Daydreams Ch. 03

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The characters in this story are based on real people but their names have been change. ALTHOUGH they are based on real people NONE OF THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED! EVER!!!


“What do you mean us?!” Dylan shouts.

“Come on. I’ll explain on the way down” Sam says blushing. Dylan walks towards the lower field with Sam explaining how they were volunteered by Rachel. Dylan’s mind races as he thinks of kissing Sam, the boy he has had sexual fantasies about.

-Dylan’s thoughts: what if I can control myself? What if he thinks I’m a total freak after?-

~Sam’s thoughts: oh my god! I’m going to kiss Dylan! I wonder if he thinks this is weird or gross~

they walk down the bleachers to the track mat that’s been left out for the season with everyone lying on the mat.

“Our boys are here, since all the other males are to pussy to do it!” Rachel hollers using air quotes around males. She gets off the mat, her hair full of static, and walks over to Dylan and Sam. “Ok boys here’s the rules: it has to be a real kiss not a peck. You can go for as long as you want but you have to go at least 15 seconds. You can go as far as you want, don’t mind us.”

“Why were we volunteered, Rachel??” Dylan shouts at her as he towers over her 5 foot 6 inch frame.

“I’ll answer that when you finish, dear Dylan.” She says knowingly as she takes Dylan’s wrist and turns him to Sam. “Now you two can stand up and kiss or lay down in the middle of the mat. Your choice.” She lets go of Dylan and he looks to Sam to decide.

“Come on boys!” Adrie shouts at them, recording with her phone.

Sam looks into Dylan’s deep hazel eyes and knows how badly he wants to kiss the naturally tanned boy.

~he’s so cute! And I get to kiss him! ~

-what the hell is she thinking?! I don’t know if I can hold back-

Dylan walks over to Sam and puts his hands casino şirketleri on Sam’s pale cheeks that began to flush into a cute pink color at the touch. Dylan leans in and touches his lips to Sam’s lips softly but it was electric to them. Both their dicks start to harden as their bodies draw closer together. Dylan starts to make out more passionately with Sam. He pulls Sam closer to him making a lot of girls squeal in joy and guys retch. As Sam opens his mouth to let Dylan slip his tongue into his mouth, one of the guys start calling out “15 seconds are up faggots”

“They are more confident in their manhood’s than you pussies!” Rachel yells at the guys, “They can go as long as they want to!”

-damn it! I don’t want to stop-

~no I want to keep kissing him~

Dylan, reluctant to let go of the moment, pulls back and lets go of Sam. Dylan then whips around and glares at Rachel.

“Now you owe me an explanation.”

“Alright follow me.” Rachael says calmly and starts walking to the end of the track. Dylan follows her glaring at her back.

“Ok explain why you volunteered us to kiss?”

“‘Cause I know you like him.”

“What!? I do not like Sam! He’s a guy!”

“So? You still like him. I’ve seen the way you look at him.” She says licking her lips. “I’ve seen the way he looks back at you.”

“H-he looks at me?” Dylan asks hopefully.

“Like a school girl with a crush on her teacher. He likes you a lot but doesn’t think you like him.”

“But I love him….”

“Don’t tell me that. Tell him.”

She starts walking back to the mat and Dylan slowly follows behind her. When they reach the mat she starts conducting the game of truth or dare and Dylan sits down cross from Sam. Dylan stares at the pale skinny boy who is still slightly flushed.


Sam is sitting in an empty class room waiting for Dylan casino firmaları after early morning classes ended. Sam’s brown hair falling into his pale face as Dylan walks in.

“I’m sorry I’m late baby,” Dylan walks over to Sam and hugs him, kissing him deeply.

“It’s ok sexy. I just got here a little bit ago.”

“Why did you want to talk?” Dylan asks worried.

“Not so much talk as do,” Sam whispers to Dylan, sending chills up and down Dylan’s spine. Dylan wraps his arms around Sam’s waist.

“What do you mean?”

“I want you to take me right here right now.”

Dylan looks deeply into Sam’s icy blue eyes looking for any hint of a joke, upon finding none he kisses his lover and runs his hands all over Sam’s body, squeezing his firm round ass.

“What do you want to do?” Dylan asks undoing Sam’s jeans. Sam pulls himself up to Dylan’s ear and nibbles on the lobe making Dylan shiver. Sam’s hands make their way to Dylan’s jeans and pull them off. Dylan lifts Sam onto a desk after taking his pants off.

“Take me so I can have your baby” Sam says as he kisses Dylan, taking Dylan’s thick rod into his hands and starts to jack him. Dylan pulls away Sam’s hands and gets on his knees. Dylan slings his loves pale legs over his shoulder exposing the little pink bud.

Dylan runs his hands under Sam’s round ass lifting his tight hole up to his waiting wet mouth. Dylan’s eager tongue worked around the sensitive hole making Sam moan and run his slim hands through Dylan’s shaggy brown hair. Dylan works his tongue into Sam and works it in and out fucking his love with his tongue. Once Sam’s hole is loosened up and gets down on the floor and takes Dylan’s dick into his hand. He guides the large head into his mouth and runs his hands down to the low slung balls. Dylan moans as Sam bobs his head up and down onto the thick dick of his lover.

“You’re so sexy,” güvenilir casino Dylan moans as Sam starts to deep throat the long thick dick. Dylan thrusts up to meet Sam half way. Once Dylan’s dick is covered in his saliva, Sam gets up and leans over the desk showing his well licked hole.

“Dylan, take me nice and deep”

Dylan walks up and grabs Sam’s hips and puts his steel hard rod to the nice tight hole and pushes so it spreads around his head.

“God you’re so tight!”

Dylan starts to push in and pull out making Sam moan and clutch the desk. As Dylan pushes his cock all the way into Sam’s warm asshole he moves his hands up to Sam’s chest playing with his stiff nipples. Sam starts to moves his hips to make Dylan fuck his tight ass.

“Dylan, your dick feels so wonderful in my ass!” Sam moans as his ass is fucked by another boy. Dylan starts to pound into Sam harder and faster.

“Dylan, I’m gonna cum!” Sam shouts as he feels his balls tighten. At this Dylan goes wild and fucks Sam trying to get the tall slender boy to cum.

“I’m c-c-c-cumming!” Sam stutters out as his white sticky load lands on the desk below him. When he comes down from his high he feels a warm sensation in his well fucked hole as he realizes his love had planted his seed in him. As Dylan pulls out Sam reaches into his bag and pulls out a pair of frilly girl panties in a light purple color and pulls them up over his ass and dick.

“You’re going to wear those panties for me?”

“How else am I going to keep your seed with me longer?” Sam says blushing as he feels the warmth already starting to leak out into the panties. Dylan hugs the boy putting his chin on the top of his head.

“You can have it whenever you want, baby,” Dylan says as he runs his hands over Sam’s ass. Sam blushes as he feels the wet spot form in the panties. The boys get dressed and leave for first hour with a kiss.


Dylan watches as Sam motor boats one of the girls then realizes he is sporting a nice boner. When most everyone leaves, just Dylan and Sam sit on the mat.

“I liked kissing you,” Sam says looking away blushing.

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