Cuckqueaned by Friends Ch. 05

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A/N – I’m glad to see so many people are enjoying my fantasy with me! I have loved writing Maddy’s story, and I look forward to hopefully finishing it here with everyone eventually. I have through chapter 8 mostly written, I’m just editing and rewriting sections to better feed the bigger story I’m trying to put together. I’ve also outlined through chapter 10. I’ll try to get these out as regularly as possible, but I can’t always set aside time to write as much as I would like to. I’ve got a general idea of where this story is going and I know how it will end (no idea how many chapters, I guess it depends on what adventures I can come up with between now and then), but there is plenty of room for added adventures along the way! Let me know if you ever have any requests or ideas for our little Maddy, I always love talking to others who enjoy my fantasies with me.



I don’t know when the last time I slept that well was. I woke up with my head on Christopher’s chest, with his arm holding me gently against his body. I didn’t move for the first few minutes after waking up, just loving the feel of his body against mine without all the sexual tension that I’ve lived with the last day or so. After having my pussy almost dripping all day yesterday, it was nice to just cuddle with the man I love and just feel the movement of his chest, feel the satisfaction from yesterday without added desire or all the sexual need that I’m sure I’ll be flooded with later, if yesterday was anything to go by.

I knew he would be going home today. He didn’t live with us (though maybe one day) and hadn’t been home since Friday, so it was about time. But I knew my roommates would make sure the time between now and then wasn’t uneventful. I don’t know how long I stayed on his chest like that, but eventually Christopher woke up too. He kissed the top of my head and pulled me tighter against him, burying his nose in the hair on top of my head. I could feel his morning wood against my leg, but I wasn’t ready to start the sexual games yet. But apparently he was.

“Good morning, Maddison!” He bent down and kissed me on the lips this time. “I don’t know about you, but I feel great this morning!”

“Yeah, me too! I’m just happy and peaceful. Sex yesterday was kinda out of this world, to be honest. I don’t think I’ve ever woken up so…satisfied. I just want to lay here in your arms all day.”

“Well, sorry to mess that up, but don’t forget about Kayla’s rule. I need to go say good morning to her. Oh, actually, we hadn’t talked about it yet. It’s supposed to be up to you.”

“Oh yeah. I’d forgotten.” As if I could forget.

“So, do you want me to go say good morning to Kayla? We can stop this if you’re uncomfortable. I don’t ever want to do something that you’re against.”

He knew what I was going to say; we both did. But still, he didn’t have to look so smug about it.

“Yes, I think I’m ok with figuring out where this goes. I never would’ve thought about any of this being ok before, but it is clear this is some sort of kink for me. One kiss for me first though?”

“Of course!” and he pulled me up to his lips. The kiss wasn’t a pussy melting kiss or anything, but there was definitely love in it, love I hope he wasn’t also putting into kisses with Kayla. I was content with it though. I smiled at him before speaking again.

“Ok, let’s both get up. I need to throw some clothes on and go pee.”

“Good! Speaking of, hold on before you get dressed. I think I’m upping the dare from yesterday. So, today I dare you to go to the bathroom completely nude.” My jaw dropped, well, I was laying down so my mouth opened is probably a better way to phrase it. I lifted my head and stared at him with my mouth completely open, completely shocked at his dare.

“Wooooow, you’re just going to make me walk around naked while you go make-out with my roommate?”

“Haha don’t pretend like you don’t love it!”

He playfully rolled me off of him and started pulling my clothes off, not that I was wearing that much. I pretended to fight back, trying to escape before he could strip me completely, but it was just for fun. After less than 30 seconds, he’d pulled off all of my clothes, leaving me panting and naked on my bed, smiling with the happiness of goofing around with my boyfriend.

“Ok, now you’re ready.” He playfully slapped my ass and I laughed along with him.

“Ugh, fine. Just don’t spend too long with her.”

“Do you actually mean that, or do you want me to take my time?”

“Damnit, I don’t know anymore.” And I didn’t. My clit was tingling already. My pussy wasn’t wet yet, but I could tell it was only a matter of time.

“Haha I’ll see you out in the main area in a little while then.” He bent down and kissed me on the lips one more time. Then he was gone. He didn’t even close the door this time.

There I was, naked on my bed with the door wide open! I guess it didn’t matter, I was about to walk kaçak iddaa down the hallway completely naked, after all. I got up, and made my way to the doorway. A quick glance out told me nobody was going to see me immediately, but that didn’t mean Megan or Britney wasn’t already in the bathroom or that they wouldn’t walk out any second while I was fully exposed. Look, I also know they saw me naked and felt up my naked body yesterday, but still, I didn’t want to be caught wandering naked because it would probably encourage them even more to drive me crazy!

I bit the bullet, took a giant deep breath to try and calm myself (let’s be real, I was trying to calm my pussy which was rapidly heating up) and walked out of the relative safety of my room. I didn’t run, trying to keep my dignity, at least what little of it I had left, but I did walk quickly. Thankfully I made it to the bathroom without incident! And, again thankfully (I think), nobody was in the bathroom! I peed in peace, enjoying the time to myself, until I remembered Christopher was in Kayla’s room, probably doing more than just giving her a good morning kiss since I’m clearly sharing my honest thoughts with you, dear reader. I felt my arousal growing the longer I thought about the two of them, but I couldn’t think about anything else. I couldn’t stop picturing their hands on each other, their mouths locked together, their clothes lying on the floor. Fuck me, I need to get control of myself.

I finished, washed my hands, and walked back to my room, almost but not quite forgetting about my nudity. Before I made it to my room, Megan stepped out of her room and turned to look at me. She was only wearing underwear, but she didn’t show any signs of embarrassment. She smiled and beckoned me to follow her into her room. I like to think I was tempted to ignore her, but that would be a lie. I did as she asked, and followed her into her room, completely naked still.

Upon entering her room, it was immediately clear she wasn’t just wearing underwear. She was wearing a black bra and panty set of lingerie. She was standing next to her bed, posing beautifully for me. Below her beautiful smiling face, I could see her nipples through her top, which made the image even more appealing. Once I was inside, she told me to close the door, and now we were alone in her room.

“Ah, good morning Maddy! So glad I found you this morning so quickly! I thought I heard your door open, but I must admit, I didn’t expect to find you naked for my pleasure. So glad you’re jumping into being my little pet so quickly!”

“Christopher made me do it! I didn’t just choose to walk around naked.”

“Maddy, we both know you did choose this. Even if he told you to, you could’ve said no, but you didn’t. Stop pretending otherwise or I’ll make you stay naked all the time.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“Oh, I would, and your sweet little pussy would be wet the whole time and you know it.”

Fuck me, I was getting wet just imagining her having that much control over me. I don’t know if I was actually ready for that yet. She didn’t already have that control over me, right? I was still in control, right? I can’t be that submissive, can I? Ugh, fuck me again, I don’t really want the answer…I don’t think so at least.

“Anyway, that’s not why I brought you in here. I’m pretty sure I mentioned it while you were showing me your glorious skill in the garden, but I wanted to formally talk about it. You are a natural pussy licker, and I fully plan to use your tongue every day. Unless I’m on my period, that is. That’s not my thing. But otherwise, every day.”

“Every day?!”

“Every day.”

“Megan! I’m not going to just have sex with you every day! I’m not a lesbian! I have a boyfriend!”

“I’m not stealing you from Christopher, Kayla is already taking care of that for us.” She winked at me, that same ridiculous wink everyone is giving me these past few days! “PLus, you said you were going to talk to him about everything that happened yesterday. If you haven’t, then you need to do that very soon. And as for being a lesbian, you’re definitely not completely straight and you can’t convince me otherwise, now. You already used that magical tongue for me yesterday, don’t you remember?”

She walked towards me, putting her hands on my shoulders. I shivered lightly at her light touch and she just smiled seductively at me. I tried looking away, doing my best to avoid looking into her big beautiful eyes, but she turned my head to look at her. She spoke quietly, leaning close to my face as she did.

“Maddison, you know you can stop me at any time, but I’m not going to remind you every time. You know I’ll back off if you tell me I’m going too far. But until then, I plan to keep playing with my new pet, my plaything. I’ve been thinking about you and your amazing tongue since yesterday. Now, I want you to look me in the eye and say ‘I am so excited to lick your beautiful pussy every day, Mistress.'”

She was right. kaçak bahis It was only the thought of doing it that was scary. I could feel my pussy lightly tingling again, so I knew some part of me wanted to do it. Also, did she say I was supposed to call her Mistress? Oh, I gotta bring that up. I looked in her eyes and raised an eyebrow in as playful of a manner as I could muster while being completely naked and fucking horny in front of her.


“Eh, I’m not sold on it yet. I figured we could try it out and see how it goes. But I’ll change it if and when I want to. Now, let me hear you say it for real. Say ‘I am so excited to lick your beautiful pussy every day, Mistress.’ You know you want to.”

There isn’t a point pretending I don’t want to do it. If she does go too far, I’ll use the safe word (right?), but in all honesty, her pussy tasted pretty good and I am actually kinda excited to make her moan like that again. Once more unto the breach I guess…

“I am so excited to lick your beautiful pussy each and every day, Mistress.”

“Mmm, mistress is pretty good, on the first pass. I might like it. Ok! Let’s do this! Oh, don’t pretend I didn’t notice how you changed my words. I’ll come back to that later, my pet.”

She was lightning fast as she pulled her bra and panties off and jumped on the bed. She leaned back and spread her legs wide for me, staring at me to watch my reaction. There wasn’t any build, no foreplay, just desire in those movements. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. It was just like yesterday in the garden, she was beautiful. My eyes quickly settled on her naked lips and I could feel my own pussy tingle with excitement. Yesterday had been all about the potential to be caught and the desire to go quickly, but now we were in the safety of her room so I could take my time while my eyes devoured her naked body. She just smiled watching my eyes roam all of her nakedness, her face filled with so much desire, I could tell she loved that I was admiring her body but she really just wanted to tell me to get to work. Which she did, almost as if she could hear my thoughts.

“Come, join me, my pet. Be a good girl and show me how much you love to use that tongue on your owner.”

I needed no further invitation. I crawled onto her bed between her outstretched legs. She was already breathing deep with excitement, which pushed my own arousal higher. Here I was, about to bring my roommate to orgasm for a second time. And this time it is in the intimate setting of her bedroom with both of us completely naked. I ran my hands up her legs and felt her body quiver in response. Honestly, that reaction was so fucking sexy to me because it was clear I wasn’t the only one that had that reaction, plus it really showed me how hot she found all of this. I locked eyes with her as I slowly lowered my head between her legs. It gave me a slight sense of power to know I was causing all this arousal in her, which helped me understand why they were enjoying controlling me like they were. If I enjoyed even this tiny sense of power, how much more would they be loving their power over me.

I started gently, with delicate licks along her lips and barely touched her clit with the tip of my tongue. I kept this up for a minute or so, until Megan’s hand on the back of my head pulled me further into her. I then sped up, hoping to finish before Christopher returned, but also hoping that he wasn’t in Kayla’s room too long. I feel like my entire life these last two days has been that delicate balance of not wanting something and wanting it at the same time. Was there a balance? Anyway, I brought my fingers into the mix, using them to tease the sensitive skin around her vagina. She seemed to love it, so I brought my hand down and positioned one of my fingers at her entrance. I didn’t slow my attention on her clit at all as I gently pushed two fingers into her soaking pussy.

I tried my best to read her signs, quickly driving her up to her peak. Her climax was beautiful and so fucking sexy! She held my face against her pussy, and sort of gasped for air. She wasn’t loud at all, which was good if I didn’t want to get caught. She twitched for a couple minutes afterwards, while I gently brought her down with soft kisses all around her spasming pussy.

“Holy shit, Maddy, you’re so fucking good at that. I love that mouth of yours. Fuck…”

She finally gained control of herself again. I moved back, sitting on the edge of her bed waiting for her to speak again. She sat up in bed and gave me a beautiful and adorable little smile. Fuck me. I know in my head I’m not a lesbian, but she is just so fucking beautiful and cute. If I’m not careful I could fall for this woman.

“Ok, now that I’ve had a chance to sample your skills a second time, I can officially say: you are a born pussy licker! You’ve really never done that before?!?!” I shook my head at her and she just kept going. “It is a crime against humanity that you’ve kept these illegal bahis skills hidden until now! Oh, you’re not going to hide it any more. Nope, I’m going to make you show off your natural skills often. Now, head on back to your room, I’m sure Christopher is wondering where his girlfriend ran off to while she was naked.”

“Yes mistress.” I added the mistress to see how she reacted and her eyes lit up in fire when I said it. I stood and turned to leave and she smacked my ass as I did so.

“Ooo, don’t tempt me with the ‘mistress’! I’ll keep you here in my room naked all day if you keep that sexy shit up.”

I didn’t say anything, I just smiled over my shoulder and gave my ass a little shake as I walked out. It’s crazy how I went from super nervous and timid to being at least a little ok with all of this so quickly. I guess spending this much time naked with a beautiful woman just has a way of making you comfortable. Plus, to be honest, she really wasn’t forcing me, she was just encouraging me the whole time and super nice. Ok, I think this very well be something I can lean into, but no promises that I’ll continue to feel that way. I waved goodbye to Megan and closed the door behind me. I walked back in my room and discovered Megan was wrong: Christopher still wasn’t back from saying good morning to Kayla…

I waited and waited and waited for Christopher to finally show up. The entire time I sat on my bed completely naked. I kept telling myself to get up and get dressed, but I couldn’t. I tried to convince myself that the reason was because I was sure he would walk through any second now. And as soon as he did, I would want to jump his bones…well, not all of them, just one in particular…But that wasn’t the reason. I hugged a pillow to my chest, hoping to hold off what was starting to feel inevitable.

I held out almost 6 minutes before I finally gave in to what felt inevitable. When that happened, I sighed, rolled over to my bedside table, and pulled out Kayla’s panties from yesterday. These had given me the biggest orgasm of my life when they were tossed on my face by my boyfriend, and they were about to serve me again. This time I admired them first. They were simple panties, but still so fucking sexy. I’m sure they were made more sexy because they were Kayla’s and she was currently busy with my boyfriend, but regardless, I pulled them up to my nose to smell them, inwardly hoping I could still smell her on them. I thought I could smell something, but I’m also pretty sure it was just in my head.

I’d done this many times before. Sure, less since Christopher and I started dating, but I let my muscle memory take over. My empty hand snaked down my body, expertly seeking out its target. My pussy was already open and ready for my fingers. My familiar folds were so sensitive it was beautifully lighting up my entire body with sparks. I basked in the pleasure, in its familiarity. I found my mind wandering to all that Christopher told me from the previous day. I circled my clit a few times as I pictured Christopher and Kayla leaving me naked in bed waiting for Christopher while they made out all day. I pictured her tits and ass flaunted in front of him. Her perfect tits and ass as he described them. I pictured Britney and her curves, her hand wrapped around Christopher’s cock at the garden yesterday. As I pictured his fingers in her beautiful pussy, my own fingers sunk softly into my pussy. I sped up my movements when I remembered the way he described licking Kayla to orgasm last night. I could tell I was getting closer, but my imagination wasn’t done. All of the sudden, I pictured Christopher on his back while Kayla crawled on top of him. I pictured her leaning down to kiss him while moving her hips just right. Then it was like my imagination zoomed in so I could watch as my boyfriend’s cock penetrated her tight pussy.

For the second time in my life, I crashed over the peak into orgasmic bliss in less than 120 seconds. It was absolutely shocking that it had only been less than 2 minutes, but I was left with no doubt about this cuckquean thing. Why else would I be cumming to the thought of Christopher fucking someone else? I didn’t think it had gone that far with them yet, and I honestly hadn’t thought about them actually fucking before this, but I couldn’t deny the reaction it had on my body. The mixture of the fantasy and the feel of her panties against my face had really done it for me, and I don’t think this was going to be the last time I would masturbate to that combination. Am I sick for hoping I would get another pair of her panties at some point to replace this pair with?

I still held her panties to my face when he walked in. He saw me and immediately smiled.

“Wow, Maddison! Did you just masturbate with her panties like that?! That is so fucking hot! It’s great to see how much you are truly into this. I’m so happy that I can help you in discovering this new side of you. I hope that one didn’t completely finish you off though, because I think I’m going to need that pussy of yours again in a few minutes.”

“Ugh, I don’t know where it came from, but damn I can’t stop. This keeps spiraling too fast for me.”

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