Desert Oasis Ch. 06: Coffee and Cum

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Coffee and Cum

I was jolted awake by the feeling of my cock blanketed in a wet heat. Coming to, I felt her hair dusting my abdomen. A drowsy “Mmmmm” resonated in my throat. She quickly sat up, freeing my cock, causing to slap on my belly.

Twisting her torso to face me, wearing a mortified expression, she said, “I’m sorry! Did I wake you?” Her voice expressed legitimate concern.

“Mmmm… No apologies necessary. Believe me. What inspired you to do that?” I asked.

“I woke up a few minutes ago to go pee, and when I came back you had kicked the sheets off. You were passed out, but that beautiful cock of yours was massively hard, bobbing as it floated over your tummy, and I thought, Oh, dear! And…I couldn’t resist. Sorry,” she said, averting her gaze.

“Hey, no, don’t be sorry. It was amazing. I’m amazed I was even hard again. But since I was, far be it from me to sto— fuck!” I hissed as she took my length back into her mouth. My head crashed back into the pillow as I struggled to swallow air. My hand ran along her back as her mouth feasted on my erection. I could feel the soft underside of her tongue flicker across the underside of my cock. Her chin pressed into my pubic bone, her breath from her nose tickled the hair on my scrotum.

She ran her left hand up my leg. As it climbed my thigh, my balls tightened. She came to rest in my groin, her hand cupping my balls as she hooked her thumb around the top of my cock at the base, forcing my cock to elongate. I could feel my glans swell in her mouth as she slithered the tip of her tongue along the broadened, bloated ridge of my cockhead.

I was panting.

“You OK?” She asked. Her saliva cooled the skin on my superheated erection.

“I need something to drink.”

“Sure. What do you need?”

With that, I patted her crème brulee ass. “Really?” She said.

“Mm hmm,” I replied, resolute.

She rose up on her knees and ambled toward me. At the same time, she lowered her head and returned my cock to her hospitable mouth. When her right leg bumped my arm, she lifted it and swung it over my head, settling it carefully on the other side of my torso. The heat of her vulva on my face was searing as she clamped my body with her knees. The air between her legs was close, but the sight was to behold: her swollen mocha outer lips parted, her inner lips closed tight, gummed shut by her wetness, all bathed in the warm golden light from the patio sconces that filtered through the bedroom’s sheer curtains, illuminating the wee hours.

With my arms held at my sides, my tongue was my only means of touching her. Trying to maintain my focus as her tongue danced masterfully on my cock, I lifted my head and carefully flicked the outer edge of her sealed lips. As my tongue broke the seal, her lips blossomed open like a flower, her petals unwinding, parting, blooming. I inhaled deeply, filling my lungs with the rich and unique fragrance of her sexuality. My arms hindered, I extended my forearms as best I could, anchoring my splayed fingers and palms at the tops of her outer thighs. Slowly, I slinked my hands over her hips and along her sides before slithering between our bodies, along her ribcage to her breasts, imprisoned between her ribs and my abdomen. I crawled through our flesh, searching, exploring, until I found what I sought: her full berry nipples. Pliant, they swelled rapidly and hardened between my fingers. I smiled satisfied, my hands happy as I rolled her gumdrop nipples between my fingers. I returned my attention to her womanhood that filled my vision.

But my focus was shattered. My nipple massage invigorated her. She wrapped her hand around my cock, her fingers cupping my tightening scrotum, and she slipped me back into her mouth. She broke my rhythm. I struggled to regain my stride. I yearned to please her as she was pleasing me. I felt her nose brush my scrotum. She fully engulfed me, swallowing my length. Enflamed I lunged at her, lapped her, plunged my tongue into her, drank her, sucked on her, devoured her. I let out a full-throated moan that got trapped in my mouth.

I whipped my hands away from her breasts as if I’d been burned and planted them with a slap on her hips. The sting made her moan, which reverberated through my steely sex. She parted her lips and exhaled. Her breath scorched me. I pressed on the small of her back, urging her hips down, forcing her cunt into my mouth. My chin pressed on her clit, grinding it as I indulged. Her perineum flattened my nose. I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t care.

She wrapped her right arm around my leg. Bending at the knee I lifted it. Her mouth abandoned my cock; it bounced on my belly. She rested her head on my raised thigh. Her cheek was sweaty, her breath warm. She quickly, clumsily scooped up my erection in her left hand and wrapped her hand around it. Her cool fingers constricting the blood, I could feel my erection balloon in her grip. She stroked me unevenly. She capitulated to my attention.

I could feel her cunt pulse, the topkapı escort muscles of her canal calling me, inviting me, yearning me in. I dug my fingers into the cheeks of her ass. Her legs relaxed, widened, her sex nestling on my mouth. Her spiced elixir poured out of her, spilling over my tongue and down my throat. I drank her thirstily, the action continuing to roll my chin on her clit. She rocked her hips. She struggled to match her caresses on my cock to the rhythm of her hips but, lost to her stoked arousal, she couldn’t keep the beat. Her fingers dug into my leg. She pressed her teeth into my thigh. She squeezed my cock, the pressure quelling my urge to cum. I redoubled my focus on her.

She rocked her hips faster, pressing herself more forcefully against my mouth. My tongue darted in and out of her. Her thighs shook. Releasing my cock and grabbing my other leg, she hugged my thighs, her face resting on my cock. I could feel her breath swirl through my pubic hair. My rigid penis pulsed and pounded, trapped against her cheek.

Her body went rigid. She screamed as I felt her cunt spasm, her muscles clamping on my tongue, her lips kissing mine. As her orgasms rolled through her body, I continued consuming her, prolonging. She abruptly flung her left leg up and crashed onto her right side along me. Extending a splayed hand down, she fumbled for my face. Finding it, she patted my mouth, saying exhaustedly, “You gotta stop…I can’t…Enough…You gotta…”

“Shhh,” I said, bending my leg, offering my thigh as a pillow. I gently caressed her ass, losing myself in the softness of her skin. She snaked her fingers around my cock, caressing me lightly, but soon she simply held me. In short order she was asleep.

I continued brushing my hand over her luxurious ass and along the small of her back. I turned my head and looked out the windows to the patio. I closed my eyes. Feeling her body next to mine, feeling her breasts press against my hip and her ribcage swell and fall with each deep breath, I was soon lulled to sleep myself.


I woke with the room awash in sunlight that filtered softly through the white linen curtains. My cock felt ponderous as it lay on my abdomen, it slowly growing. The heavy scent of her femininity hung on my lips and in my nose from the night before, nourishing my morning erection. I slipped out of bed and looked at her as I made my way around. She was on her back, her arms stretched out and arced over her head, her magnificent breasts rising and falling gently with her breath. With her right leg straight and her left bent at the knee and folded out, I was afforded a spectacular view of her mound, her full outer lips, the molasses twist of her inner lips poking from between. My erection stiffened more at the sight. I thought of rousing her—arousing her—by gently kissing her lips below, tasting her, drawing her private scent into my lungs, feeling her body undulate beneath mine. But, I thought, I should really let her sleep…plus, I really need to pee.

I exited the bathroom relieved and made some coffee in the kitchenette. Quietly I rang room service for a continental breakfast of pastries, jams, juices and fresh fruit. I opened the patio doors, letting in the sounds of desert life getting on with its daily routine. I retrieved the newspaper from the front door step, insouciantly opening it atop the bar that the night before hosted our debauched buffet. Coffee cup in hand, I perched on a barstools, my scrotum nestling against the terry follicles of the hotel robe.

She emerged after awhile, gowned in last evening’s white robe, which she left open, allowing me to enjoy her womanliness as she entered the sitting room.

“Good morning, Luv!” I said, pulling her to me, my left hand snaking along the small of her back to her far hip. Her skin was soft but had a slight resistance to my touch, my hand impeded by a thin film of perspiration salt, an artifact of the overnight.

“Well, hel-LO, darling,” she replied as I kissed her cheek then, turning her slightly, kissed her right nipple. A “Mmmm” percolated in her throat as she closed her eyes. She sat on an adjacent stool, purposely pulling the robe to the side of her breasts as she crossed her legs, the robe’s white fabric amplifying her glorious body’s turbinado tone. She drank in the breakfast spread that I arranged on the bar top.

“Where’s this from?”

“Called room service while you were still sleeping. They delivered it just a bit ago. Coffee?”


I rose, catching her staring at me out of the corner of her eye, a tickled grin crossing her lips as my cock swung by her on my way to the kitchenette.

“How’d you sleep?” I asked.

“Mmmm…so, so well.” Her tone projected a deeply satisfied relaxation, which I was glad to hear. “And how is sir?”

“Good! I slept really well. Like a dead man.” I rounded the bar with her coffee. “I’m actually surprised I got up as early as I did türbanlı escort bu—.” As I set her cup on the bar, it was her turn to wrap her arm around my waist and pull me toward her, and she kissed me passionately. I replied with equal abandon. Our lips widened as they pressed tightly against each other. Our tongues swirled and danced. I cupped her head, gently but firmly pressing her to me, refusing to break our seal; I glided my other along her ribcage and across her back, my fingertips settling the valley of her spine. She sat up more erect; her breasts pressed against my belly. Adrenalin shot through my veins. My heart pounded in my chest. I ran my fingers through her hair and along her back. Time stopped as I feasted on her lips, more than ever feeling our bodied meld into one.

She grabbed my ass with her right hand. My cock, thunderingly hard, nuzzled into her abdomen. Already leaking precum, I could feel the head slide along her soft skin, making me catch my already ragged breath. I let out a jolted “Ngh,” which caused her to smile pleased, but our lips never parted. As her other hand echoed mine, sliding up and down my back, I pulled her toward me with greater fervor, kissing her as though I needed her to live.

We finally broke and I leaned against the bar. Her eyes were glassy, her lips full and crimson. “I’d say we should get a room, but we already have one,” I said breaking the silence. She giggled lightly, averting her gaze down. I did too, both of us seeing the crystalline strand of precum that connected the bloated, purple head of my cock to her belly. She coolly extended her right index finger and, running it along the underside of my erection, extracted more onto her finger, then followed the silken thread back to her stomach to what I had daubed there, gathered it, and sultrily inserted her finger into her mouth, letting out an exaggerated but no less arousing, “Mmmmm,” as she did. I smiled at her pleasure and playfulness. “Here. Your coffee.”

“Mm, thank you.” She said, taking a fleeting sip. “But, ooh,” she said, setting the mug back on the bar. “I’ve got to pee. Be right back.” I returned to my barstool.

She strode back in to the common room with an ebullient spring in her step, her feet barely touching the ground. Her hips swayed alluringly. Her breasts swung. Her face beamed. I fixated on her navel.

She took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply, forcing my lips apart and plunging her tongue in my mouth. I rejoined with my tongue, entwining, gamboling. I filled our mouths with a moan. I placed my left hand on her hip; my right hand slid up her body and came to rest on her left breast, kneading it lightly. Our lips parted and, with a giggle tinged with embarrassment, she said, “Sorry – too much tongue.” I brushed the pad of my index finger across her rising nipple.

“No such thing,” I replied, and kissed her again. I circled my arms around her waist and, spreading my legs, pulled her tight to me, my inner thighs sliding against her silky hips. My erection pressed into her belly. Our twisting and rocking causing her navel to be painted with precum. We kissed, stopping time, but she enflamed me. I grabbed her ass, pressing her body to mine as I pressed my lips to hers.

I needed her, but I didn’t want to stop, didn’t want to move. I dropped my right arm down her leg and caressed her knee, then ran the tips of my fingers up and down her thigh. I slipped my fingers between her knees, and glided them up. Her body jolted when I grazed her cleft and pressed against her mons. A moan caught in her throat. She parted her legs. My finger slipped between her full, sodden lips. She broke our kiss. Gripping my shoulders, she let an “Ahhh” escape as she rested her forehead on mine. My fingertip idled at her entry. She began kissing me lightly, rapidly, on and around my lips.

“Your lips are so soft,” she said.

“So are yours.”

“Which ones?” She retorted, throwing my old joke back at me.

“Both!” I said, plunging my finger into her. I kissed her savagely. The fingers of my left hand raked through her hair until my palm rested on the back of her head. I pressed her face to mine. My breathing stopped. I moaned arhythmically as we devoured each other. My cock screamed against her soft belly, and though her body was still warm from having just rolled from bed, my engorged erection still felt hot against her.

Her vagina was molten around my right middle and ring fingers. I caressed her gently within. Her breath became ragged, punctuated with erratic groans that I caught in my mouth. I wanted her. I wanted her to come.

I extracted my fingers and pressed around her clit, gliding subtly but unmistakably on either side of her glans. Her moans increased in frequency, pitch and fervor. Her back curled beneath my forearm as I kept her face locked with mine in osculation. I felt her breasts against my chest. I slid my fingers back into her. Her legs slackened as she leaned on me more. Our lips parted tüyap escort and she let out a hearty, “Ohhh,” as I slipped my fingertips against the swollen front wall of her vagina.

I ran the pads of my fingers along the valley of her spine. I kissed her shoulder, and caressed the small of her back. My palm pressed against mons as I explored her, coaxed her.

“I gotta sit,” she said breathlessly.

She staggered back to her barstool and sat, my hand in place. Sitting forced my fingers deeper, eliciting a throaty “Ngha.” She turned slightly to grip the bar, her eyes closed, her face florid. Her breasts swung away from her body, her nipples achingly hard.

My palm ground against her tumescent clit, which she electrified by rocking her hips. I amplified the sensation by juddering my submerged fingers, sliding and rubbing against her swollen canal. Swiveling my barstool around and leaning my back against the bar’s edge afforded me a more comfortable angle. My cock, swollen in hues of red and purple, pointed unapologetically at the ceiling, pulsing and bobbing in time with my heart. The principal vein that runs along the left side protruded demonstrably. My nipples hardened as a thick globule of crystalline precum emerged from the tip of my cock and, catching the sunlight for an instant, plunged down the left side of my tumid shaft, over my tightening scrotum and through the gorge where my thigh meets my perineum, before coming to rest on the seat below.

Gripping the bar for dear life, her knuckles whitened as her rocking intensified. She held her eyes closed tightly. Sweat gathered on her brow. Her breasts, topped tightly wound erect raspberry nipples, swayed invitingly. Her chest and shoulders reddened. I could feel the heat her body radiated as she fucked my hand. I coiled my fingers against the front wall of her cunt in concert with her.

“I’m going to come soon.”

“Good,” I whispered. “I want you to.”

“You do?” She struggled to get the words out. She breathed through her mouth, running her tongue along her lips to keep them moist.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I?” I intoned huskily. “You are so fucking sexy.”



“But I want you to come too,” she said penitently.

“There’s plenty of time for that,” I reassured her. “Now is your turn. Ready?”

“Uhn. Uh-huh,” she replied, allowing herself to succumb.

“Good. Then do it.” I whispered the demand. “Come for me. Now.”

She suddenly stopped, her eyes flashed open as if startled then slammed closed again. “Oh, FUCK, I’m coming! AAaaaaaAAA—!” She cried out full throatedly. Her thighs quivered. Her cunt spasmed around my fingers, her walls rolling in waves along them. My hand was markedly wet. She collapsed against the bar, resting her head against her crossed forearms. I stroked her hair and glided my left hand over her back as I kissed her upper arm nearer me. As her orgasm receded, she caught her breath.

She let out a little laugh tinged with elation and embarrassment, but I caught her off guard. My fingers were still within her. I returned to caressing her, encouraging her, urging her to come again. Despite the ferocity of her first orgasm of the morning, her second ascent was quick. She sat upright, arching her back, curling her hips and her glorious ass outward. She ran her fingers up through her hair and brought her arms to rest atop her head. Her breasts and belly were wondrous. Her navel tapered down to her thicket unseen, trapped behind my palm; my hand, in turn, was pinned between the stool and her scalding cunt.

Anchoring myself to the bar with my left hand, I leaned, fluttering my tongue on the tip of her pleading right nipple. Dropping her hands, she pressed my face into her breast. Taking my head with her left hand, she fed more of her breast into my mouth with her right. I struggled to breathe. Sucking as much of her majestic breast into my mouth as I could, I pinned her nipple against the roof my mouth with my tongue. All the while, my fingers rolled and curled, spread and snapped in her swollen, constricting cunt.

“Ngh, I’m close again. Do you want me to come?”

“Mm hmm!” I moaned enthusiastically into her breast.

“Oh ga, oh ga, oh ga…nghaaaaaaAAAAA!” She wailed again. I drew hungrily on her nipple, cool air rushing past it as I sucked in a breath.

I could feel the aftershocks in her canal as she released my head and I righted myself. She looked as me, her eyes glassy yet vivid, and laughed giddily. The heavy scent of her sex filled my nose and filled the room.

“How was that?” I asked.

“Wooo! Oh my…” She answered, bewildered.

I stood, still united with her by my hand, and spun her barstool around so she could lean back. Sweaty, I cleared her locks from her face and kissed her lightly, delicately extricating my fingers as I did. Once out, though, she kissed me with rising passion, her hand halting my freshly disenthralled hand atop her mound and, her fingers over mine, she pressed my index and middle fingers down on either side of her distended clitoris. Parting her lips with mine, our tongues entwined as I massaged her clit. My cock jolted as it grazed her soft, caramel thigh, sending adrenaline ricocheting through my body. My erection was so hard it ached at the base.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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