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It was their first night at sea, and after Larry and Pete finished their dinner, they went their separate ways, Larry to the casino and Pete to the bar.

It was still early when Pete walked in so he had his choice of seats and chose to take advantage of one of his favorite pastimes: people-watching.

Cruises are excellent for observing, especially in the evening. Some guests wear their finest while others opt for shorts and flip-flops.

Pete wore tan slacks, sandals and a Tommy Bahama shirt covered with colorful exotic birds. As he sat sipping his Scotch, two middle-aged women entered, smiled and sat a few stools away. The first was short, maybe five feet, with close-cropped salt-and-pepper hair, wearing a bright red blouse and white slacks.

The other was taller by half a foot, with shoulder-length auburn hair and a full-length, floral dress that hugged her curves, accenting her ample chest and round rump.

They both wore their make-up in the modern style, with smoky eye-shadow and brightly colored lips. All in all, they were both attractive and eye-catching. They ordered their drinks and Pete noticed them looking at him and smiling.

When he caught them looking, the shorter one said, “Oh, sorry, we were just commenting on your shirt. Very colorful!” The taller one nodded in agreement.

Pete looked down self-consciously and smiled. “Thanks. I only get to wear this stuff on cruises. Back home it looks out of place.”

“Where’s home,” they asked.

“New York City,” he replied.

“Really? What part?” the tall one asked.


“Funny, so are we.”

The conversation continued with them comparing notes about neighborhoods and restaurants. Pete introduced himself and he learned the short one was Leslie and the tall one was Fay. Within minutes they were conversing like old friends, despite their age differences. Pete had just turned thirty and he estimated the ladies to be late-forties to early-fifties.

They were both living in Florida now, where the cruise originated, so they were curious about how things had changed up north. When they asked Pete about cruising alone, he canlı bahis told them about Larry, his friend who enjoyed gambling and was doing just that as they spoke.

Time and drinks went by and the bar filled so the ladies moved down next to Pete so they could continue chatting. Now Fay, the tall one was next to Pete and he sensed a subtle vibe coming from them, almost a flirt. While flattered, he and Larry had expected to find women their age, not old enough to be their mothers. Fay was particularly friendly, lightly touching his arm when he made a joke, and gazing at him, hanging on every word.

They asked if he’d been to any of the clubs, and he admitted he hadn’t, since it was the first night at sea.

“We were thinking of taking in the Calypso Club, care to join us?” Leslie asked.

If they were leaving, he wouldn’t have had anyone to talk to, and he was enjoying their company, so he agreed. The club was one deck down and dark, but the music pulsed with black lights and flashing strobes. They found a space at the bar and Fay was pressed against him. In her heels, she was almost as tall as him, and they had to lean close to hear each other. Her lips almost touched his ear whenever she spoke and Pete felt aroused by this mature woman who was obviously on the make. In fact, it took him a minute to realize that Leslie was gone.

At one point, Fay leaned in and said, “You smell as good as you look.” She leaned back and smiled. It was his turn to speak and told her, “I was just thinking the same thing about you.”

This time her lips brushed his ear as she licked his lobe. “Hmm, it’s getting pretty hot in here, don’t you think?”

He turned his head to face her and voice his agreement but she pressed forward and their lips met. After they separated, she said, “My cabin’s a lot cooler,” and when he nodded, she took his hand and led him out of the club.

Pete’s mind raced. As a teen, he had every boy’s fantasy about friend’s moms, but had never actually been with anyone more and a few years older. Now, he was going to this woman’s cabin and he barely knew her. What he did know was he had a hard time walking with half bahis siteleri a Woodie in his pants.

She swiped the door and it clicked open. The interior was similar to Larry and Pete’s room, but it had a balcony.

When the door locked behind them, she turned and put her arms around his neck as she pressed against him. “I hope you don’t think I’m like this with just any man I meet.”

His hands were on her hips, enjoying how she swayed against his pelvis, making him grow. “The thought never crossed my mind,” he grinned.

Their lips met again, this time with more intensity and her lips parted for his, tongue as she moaned and grinded against him. His hands met no resistance when he slid them down and grabbed flesh. If she had panties, they were sheer.

Her hands shifted to his shirt, undoing the buttons at a feverish pace, and he slid the straps from her shoulders and pushed down. Her breasts heaved in the flimsy bra and her pronounced nipples were visible through it. He got those straps down too and her tits tumbled out as he found a nipple, rolling it between his fingers.

“Ooh,” she cooed, “careful, they’re very sensitive.”

He hefted the breast, finding the nipple with his lips as it hardened and she moaned again. She fumbled with his belt and soon had him undone and when he released the nipple, she thrust his pants and briefs to the floor and his hard cock bounced as she groped for it. Once she had it firmly in her palm, she began stroking as they kissed again. She had stepped out of the dress and now Pete saw he was right, no panties. She was trimmed but not fully shaved and her juices glistened as his hand found her clit. The fire in both their stares was all-consuming as she fell back on the bed, pulling him with her.

Their breaths were short and excited as he spread her white thighs and she held his head to her bush. With a quick nod, she led him into her heat, and he easily slid to his full length from her wetness.

He inhaled, taking in her scent as he never did before. He swirled her hips below him, inviting his attention. The first motion was slow back to the point of flopping out, then deep bahis şirketleri in as she groaned and swirled. The pace quickened as their passion would not be denied. He had never felt a woman move like this, with such urgency. He slammed into her as she cried out in lust, driving him to deeper and harder thrusts.

Her hand was between them, her long nails plucking her clit as she screamed for him. “Yeah, Baby, fuck me, FUCK ME!”

He heard himself grunt, knowing he was about to lose it, and yelled, “Gonna cum,” as he arched.

She thrust up at him, waiting for it, eyes wide. When he shot, he held his position as deep as he could reach, and cried out as his jism jumped from his cock.

“Oh, Oh, Oh,” she called as she pumped, draining every drop from him. She wrapped her arms around him and screamed, “Oh, GAWD!” as her body convulsed below him. He fell atop her, panting as her body kept quivering and she kissed his neck and cheek. “Oh, Honey, that was… magical.”

He returned her kiss, thinking pretty much the same thing.

After a bit, he rose and walked out onto the balcony, staring at the reflection of the moon on the calm sea. He felt her wrap her arms around him from behind, holding his limp cock.

“You know what I always wanted to do?” she whispered.

He shook his head.

“Give a blowjob in the moonlight,” she giggled. He turned as she moved beside him and went to her knees. His cock was already twitching as she took him into her wet, warm mouth. She held the shaft as she watched his face, licking and sucking for all she was worth.

The moonlight made her white tits and thighs seem blue, and he was rock-hard again as she slurped. He pulled her to her feet and pressed her to the railing, coming up behind her.

“Ooh,” she purred, “Ready already?”

He was, and he entered her as she bent forward, obviously ready herself. Her big boobs swayed in the night air as he humped her, slow at first, then harder, then frantic. She cried that she was coming and he was ready too and they both reached climax together as they heard the cabin door.

It was Leslie, with a big smile on her face. “Did you two have fun?” she asked with a wink.

Fay stepped toward her roommate and their lips met in a deep passionate kiss as Pete watched in amazement. They both looked at him and smiled. “He was outstanding,” Fay whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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