David’s Tall Girls’ School Ch. 18

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(It was late autumn of 1960 and I, David Shaw, was 20 years old and was following my hobby of bird watching. I had unfortunately been detained by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being an alleged ‘Peeping Tom’ in the grounds of ‘Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old’. There were 120 girls registered at the school. Clearly I was not a so called ‘pervert’ but I could not prove it.

I had decided not to get the local police involved by agreeing to submit myself to the traditional ‘Punishment Rules of the School’ as applied to ‘Peeping Toms’. This involved being stripped naked and spread-eagled on the headmistress’ study carpet, and tethered with ropes and leather straps to metal rings set in floorboards at each corner of the room. I was then required to orally pleasure the ‘whole’ school. This is part eighteen of my sorry tale.)


Saturday Night in the Dormitory


That evening, following my third semen donation, I had a long relaxing shower until I heard the ‘lights out’ bell. I had no idea where I was to sleep, or rather I should say, with whom I would sleep. The girls seemed disinterested in my predicament and continued reading their books and magazines by the light of their bedside lamps, or were cutting their toenails or checking their stockings for ladders. I sat on one of the settees in the middle of the room with my old dressing gown around my shoulders and contemplated a night shivering on the leather upholstery.

The girls switched off their lamps one by one until only the pendant lights in the middle of the room and doorway remained lit. I watched as these went out and the room was plunged into darkness except for the bathroom light which shone through the partly open door. All around me I could hear whispering and watched little torches shining from under duvets. Out of the blackness two pairs of hands grabbed me and tore off my dressing gown; they guided me back naked to a bed which was half way along one side of the long room. One of the girls got in, and I slipped in behind her, then the other girl slid in and pulled the king-size duvet over us all. In the darkness we tried to hold our breath but clearly we were all too excited.

Out of the gloom a soft pair of lips met mine and we kissed. Her tongue touched mine then delved and probed my mouth as I stared into her big bright eyes. She turned out to be Deborah Bramley, as in the half light I could see her thick ash-blonde hair, which fell across her face and pillow.

We kissed languorously at first, but as time went on it became wilder and wilder. She was on top of me, her legs apart and her nylon nightgown pulled up over her breasts. As we kissed and caressed she grabbed my face with both hands and literally smothered me with kisses everywhere. Needless to say my penis stiffened and strained between her open legs. The tufts of her coarse pubic hair stimulated my exposed knob end, almost to the point of being painful.

Between kisses I glanced at the figure next to me and noticed that she had also pulled her nightdress up over her bosom and was massaging her nipples. Her eyes caught mine and she smiled. It was Linda Lander-Metcalfe, the nineteen year old who moved like a catwalk model. She stuck her tongue out at me and moved it about in a slow circular fashion and smiled again. She glanced downwards, licked her lips and did the same thing again. I took this to mean that she would like me to tongue her between her legs, but I was mistaken.

While struggling with Deborah, Linda slid down the bed, her face disappeared from view. Deborah moved to one side and I felt Linda’s hair against my stomach and thighs. Her feet suddenly appeared on the pillow next to me and I realised she had turned right round so that her head was somewhere near her groin.

She dragged me downwards so that my face was further towards the middle of the bed. I noticed that Deborah had joined her beneath the quilt and now I felt more hair brushing over my stomach and thighs. Another pair of feet appeared on the pillow above me. Linda swung her foot over me and straddled my face kneeling almost flat over me. From my new position I felt her slide her buttocks further over me so that my nose and mouth were pushed against her waiting vagina. With certain deftness she slid my erection into her mouth and commenced sucking.

“Oh my goodness, fucking-hell” I thought as her warm tongue and lips stimulated me in a way that I was not used to. Her tongue felt smooth but also slightly rough as she sucked, lapped and licked.

Linda’s arse hung over my face and smelled somewhat fetid but I licked it just the same. With my hands free I kneaded her heavy globes and watched the flesh glide under my fingers. Her derriere was an amazing shape. Even in the half light I could admire its aesthetics.

My penis was so stiff, from the incessant sucking and licking from Linda’s almost prehensile tongue, that I thought it would turn itself inside out. I felt güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri another hand grasp my shaft. Deborah joined Linda and began licking and nibbling it.

Her mouth felt slightly larger and cooler than Linda’s, as my erection slipped inside. They passed my penis backwards and forwards, as one would suck while the other licked my balls, and vice versa, for what felt like half an hour. In the meantime my tongue remained up Linda’s glistening fanny which lay open over my face.

In the darkness I heard a voice.

“Take this,” said Christine Forrester handing me a paper cup. “Make sure they don’t swallow any of it.”

The others clearly heard what was said as they both suddenly began licking my penis in unison, running their tongues up and down it, and flicking its exposed tip.

Linda’s mouth was soon sucking me with powerful tongue and mouth movements Very soon I was on the brink of another orgasm. I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes and clenched my buttocks and reached down and held her head in place. Now it was my turn to use someone’s face for sexual stimulation. I let out a low grunt as I flooded her mouth with nine quick jerks of semen. Immediately she knelt up and got off the bed. I handed her the cup and she spat into it.

I smiled and said “Bravo,” and watched her run off to the bathroom, presumably to wash out her mouth.

I felt very pleased with myself for providing more ‘skin lotion’ for the dormitory.

Before I knew what was happening two girls dressed in long cotton nightdresses grabbed my wrists and pulled me over to another bed on the opposite side of the room. I heard Deborah gasp with disapproval but it was too late I had been kidnapped.

As soon as we were under the vast duvet they both began kissing me at the same time.

It felt quite crowded having two tongues in my mouth and their long hair draped over my face, neck and shoulders.

Two hands stimulated my sticky penis until it was ramrod stiff again. I needed some time to recover for my next orgasm so I lay back and enjoyed their attentions. I realised that it was Kate Randall and Jennifer Smith who were now driving me delirious with pleasure. I opened my legs as wide as possible and they slid their legs over mine pinning me to the bed.

My hands caressed their pubic hair and bit by bit I prized open their labia. They turned on their backs on each side of me licking and nibbling my ears. Very soon all three of us had reached a plateau of excruciating pleasure. Jennifer decided that it was her job to ‘harvest the skin lotion’ as she put it, breathing heavily into my ear. Down she went and slid my huge shaft into her prim schoolgirl mouth. Kate whispered things to me, urging me to come.

“Petticoats, frilly ones with lots of lace, suspender belts and long black seamed stockings,” she continued clearly aware of my fetish for women’s underwear. “Lovely lacy French-knickers trimmed with lots of flouncy lace……” she purred in my ear.

“Here’s another fucking cup,” yelled Christine as I came in Jennifer’s mouth. Up she popped and spat into it.

“That’s mine by rights,” said Christine, “as you two evidently weren’t prepared.”

Jennifer appeared disappointed as she watched her take the cup and wander back into the darkness.

“Get another one Kate,” said Jennifer dragging me back onto the bed so that she could straddle my face. She swung her legs over me and dropped the hem of her nightdress as I felt Kate’s slim fingers and cat-like tongue on my penis. Fifteen minutes must have passed before I once again jerked out the contents of my balls, gripping Kate’s head to ensure nothing was spilled. This time she had a cup, and spat out my ‘donation’, and squirreled it away before Miss Forrester could claim another sample of my secret ingredient.

“Our turnth nexth,” lisped Samantha Skirving-Thorpe from the next bed where she sat with Lucy Gratton-Smith. I could just make them out as I padded my way over to them. The were both wearing ludicrously young looking nightdresses, which were very short with deep flounced broderie trim. One had a large pink gingham pattern, and the other one had teddy bears printed all over it. I thought that both seemed inappropriate for nineteen year old women to wear.

I felt I was in the hands of two large marionettes, both equally unworldly and gangling. Miss Skirving-Thorpe knelt on the bed with her knees apart

” I’llth sitth on histh face Lucy and you canth make him give a fountainth,” said Samantha, lifting up her nightdress while I slid my face under her delightful baby-blue teddy bears and between her legs. There in the half light. Under her nightdress I could see and smell her damp hairy cunt. I pulled her down and told her she needed a paper cup.

“Lucy, we need a cupth,” she whispered so that the whole dormitory could hear. Some girls giggled and I made out one or two of them making ceiling patterns with their torches.

“Hurry güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri up Lucy,” she said in her squeaky delightful voice.

I began licking Samantha’s vagina which smelled quite strongly, but not unpleasantly.

Soon Lucy was slurping my penis making odd gurgling noises without much suction. It slipped out of her mouth several times and I had to hold it for her to suck on.

To be honest I was still not sufficiently rested to make further contributions to the skincare requisites, so I lay back and enjoyed the two gawky members of the class explore and make themselves comfortable with my body. I felt in a way that I had more in common with Samantha and Lucy because I was always the odd one out when I was at school because of my lack of stature and puniness. I felt that the three of us were well matched.

I stared up Samantha’s nightdress, which resembled a tent, and gawped in awe at her perfect pert breasts and prominent nipples which bobbed around beautifully above me.

Slowly my strength returned and I clasped Lucy’s head firmly but gently and began jerking my penis in and out of her mouth.

“Keep your teeth out of the way and make a tight ‘ooh’ with your lips,” I told her thrusting my hips off the bed. She did as she was told and I could see that she had also shut her eyes in readiness.

“Don’t swallow it Lucy.” I reminded her, as my shaft slid between her lips more and more rapidly. Almost immediately from nowhere semen rose up my penis and spurted explosively into her mouth, as I held out the paper cup for her to spit into.

“Bleagh, yuk,” she said wiping her mouth on her nightdress hem, revealing more beautiful young breasts in the process. “I never want to do that again,” she told her friend.

All through the night I was passed from bed to bed. Girls generally sat on my face and sucked my willy, but one or two managed to hand wank me directly into their cups. Christine Forrester appeared always to be at hand to help if no one could quite get the hang of jerking me off. Eventually we all got to sleep but I could not remember what time it was.


Sunday Morning


It was early on Sunday morning when I finally woke up. I was aware of great pressure on my stomach and chest. In the grey dawn light I opened my eyes to find a sleeping girl lying face down on top of me; her face was resting on my face and her hair was everywhere. Her breathing was even and she was clearly enjoying a very deep slumber. She had dribbled on my cheek. Her face was so close to me that my eyes couldn’t focus on her; neither could I tell who she was. It may have been Gillian Hayward but I could not me sure. Her nightdress had been pulled up to her armpits and her breasts were squashed against my chest.

On my right another girl slept with her mouth just an inch away from my ear. Her hot breath tickled my neck, as did her long blonde hair which covered one side of my face. Her breasts were also exposed and they moved slightly in rhythm with her breathing.

I tried to move my head to my left but another face blocked my way. This time I recognised her as Elizabeth Chadburn, the dark-skinned girl. Her tight black curls pushed against my cheek and I had to stifle a sneeze. I realised that I had woken up with a ‘raging hard-on’ and that I had an uncontrollable urge to pee. I wondered whether it would be best if I just woke up the three ‘sleeping beauties’ apologise and got up. I decide however to ease myself out my degrees, and try and prevent them from waking if possible.

My biggest problem was with Gillian. How could I slide out from under her as she clearly was very heavy. Very gingerly I moved myself upwards initially with Gillian’s full weight with me. My arms and legs strained as inch by inch I slid up. Gillian snorted then turned to one side and this allowed enough space for me to slide up. I eased up then stopped, then eased up some more so eventually I had extracted my upper torso from the pillows. I flipped the duvet up and lay it over them, trying not to cause any more disturbances.

I eased up further and was just about to ease my thighs from between them when Gillian murmured and stirred with her face resting against my rock hard penis. Her hair was almost wrapped around the root of the shaft and it became completely stuck. I shuffled up the bed but it remained trapped.

Gillian stirred again, this time resting her partly open mouth next to it. I looked on aghast as she appeared to yawn just as my penis jerked upwards and into it. She did not appear to have noticed that her lips were now holding my rampant member. I decided to take advantage of the situation so I allowed my mind to dwell on every lewd and lecherous situation I could imagine. The intention was to make myself ‘come’ by thought-process alone. I failed miserably however and decided, therefore, to extract my penis and make haste to the bathroom.

Just as I was sliding out güvenilir bahis şirketleri she gripped my balls and sucked my manhood further into her mouth, groaning incoherently. I lay there watching her cup and caress my hairy scrotum and at the same time felt her tonguing my penis gently inside her mouth. I could not tell whether she was awake or partly asleep. Was she dreaming that she was sucking someone off? Or was she pretending to be asleep? Either way I decided that I needed to ‘come’ in her mouth, and quickly too.

I moved my hand down and began gently wanking the root of my penis. Then I held her head as I jerked the exposed knob end backwards and forwards inside her full red lips.

Within a couple of minutes I was primed for release. I held back for as long as possible, feeling the build up of pressure of seminal fluid deep inside me. Then I let go and immediately pumped three large globules of semen into her mouth. She instantly awoke and spluttered, and fought for breath. She had indeed been asleep and appeared disorientated. Semen dripped from the corner of her mouth and Christine Forrester ran across the room with a cardboard cup and ordered her to spit.

“Come on Gill, for fuck’s sake,” she yelled waking up the whole dormitory. I rushed off to the bathroom and passed Miss Forrester’s empty bed and noticed an object on her pillow about the size of a cucumber. It appeared that Christine Forrester had smuggled yet another dildo into the school.

When I eventually emerged from the bathroom I noticed that several were now getting dressed. Two were naked and opening wardrobe drawers and laying out clothes on their bed. Others were showering. It must have been breakfast time as there appeared to be urgency in their dressing.

It appeared that, as it was Sunday, they were allowed to wear their own casual clothes instead of their school uniform.

I sat on one of the leather settees and surveyed the scene around me. Girls were putting on dresses and skirts of various designs, colours and materials. Many wore button-through cotton ‘shirt-waisters’ in pale blue, pink or mustard shades. Some wore red ‘poodle skirts’ as was the fashion in those days.

Lucy and Samantha wore broderie-trimmed tiered gingham dresses gathered at the waist which again appeared too young for them, and they reminded me once more of two large stumbling puppets.

I noticed gleefully that all the girls wore stockings, and flashes of suspender belts and knickers had already stirred my erection into life. The girls all were pulling on petticoats under their flared skirts and dresses. They appeared to fill the space around their legs. As they walked briskly their skirts swayed from side to side revealing lacy hems and leader line net.

“We’ll be back shortly with your breakfast,….. and more paper cups,” said Barbara Rippingdale, her hair pulled back into a high ponytail.

I had wondered whether the production line for ‘skin lotion’ would be reestablished today and it seemed likely that it would be.

I showered and dried myself carefully, concentrating on cleaning my penis and testicles as they would be sucked, pummeled and pulled throughout the day, probably, and I wanted to feel fresh and invigorated for my ordeal. I splashed on some scent and sprayed it around my scrotum which stung terribly. Talcum powder did little to relieve the throbbing tenderness between my legs and it made me smell like a waiting area in a whorehouse.

From the door there appeared the sounds of laughter, high heel shoes and girlish conversations. Christine Forrester marched in with a box of paper cups. There must have been dozens of them. She walked up to me and grabbed my penis at the same time French-kissing me and pushing me towards one of the beds. I collapsed onto it with her on top of me. She immediately began masturbating me.

“Stop that Chrissie,” said Barbara Rippingdale, “He needs some breakfast first.” I was given two scrambled egg sandwiches and a cup of warm tea and left alone for several minutes to gather my thoughts and to muster some strength.

“We are selling your services today Mr. Flasher,” announced Susan Laing in her impeccable clipped home-counties accent. “Two shillings per squirt if ‘we’ do it, one and sixpence if ‘they’ do it, and sixpence for oral pleasuring,” she said pushing me back on the bed. So that there is no malarkey, we shall tie you down again.”

“No, please not the ties,” I spluttered, but it was too late. Miss Laing pinned me down by my shoulders and all around me young hands adjusted and attached belts and scarves, Again I was firmly tethered to the bed on my back, naked, with my head at the foot of the bed. Susan knelt off me and as she swung her leg over my head I was treated to a glimpse of tan stockings and white lacy suspenders under a pair of delicately laced French knickers.

I lay there staring up at their faces and wondered what was meant by ‘selling my services’. From the stairwell another ten girls entered the room. I did not recognise their faces and was introduced to some of Class 2B, the next on Miss Wiff-Naseford’s list for pleasuring. There were now thirty girls surrounding my bed, all intent on being orally pleasured or requiring a cup of ‘David Shaw’s Secret Formula Skin Lotion’ or both.

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