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She was thin, almost mousy. An outdated page-boy haircut of jet-black hair, over an oval face. Deep, brown eyes, pouty lips. She wasn’t gorgeous, but hardly repulsive, just someone you would meet and immediately forget.

She was five foot six, again, average. Small breasts, a bit of an ass, basically plain. At forty three she was resigned to the fact that Mr. Right took a wrong turn and got lost. Living with her cat, Gerald, she spent her time working as a receptionist for an accounting firm, and her evenings reading romance novels, touching herself at the good parts.

As a girl, the boys would tease her for being named Mona. “Moaner!” they would sing, and she would cry, then they would turn their attention to someone prettier.

Her good friend Casey was the exact opposite, a fiery redhead who flirted and flaunted her 38DD’s. She would chase or be chased, and was so promiscuous, that Mona would blush when she related the events of the night before.

Casey tried to get Mona out of her shell, suggesting going together for make-overs, and clothes shopping, but Mona was so shy. Casey wondered if she was still a virgin, but thought it best not to ask.

But Casey kept trying, and so they found themselves aboard a cruise ship leaving San Juan for a week’s sail around the Caribbean with its hot sun and cold drinks

They shared a cabin, mid-ship, near everything, and Casey got them started with cocktails even as the ship was still loading. By 10PM, they were both feeling the motion of the ocean and the affects of too many Rum punch and not enough food.

They had explored the boat, but Casey was still curious. There were Singles parties, Welcome Aboard parties, even Friends of Dorothy parties for gays and lesbians. The two made sure to stop in on each, just sizing up the ship.

The Dorothy party had Mona flustered as soon as she realized women were looking her over with interest, but Casey could mingle with anyone. Casey kept her close, so the other ladies would assume they were a couple.

The Singles parties brought so many losers together, it made Casey realize even Mona could get laid on this ship. Maybe not Tom Cruise, but a live cock!

Traipsing around in high heels gave them reason to pause at The Schooner bar, a quiet lounge with a piano player that actually had bar stools available. They settled in, and decided on Cosmos.

The piano man was quite full of himself, but passed the mike around for guests to sing a tune. He had song sheets spread out, and welcomed them aboard with flourish. “Good Evening, Ladies! Relax, we have 7 wonderful days together!”

Casey spotted a young man enter, look around, then choose the stool next to her. “Anyone sitting here?” he asked politely.

“Now there is, you!” she joked.

He smiled, ordered a beer and took a big gulp.

She smiled, “You look like you needed that.”

“Oh, yeah, so crowded up in the casino, it’s good to sit.”

“Any luck tonight?”

He grinned glumly, “Unfortunately, no, it could be a long cruise!”

“Darlin’ you have to pace yourself. Set a limit for each night. Plus, once we’re in port, you’ll be off the ship doing all kinds of things.”

He just smiled at her.

“What? Aren’t you going int St Thomas tomorrow?”

“Well, maybe, I’m traveling alone. I’ve never been on any cruise before, so I don’t know, is it weird for a guy to be on his own on the islands?”

“Just stay where bonus veren siteler the tourists go, don’t go off on your own. No one would know you were even alone. Just go into town and walk around. Great shops, plenty of good jewelry at cheap prices. You can but your honey something special!”

“I won’t be needing to do that.”

He explained. He had been seeing Lynn for a year and finally decided to pop the question, had planned to do it on this very cruise. But the night he was going to tell her about the trip, but not the proposal, she admitted she was seeing someone else, and that they were serious. She was sorry, but she couldn’t see him anymore.

He got the deposit back on the ring, but the cruise was paid for. The best they would do was give him a single cabin, and return partial payment.

So, he came on the cruise by himself, planning to drown his sorrows and start fresh afterwards.

Both Casey and Mona listened intently, each touched by his story. Mona was depressed while Casey looked for the sunshine.

“Well, they have Singles parties, and a good looking kid like you will do just fine finding company.”

“I took a walk up there before. No one my age,not females, anyway.”

“Well, broaden your horizons! You’re not looking for a wife. There’s plenty of single women who are a little older. Isn’t that what young guys are into these days with Cougars and MILFs?”

“What’s MILF?” Mona asked.

“I’ll tell you later, Sweetie.”

He was shocked by her bluntness, so he laughed. “That’s what they say, but I’m not sure if I’m looking to hook up anyway, I just figure I’ll go stir-crazy without someone to talk to.”

Casey stuck out her hand. “I’m Casey, like Casey Stengel? And this is Mona. We’re in Cabin 9843, and give us a call anytime. We’ll keep you entertained so much, you’ll lock yourself in your cabin!”

He felt her strong grip, and smiled. A real Jungle Cat in her day, I bet! “I’m Tom, nice to meet you both,” reaching past to shake Mona’s hand, which was damp, clammy, and weak.”

To the bartender, he said, “Give the ladies a drink on me, please.”

“Oh, Tom, really, that’s not what we were looking for.”

“I know, but this is the most fun I’ve had in days, so thanks.” He toasted them.

The drinks flowed and the mike made it to Casey, who did a great rendition of Mack The Knife. Mona passed, and Tom did a fair version of “Friends in Low Places,” which any drinker who’s been dumped, can relate to, so everyone sang along.

The piano player was done with his set, and people filed out, to get ready for the next day.

Mona seemed half-asleep but Casey showed no sign of fading, and Tom had his second wind. He asked if they wanted to explore other lounges. Casey brightened but Mona was not thrilled.

Casey turned to Tom and said, “I’ll tell you what, I’ll take her back to the cabin and get her settled in, then I’ll meet you by the pool bar, it should still be open. If you think you can handle me on your own!”

“I’ll give it a try, see you in a bit.”

It was quiet up on deck. There were a few couples in private conversations and the amplified music was mellow, reflecting the crowd.

Tom stopped in his room and washed up, looked in the mirror, his eyes reflecting the many beers and the hour.

Both women seemed nice, he thought, with Casey being the spark plug. Although she was attractive, in a flirty way, bedava bahis he didn’t see them as possible conquests. They were about twenty years his senior and he had never really been attracted to older women, despite current trends.

They were friendly and amusing, and didn’t seem to mind his company,but he wouldn’t wear it out, either.

When Casey arrived, Tommy was already there, another cold one in his hand. “What’ll it be?”

“I’ll have what you’re having,” she replied. “Even though I hate all the calories, I love a good beer once in a while.”

They moved to the side of the ship. The moon light reflected of the water, in which they moved along at a brisk 20 knots. The breeze seemed to awaken them both.

“It’s so pretty at night. Look at all those stars! You don’t see that in New York!” she marveled.

“New York? Really? I’m from Long Island, and you’re right about the stars.”

“I’m originally from Northport,” she said, “I live on the Upper East Side now.”

“Hmm, nice area! Big bucks.”

She laughed. “Not quite!”

He really liked her, even more without Mona.

Something caught his eye. “Look up there, I wonder what that is?”

“That room or whatever? It’s another lounge, the Viking lounge, you get a great view from up there. We checked it out earlier.”

Tom grinned. “You’re a bundle of information, aren’t you? Do you secretly work for the cruise line and take in mopes like me to entertain us?” “You found my secret! Wanna see if it’s still open?”

They found the separate elevator that took them two levels up, to a circular lounge with low couches and chairs. It was dimly lit, but no one seemed to be there.

Casey began to lead the way, when they saw a couple on a couch. More like they saw movement. They paused and realized it was a couple, and it was his ass they could see rising and falling, and her moans they could hear.

They both looked at each other and snickered like young kids seeing their parents kiss.

Casey took his hand and led him silently around to the other side of the circle, out of earshot.

“Casey, you only take me to the finest establishments!”

She smacked his arm and laughed. “Did you see that?” Wow, they sure hooked up fast.”

“You know them?”

“I saw them talking at the Singles party! That’s what I like, get right into it!”

“They sure looked like they were enjoying themselves.”

The entire deck was circular with glass for a panoramic view. They stood, Casey still holding his hand as they looked down at the pool deck and the bar they just left, both of their minds on the same thing. Not that they had any concerns, she thought. If that couple finished and left, they would have no room to come over where we are.

Tommy hadn’t gotten laid since the breakup a month ago. He had masturbated a few times, but that only seemed to frustrate him.

Casey had a man last weekend, but she enjoyed an active sex life, and definitely had the hots for the young man with the broken heart. Her thoughts ran wild.

She slipped her arm around his waist, and he automatically put his around her shoulder. “I don’t know about you, but I think this can be a real fun vacation.” She looked at him for a response.

Through the dim lighting, she was so sexy, the shadows, and the action they had seen, and the closeness, the availability. I can have this woman, and there will be no strings attached. deneme bonus it’s spur-of-the-minute and no commitment.

Their eyes met but he didn’t say a word, just stared. She hated rejection, so she decided to end it before he could say no. “Listen, it’s late, we’re in port early tomorrow…”


“No, don’t say anything, let’s just go,” she said.

He held her, kept her from moving away, then slowly lowered his head, their lips meeting, softly, briefly.

He let her go, and stepped back. “I’m sorry about that,I had no right, you were so nice to me, and I got caught up…I just wanted to kiss you, to thank you for befriending me. I shouldn’t have.”

She took his hand again. “No, honey, it’s okay, I’m glad you did, I wanted you to, but I didn’t want to throw myself at you.”

He held her hips and said, “Still friends?”

“The best kind of friends,” she replied, kissing him back, harder and their eyes stayed on each other as she worked her tongue across his lips and he opened for her.

They moved to one of the couches, touching and kissing and Tom was hard instantly. He felt like a teen with his first woman. She was fiery, alright, like he thought. The kisses were passionate now, her eyes never leaving his.

She had his Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned and her hands rubbed his hard chest, pressing his nipples for affect. He was so aroused by this forty-something babe. His hands roamed up to her sundress, feeling those huge breasts through the light fabric. He found her nipples too and tweaked them.

She was on her knees now, unbuckling his Dockers, outlining his throbbing cock. He sat back, letting her fish him out, then watched as she looked up at him and slid down, engulfing his cock head. His big thick head made her stretch her mouth and she wondered how that would feel inside her.

Still looking into his eyes, she moved up and down his shaft, feeling the veins so well defined in his cock. The eight inches were more than she could have hoped for and planned to ride him like the stud he was.

He whispered to her, “Careful, its been a while, I’ll cum pretty quick.”

She paused, smiled. “I think you need to cum more than I do, Baby. You just enjoy this. We can settle up later.”

again, she began sucking, faster, harder and deeper, and she was good at it. He was a big fan of BJ’s and she was one of the best!

His excitement built with her massaging his scrotum, then working faster, her head bobbing in the moon light.

He thought briefly of Lynn, wondered if she was fucking and sucking someone now, then said Screw Her, this is my night!

He held Casey’s head, his own body now taking over, and he thrust up into her face, seeing her gag as he did, but he knew he was close, and she could handle it.

She still looked at him as if looking for a sign and he rolled his head back and groaned as he hit the back of her mouth and felt the first spurt leave, then the second, shooting a major load of cum down her throat. She swallowed like a champ, except for the last two, where she had backed off and took those on her face, wiping it around as she smiled at Tommy.

“Wow, you really did need that!”

He panted, “Oh, Man! Did I? That was awesome!”

He heard snickering and looked back to see an older couple, standing there. He couldn’t make out faces, but that meant they couldn’t make his out either. Or Casey’s.

The couple moved away as they had on the previous couple. This room was filling up!

Tom tucked himself away as Casey slid up next to him, wiping her mouth on a bar napkin. “Taste?” she offered.

“I’ll pass, thanks!”

“Maybe next time.”

“Next time , I’ll share with you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32