Cruise Ship Quarantine Ch. 02

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Copyright © Nikki Dark 2021

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License Notes

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Edited by Tex Beethoven

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All sexually active characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years or older.

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Vera looked nervously around the plane at all the other mask-wearing passengers, and tightened her own so it was secure across the bridge of her nose.

“This sucks,” she complained.

“Hey, it’s only seven hours until we’re back home, it will be fine,” her mother Carla assured her.

“Yeah, but any one of these people could be carrying the virus!” Vera lamented.

“Nah, everyone was tested before getting on, yeah?” her brother Daniel chipped in.

“Yes, but what about the incubation period? Like just because they tested negative then doesn’t guarantee they don’t have it!”

“Vera, you just need to think about something else,” Carla advised her. “Don’t panic, and don’t cause a scene. Let’s get through this flight and into the hotel, and then we can put this whole ordeal behind us.”

“Yeah, just watch the movies or go to sleep, surely either of those will help,” Daniel advised sagely.

“Or at least wait until we take off, and then get a drink to relax you,” Carla added.

As soon as they were able, that’s exactly what they did, though they were advised by the hostess that due to the virus, service would be limited to assist with reducing movement about the cabin.

“Gets better and better,” Carla sighed, as she sipped her vodka and soda.

Four hours into the flight, Carla was getting restless. She had the window seat, because she always enjoyed being able to look out while they were taking off and landing, while her children preferred the comfort of disturbing fewer people while getting up and sitting back down. Daniel had drawn the short straw, and so was sitting between his Mother and his sister. Carla pushed the button to call the hostess, and she ordered another vodka and soda. She sipped on it, reflecting back on her family’s kinky adventures while they’d been trapped in the cruise ship’s cabin. Thinking about that soon had her squirming in her seat, wishing she could do something about it. She glanced across at her kids, and saw they were both absorbed in movies. She lifted the arm rest between her and Daniel, giving him a reassuring smile when he looked to see what she was doing. She looked back at her own screen and placed her hand on his thigh, gently caressing it before sliding her hand to cover his crotch. Daniel looked back at her with wide eyes, before hurriedly checking their surroundings for attentive eyes. Carla just smiled at him again. and enjoyed the feel of his generous cock swelling under her attentions.

Recovering from his initial shock, Daniel grinned at his mother and simply pulled his blanket up over her hand as she started to work at his shorts to release them. He took it further and wiggled his shorts down, which drew the attention of his sister.

“What are you doing?” she hissed quietly.

“Just getting comfortable,” he replied with a grin. Vera watched as he managed to free his cock, and then as their mother’s hand clearly took hold of it, gently massaging it beneath the blanket.

“You two are truly freaks,” Vera whispered, turning back to her movie.

“Yeah, but you are too,” Daniel chuckled voicelessly then whispered back, “If you want a turn, just sing out.”

“Not likely!”

Carla simply treated her daughter to an innocent smile, and enjoyed the feel of Daniel’s soft skin sliding over his firm shaft. She stroked him slowly, with no real intent to get him off, and must have been going for a good half hour with Daniel intermittently squirming beside her, occasionally sliding a hand over his mother’s breast whenever he was certain no one was watching. He constantly needed to suppress his desire to moan, and to thrust into the fist enclosing his cock.

“How does this end?” he asked quietly, wondering if there would be a way for him to cum.

“With disappointment probably,” Carla laughed. “Although I do love the feel of your cock in my hand!”

“Um, what do you mean, with disappointment?” Daniel asked.

“Well honey, I’m not going to make you cum while we’re still on the plane, so I figure that will be disappointing for you. But of course the longer I keep you hard, the greater the pleasure at the end, yeah?”

“I’m not sure that’s quite how it works Mother, but far be it from me to stop you from stroking me.”

“Such a generous a loving son,” she replied happily, giving his cock a firm squeeze.

— +++ —

True to her word, Carla hadn’t made Daniel cum by the time they were getting off the airliner, his cock and balls were aching with need, desperate for relief.

They endured the transition from the plane to the bus to the hotel, and then listened as attentively as they could manage tempobet giriş to the myriad of instructions they were given about their quarantine period. Finally they were escorted by masked security guards to a pair of adjoining rooms.

“At least there’s a bed each!” Vera said happily, going through the connecting doorway between the rooms, and seeing there were two queen beds in each of them.

“That doesn’t mean we need to use them all, of course,” Carla pointed out. “We have options, so I’ll be taking this one, and if anyone wishes to join me, they’ll be more than welcome.”

“No offence Mother,” Vera replied, “but I intend to stretch out and luxuriate after sharing a bed on the cruise.”

“That’s fine, honey.”

“I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending some time in that bed with you Mother,” Daniel said with a grin. “In fact I’m ready right now!” He started stripping out of his clothes.

“Oh my God, I thought that nonsense was ending with the cruise! I’m definitely taking one of the beds in the other room, and Daniel, that one is yours,” she declared, pointing to the second bed in their mother’s room.

“Works for me,” Daniel said agreeably, already down to his underwear. Despite Vera’s negative reaction to his undressing, he noted she still looked back to check out his hardening cock.

“Well, before anything else happens, I for one am going to enjoy a nice, long shower,” Carla told him.

Daniel groaned.

“You may join me if you like, it’s nicely sized,” she added.

“I’ll take you up on that offer, thanks,” Daniel replied, instantly flipping from morose to enthusiastic.

A couple of minutes later, Mother and Son were naked together in the shower, steaming hot water streaming over their bodies.

“God, after the postage-stamp-sized shower on the ship, this is amazing!” Daniel enthused.

“Agreed. But of course that’s no reason for us to remain too far apart,” Carla said suggestively, taking her son’s cock in her soapy hand and using it to draw him closer.

“And that’s a point I agree with,” Daniel groaned, as her hand slid up and down his length. “But you might want to be careful with that; it could go off at any time you know, especially after the way it was teased throughout the flight.”

“Well that wouldn’t be a problem. I have it on good authority it recharges again pretty quickly. I wouldn’t even need to plug it into the wall!”

“True, but it would be a shame to waste the sizeable load I’ve built up.”

“Nobody said anything about wasting it!” Carla replied earnestly.

Daniel soaped his hands and took his mother’s breasts in them, washing and playing with them in equal measure. He then turned her away and felt her lean back into him, his soapy cock trapped between their bodies, nestled in the top of her butt crack. He dipped his knees, so more of his cock would slide between her cheeks while his hands reached around and slithered over her tits, tummy and pussy.

Carla tipped her head back and up, and Daniel kissed her, his tongue sliding against hers until she turned to face him, whereupon they extended and enjoyed the kiss even further. It was well beyond the sort of kiss proper mothers and sons were supposed to share, but given everything that had happened between them in the week since they’d decided to play together, that certainly wasn’t a concern to the participants.

Daniel slid his hands over his mother’s buttocks, and felt her do the same in return. He teased her asshole with the middle finger of his right hand, while his left squeezed her buttock forcefully. He then flinched in surprise when he felt her do the same to him in return.

“Woah!” he yelped in shock.

“If it’s good enough for me, then it’s good enough for you, Honey,” she said with a naughty grin, her finger continuing to tease him.

“Fair enough, but it was a surprise is all. I’ve never had anyone do that to me,” he told her.

“Well, it’s always fun to learn new things, isn’t it?” She dropped into a squat, and then proceeded to kneel on the tiled floor of the shower, a hand taking his shaft in hand, and guiding it to her eager mouth. As she sucked him deeply, she took hold of his ass in both hands, fingers probing between his buttocks. Following some quickly added soap, he felt her finger pressing firmly against his butthole. Instinctively, he clenched up against the invasion, until his mother stopped sucking on him and spoke.

“Relax Honey, I won’t do anything to hurt you,” she promised him.

“Easy for you to say.”

“Honey, this lovely fat dick of yours has been all the way up my bum more than once, so I think you can take a finger; just breathe out slowly,” she laughed, and sucked him back inside, her soapy finger still wiggling and pushing.

Daniel took his mother’s advice and exhaled with a strong whoosh, trying to relax. But as soon as he did, he felt her finger slide right inside his butt! He gasped in surprise, both at the suddenness of it, and tempobet yeni giriş because it felt better than he’d imagined it would. His cock twitched in his mother’s mouth. “Oh fuck,” he groaned.

His mother simply continued sucking, while she pushed her finger deeper into his ass.

“I’m gonna cum!” he warned her, astonished at how quickly he’d been prodded into an orgasm. He felt Carla’s finger wiggle around and then drive in and out of his ass as she pulled herself toward him, jamming his cock past her epiglottis and into her throat.

Daniel exploded, cum shooting straight down his mother’s throat, his knees wobbling with the intensity of his orgasm. His ejaculation continued for a while.

Once he’d finished Carla stood, and he found her pressed against him again, tits crushed to his body, hands gently caressing him.

“That was amazing, thank you.”

“You’re very welcome.”

“I’d kind of been planning to launch that load into your pussy,” he sighed.

“I know, but I’m in the mood for a nice, long fuck, and after I teased you so much today, I thought getting the first one out quickly might be useful and fun.”

“Well I’m not about to complain, that’s for sure!”

“Smart boy,” she teased him. “Now take me to bed, Honey.”

They quickly rinsed off and dried, and then moved to the bed, both of them naked as the days they were born. Carla settled in, and Daniel snuggled in beside her. After kissing her for a few minutes, his cock started to recover, and he rolled on top of her, lying with his head positioned to suckle on her nipples. He switched back and forth between them numerous times, his hardening cock rubbing between his mother’s thighs.

“Mmm… I think it might be time to stick me with your dick, Daniel,” his mother purred, gazing up at him with her breast in his mouth.

“Perhaps. Or maybe I should string it out, and tease you for hours and hours, like you did to me,” he suggested. “Fair’s fair, don’t you think?”

“You don’t want to start that sort of game,” she advised him. “Because you’d never win. I’m way more patient than you when I want to be. And you thought you had blue balls today?”

“I dunno about who’d win, but lucky for you I don’t want to find out, ’cause I’m already way too horny!” He moved higher over his mother’s body, and the head of his dick nudged her pussy. Carla then opened her legs wide, and Daniel eased himself forward, working his entire cock inside of her with several gentle, yet forceful strokes of his cock. Once buried within her, he took his time, sliding in and out with long, smooth strokes, occasionally mixing it up with a few hard and fast ones. For both of their sakes he was determined to tease this time, not simply to explode, and he was grateful to his mother for draining him moments ago, knowing it gave him half a chance of holding out, despite the thrill he always felt from being buried in his mother’s cunt.

“Harder,” Carla demanded, but Daniel still just teased, giving her enough to provide pleasure, but without it being so much as to take him to orgasm again. “Come on, harder,” she ordered more insistently.

“What was that you said about patience?” he asked serenely.

“There’s a time for patience, and a time for fucking your mother like you mean it! Just like there’s a time not too far away for sliding your cock up your mother’s tight asshole.”

Hearing his mother talking so lasciviously, drove Daniel nuts. Without giving it any real consideration, he found himself driving his cock into her harder and faster than he had been.

“That’s it, fuck me Daniel, fuck me hard,” she groaned, as the sounds of their bodies smacking together echoed around the room. He loved how wet she was, and he soon abandoned any pretence of teasing her. Even his recent draining in the shower wasn’t dragging him out as much as he’d expected it would, but he was determined not to be the first to cum.

From the cries his mother was making, he knew she was close. He’d learnt to read her over the past week on the cruise ship, and he used what he’d learned to fuck her exactly the way she liked.

“Yes, yes, just like that, right in there! Fuck your mother!” she cried out loudly, heedless of whether her scandalous words would carry through the walls of the hotel or not. Daniel redoubled his efforts, fucking her hard enough to begin slamming the headboard against the wall like the sound of a bass drum.

“Fuuuuucccckkkk!!!” Carla called out, her body convulsing beneath her son as she came with a fury! Daniel continued thrusting, driving himself into her until he too exploded, sending a geyser of cum into his mother’s womb, as she continued to cum with him.

“Now that’s what I call a good fucking,” Carla murmured contentedly, as they lay together later, her thighs wet and sticky with perspiration, her vaginal fluids, and her son’s seed.

“You got that right,” Daniel said, still breathing heavily from his exertions.

“So you going tempobet güvenilirmi to fuck my ass as well?” Carla asked.


“Only if you’re up to it,” she said, smiling invisibly in the darkened room, not having even bothered to have turned on the lights or opened the curtains.

“I could be, if you give me time to rise to the occasion,” he replied.

“I’ve got a better idea.”

Without explaining what it was, Carla tunnelled beneath the blankets, and found her son’s cock. She sucked it again, still messy with the residue of their lovemaking. The thought alone of her sucking his dirty cock would have been enough to give Daniel a rise, but the actual act had him hardening quickly. He ached pleasurably from his two orgasms, but he knew his mother would still be able to extract a third one from him.

When she had him hard enough, Carla emerged from the tangled bedding, turned on a light, and fetched her lubricant.

“Can’t forget this,” she told Daniel, brandishing the tube at him with a grin. She didn’t hand it to him, but climbed onto the bed and took up a position on her hands and knees. She reached back behind herself as Daniel made his way behind her, and then squeezed some lube over her puckered asshole. Daniel watched keenly as his mother pushed first one, and then two fingers inside her anus, working the lube in and widening herself to prepare herself for his dick.

“Mmm, all ready for you now. All ready for that lovely cock to slide up my asshole,” Carla groaned, pulling her fingers out of her bum.

Daniel moved in behind her, and rubbed the tip of his cock up and down and around the tempting hole.

“It’s supposed to go inside there, Daniel.”

“So eager again,” he teased. “After all that bragging, you’ve no patience at all!”

“Again with the impertinence?” she asked playfully. “You’re playing with fire, young man.”

He didn’t bother answering, but just slid the length of his cock up and across her anus and then back down again, the head pressing against her chocolate starfish. He felt his mother pushing back, and he withdrew slightly. But he then dropped the head and thrust hard, driving his cock deep inside… her pussy!

“Whoops, wrong hole,” Carla moaned.

“Huh! Most girls would think of that statement as backwards,” Daniel laughed.

“That’s why you shouldn’t tease your Mother; so you don’t miss out on getting to fuck her ass!”

Daniel gave her pussy several hard thrusts, before pulling himself out of her and rubbing the head of his cock across her asshole again. This time when she pushed back against him, he held still, maintaining his dick in position as her anus started spreading itself around his head. Then he too thrust and slid inside, pushing several inches of his cock into her back passage.

“Yesssssss,” she groaned, dropping her head to the bed, as he pushed and pulled, and worked himself deeper and deeper into her butt. “God, I love you in my ass!”

Vera chose that moment to appear in the open doorway connecting the two rooms. She’d come to close the door so she wouldn’t have to listen to the sounds of their fucking, or at least not as loudly, but the sight of her brother’s tight butt cheeks as she thrust into his mother’s ass had her transfixed.

“Such a tight ass, Mother,” Daniel groaned, as the ring of her sphincter advanced along his hard shaft.

Vera dropped a hand into her panties, playing with her pussy, but opting to say nothing, while the others remained unaware of her presence.

Daniel gradually sped up his thrusts, as his mother first became used to him being inside her, and then started demanding more.

Vera could scarcely believe how fast and hard her brother was driving his cock into their mother’s anus. Surely it couldn’t feel that good. Even as she thought that, her mother gave a cry of delight, obviously cumming. If Vera hadn’t seen it, and heard how delighted she sounded, she would have thought anal pleasure was simply something porn actors staged for their audiences. It really wasn’t something she’d ever considered letting anyone do to her. But watching her brother give it to her mother in the ass was becoming quite the turn on. Especially because of the wanton way her mother was demanding it.

“Fill my ass, you fucking stud,” Carla growled. “Fill my dirty ass with your cream, Daniel!”

Vera twiddled her clit furiously, scarcely believing how wet she was from watching them. If she didn’t cum on the spot, she was certainly going to be entertaining herself later on. She listened to the schlicking sounds of their anal love-fest, and she worried they might hear something similar coming from herself, as she rubbed her fingers back and forth across her engorged little clit.

But Daniel wasn’t paying much attention to his surroundings, as he came first. He emitted a cry of joy, then held still while Carla wailed in delight, telling him how good it felt to have his warm cum spurting into her ass.

Vera closed the door as quietly as she could and retreated to her bed, where she happily masturbated to orgasm, pondering what it might feel like to let her brother slide his cock into her bum. Not that she had any intention of lightly giving up her anal virginity!

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