Daddy and Little’s Wet Night Out

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Daddy took her hand firmly and pulled her close. It was a cold night and they were waiting in a queue for an exclusive night club. Little knew it was not Daddy’s dream night of entertainment, but she had behaved so well for him that he said he wanted to make her feel special.

They stood for a while, embracing tightly against the chill wind and basquing in the simple joy of that loving cuddle – until finally they were allowed in. The club was very dimly lit, mostly with a pleasant blue coloured light that did not reflect off objects and people as much as other light would have done. There was a sense of anonymity that contrasted with the partying vibes surrounding them and booming from the sound system.

“Come dance with me Princess” Daddy said in her ear, all but shouting over the volume of the music as he placed a hand in the small of her back.

She looked into his eyes and beamed, nodding happily and letting him guide her towards a spot on the dance floor where there was some room.

They moved to the music, not taking their eyes off eachother the entire time. Even though Daddy was not normally very extroverted, he felt confident around his baby girl and it showed in his moves. He pulled off a masculine and sexy look, complimented by her adorable and girly swaying hips.

He moved closer and placed his hands on her waist where it narrowed above those hips, pulling her body close to his so that they danced in sync with eachother. The feeling of their bodies aligning, making blissful contact from shoulder to thigh was beautiful. He kissed her neck momentarily and spoke in her ear.

“You look so beautiful baby girl, and I hope you are enjoying your reward!”

She raised up on her tippy-toes and responded, her soft cheek against his stubble.

“I love it Daddy, thank you so much! I didn’t know you were such a good dancer!”

He smiled benignly down at her and took one of her hands, twirling her in a ballroom dancing fashion. He then guided her so that she was facing away from him and continued to dance.

She eased back into him, allowing his big strong arms to envelope beşevler escort her and hug her tight, making her feel so safe and loved. She gyrated her hips against his crotch, taking delight in the quick stirring she sensed there. It drove her to move more vigorously.

“Careful now little one, people will see!” He warned. She suddenly felt very naughty.

“I don’t care!” She replied, drawing a humorously scandalised look from Daddy.

He sneakily raised an arm and pinched one of her nipples with force, raising one eyebrow and smiling mischievously at her. The sudden shock sent a ripple of excitement through her, though she obediently eased off on the grinding.

They danced for a few more songs, happily enjoying the beats and the physical contact. Little thought she saw a few nasty girls checking out Daddy and jealously flashed her angry face at them until they got the message. Similarly, Daddy saw a lot of guys ogling his princess. He wasn’t threatened, since she adored him almost as much as he adored her, but he decided to move to a quieter spot.

“See that empty table over there in the corner? Go and wait for me there, I’m going to get us some drinks” He said in her ear, giving her a quick peck on the cheek and leaving her to it.

She rushed over to claim the table before anybody else got there and eagerly waited for Daddy. She pulled out her phone and sent him a love emoji, and to her delight he responded with the same while waiting in a queue.

Soon after, he returned carrying two beers and a glass of water. She was curious why he had brought the water since they had not drunk any alcohol that night.

“What’s the water for Daddy?”

“It’s for you! I was hoping you’d be a good girl and drink the beer AND the water”

She looked at him with a quizzical smile, feigning innocence but knowing full well what he had in mind.

They raised their beers, chinked the glasses, and commenced drinking. Though it wasn’t exactly a girly drink, she liked it and it was something she could share with her Daddy, which brought them both more happiness.

For beylikdüzü escort a little while they sat and drank, talking as best they could over the loud music and stopping to kiss every now and then. They began to fondle eachother a little since their corner was so dark that people wouldn’t really be able to see anything anyway.

“You’re so cute, and you’ve finished your beer already! I’m lucky to have such a good girl by my side” He said to her, cupping her face with one hand and holding one of her hands with the other. She smiled her biggest smile yet and giggled a little.

“You’re so sweet Daddy, but sometimes I wonder if you’re just saying all this to make me behave…”

“Well it works doesn’t it?”

In response she picked up her water and began drinking it at speed, even maintaining eye contact with him for as long as she could. A thrill went through him, he knew that she knew what was going on, and the excitement of the game they were both playing was almost too much to handle.

After two more big drinks she had finished and she wiped her mouth, kissing him with lips now cold from the iced water. The sensation was gorgeous, and he reveled in using his own lips and tongue to warm her back up.

They continued making out until she pulled back and looked at him nervously.

“Daddy I think I need to go pee” She said.

“Hang on, just a little while longer OK baby?” He replied, placing a hand on her thigh and applying light pressure.

She bit her lip and gave him an anxious look but relented and came in for more passionate kissing. His hand found its way slowly from her thigh up to her perky breasts, the nipples standing very erect through her blouse so that he was able to tease at them with circling motions.

She pulled back again, wriggling her legs and biting her lip, staring into his eyes. He shook his head.

“I don’t think I can hold much longer Daddy” She moaned in his ear. Her desperation was sweet music to him.

He went in to kiss her, but she kept a little distance, glancing in bilecik escort the direction of the bathroom.

“No.” He said, shaking his head with a stern look on his face. She waved her arms and stamped her feet and looking to him as if expecting him to give in.

When no such surrender was forthcoming, she made to stand up and go but Daddy pulled her back down, holding her in place.

“NO.” He said more powerfully. A quick flicker of a smile crossed his face before he quickly re-applied his stern mask of disapproval.

She was playing her role perfectly, she knew, and the moment had come. She was bursting to go and at the same time she was so aroused that it was driving her mad. She squeezed up close to daddy on the cushioned seat, subtly lifting the back of her short skirt out from under her.

“OK Daddy, fine I’ll stay.” She said seductively in his ear before pulling back to look firmly in his eyes.

He was rock hard, well past the point of caring who saw the bulge in his pants or the fondling they had been doing. Everyone else was background noise compared to his Little lady.

An expression of intense relief came over her and her eyes closed slightly. He couldn’t resist it, he slipped his hand from her thigh up her bare leg and under her skirt to find her panties, already soaked with her arousal now further being soaked by golden liquid that was soaking into the old cushions of the seat. He eased his fingers around her crotch, the burning heat of the wetness filling his hand and driving him to new heights of both lust and love. He massaged gently and she brought her mouth to his ear and moaned for him.

She felt an extreme sense of delicious naughtiness. She was breaking all rules of decency, and she couldn’t be happier. She knew the effect this was having on her Daddy and it made any potential discovery and embarrassment insignificant. The relief of finally letting go and ruining her panties was intoxicating, and combined with the pleasure of Daddy’s hand on her it was all she could do not to jump on him.

As the flow subsided, he kissed her ferociously, nipping at her neck, squeezing her breasts, rubbing her belly and thighs. His lust drove her to new heights of happiness and she returned his touches, grabbing at his solid shaft through his trousers.

“Thank you for bringing me dancing Daddy, I’ve had a great time but… I want to go home now!” She said to him. “I still need to pee…”

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