Debbie’s Socks Ch. 01

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As a quiet, shy 20 year old Chris had difficulty with confidence. He had a job in a stockroom for a high street shop which was fine but when he was occasionally asked to help a customer, he became really nervous. Social interaction was hard for him. He’d become flustered and would sweat profusely. He’d been dragged into meetings with managers and told to get a grip of himself, that he wouldn’t be made a permanent member of staff unless he found some confidence. This was easier said than done, he was trying his best but it wasn’t good enough and he figured he’d be gone in a couple of months. His colleagues had noticed that he was nervous and had given up trying to help him, all but one anyway.

Her name was Debbie and she was the only one who managed to put him at ease. She was in her mid-40s, around 5 feet 4 inches tall and had long jet black hair. She was almost a second mother to him, constantly asking if he was alright, making sure he could at least have one friend for his short time there. He could never bring himself to look her in the eye though, her big, heart-warming brown eyes. He’d be forever staring at the floor, partly because of nerves, but mostly because he had a raging foot fetish. Debbie’s feet were only small, a size 5 but Chris was dying for a glimpse of them. He’d not seen her feet yet but couldn’t stop fantasising about what they might look like, what they might smell like. She was up and down the stockroom all day in plain black flat shoes with plain black socks mostly, black boots on a rainy day. With the amount of walking she would do, Chris figured that Debbie’s feet had to be smelly. How could they not be? He was too nervous to do anything though, it almost upset him that he might not be able to get her socked feet in his hands. He had to try something…

The next day he was supposed to start work at 7am. At that time there were two ordinary members of staff and one manager so they could sort out the morning delivery. Chris didn’t know who he was on with and got the shock of his life when he saw it was Debbie. She waved at him from down the street so he waved back, trying to see what shoes she was wearing. It was the boots and his heart sank. When she wore flats, he could see her toes wiggling and flexing, her heels popping out every now and then because, by her own admission, they were uncomfortable. The boots didn’t provide these opportunities so Chris reckoned his day would be uneventful and boring like most of the others.

Debbie joined Chris outside while they waited for the manager and while they greeted each other she opened her bag and pulled out the flat shoes.

“What are you doing with those?” Chris asked, his mouth becoming really dry the more nervous he got.

“I’m going to change my shoes when we get in, these flats need breaking in, they’ve been hurting my feet these last few days but I’m going to fight through the pain,” she replied.

Chris chuckled, trying not to let on that he was getting more and more excited, sensing that there could be an opportunity to satisfy his fetish at some point soon.

“My husband has been giving me foot massages for the last few nights because of these shoes but I need to wear them, he doesn’t understand,” she said. Chris was as hard as a rock after she’d said that. It was completely out of the blue and caught him off guard. Debbie had no idea how excited he was now.

“You poor thing, I would massage them for you if you wanted me to,” he responded, now bright bahis siteleri red and sweating buckets completely embarrassed at what he had just said.

“Erm…no you’re alright,” Debbie said, hoping that she could now get inside and start work. At that moment the manager arrived, unlocked the doors and let them in. Chris was still embarrassed, but Debbie seemed as though she had forgotten about the awkwardness that had just occurred.

“I’ll just change my shoes and I’ll see you upstairs,” she said to him, as he was walking down the corridor.

“Ok, I’ll see you in a minute,” Chris responded and carried on upstairs, thinking to himself that her boots are unguarded in that locker room. “What if I sneak in? Nobody will see me, I’ll make up an excuse to pop downstairs,” he mumbled to himself. It seemed like a plan…

Debbie came back upstairs and decided to have a chat with the manager while waiting for the delivery to arrive. Chris decided that this was the perfect time to execute his little plan so he mentioned to them that he was going to the toilet and wouldn’t be long. They were fine with it, completely unaware of his perverted idea. He dashed downstairs, realising he wouldn’t have much time until they became suspicious. They’d notice if he was gone for too long. He crept into the ladies’ locker room, his heart beat racing, his palms sweating and his legs going weak. He scoured the room, spotting Debbie’s boots on a shoe rack in the corner. He raced over to them, savoured the moment that they were there, right in front of his face, bent down and picked them up. He stuck his nose right in and inhaled, harder than he’d ever inhaled before. The smell was unbelievably sweet, they smelled fruity like a moisturising product of some sort, mixed with a faint whiff of the musk of her feet. He was addicted, and couldn’t put them down, it was intoxicating.

Chris had been sniffing Debbie’s boots for a while and realised that she would be wondering what he was up to. He quickly put them down and ran out of the locker room with an enormous bulge in his trousers, which he didn’t find easy. He went back upstairs to find her so they could get to work. The delivery arrived so they sorted it out together, Debbie none the wiser as to what Chris had just been doing. Something was a bit off with Debbie though, she was wincing with pain and Chris had noticed. It had to be her feet, he was convinced but right as he was thinking that, she did something he had never seen before. She stopped dashing around and started to remove her shoes. The right shoe came off first, slowly she slipped her socked toes from it, wiggling them like crazy. She lifted her foot up to rub it, hoping it would make a difference. Of course this caught Chris’ attention so he carefully approached her, trying not to have a heart attack as he had never seen Debbie without shoes on.

“Are you ok?” he asked, at this point shaking with nerves, though this didn’t stop him from trying to get a smell of her feet while he was standing next to her.

“No not really, my feet are really killing me, I knew I shouldn’t have changed my shoes,” said Debbie, working her other foot from her shoe so now she was standing on the floor in just her sweaty black socks.

“I’m so sorry, what must you think with me just standing here in my socks? My feet probably smell as well. I shouldn’t be bothering you with this,” Debbie responded. She now felt it was her turn to feel embarrassed.

“Honestly I don’t canlı bahis siteleri mind, you do what you want, that foot massage I mentioned earlier is still on the table you know.” Chris all of a sudden had a new found confidence, he was certain this was all a dream, he’d never been like this before. His encounter with Debbie’s boots had made him a changed man, and he certainly didn’t expect the response he got.

“I thought you were joking when you said that earlier, but if you’re sure you wouldn’t mind I would love the massage,” said Debbie.

Chris nearly passed out, he’d had fantasies about this but now his fantasies had become reality. This gorgeous mid-40s woman who he’d only known for a couple of months trusted him enough to let him rub her feet. One flutter of her eyelids and he seemed like he was under her spell. At that moment in time he would have done absolutely anything for her.

“I know a good place we could go,” said Debbie as she hastily put her shoes back on and grabbed Chris’ hand. “We’ll go into the basement where all the tall shelves are, nobody will see us down there,” she added.

Chris followed her down the ramp to the basement, then round a corner to a quiet place where she sat on top of a washing machine. Debbie’s feet dangled, so Chris knelt down by them and very slowly slid her shoes from her feet. The right shoe fell first, gently landing below her, followed by the left.

“Ahh, that feels so much better,” she whispered. Chris was in awe. Her dainty little feet were in front of him for the first time, he could see the shape of her toenails closely and they looked absolutely faultless. She wiggled and clamped her toes almost as a tease. Chris looked at her soles, her socks were clinging to her feet, they looked sweaty. They looked beautiful. There was a small hole in her left sock and he knew exactly what he was going to do with that if he got the chance.

He ran his fingers across her toes and then gently to her soles. She smiled at him and laid back to relax. He kneaded his fingers into the sweaty black socked soles, caressing them as best he could. He worked his way from the heels to her perfect arches, finally moving on to her toes. He grabbed them, rubbed them and took a cheeky sniff. He was in love, they were amazing. He put his fingers in between each of her toes, and rubbed over the small hole in her sock he saw earlier. Debbie liked that, so Chris dug his finger into the hole and made it bigger, he was touching part of her bare foot and it was beautifully smooth and soft. This lady clearly looked after feet

There was a brief pause and Debbie looked Chris in the eye. “Do you want to smell my socks?” she asked. Chris said yes almost before she’d finished asking and immediately grabbed both of her feet and smothered them over his face. He was in heaven, her feet smelled even better than her boots did.

“I can’t believe this is happening, you’ve no idea how long I’ve waited for this,” Chris said muffled under Debbie’s socks.

“Yes I have, I’ve seen you looking at my feet,” Debbie replied. “From the day we first met and you kept looking at the floor, I knew you liked feet Chris,” she continued.

“Y..You did? Was I that obvious?” he responded.

“You were, but don’t worry, no one else knows. This can be our little secret,” she whispered.

Chris carried on sniffing Debbie’s socks, her sweaty aroma filling the air around him. “Lick them,” she said, this time seeming as though canlı bahis it was an order. Chris obliged. He got his tongue out and licked from heel to toe, soaking her black socks with his saliva. He got to the hole on her left sock and licked the patch of bare foot that was showing, and finally shoved her socked toes into his mouth. He could feel her toes wiggling around his mouth, making it dry and all he could taste was the sweaty socks.

“You know Chris, I’ve been working here for nearly 6 years and not a single person has seen my feet. Sure I come to work without socks on sometimes but my feet remain tightly locked away inside my shoes. I would never usually say this because I’m nervous about showing my feet, but you can take my socks off if you like?” Debbie said to him with a heart-warming smile.

“I would love to Debbie, thank you,” he replied. “This might sound silly but it would be an honour.”

She didn’t reply, she just continued to smile as Chris’ fingers slowly moved their way up to the top of her socks. He pulled them both down slowly at the same time, revealing a tattoo on her right ankle of a rose which he found incredibly attractive. He continued to pull at her wet socks, soaked in his saliva, until they were past her heels, past her arches and just resting on her toes.

He grabbed both socks at the same time and gently removed them from Debbie’s toes. He stopped and stared. His heart started pounding, Debbie’s beautiful bare feet were there in front of him for the first time. Debbie breathed heavily, she was nervous too. “Do you like them?” she asked.

“They are perfect,” replied Chris. He grabbed hold of her bare feet and proceeded to put her toes into his mouth again but this time with nothing hiding them, sucking each one completely clean until every bit of dirt had gone. Her toenails were painted dark blue, perfectly shaped, almost like sapphires, like nothing he had ever seen. He took her toes out of his mouth and started to lick her bare soles, finally covering them in tender kisses.

Their time together was coming to an end, work had to be started, customers had to be dealt with and other colleagues had started to arrive. “That was amazing,” Debbie whispered into Chris’ ear, this time fearful that someone might hear them.

“I loved it and I hope I can do it again,” Chris replied.

“You will,” said Debbie with a smile and a wink.

Debbie got down and put her shoes back on, while carrying her socks in her hands.

“You can have these,” she said and proceeded to give Chris the black socks that had covered her feet just minutes before.

Don’t you need these? You said your feet were hurting, I thought that wearing socks might stop that,” he started before she interrupted him.

“They’re soaked with your saliva Chris, they’re no good to me. Anyway you might get to see my bare feet again later on, don’t you want that?” she asked.

Chris remained silent, and opted to give Debbie a kiss on the cheek. She kissed him back and they walked back up the ramp to the stockroom like nothing had happened.

“I know you’re only a temporary member of staff but I’ll put in a good word for you,” Debbie told Chris as they walked together, “I know a few girls here that would love their feet pampering the way you did mine.”

Chris went bright red, “Please don’t tell anyone,” he said.

“Don’t worry, I know I said this would be our secret, but you can trust these girls. You’ll be fine, I promise,” she responded before planting a kiss on his lips and walking away.

Chris didn’t know what to think. He had a mixture of emotions and feelings, but he knew that he couldn’t wait for the next session with Debbie’s feet.

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