t do, or what she does or doesn’t do, or what she is, isn’t your business.” I was obviously flustered, and had started to panic.

“Easy,” Jeff said. “A little sensitive there buddy.”

“Wow, maybe I can now believe nothing did happened between you and Amrita last night.” Natasha said to me.

“Natasha; I was already in bed when you finally showed up last night.” Amrita stated, coming to my aid. “Where did you disappear to?”

“My lips are sealed,” Natasha said smiling coyly.

“Oh yeah, which lips are you referring to?” I called back. Everyone laughed, even Natasha. We were just making fun of each other the way University students do, and we were all having a good time. Amrita patted her hand on my leg and we all went back to our conversations. A few of our friends got up to play some pool which left Amrita and I alone at one end of the table.

“It sounds like you also want to keep things a secret,” Amrita quietly said to me. “That’s suits me fine. I have a boyfriend, who I don’t want to find out about this. I love Natasha, but she does have a big mouth about these things.”

“I’ll keep things quiet. I actually feel relieved that you have a boyfriend.” I said laughing lightly. I really did feel relieved. It’s good to know we both wanted things to be secret.

Amrita stood up smiling, turned and leaned over me showing off her voluptuous cleavage. She had a tight, low cut, black shirt on, tucked into a tight pair of jeans. She quietly and discreetly whispered to me; “Hopefully, I’ll still be able to, at least, get a taste tonight.” I looked around the table and only Jeff seemed to notice anything. Everyone else was wrapped up in their own conversations or playing pool at the other end of the bar. Jeff just looked at me smiling and gave me a knowing nod as Amrita left for the washroom.

I contemplated following her, but that would be a little too obvious. It was clear this was going to be a secret. When Amrita arrived back at the table she had a little surprise for me. As she sat in the chair next to mine, she slid her hand down on my lap. “You were pretty eager for a pair last night, so here’s another from today, now I’m bare under my jeans.” She quietly said with a smile and slight bahis siteleri laugh. I looked down and she left a pair of black lace panties on my lap. I quickly stuffed them into the front pocket of my jeans.

“You know, I thought only pre-pubescent high-school boys had a thing for panties.” She said with a big smile. “I thought it was pretty funny last night when you asked me for mine, but I now feel extra sexy not having any panties on.”

“Your panties from last night were a turn on for me. Why don’t you feel how appreciative I am of them?” I said to her and motioned with my eyes to under the table.

Amrita glanced around the busy bar to ensure nobody was paying attention to us, then slid her hand under the table. From the outside of my jeans she felt my bulging, stiff penis and lightly cupped it with her hand and rubbed it back and forth a couple of times. “Wow, you do like my panties,” she said with a grin. “Now we will definitely have to find some time alone.”

Alone time in the bar was not going to happen, but eventually we moved from the bar. We all stopped at a diner on the way back to the dorm.

The late night diner was pretty full of students stuffing themselves with burgers and other greasy food. The whole group of us got separated leaving Amrita, myself and Jeff together at a table. The three of us relaxed and joked around a bit while eating our greasy food.

“This place is a great stop before heading back to the dorm,” Jeff commented. “And it’s not just because I fucked Lisa in the storage room downstairs.” Amrita and I exchanged quick glances at each other. This was news to me, and I obviously wanted to check out this room.

I eventually went to the washroom down the stairs. When I came out, Amrita was standing in front of me, leaning against the wall outside of the washrooms. I took one look at her, and pushed her up against the wall, kissing her deep on her lips. “Oh fuck,” she said. “I’ve been wanting to taste your cock since last night! Where is the storage room?”

I opened a door down the hall that said “staff only” on it. I turned on the lights to see a storage room filled mostly with boxed food and paper products. We didn’t hesitate.

This time I found myself pushed up against a door. Her lips locked to mine and she pressed her large firm breasts right against me pinning me to the door. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth and her hands went right to my the belt of my jeans.

We were extra excited with our sexual attraction being compounded by the thought we could be walked in on at any moment. Amrita dropped to her knees. Looking up at me with her big brown eyes she said; “I didn’t suck you last night. I’m not going to miss my chance today.” She stated, licking her lips and undoing my pants. She pulled my jeans down to my knees and tickled my inner thighs running her long finger nails up my bare legs.

She slid her fingers up through the bottoms of my boxers. “What? What’s this?” She said confused and then pulled my boxers down to my knees revealing her black, lace panties wrapped around my balls and the bottom of my fully erect and throbbing penis. “Ah, I don’t know if this is just weird or.. or.. something else?”

“You are such a sexy girl. I needed to have those panties wrapped around me.” I told Amrita. She must of approved because she immediately grasped my wrapped balls and brought her full lips to the head of my cock.

Her tongue dangled and flicked my head then flicked down the length of my shaft until she reached her panties. She then surprised me by biting down on the black elastic waistband. She held them between her teeth and, with a smile pulled them back. Looking straight into my eyes she let the elastic band go, slapping her panties against my balls.

“Oh yes,” I moaned. She then ran her tongue back up my shaft, licking my throbbing head, and tasting my pre-cum. She pulled her panties part way up my shaft and gripped her hand around my covered shaft. She then took the head of my cock in her mouth, twisting her head around, coating me with her saliva. She started to bobbed her head sliding her lips half way down my cock to her panties.

Letting me out of her mouth she looked at me and said; “Such a delicious cock.” Then she took me back in her mouth. Sucking and slurping as she continued to bob down my shaft. She gurgled as she took me as far down as she could. She then pulled her panties tight around my balls. With two hands she bahis şirketleri stretched her panties tight over my balls and continued to bob up and down on my cock. “Oh yes.” I moaned. I was feeling close to cumming.

“Don’t cum yet;” Amrita said seductively. “I thought I didn’t need it, but I want your cock deep in me!” She turned around, pulled her jeans down, and bent over grinding her bare ass against my cock. She held onto a stock shelve, and kept me against the door, my cock sliding between her jiggling ass cheeks. “Stick it in me!” Amrita panted as she bent right over, her ass high in the air exposing her pussy to me.

Her black lace panties were still wrapped around my balls as I ran my throbbing cock along her slit, getting my head wet with her juices. Slowly I entered her, spreading her pussy with my cock. Inch by inch I went deep inside of her until her own panties rubbed up to her.

I reach around and grazed her clit with my fingers. I couldn’t believe how wet, yet also tight she was. I slowly pulled my cock back and teased her clit with my fingers then slowly filled her up again. The tunnel of her pussy was clenching on my thick cock as I continued to fill her. Her juices were flowing down my hand. “Oh god you feel so good,” Amrita groaned. “Oh yes, oh god!”

I felt the tightness of her pussy, her nectar flowing down my hand and also down my cock to her panties tightly wrapped around my balls. “I’m going to cum,” I called out. Quickly she pulled herself forward, and spun around. She crouched in front of me, and took my cock back in her mouth. Ferociously she bobbed up and down gripping my cock with one hand and quickly rubbing herself with her other hand.

“AAAHHH YESSS!” I let out as I shot my load into her mouth. She felt it hit her throat and she gagged but kept sucking and rubbing herself.

“AAAAGGGGGGGG!” She let out as she convulsed and dropped to the floor letting my cock out of her mouth. Amrita collapsed beneath me as I steadied myself against the door. A drip of my cum fell down from my cock and landed on her cheek. I reached down shaking as I cleaned off my cock with Amrita’s black, lace panties. Slowly Amrita climbed back up me, as I helped her to her feet. She stuck her wet fingers in my mouth so I could taste her juices.

“That is just what I needed,” Amrita said as she started to gain her composure. “We should get back up stairs.”

She helped me pull my jeans up; then pulled up hers. We both composed ourselves, we shared a big passionate kiss, and left the storage room. When we got upstairs in the restaurant, I was surprised to find that only Jeff seemed to notice us missing. “Thanks for the tip on the storage room,” I said to him as he reach his hand out for a high-five. I turned back to Amrita who was smiling and I hit Jeff’s hand with mine. Amrita laughed at the sight. Soon we all left the diner.

I went straight to my room when we reached the dorm. I was pretty exhausted after a couple nights of partying and fucking. Strangely, I found myself thinking of Catherine; the one I didn’t fuck. I took off my clothes and fell asleep with Amrita’s black, lace panties still wrapped around my balls.

A short time later, I was surprised, and shocked, to see Catherine kneeling at the end of my bed. She was wearing her white cotton pantyhose, a green miniskirt, and a white blouse only buttoned up half way.

She brought a finger to her pouty lips and said; “Shhhhh.” Her milky breasts were visible through her open blouse. One of her hard, pink nipples poking out.

I was speechless. She leaned back on her bum, resting between my legs, and spread her legs open on either side of my naked body. Her tiny foot came up beside my head. I leaned to it and lightly nibbled her toes that were wrapped in her pantyhose.

She sighed appreciating my nibbles, but pulled her foot away, arched her hips and started to slide off her pantyhose. She pulled her pantyhose right down her feet still by my face. Then she left her pantyhose on my face as she rolled over to her knees.

She was now kneeling between my outstretched naked legs, her pantyhose on my face. They smelled so good just resting there. They smelled of a mix of clean laundry detergent, with a faint whiff of her virgin wetness. From her knees, she slowly pulled her cotton pantyhose down my naked body. She than covered my erect penis with them. She brought her hand down a leg of her pantyhose, finding the pulsing head of my penis, she started to rub me. The cotton of her pantyhose felt so good as she continued to rub me.

That’s when I woke up. Ready to explode with a very hard throbbing cock still wrapped in Amrita’s black laced panties.

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