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Dad to the Rescue, X
“Joey”s Great Adventure Part 1”
By Joey E

Well, I planned on this part being one chapter long. But I kept writing and writing and writing and it is now too long to be one chapter. Therefore, I”m pleased to present the tenth installment to my gay incest story. Those of you familiar with my previous work, will notice two characters in this chapter from a previous story, “Losing to Win”.

If you are under 18 or are turned off by a gay dude lusting after his dad, his stepdad, and his uncle, then leave please. Copyrighted in 2013, all rights reserved. No unauthorized reproduction is any form allowed without consent from the author.

I”d like to say thanks to all whom have responded about this story. I do appreciate the feedback and comments. Special thanks go out to Rich and Larry for helping me put my thoughts together for this chapter and the future of the story. And now, on with the story! And please, donate to Nifty!

I woke up the next morning hard as a rock. What else is new? I looked at the clock and it said it was 7AM. I started stroking him immediately. I”d hate to waste a good boner like this. I shucked off all the covers and Lux jumped off the bed. I started stroking it fast and furiously. I let out a small moan as it felt so good. In no time at all, I was at the point of no return. All the last moment, a picture of Justin flashed through my mind. I blew my load and hit my face. My morning loads always shot the furthest. They were not the thickest, but they always shot far.

I sighed and just laid there for a moment, catching my breath.

“Shoot a good one, Joe?” I heard from down on the floor.

“Shit!” I exclaimed. Now I was embarrassed. I forgot that my uncle Justin was sharing a room with me.

“Uh, how long have you been awake?” I said in a meek voice.

“Only long enough to hear you shoot your load. You woke me up with the movements you were making. But, it”s cool, dude. I used to share a room with Tony. I”m used to it, trust me.”

“Oh. Well, uh, next time, you should watch me…” I said, half kidding.

“Woah, there dude,” he said, laughing. “Not sure if I want to go that far.”

I reached for my cum rag which I kept under my bed, which at this time was an old towel. I wiped myself off and got up out of bed.

“That”s okay. I am not sure if I want you to watch. But as Tony says, there”s nothing wrong with jacking with a buddy!”

“God, Joe, you”re really starting to sound just like him!”

“Did you ever jerk off with him?”

“Uh, well…..”

“That”s all right if you don”t want to tell me. I just was curious.”

“Why don”t we leave that for another time,.” Justin said, getting up. He had a major woody as well.

“Sorry, dude, morning piss hard on,” he said. He left the room for the bathroom and I got up and put my boxers on. Tony and Dan were gone, just as they said they were going to be. I wondered what was on the cards for today with Justin. I went downstairs and let the dog out. I began to prepare my breakfast which consisted of Cinnamon Life cereal, not unlike how yesterday started.

And just like yesterday, Justin came into the kitchen dressed in some mesh shorts and a hot sleeveless UA shirt. He came in, drank a glass of water, and sat down at the table with me.

“I”m going out for my run, Joe. Did you want to join me today?”

Wow, I felt really good inside when he asked me that. I just suspected that he wouldn”t want his little nephew interfering with his morning run.

“Uh, well, I”m not as much of a runner as you are. I used to run quite often when things were normal. I”d like to start running again. If you don”t mind me tagging along, and possibly slowing you down, then I”m game for it, Justin.”

“Sounds good. I could use the company. When I”m at mom and Dad”s, I always go running with my buddy from high school. But, it”s somewhat lonely, so I”m glad to have the extra company! Go get changed and we”ll go out.”

I went up to my room and found my work out clothes. I also had a sleeveless UA shirt with some matching UA shorts. I decided to wear my jock so I could just be like him. I walked back downstairs and he was waiting for me in the living room.

We did the various leg stretches and got all warmed up.

“How long do you want to go? I don”t think I go for more than a mile right now,” I said, stretching out my right leg.

“That”s fine, man. I just wanted to run some today to keep up my fitness.”

“How long are you gonna stay here? I mean, it might be fun to go running with you every morning and work up my stamina again.”

“I don”t know, for at least the next week. Or, as long as Tony can stand me! You ready?”

And, we went out the front door and started jogging. As I jogged behind him, I saw his very toned legs in action. They were pretty much running legs. Not huge muscles, but good definition.

“Come on, Joe!” he called out.

I had to struggle to keep up with him. He dropped it back a few for me and then I could keep up with him. For the next mile, we ran around the neighborhood. It felt good running again. I felt alive again. I was doing something with my body again.

Because I was running, conversation was not an option. I was struggling for the last quarter mile, but I made it. We slowed down to a walk to cool down. I was, to be frank, out of breath. Justin just smiled down at me and placed his sweaty arm around me.

“Come on, dude. You did well for not jogging in a month,” he said.

I smelled his scent, which was extremely strong from his sweat. I was pretty sure I was pretty ripe as well. I wiped the sweat off my face. He still had his arm around me as we walked back up to the house.

“But, wait until you find out what we”re going to do today!” he said, as he opened the front door of the condo/townhouse.

“Why? What?” I asked. “Tony and Dan are going to be at the site most of the day.”

“Yeah, but I am planning a fun day with my one and only nephew,” he said, as we walked inside.

He shucked off his shirt, and I did the same. I wiped the sweat off my head and face with my shirt. We did our stretches once again on the living room floor.

“Well, we”ll do that again tomorrow, okay bro?”

“Sure!” I answered, enthusiastically. I noticed as I noticed before that his chest was completely smooth. His legs were somewhat hairy, but his forearms, his stomach, and his chest were smooth.

“Justin,” I asked. “Why aren”t you as hairy as Tony is?”

He grinned at me. “I don”t like all that body hair on me, dude. I shave like every week, Joe.”

“Shave??”: I asked as I extended my left leg.

“Yeah, you know with a razor. I also uh, shave other places,” he said, winking his eyes.

Well, that did it for me and stretching. Another part of me was trying to stretch again.

“Have you started to shave your face yet?” he asked
“No, not yet,” I said, slightly embarrassed.

“Don”t worry. Enjoy it while it lasts! Well, why don”t you go and eat your breakfast? We”ve got a big day ahead of us!” he said, slapping me on the ass.

“Nice jock you got on there Joe.”

“Look dude,” he said, pulling his shorts down. “We match!”

Oh, great! Is he really going to walk around the house with just his sweaty jock on? Just what I need. I was already boned up in my jock when he mentioned that he shaved other things. Now I started dripping precum, looking at his tight, toned body with that fuckin gray jock on. Well, fine, if he can, then so can I. I whipped off my shorts and stood there in front of him in my jock. I swear, the pouch on his jock grew a bit in size. I know mine did.

“That”s the spirit, buddy! No one”s here, let”s just be guys and hang out in our jocks. I love jocks, Joe.”

“I could tell, since that is all that you seem to wear.”

“Ah, so you noticed? I don”t know why, I just like the way the feel on me. I”ve always have. I just like how they look on me,” he said, looking down at his pouch.

I dripped some more precum as I saw Justin check himself out in front of me.

“Yeah, I do too,” I said.

For some reason, being around Justin just brought my outgoing personality out in plain view. I felt that I could do anything in front of him and he”d never give it a second thought. So, I checked myself out just like he did. Meanwhile my cock was hard as ever and needed to be adjusted. I reached down and pushed it up. The head was near the top of the waistband.

“Yeah, it does that to me too. I think that”s why I like “em so much. It just makes me horny every time I see myself in them,” he said, reaching into his pouch and adjusting his cock.

“Well, I think I better go take care of this before I eat breakfast,” I said.

“Dude, you just got off like a half hour ago! What the hell?”

“Yeah, I know, I know. I”m just like Tony…”

“Yeah you are. Well, let me know if you need any help with it,” Justin said.

I shot a look at over at him. His face slowly broke into a grin. “Go upstairs, Joe. I”m gonna hop into the shower.”

Slightly disappointed, I went upstairs and stroked myself.

I closed my eyes once again and imagined Justin and Tony in just jocks, displaying them to me. Giving me a show. It was not two minutes later and I shot another load. It wasn”t much, but it was intense, shaking my body.

I opened my door and could hear the shower running. I went back downstairs and ate my bowl of cereal. I went into the living room and played with Lux. She always loved to play fetch and I threw the ball around. Soon, Justin came out all fresh and clean. All the time, though, I wonder what Justin had planned for us today.

“So, I guess you wonder what we”re going to do today?”

“Yeah. What ARE we going to do today?” I asked.

“Well, you”ll just have to hop into my car and see where I take you then,” he said, putting on his Phillies baseball cap.

Okay…this should be interesting, I thought to myself. I hate not knowing things. I noticed Tony was the same way.

As if on cue, Justin said, “You”re just like my brother! Just relax, Joe. Come on.”

He opened the door and I walked out with him. He closed the front door and locked the deadbolt. I waited for him on the front step, trying to get any indication from his body language of where we were going. He turned back around and smiled.

“You”ll have a good time, şişli travesti Joe, I promise. As long as you don”t get sick on roller coaster!”

“Roller coasters?” I asked, excitedly. “I love “em! I haven”t been on one all year yet.” I could feel my inner youth coming alive again. It had been a while since I felt that surge run through my body.

“Well, good, then you”ll have a great time,” he said, opening the car door. “Get in.”

Wow, a Mustang. I forgot briefly that Justin had an old school Mustang. It was the Fox-Bodied Mustang. It was the teal metallic color and looked to be in near-perfect condition. I had to give the vehicle a walk around. Justin walked around the car with me.

“Woah! I said, realizing what it was. “Hey, this is a Cobra!”

“Yep,” he said, looking proud.

“Two hundred thirty five horsepower five point oh!” I exclaimed. “Well, actually a 4.9, but who cares?”

“Hey, you know your Mustangs!”

“Oh yeah, man. For some reason, I”ve always like the 1993 Cobra though. I don”t know why. I know the new ones are better, but there”s something about the 1993 Cobra.”

“Yeah, I bought it from a buddy of mine. He was going through a nasty divorce at the time and he needed the cash. I think he sold it to me cheaply because he knew I”d take good care of it.”

“You lucked out on that! Can you pop the hood?” I asked.

“I can slide the hood over the head …..” he said, grinning at me.

“Huh?” I asked, totally confused.

“Skip it, for now Joe.”

He reached into the open driver”s door and pulled the hood release. I noticed the interior was the optional leather interior as well. This car was a beauty beyond belief. I went around the front and opened the hood up.

“Ain”t that a beautiful site?” he asked.

“Oh yeah! I have only seen these at car shows. I never had the chance to study one up close, let alone ride in one.,” I answered, looking around the engine bay. “Any mods?”

“Nope, 100% original. Oh, except for the sound system. I just couldn”t keep the factory system in it. I still have the original though.”

“Man, you are one lucky guy!” I said, looking up at him. “This is like my dream Mustang!”

He chuckled. “Well, get in and let”s get going!”

“Okay,” I said, as I hopped into the passenger”s side.

He got inside and put the key in the ignition.

“So, I take it you like cars?” he asked, starting up the car. The V8 engine came to life with a reassuring growl.

“Oh yeah, man. My parents said the first word I actually wrote was Dodge and Toyota, because that”s what kind of cars they had at the time.”

He laughed and said, “Well, I”ve always been a Mustang freak, man. I used to have a regular 2003 GT with the 4.6 before. But I just couldn”t pass this up. So, I sold that one and bought this.”

He backed out of the parking spot and we were off. He drove it slowly through the neighborhood. I noticed he even had the pop-up sunroof. This was a fully loaded Mustang. At that moment, I quite honestly didn”t know which was more exciting. The ride in the Mustang or the thought of going on a roller coaster!

Once we got on the main road, he floored it. I felt the G-Forces suck me back in to the seat quite tightly. The engine sounded powerful and clean as he floored it. He seemed to also know hot to drive it, shifting and all. We were 60 miles per hour in no time and he backed off. I swear the bulge in his shorts grew when he just did that.

“Fuck yeah,” Justin said, adjusting himself. “That”s why I love this car!”

“WOW!” I yelled out, laughing. There was no denying I was having a good time.

“You like that?” he asked. “At first, I didn”t peg you as a car dude.”

“Are you kidding, man? I love “em. I can”t wait until I learn how to drive!”

Justin laughed at that comment. “I can”t wait to see my brother try to teach you how to drive.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I don”t know if you have noticed this about him or not, but he can be somewhat of a worry-wart. I remember him trying to take me out to drive when I was younger. He was worse than mom!”

I laughed with him and said, “Well, maybe I should have Dan teach me then.”

“Now for the sound system,” he said.

He had a Kenwood head unit in the dash, which looked pretty good for an aftermarket installation. He turned it on and suddenly, I was bombarded by a big wall of bass.

He immediately turned it down and grinned at me. “Sorry, I didn”t mean to blast you out!”

“What the fuck do you have in here?” I asked.

“I”ve got a twelve inch Kicker sub in the trunk, Infinity speakers in the car, and an Alpine PDX amp running it all, man! I installed it myself..”

“Well turn it up, man. Let me hear it!” I yelled.

He turned up the tunes and it happened to be a great song (in my opinion) playing, Without You from David Guetta featuring Usher. He let it rip and we went booming down the main road. The sound quality was amazing. Not only was there bass, but there was midrange and treble too. It was so evenly mixed. He started singing along, and so did I.

As we went on the entrance ramp to the highway, he punched it again. I could hear the engine rev up underneath the music. It was exhilarating to say the least. The windows were open and I was just enjoying that free feeling.

The song ended and he turned down the music. He rolled up the windows and turned on the air.

“Sorry bud, I can”t hear you talking over the music and the wind.”

“No problem. You did an awesome job with the stereo!”

We continued on our trip and I continued to look over the car. I couldn”t believe that I was riding in a hot Mustang with my hot Uncle Justin. I looked over at him. He had his aviator sunglasses on and looked undeniably hot driving. He had his left hand on the steering wheel and right hand on the gear shifter. We were cruising at a safe speed of 70 miles per hour.

He looked over at me and smiled at me. He slapped his hand on my thigh and said, “Glad you could come with me, Joe!”

“Me too, Just.”

“When”s the last time you were on a roller coaster?”

“Last year. I went there with a couple friends from school. We always go at least twice a year to Great Adventure or Dorney Park. How about you?”

“Oh, I went there earlier this year with a bud of mine. He was in the academy with me. I am a bit of a coaster nut,” he explained.

“The academy?”

“The police academy, dude.”

“Oh, that”s right. How did that go? What was it like?”

“It was hard work. But, it was worth it. I enjoyed it a lot. I can”t wait to start. You know, I start in a month.”

“That”s cool. I never knew a cop before.”

“Well, now you do,” he said.

He turned on the NJ Turnpike and I knew where we were heading now.

“Great Adventure?” I asked.


We continued our trek up the turnpike and just chatted about anything.

“So, who are you dating? A hot guy like you must be turning down chicks left and right!”

“Or, dating each one and never calling them back?” I chided.

“That”s the spirit!” Justin said.

“Nah, I”m not seeing anyone at the moment,” I replied. However, I also added, “Well what about you?”

“Nah, dude, just enjoying life right now.”

“I”ll bet you have chicks banging down your door,” I said, trying to probe for more information.

He chuckled and said, “Yeah, I”ve had my fair share. How many girlfriends have you had?”

“I dated someone during the eighth grade. She actually asked me out. She taught me how to kiss and let me feel her tits, but that”s as far as it went. You have to realize I did sort of mature later than most of my friends.”

“Aw, that sucks, bro. I know how that is though. I was a bit of a late bloomer myself.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised that this big hunk of man was a late bloomer.

“Oh yeah, dude. I didn”t shoot my first wad until I was nearly fifteen!”

“Me too! I kept on jacking it hoping that I would, but I never did until like two months before I turned fifteen. But after I did, it”s been about a three to four times a day!”

He laughed. “Yeah, me too. I kept waiting for my balls to drop, get hairy and shit. But they did, eventually.”

“How did you handle it? I mean, being, uh, less than average?”

“Ah, I got through it. It was a little tough in the locker room showers, but eh, it wasn”t too bad. Tony was an early bloomer, actually. He wasn”t around anymore by the time I hit puberty. But, I grew up eventually. I work out some, not a lot. I like to run mostly.”

“I swear my cock is growing still, though. Sometimes, I think it feels bigger in my hand…uh, but….” I started, but then stopped, wondering if this was an appropriate conversation to be having with Justin.

“Well, then measure it man. I used to actually keep a log of the length when I was your age.”

“Yeah? How big did you get?” I asked, starting to get turned on.

“Uh, well, maybe we”ll leave that for another time. I do know one thing. Tony is bigger than me in that regard, the lucky bastard! But anyway, well, how big is yours?”

“Well, we”ll leave that for another time,” I answered back.

“Fuckin” smart ass!” he said, revving up the engine to pass a slow car on the right.

I laughed. We moved on to another topic, which was school and what were my favorite subjects. Finally, after an hour and a half, we made it to the entrance gate of Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ.

“Wow, we got here in good time, Justin,” I said, looking at the clock on the radio.

“Yeah I like to come here right at opening. Ride the rides I want to ride before the lines get too long,” he said, pulling up to the parking gate.

We made it through and we found a parking space near the front of the lot. I got out of the car. I looked the Mustang again and smiled. It was one cool looking car!

“Joe, what are you looking at?” he asked, standing there looking like he was waiting for me.

“Sorry, dude, I can”t help it. It”s a fuckin” hot car!”

“Oh, yeah. Thanks, dude,” he said, walking up next to me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and dragged me away from the car.

He surprisingly left his arm on my shoulder as we were walking through the lot to the front entrance. It felt nice. I didn”t care who saw me., even if it might have looked a little gay. I was proud that this stud was my uncle. We finally made it to where we could see the beylikdüzü travesti gate. He finally removed his arm and dug into his pocket.

“Here, Joe, here”s your ticket,” he said, giving me a piece of paper. It was an online ticket.

“Where”s yours?” I asked.

“Oh, I have a season pass, dude.”


There was a short line at the ticket gates and we waited in the shortest line. While standing there, I noticed a few good looking dudes. In fact, I saw one who was around my height that was around my age that was just as cute as fuck. He was blonde, blue eyed, and was wearing a wife beater and cargo shorts. I was so into this guy that I didn”t even notice the line was moving.

“Hey, uh, Joe, the line is moving, man,” Justin said, gently pushing me forward. “See some chick you like?”

“Uh, yeah….”: I lied.

We emptied our pockets of anything metal and went through the metal detectors. We both passed without incident. I could feel a little tightness in my legs from running this morning, but it wasn”t too much.

“Well, I figure we”ll head to Kingda Ka first.”

“Dude, I never rode that one…” I said, smiling up at his face.
“What???” he asked.

“No, my friend that I usually go with didn”t want to go on that one and I was too short to go on it until two years ago anyway, so I have never been on that one.”

“Oh shit, I forgot, I”m with shortie here today!” Justin said, lifting up his sunglasses. He winked at me and ruffled my hair up.

“I”m tall enough for all of them now!” I said, almost defensively.

“Well, Joe, it”s almost 10:30, so they should be opening any moment now!”

There was a crowd of people waiting for security to let them in to that section of the park. I started walking towards the crowd because that is where we needed to be. Justin followed me, and for the first time, I felt like he was watching me. Not just watching me, but checking me out through his sunglasses. I couldn”t be sure, because I couldn”t see his eyes through the lenses

Finally, we were let through and we practically ran with the rest of the crowd to our first destination,. Kingda Ka, the tallest roller coaster in the nation. And the fastest. Justin passed by me at one point, so I picked up steam and passed him. This went on back and forth all the way to the entrance.

“Here, Joe. You might want to check your height before you walk in,” he said, pointing to the height sign.

“Shut up,” I said, walking right by him.

We walked down the familiar pathway to the front entrance. We were actually one of the first in line. There seemed to be only about ten people in front of us. It was the first time I had ever come here so early, and the first time I blasted right through the queue rails.

We got up to the train platform and I saw they were running two trains right now.

“No, Joe. We”ll wait for a front seat,” he said, as he held me back from getting in the regular line.

I looked at the line for the front seat and there were amazingly only two people in it. We rushed over there and stood behind them.

“Damn, I can”t believe this,” I said to Justin.

“See, Joe, stick with me, and you”ll make it okay!” he said, smiling down at me. He took his sunglasses off. He tucked his hat inside the waistband of his shorts.

“No, shit,” I heard a voice say in front of me. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

I turned around and saw the face of an old buddy of mine that I hadn”t seen in a while. He was two years older than I was and had graduated a year ago.

“O”Hara!! How the hell are you?” I asked, not believing my eyes.

We had gym class together, and we also wrestled together in Middle School, I had lost touch with him and here he was right before my eyes. I always felt something for him, I didn”t understand what it was, and I didn”t over analyze it.
Josh O”Hara was a smaller guy like me, at about 5″6″, strawberry blonde hair, blue eyed, and about 140lbs.. He was with a bigger guy who stood at least a foot taller than he did. He looked vaguely familiar as well.

We both pushed aside our companions and shook hands. He gave me one of those buddy hugs with a slap on the back. I returned one for good measure as well.

“How have you been, Joey?” Josh asked. He still had the same boyish face. He did look a bit older and more mature though. “Oh, you remember Steve right?”

Steve!! He was like the star jock of his class. Steve extended hand I shook it the best I could.

“Hey buddy, I remember you,” Steve said in that low voice of his.

“Oh, and this is Justin,” I said, grabbing his arm. “Justin this is my old bud Josh and Steve.”

“Oh hey,” Justin said, shaking hands with both.

“See you had the right idea, too, Joey. Coming here early to beat the lines,” Josh said, over the rolling sound of the train.

“Actually, it was Justin who had the idea.”

“Well, we always are here early, dude. What are you going on next?” Josh said.

I looked up at Justin and he answered, “Probably El Toro.”

“That”s cool, we”ll probably head over there too…”

“Babe, it”s our turn,” Steve said, placing his hand on Josh”s shoulder. “It was great to see you again, Joey. Hopefully we”ll see you around the park some more, guys!”

And with that, the duo stepped into their seats and waited to be checked.

“Dude,” Justin said, softly in my ear. “Did you notice how he called Josh babe?”

I hadn”t honestly noticed it. I turned around to face him with a questioned look. “He did?”

He nodded his head yes. I laughed at my lack of focus and said, “I don”t notice a lot of things.”

“Yeah, I noticed that,” he said, slapping me on the back. “And Tony says I”m oblivious!”

We waited for our train to pull up. We got in and buckled our seat belts. I brushed up against Justin”s arm trying to buckle in. As I felt his arm on mine, I felt an electric charge going through my body. I looked up at him and he was looking at me. He gave me a grin.

“You ready, Joe?” he asked.

“Yes I am,” I said, pulling down my shoulder restraint. He did the same and we waited to be checked.

We were given the clear sign and we started down the track to the launch track. For those of you who don”t know, Kingda Ka is a hydraulic launch coaster that launches you to 128MPH in less than 4 seconds.

While we were waiting, Justin placed his hand on my thigh. I looked at him immediately.; “You sure you”re ready?”

“Fuck yeah, man! Let”s light this candle!”

And with that, we took off. I joyously laughed out loud as we rocketed up the hill. I could hear the wind rush past us. For some reason, it didn”t feel like we were going fast enough when we reached the top of the hill. For a split second, I panicked.

“No Fuckin” WAY!” Justin cried out. “We”re gonna do a fuckin” Roll back!”

And with that, the train started rolling backwards down the hill we just climbed up. I laughed again, enjoying the feeling. I had never been on a roll back train before and it was fun!! I knew there were brakes on the track so I wasn”t worried. Justin and I were laughing so hard as we came to a stop.

“Fuck, dude,” I said between the giggles. “That was awesome!”

“I don”t fuckin” believe it, Joe,” he said, slapping his hand on my right thigh again. “That”s like a dream come true!” His hand remained on my thigh for a moment. There was that charge again.

“And the good thing is, we get to do it again!” he yelled out in glee.

And so we did. I experienced accelerating to 128 MPH again in less than 4 seconds and it was just as good as the first time. We made it this time and rolled back down the other side this time. Then it was over a hill and we were back, waiting to go back into the station house.

Justin and I were still laughing as we rolled up and waited.

“That”s what I am talking about, Joe!” he said, slapping my thigh again.

I looked over at him and he had a huge grin on his face. I was smiling back at him and said, “Man, that was a rush!”

“Now do you see what you were missing for two years, man?” he asked.

“Hell yeah,” I yelled out.

“Good man,” he said.

Our train started creeping towards the loading area again. Our restraints released and we both got out with giant smiles on our faces.

“Man, look at the line now,” I said.

“Well, on to the next one!” he exclaimed, as we walked off the platform.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder again when we exited the stairwell as if to direct me in the right direction. I”ll be honest, it felt good. Here was this stud, treating me if I were his best buddy in the world.

We made our way to El Toro which was about a four minute walk (at least is was at the power walk pace we were going.

“Now, you have ridden this before, dude, right?” he asked.

“Oh yeah! I love the air time on this one,” I said, remembering that feeling of weightlessness.

We made our way to the start of queue and walked through. As I looked ahead, I could see Josh and Steve ahead of us, walking through as well. I looked back at Justin who was right behind me. I wish he wouldn”t wear those sunglasses. I swear he was staring at my ass again. We passed through and walked up the stairs in no time. I couldn”t believe there was practically no line again. I went for the front car again, right behind Josh.

“So, what did you think of it?” Josh asked me, his piercing blue eyes looking right at me. Damn, I felt that warm, fuzzy feeling that I felt years ago when he looked at me that way.

“Fuck, that was a rush!” I said, grinning.

“Would you believe that Steve, this big dumb jock here, was screaming in terror that first time he rode it?” Josh asked, wrapping his arm around Steve”s waist.

“Shut up,” Steve said, laughing. “Well, did you know that this cute nerd here got so sick on the Claw that he puked ON the ride?”

Josh turned red with embarrassment, but was still grinning. “Well, I don”t too well on things that go around and around.”

“Well, it”s time,” Steve said as the gates opened up to board the next train. “Which one are going on next?”

“Green Lantern,” Justin replied, slapping me on the ass as the signal to move forward.

I whipped around to look at him in shock.

“What Joe? You weren”t moving!” he said, smiling.

“Well, we”ll probably see you there too!” Josh said, sitting down in the seat. istanbul travesti

“Okay, buds, see you then!” Justin said.

I moved up and then turned around to face Justin again.

“Uh, dude, did you see and hear those two?”

“Yeah, what about it?” I asked, not knowing where he was going with this.

“Well, they”re obviously together, man.”

“Of course, they”re together. They were like best buds in High school!”

“No,” he said, lowing his voice. “I mean, they”re like Tony and Dan.”

“WHAT?” I yelled out.

“Dude, are you blind?” he asked as the gates opened up again to let us in on the next train. “Steve called Josh “Babe”, Josh had his arm around Steve, and then Steve called Josh a “cute” nerd. Now how does that all add up?”

I got in the train again and buckled up. I pulled the restraint down and looked up at Justin again, thinking about what he just said. He obviously noticed more things than I did.

“I never thought of Josh as being gay,” I said. I was also wondering if Justin picked up the way I felt about Tony or even him. I started to get a little nervous.

“Ah, it”s all good, Joe. I say, let them live how they want to live,” he said as the ride attendant came by to make sure our restraint was tight.

This particular ride attendant caught my eye as he checked my restraint. He was probably a little older than me, about six feet tall, and had black hair. This sight of him was enough to make my little member stir a little in my jock.

I quickly looked back at Justin to make sure he didn”t notice me checking the boy out.

“Well, are you ready, Joe?” he asked, slapping my thigh again. Why was he doing this? Was he purposely trying to tease me?

“Yeah, I am!”

And with that, we took off for the lift hill. This lift hill was a cable lift, which was a lot faster than the regular chain lift. We got to the top and Justin let out a “Woo HOO” as we started down the drop. I started to laugh out loud again.

Then he grabbed my hand and lifted my arm up with his. We rode the ride hands free as we went over the hills with major air time. It was a thrill and a half. He let go of my hand as we approached the station. That was slightly weird as well. But, I couldn”t let myself think that something was going on with Justin. It was too good to be true.

“You having fun, Joe?” Justin asked, as we rolled into the station.

“Oh yeah!”

“Good, that”s what I like to hear!” he said. He put his hat on. I looked at him and, man, did that picture look good. The high and tight cut he had, the blue eyes, the angular features of his face, and everything else made the perfect picture. He caught me, but just smiled back at me.

We made our way then to the Green Lantern, which was a stand up coaster. As we got to the entrance, I didn”t see Josh or Justin. As we made our way, I then spotted them about ten people away. I waved hi to them as we stopped moving.

Remembering what Justin had said, I watched them more carefully this time. The line for Green Lantern was slightly longer than the others, probably because it was the newest coaster at Great Adventure.

“Just watch them, dude,” Justin said softly, in my ear. That hoarse voice could arouse me any day. And hearing it so closely, made it even hotter. I boned up.

I watched as the two of them talked. Nothing looked different to me. It was how they always acted. But, it was the way they looked at each other that was the first thing I noticed. They looked at each other the way Tony and Dan did.

“Well, maybe they are,” I said to Justin.

“What?” he asked, leaning closer to me.

I could smell his scent again. I had this longing to be closer to Justin at that moment. I wanted to touch him and feel his smooth skin. It was way different then Tony. But, it was hot as well. He had a good tan on his smooth forearms.

“I said maybe they are.”

“Oh, yeah, dude.”

Just then, a hot looking boy came in the back of the line. He had this hot looking chick with him too. I checked him out from the wife beater shirt he was wearing down to his Nike sneakers. His chest looked to be very well built and his arms were build too. His legs that poked through a pair of cargo shorts were also very well shaped .

Justin started laughing, which promptly brought me out of my trance.

“What?” I asked.

“I see what you”re looking at,” Justin said. “I”d definitely do her.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and played it cool. “Uh, yeah, definitely!”

Well, whatever, I thought to myself. We”re here at Great Adventure. Who cares what he likes? Who cares what I like? I just wanted to ride some coasters with my new favorite uncle.

The rest of the day progressed nicely. We rode Nitro, Bizzaro, Superman, and Rolling Thunder. After that, we decided to take a lunch break and ate at Granny”s Chicken. We talked about the various coasters we liked and why. Justin told me about the other parks he had gone. He had me beat by three.

After lunch, we ventured over to Movietown. I had suddenly realized, however, that we had not ridden my favorite coaster yet as we passed it. It wasn”t the tallest, it wasn”t the fastest, but it was my favorite. Batman the Ride.

“Dude, we gotta do Batman now!” I said, interrupting him as we walked past it.

“Oh, so you like Batman?” he asked, ruffling my hair again.

“Oh yeah, man. It was one of the first coasters I ever rode on! Come on!” I yelled out, running towards the entrance.

He ran after me and soon caught up with me. He wrapped his arm around my waist and yelled, “Gotcha!”

I giggled like a little boy as he grabbed on to me. We walked the rest of the way with his arm around my waist. It felt nice to be that close to him. he released me right before we walked through the entrance.

We walked up the steps and were on the platform in no time. Again, there was hardly a line there. I eagerly went for the first row line. Surprisingly, after not seeing them for two hours, we ran into Josh and Steve again.

“Hey guys, where have you been?” I asked as we got right behind them.

“Just going to ask you the same thing!” Steve said. “Josh wanted to ride this ride so bad, but it was fun to see him wait and beg.”

“You like this ride too?” I asked Josh.

“Oh hell yeah, man. It”s one of my favorite!”

“Mine too, man!” I exclaimed.

“Well, you wanna ride together?” Justin asked. The train had four seats going across it, so there was room for all of us.

“Sure!” Josh said, looking up at Steve to make sure it was okay!

Just then, the gates opened up. We all stepped onto the platform and got on to the train. Then, to my surprise, Steve lifted up Josh and put him in his seat. Josh started laughing and said, “You asshole!”

“Josh had a hard time climbing up in the seat once, and I never let him forget about that,” Steve explained, getting in his seat.

As I was trying to get into mine, I miscalculated the distance. I hopped up and, for reasons I am still not sure of, missed the seat. Justin who watched the whole thing grabbed me before I landed on my ass.

“See, I”m not the only one!” Josh said, laughing.

“You might have to give your boy a boast too!” Steve said.

Then, one of the ride attendants showed up. “Are you okay?” he asked me.

“Sure, he”s fine,” Justin said, lifting me up and placing me in my seat. I”m sure my face was totally red.

“Uh yeah,” I said, as Justin pushed down my shoulder restraint. I looked over at the people waiting to get on the ride. Some were laughing. Soon I was laughing.

Once Justin was settled, he asked, “You sure you”re okay, buddy?”

I nodded yes.

We were locked and checked and we were off! All too soon, the ride was over. I was laughing the entire time. So was Josh.

“I love that fuckin” ride!” Josh cried out as we pulled back into the station.

“Me too!” I agreed.

We all got off the ride together and walked out together as well.

“I gotta take a piss,” Justin remarked out of no where.

“Actually, so do I,” Steve said.

“I don”t,” I said, having excreted my liquid waste after lunch.

“Go ahead, buds, we”ll wait right here,” Josh said.

The two giants walked away and left Josh and I alone.

I just had to ask, to see if Justin was right. “Hey, Josh, I hope you don”t take this the wrong way, but I gotta ask you something.”

“Before you even ask, yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Oh, I”m sorry, I thought you were going to ask if Steve and I were boyfriends.”

“Oh, yeah, I was going to ask you that actually,” I said, a little taken aback by Josh”s frankness.

“You didn”t know?” he asked. “I figured you would”ve heard about it by now.”

“No I didn”t.”

“Now it”s my turn,” Josh said. “Is Justin your boyfriend?”

Woah,I thought to myself. How did he know I was attracted to him? I”m sure he saw the panic in my eyes and his face softened immediately.

“Well, you know what they say, Joey, it takes one to know one!”

“Uh, no, he”s not my boyfriend. And, uh, I”m pretty sure he”s straight.”

Josh laughed after I said that. “Damn, he is hot, man! And, don”t be too sure that he”s straight yet.”

“Dude! He”s my uncle!”

Justin just looked at me. “Your uncle? Damn, that”s kind of hot, too.”

“I”m not sure we should be talking about this, man,” I said.

“Look, Joey,” he said, looking directly at me. “I suspected you were when I knew you in high school. Knowing what I know now, I am still pretty sure that you are like me. I just want you know that I am there for you if you need me. So is Steve. I don”t want you thinking that there”s no one else to turn to.”

“Thanks, Josh. I”m not sure what I am yet. I just know that I have strong feelings for a few dudes….”

“Including Uncle Justin?” Josh asked, grinning.

“Uh, well,” I said, turning red again but grinning.

“I don”t blame you, man. He”s quite a stud!”

“Who”s quite a stud?” asked Steve as he came up from behind us.

“Justin,” Josh said. “Actually, where is Justin?”

“He”s still pissing. There was no line on the coasters, but for some reason there”s a line for the urinal! Don”t mind Josh, Joey. He thinks anything with two legs and a dick is hot.”

I laughed and looked at Josh.

“Well, you were right, Steve,” Josh said. “Joey, here, plays on our team, too.”

“HA! I told you so!” Steve said, punching Josh in the arm. “You owe me dinner!”

Stay tuned for Chapter 11, the continuation of Joey”s Great Adventure coming to a Nifty near you soon! In the meantime, please send all comments to aol Thanks.

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