Daddy’s Eager Analslut

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She woke up slowly, the morning light gradually filling her bedroom. It was so nice to not wake up to an alarm clock. She took her time, stretching, getting out of bed at a slow pace. It was about 8:15.

She was surprised to be so awake so early, she’d had a late night.

The note for the day was on her dresser.

‘Darlin’: I won’t be home for lunch today. But I will be checking in on the web cams. As it’s cleaning day, I’d like a French maid. Your costume’s behind the door. Tom will be over for dinner & the game and he’s spending the night. So set up the guest bedroom and prepare hamburgers and beer. You can wear whatever you want to go to the store, as long as you keep those nipples clamped, and of course, that ass plugged.

Have a good day, Mike’

‘Hmmm… Tom tonight?’ She thought, putting down the note and slipping on her robe to go take her shower. ‘Probably be a good idea to use a big plug and stretch things out. Especially since he’ll be spending the night. I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow.’

She slipped down the hall to the bathroom, suddenly very aware of the weight of the plug still in her ass. She flipped on the light in the bathroom, and the cameras in the corners blinked to life, turning to follow the movement. She waved and blew a kiss at the one whose red light switched on, knowing Mike was watching. She slid out of her robe, then started her morning absolutions. She always wondered what he could really see when she was sitting on the toilet and why he was into watching her in the bathroom, but she figured it was just one of his kinks. She was carefully to hold the plug in place while she was sitting, and quickly prepared the first enema of the day.

Once she was showered and ready, she went back to her room, robe in hand. As soon as she entered, she found the maid’s outfit behind the door, along with the day’s nipple rings and butt plug. The rings he chose were always an indication of the sort of evening they’d spend together. Today, it was ‘Mike’s’ and ‘Slut’. She knew to put the ‘Mike’s’ on her right nipple, ‘Slut’ on her left. Once she was dressed, she’d do her makeup at her vanity and wait, tits thrust forward, until the green light came on, letting her know he approved of how she looked.

First, though, she had to prepare her ass and insert the plug. When he’d indicated the maid’s costume, she’d expected the plug with the feathers that made it look like someone had shoved a feather duster up her butt.

Every time he gave her a plug with a tail, she couldn’t disguise her excitement. There was something so erotic and so hot about the thought of something sticking obscenely out of her round ass, that she was immediately wet and panting just knowing it was coming.

Nonetheless, she’d been worried because it wasn’t a very thick plug, and if she was going to entertain both Mike and Tom that night, she wanted her ass to be at least a little more stretched in advance. But, he’d surprised her. He must have ordered a new plug, because while this one did have feathers sticking out, the plug itself was much wider at the thickest part. It wouldn’t go very deep, but it would certainly make her feel very stretched. She found herself a little breathless and excited holding it, her nipples becoming extremely hard and pointy. Just then, a message popped up at the bottom of her mirror.

‘I see my little slut likes her new toy’. She jumped at the little beep, conscious that her mouth had even been a little open.

‘Yes I do!’ she typed quickly onto the little keypad. ‘I like it very much!’

‘Well, bend over and let me watch you put it in’

She smiled shyly, opening the drawer to take out her lube. She turned around, and bent over, ass high in the air, legs spread wide and slid some lube on her already puckering asshole. She applied a little more to the new plug, then slowly began to work it in.

A soft moan escaped her, but then she had to inhale deeply and sharp in order to push the thickest part of the plug past her sphincter. As she’d imagined, she felt extremely opened, a sensation she adored. She carefully turned around, and sat back on the bench, the plug secure, the feathers pointed out over the other side. She was panting lightly and her eyes were already glazed over.

‘What a sexy little slut I have. You’re dripping already, aren’t you?’ Popped up.

She always needed a few seconds to acclimate to being plugged, so she replied, still panting a little.

‘Yes, I am. Thank you for the new toy.’

‘You’re welcome. Now oil up those tits and put in the rings for today. I want to watch you tug hard on those slut nipples like the common whore you are.’

She blushed– he always knew how to shame her into excitement.

She obeyed, pumping a little oil into her hands and rubbing it slowly into each heavy DD tit.

When they’d met, her breasts were already a very perky C on her small frame. But, she’d always had a secret fantasy to have larger, more provocative breasts. And he’d been more than happy to oblige, paying for every modification bahis şirketleri she’d asked for. She’d actually become more sensitive with larger breasts, and even the threat of tying them up, spanking them, or exposing them was enough to make her wet. When he carried out his threats, she was ready to come within seconds. He usually was, too.

Once her skin was shining, she turned her attention to her nipples as requested. She watched herself in the mirror, taking each nipple between thumb and forefinger, squeezing, then twisting them hard. Her heart was racing, her mouth open, eyes lidded.

‘Good, slut. More.’

She used her nipples like little handles to pull her tits up high, then drop them down, moving her shoulders to shake them from side to side. She took the right one in her fingers again, pulling up, twisting, turning down, then letting go and flicking hard.

Looking down at the angry little nipple, she blew on it, watching the skin tighten even more. She picked up the ‘Mike’s’ ring and opened the latch. Pulling the nipple hard away from her body, she hooked the ring through the hole and let go, allowing the ring to pull the nipple down just a little.

She repeated the process for the left nipple.

When she was finished, she looked shyly up at the mirror again, seeing herself labeled for exactly what she was at that moment: ‘Mike’s Slut’.

‘Very Good.’ Popped up. ‘I’ve enjoyed your little show very much. Now, finish getting dressed and get to work. I want the house spick & span. And push those tits out. Be proud! Revel in the slut you are. Say it, tell me what you are.’

She pressed her chest out, her shoulders back and said aloud, ‘I’m Mike’s Slut.’ Just saying the words made her drool a little.

‘Good. I’ll be watching.’

With a lot of difficulty, she got into the extremely tight uniform. She was already so aroused all she wanted to do was hop back in bed with her vibrator, but she knew he’d be watching for that and he hadn’t given her permission to masturbate.

The uniform was really more of a short dress. It had black straps that went over her shoulders, the neck line was cut very low so that her tits were forced up and out. The rest of it clung tightly to her body, except for a large opening that revealed the crack of her ass and closed just under it, with the feathers sticking our provocatively. Her pussy was not visible, but there were attachments at the bottom for the fishnet stockings he’d left out for her.

She pulled up her hair into a ponytail, quickly did her makeup — always careful to wear far too much lipstick — put on the black and white choker, gloves and very high heels, and went to work.

By the time the house was ready, her feet were aching, her nipples sore from the dangling rings, and her asshole felt stretched and heavy.

She would have to change to go to the store. It looked like it might rain outside, so she opted for jeans, a black tee shirt and Keds. If she’d been with Mike, she’d have chosen a white tee, hoping to get caught in the rain. She toned down her makeup just a little and decided to shower when she returned. She’d enjoy preparing her body for that evening. She hesitated about the butt plug.

Sitting at her vanity to change from nipple rings to clamps, she chose discreet, but powerful magnetic ones. As she massaged some soothing gel into her left nipple, she typed a message on her keypad.

“Sir, do you mind if I switch to a larger plug for the afternoon? As my asshole is going to service both you and Tom tonight, I’d like to be sure it’s ready and open wide enough.”

She was sighing through the initial pain of having both nipples clamped when the reply popped up.

“My clever little bitch. You make a good point. You can go as high as orange if you want. But take it out by 6 and put the blue or purple in by 8. Tom likes opening up your tightness, but I don’t want him to hurt you too much. He’s running late, so we won’t get there before 8. I’ll deal with cooking the burgers, you fix everything cold and make sure you’re not hungry. Your tits look beautiful, give em a shake for me!”

She did as instructed, smiling into the mirror. In the bathroom, she removed the maid plug, cleaned it and set it aside to dry. After checking her hole in the mirror, she lubed up the orange plug. Bending over, she began cautiously working it into her ass. They had a group of rainbow-colored plugs cast from a mold of Mike’s cock. Moving from brighter to darker colors, the plugs decreased in size. None of them were as long as Mike’s cock, but the yellow was the exact width. He loved the idea of plugging her ass with a replica of himself, and that she would be out & about, doing normal things with her ass stuffed with something that felt like him.

She found it incredibly erotic, too. And it always took her a few minutes to calm herself enough to get back to whatever “normal” activity she was supposed to be doing.

Once she’d put in the plug, slipped on a thong and her jeans, it took her a lot of concentration bahis firmaları to accept all of the sensations flooding her. She put her bra on carefully, the tips of her nipples already seriously stimulated. She eased on her shirt and headed towards the garage. This would be the most difficult part. The orange plug was already making it tough to walk normally. Even though she was upright, her ass felt as open as when Mike bent her over and rammed into her. She paused to catch her breath in the kitchen. She couldn’t let herself think like that. If she did, she’d likely have giant orgasm in the middle of the grocery store.

Her phone chirped. She fished it out of her bag and read the message.

“Everything ok, darlin?” Mike had been watching her on the webcams.

She wrote back, “Between the plug and nipple stimulation this morning, and the overwhelming fullness and painful nips I have now, I need to cum very badly.”

“Then lie on the floor, expose your tits, open your pants and make yourself cum, slut.” He replied.

She couldn’t obey fast enough. Lying on her back, she yanked the cups down under her tits and ripped off the clamps. She undid her jeans and shot one hand down between her legs while tugging roughly on her left nipple. In less than a minute she rubbed herself to orgasm, her hips bucking. With each thrust, the plug in her ass reminded her that she was penetrated and pushed her towards a second orgasm. As she came down for a second time, both hands worked both tits, twisting and turning the distended nipples. She sighed, finally relaxing, but extending the pleasure, rolling her nipples between her fingers.

She lay, basking in the release for a few minutes. Her phone chirped.

“What a filthy, cheap, beautiful whore I have.” Mike wrote. “It looks to me like some serious nipple work is in order for tonight.”

She smiled, and shyly covered them with one arm.

“Go shopping like that — keep the cups down, pull your shirt down like normal and enjoy the feeling of your nipples against the fabric.”

She was excited, but scared. Her nipples were often visible through a bra and shirt. With no bra holding them back, anyone might notice. But an order was an order.

“Yes sir” she wrote back.

“Now roll over and show me that your plug is still in place.”

She obeyed, rolling onto her knees, ass raised high in the air. She pulled down her jeans and showed the camera on the ceiling that her ass was still firmly plugged. She got herself together and continued to the garage.

Sliding into her Jeep, the thick plug made her gasp for breath. She suddenly had a flashback of a car ride the previous year. They were returning from vacation, and he’d had her put on a cheerleader style skirt with no panties, a plain tee shirt with no bra, had told her to lube her asshole in the airport’s bathroom, and when they’d gotten to the car, he’d applied a clamp on a long chain to her clit. He’d then cut the tee shirt so that it was just short enough that the bottom curve of each tit was visible. When he opened the passenger door, she’d been speechless at the sight of a realistic, wide dildo strapped to the seat. He told her to impale herself.

“My pussy?” she’d asked?

“No.” He’d said. “Your ass.”

For the two hours from the airport, she’d bounced or ground or suffered on the very thick dildo lodged deep inside. Anytime she’d seemed tired he’d tugged on her clit, or rubbed her tits or played with her nipples. She had not been allowed to cum. He liked it best when she leaned with her arms folded on the dash and rocked her hips up and down. He’d cut off the skirt and could just see the dildo going into her, and the shirt moved up so that her tits were dangling free underneath. He rubbed them, made them flop and bounce, and pulled and twisted the nipples till she begged him to let her cum.

When they’d finally gotten home, he’d come around to her side and brutally fucked her ass, pressing her face into the seat. He’d been extremely excited and had only fucked her for a few minutes before he was dumping his load into her. He gave her permission to come with him, and she’d been surprised at how violently she had.

“Filthy bitch.” He’d sighed, his softening cock plopping out of her. “God damn I love you.” She smiled, but didn’t move. She knew he’d want a picture or two, especially when his cum started oozing out.

Now, firmly sitting in the driver’s seat, she had to hold on to the steering wheel with both hands and pant as she struggled with feeling ripped open and so excited. But this position was also a curse — her panting made her nipples scrape against her shirt. After a few minutes, she was able to compose herself, open the garage door and start the car.

As she was driving, she noticed other people. In cars, waiting to cross at intersections, going into stores. So many were overweight, ugly, unhappy looking. She thought of how lucky she was. She was young, sexy, in great shape, and was taken care of by a man who knew how to drive her wild. Sometimes it seemed kaçak bahis siteleri like he knew her fantasies and her body even better than she did. She shifted in her seat, enjoying the inflexible cruelty of the plug inside her. She could tell her hole would gape open when she removed the plug. It only stayed that way a short period of time, but the thought of being open like that always made her wet. It was one of the hottest moments in any movie she and Mike watched, and somehow, even from the very beginning, he’d known that she was secretly jealous of girls with freshly-gaped holes.

She reached the store and went inside. She hadn’t thought about the air conditioning. So much for any hope that her nipples wouldn’t be too conspicuous. After a few minutes, though, she didn’t care. She walked, swaying her hips more than normal due to the intrusion, and her shirt felt too good brushing her nipples not to enjoy it. She was tipping the young man who’d loaded her groceries in the car when her phone chirped.

“Linda’s got some new lube in. Pick up a bottle on your way home.” The text said.

“Yes, sir!” she replied

“And let her play with your tits if she wants. But nothing prolonged.” He added with a wink emoticon.

He was horrible! He could torture her from miles away and she couldn’t help but adore it. Actually, she should thank him. Linda, the owner of one of their favorite sex shops, gave incredible breast massages. Mike said nothing prolonged — and she did have groceries in the car — but Linda knew how to work wonders in just a few minutes.

When she got there, she was surprised to see the “Closed” sign in the window, but it flipped to open when she pulled into the space in front.

“Hey cutie!” Linda greeted her as she let her in, then turned to lock the door. “Mike said you only had a few minutes so I thought it would be better if we weren’t disturbed. Come on, what are you waiting for? Let’s see those boobs!”

Lifting off her shirt, the cold air made her nipples rock hard again. She pushed her chest out further, proud under Linda’s appreciative gaze.

“My, my cutie, I never get tired of your tits. But no clamps, no adornments today? I’m surprised.”

“Mike had me clamped up earlier, but I’ve been so sensitive today, he had me do the shopping like this.” Talking was all well and good, but when was Linda going to touch them?

“Well, I can understand that.” Linda said, nodding sympathetically, then, without warning, pulled her hand back and slapped the left tit violently.

She took the slap, sucking in her breath, her pussy moistening and her eyes fluttering closed. Linda walked behind her, undid her bra and yanked it off, tossing it on the ground.

“Hands on your head and shake” she ordered.

She obeyed, sighing loudly as her heavy boobs knocked together. In front of her, Linda pinched a nipple in each hand and held them still.

“Keep shaking.”

She obeyed, grunting at the pain.


She did. Linda gently rolled the nipples in her fingertips. She cupped each breast, softly massaging, then returning to flutter her fingers across the nipples.

“Can you come over to play soon?” she cooed, her head rolling back and eyes closing.

“I’d like that very much. Let’s see what Mike has to say.” Linda stopped and reached behind the counter for a little bag. I understand you all have a busy night tonight.”

“Yes, I’m satisfying Mike and Tom.” She took the bag and went to reach for her bra.

“In that case you will need that lube. It has a better initial numbing action. But leave the bra. I like having mementos.” Linda said.

Putting on her shirt, she thanked Linda, kissed her on the cheek and left.

At home, she put everything away and decided to start preparing herself for the evening. It would be important to be as relaxed as possible, so a heavy-duty enema and a hot bath were in order.

First, she let Mike know she was ready to remove the plug. She bent over in front of her vanity so that he could fully appreciate her gape. He took several photos and sent them back to her so she could chose her favorites.

“mm, mm little girl, I am looking forward to tonight.” His message read at the bottom of the mirror.

“Me, too. Who should I be?” she wrote back.

“Well little darlin, I admit that I’m in the mood for something super naughty. Since there’s two of us, we’re gonna need easy access to all your interesting bits. I think tonight, you’re going to be…”

She waited, holding her breath. Mike’s mood would determine with the evening’s sex would be romantic, experimental, or downright brutal. She knew she’d be able to handle whatever he had in mind, he never pushed her too far. They had safe words, and she’d only had to use them once or twice because he seemed to sense her limits. But still, it could be overwhelming.

“… a Cunt.” He finished.

The most difficult answer. The one she’d been dreading but secretly hoping for.

“Yes, sir.” She replied, eyes drifting to the vanity counter.

“I know you can do this. And we always have such a good time when we do it. This time is different, there will be another person — and it will be rough. But we all know the safe words. Do you feel up to it baby girl?” He wrote.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32