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I hadn’t laid out since that day at the hot springs. The sun was perfect now for lying out in my backyard. Warm, with a slight breeze. Quiet, with not a lot going on. Ahhh, this feels good. I’m so glad I indulged my urge. I spread my legs to expose myself to the sun’s healing energies. The sun warmed my breasts. I noticed my nipples getting hot and I could feel the furnace between my legs. I was getting turned on.

My arm touched part of the landscaping – a grouping of rocks visually balanced by a aquamarine colored glass globe. My skin absorbed the heat from the sun-warmed rock. It made me recall that hot stone massage I had years ago down at the holistic health center where I did a cleanse in the desert. What a rush – the hot stones rubbing oil all over me, my body wanting to orgasm in response. Now as I lay there with my arm feeling the hot stone, I thought what fun it would be to heat a stone and place it against my pussy, and press it into my clit. By now I was on fire and wanting to share my passion with my lover. You were at work and I knew it would turn you on to hear what I was doing. My fantasy was that you would get turned on because you were in a work environment and part of the excitement would be just that; that it was happening where you couldn’t act on it, but could listen and get turned on.

We talked for a awhile, or I should say you listened; there were people in your office that kept you from being very interactive. It kind of turned me on, but it also shut me down a bit. So, you gave me a homework assignment: to go to the store and buy something that looked bigger than I thought I could handle. Bigger than I thought would fit inside me. At first I didn’t want to do it because I felt a little afraid. I jokingly told you that I had some carrots, and you said no, that they wouldn’t work. Darn. I was enjoying the sun and feeling lazy from it. I didn’t want to get dressed and go to the store, but I surrendered to the challenge. I had two hours to complete this task, so at least I could take my time. Of course I was really needing to have an orgasm by this time. You listened for a while to my breathing and moaning, getting closer, but I started feeling the pressure of having to cum in a short time frame. We agreed to hang up and let me tell you the story when we talked later, so after I finished myself off, I slipped on some thin cotton pants and a tank top and drove to the grocery.

I was a bit more than nervous thinking about standing there in the vegetable section staring at cucumbers. I have always thought of cucumbers in a sexual way, and have contemplated buying one for this reason before. Never having the guts to actually do it, I wondered if I would be able to go through with it this time. I was SURE that anyone in the same aisle would know why I was buying a cucumber! I COULDN’T just buy a cucumber and leave, so I pretended to be buying kaynarca escort salad makings; hot house vine-ripened tomatoes, an avocado, and “live” butter lettuce. Whew! That eased my anxieties!

Okay, so on to picking this specimen. What to look for. You said to pick one that looked bigger than I could handle. I saw one that looked like I could easily handle. I was sure you were going to ask me to measure it, and I can’t lie about things; I knew this would be no exception!

Then I saw it. There it was. The perfect cucumber. Whoa, man, did that look too big. Well, it was sure firm enough, so it was a fresh one. And, it didn’t have those funky bumps on it, and it wasn’t scarred like some of them are. I worried about there being a rough spot that would irritate those soft, tender delicious inner walls of my cunt.

Conquest in basket, I walked with confidence to the check out counter and placed all my goodies on the conveyor belt. Okay, no one would be the wiser. I emailed from my cell phone an “oh my gosh!” indicating my overwhelm at the size of this vegetable that would soon have a new purpose for its existence. When I got home, I thought it would allay my nervousness if I became friends with this cute cuke, so I inspected it further, feeling it all over, making sure it didn’t have any sharp pokey things to scratch me. Then I carefully washed it, got a paper towel and laid it out to dry.

I undressed, got some KY to have on hand, laid down on the bed and decided I had some time before my phone call would be coming in. You are very prompt, which I love, and I knew that you would be calling at 7:30 sharp. I wanted to take some time to get to know my new friend, who shall remain nameless, by the way, so I held it in my hands, rubbed it and looked at it. It was still cold from the store and the coolness interested me. How pleasurable, I thought, it would be to have this coolness inside me, running it along my slit. I proceeded to lay it against my pussy. I spread my legs a little so my lips would envelope its essence. I arched my back to a slight orgasm that sent tingling energy through my nipples, the rest of my body and down to my feet. I pressed the thicker end of the cool cuke against my vagina. Oh no, I’m never going to be able to take this, I thought to myself. I can’t do this! What am I going to say?? I decided some lubrication might be in order so I poured some in my hand and rubbed it on my pussy, and the rest on the cucumber…. The slippery wetness helped ease the end of my friend into my vagina, so I was more assured of my forthcoming success. So, now to wait for my phone call.

We talked about the afternoon, where we had left off and how comical it was to have other people in the office. I thought you had forgotten about the cucumber or going to the store because you asked me if I had shaved since we had talked. I said no, that orhanlı escort I had gone to the store. “You did?” you asked, the pitch of your voice rising in curiosity. “Why yes,” I replied coyly. I was feeling the excitement and anticipation. I had been right about you wanting the dimensions of this new toy and I was prepared. I had my tape measure and had the length, diameter and circumference ready. It was definitely bigger than I had ever had!

In fact, I was asked if I had ever had a dick that big. No. You expressed concern that I get used to it first by just sliding up and down along my slit and letting it lay there like you do with your hard dick, feeling your warm hardness against my warm softness. When you said that, it made me gasp because I could just feel you right there with me, sliding your cock up and down my slit, pressing its head into my clit. It just takes my breath away to feel the bare skin of your penis against my tender pink pussy like that. It’s hard to put into the words, the moans of delight it brings.

You guided me in going slowly with this beast in my hand. I surrendered to your guidance. I love doing that. I love surrendering to you, allowing you to tell me what to do. It turns me on so much! I have never told you this. Perhaps because I just got in touch with knowing, myself. The mounting of excitement in me is like the buildup of a wave getting ready to crash upon the shore. My heart is pounding as I write about it and it is making me want to play with my nipples and have small orgasms even though I have just had one. I pleasured myself before coming back to the computer just now to write again. Ohhh, what pleasure it was. With a finger inserted and rubbing my G-spot and a thumb rubbing my clit, I played for over half an hour, letting myself ebb and flow with orgasms. I took my finger from my vagina and inserted it into my mouth to taste my juices. My finger was covered with wet, and was warm from rubbing it back and forth against my spongy insides. I licked it and smelled it. It didn’t really have an odor and it tasted sooo sweet! I just love the taste of my own cum. It excites you, too, to watch me lick my fingers after I have had them in my wet cunt. Do you like that word, cunt? Do you mind if I say it? I never know. I didn’t used to use it, but now I quite like it. It is expressive. And, it is naughty. I like being naughty and talking ‘dirty.’ I like it when you talk dirty to me. Anyway… I went back to finger fucking myself pressing my clit and rubbing it harder and deeper. I had more than several orgasms, and then one huge final one where my body just shook. It was nice.

Finally, you let me insert the cucumber. But not without adding some lubrication. You asked me if I had some nearby. Yes, I was ready. I had come prepared. I let the KY pour out of the bottle onto my clit. It was soooo cold! It slithered like tepeören escort a meandering river down through the folds of my pussy lips, reaching my opening and chilling my butthole. I rubbed the cucumber up and down my pussy, slightly pressing it into the opening of my vagina at first, inviting my vagina to get ready for its visitor. The wet gel was helpful in easing it into my hole. At first it felt tight, but pleasure overcame any tightness and I started to open to its presence. It was still cold and made for a refreshing yin yang balance in my hot cunt. It felt so hard! God, I wanted your dick so bad!!! I wanted your smooth, clean-shaven balls to bang against my butt, to hear them slapping my ass as you pound your hot manly sexiness into me, just fucking me and fucking me harder until we both cum together, smiling with laughter into each other’s eyes.

I was sliding it in pretty far by now. You kept telling me to go slowly, but I was wanting to just push it in. You told me to slide it in and out slowly like you do with your dick, making long and slow strokes in and out, over and over. I did that and I was feeling wonderful! I think it was at that point that you said that I should be open by now. And, you had me lay it aside. You told me to insert two fingers inside me. It was so exciting to have you tell me what to do. I never knew what was coming next, but your voice was so soft and gentle, that it alleviated any fears I might be having and made me more open to you. Open is the word! Man, was I open. It reminded me of that time when we were making love when you said that I was really big and open, and I said that I had never felt so open before.

I was so wet and open. My fingers were totally soaked and swimming in my warm wet pool. I had strong orgasms, one right after another. You had to go, but believe it or not, I wanted another orgasm. So, after resting there for a while, I rubbed and patted my clit with light spankings for a while and had another.

What a wonderful experience this was. I was so thankful to you, Goddess and myself for having this experience. I called to thank you again for it and left you a message. It was about opening in an emotional way as well as a sexual way, I think, and I valued your presence.

Later my neighbor came over. I thought to myself, ‘what if she needs to use the bathroom?’ I had left the cucumber on the counter with the KY. I quickly escaped into the bathroom to stick it in the cupboard. Sure enough….glad I had thought of it. It’s still in there as I write; I think I’ll wash it and chill it for the next time, like a full-bodied bottle of wine. Which reminds me, I have a gift of a bottle of wine from my room at the Cove Inn that I would like to share with you next time you are here. My fantasy is that we play with this cucumber, slide it in and out of my open vagina, and then later, slice it up and feed it to each other. This is done while we are still sitting naked together on the bed, rubbing the cold wet slices against our nipples and all over each other’s bodies, making us want to just fuck our brains out. Wine goes with cucumber salad doesn’t it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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