Cream Tea with Violet

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He moved in the first week of October, his long smooth silvery car taking up its new residence in our driveway.

I hadn’t actually met him yet, so one cool afternoon I knocked on the door of his first floor apartment to introduce myself. It seems very odd to live in a three-apartment house with two other people and not know them at all, so I try to be a friendly neighbor.

The door swung open and a tall, slender, but obviously spry and muscled older man stood blinking at me. He had a kind face, a face that had lived through its years with dignity, handsomely aged. Blue eyes. Silvery-white short hair, green baseball cap.

I stared back up at him for a moment, not having expected such a man, before realizing that I ought to say something instead of standing there like an idiot.

I smiled and extended my hand, “Hi, I’m Violet- I live on the third floor. I just wanted to say hello and welcome…”

“I’m Chip. Chip Williams.” Friendly. His hand clasped mine; it felt big and comforting.

I didn’t want to leave, but I couldn’t very well stand in his doorway forever, so I said,”Well, Chip, it’s lovely to meet you- and if you ever need anything, just come on up.” We smiled again, I walked up the stairs and heard him close the door, lock it.

I didn’t think about Chip too much over the next week or so, but since I have a spy inside of me and frequently stare out my back window to the driveway below, I began watching Chip on his comings and goings.

Always a baseball cap. Tall, so sure of himself. Quiet, but with a hidden strength that made me feel like he had a submerged, radiating sexual heat- would be the most excellent kind of lover.

Shocked at my feelings for this man- his sixty-five or so to my twenty-four- I almost checked them, but decided to let them run free.

One morning I got in the shower as usual, and began to think of Chip as I slowly soaped my body. I’ve never been one to pleasure myself in the shower because until now, it has never turned me on.

But I was turned on today…

As I rinsed the soap from my C-cup breasts (each one a heaping handful), I sensuously rubbed my hands over my pale, white globes and moved them down my body, swirling water into my cavern and fondled back up to my light pink nipples- a few tiny tweaks to make them hard.

As my right hand slithered back down between my red bush to stroke my clit, I began to feel so intensely horny thinking about pushing my way into Chip’s apartment and seducing him, that I began to search eagerly in the shower for something to insert in my ass. Pleasure at both ends.

The only thing I could find was the end of my Venus razor.

I released the razor attachment, and soapily fondled the bulbous end of the instrument as well as my asshole. With one hot, deft movement the wide, rounded head was inside me and I was in heaven. All I needed now was aural accompaniment- which I provided for myself, as I didn’t see any angel choirs…

Moaning brokenly, roughly rubbing my clit and joggling the handle in my anus, I came bahis firmaları in a hard, howling crescendo after a few minutes. A breathless, sweating, swelling, panting rush of an orgasm. Leaning hard against the shower wall, my knees felt weak- I had never cum like that before.

Chip obviously does something to me, and oh how I wish he really would, but the fact of the matter is I’m going to have to be the one to do the doing.

Over the last several weeks amid the sporadic “hello’s” and “how are you’s?”, Chip has been kindly taking my trash can in for me. Whether he doesn’t actually believe I’ll do it myself, or he just honestly wants to be kind, I’m not sure. But this gives me the perfect excuse.

He and I have been the only two tenants in the house for the last month, so there’s essentially no one else to worry about.

On a weekday morning, about 10 a.m., I head downstairs to thank Chip for taking my trash can in. When he opens the door, I pull out my best Holly Golightly impression and somehow manage to charm him into not only letting me inside, but serving me tea and sitting next to him on the couch, chatting.

Chip reaches for a small carton on the coffee table, next to the sugar pot. “Do you take cream in your tea?”

“Up to the brim.”

Unblinkingly, I gaze at him as he pours the rich, white cream into my tea, the liquids mixing together deliciously.

Just being near him is making my entire body tingle. I love looking at his face, and his body. He has that boyish look and it really makes me hot. I wonder what his penis looks like, although I can truly imagine (and have been over the last few weeks), and my panties stick to me as I realize that perhaps he heard my cries of pleasure from the shower.

I cup my mug and peer at him over the rim. He stops talking and looks slightly uncomfortable.

I place the mug gingerly on his coffee table and decide it’s now or never.

Mustering everything within, and feeling my nipples press through my bra into my sweater, I quickly bridge the small gap between us and straddle his lap, facing him.

“Violet…what…are you doing?” He asks breathlessly, looking up into my face with alarm and nervousness. He grabs my arms, as if to physically keep distance between our bodies.

“Something I’ve been longing to do since the first day I saw you…” I whisper.

Even though Chip is still clutching my upper arms, I touch my hands to either side of his face and move closer to him.

Softly stroking his cheekbones, moving up to his eyebrows, and then his hair, I lean in, hands lightly holding his cheeks. I touch my lips to his and feel the fire that spreads from my passion to fuel his own. No longer gentle, the kisses are long and unbroken- hungry and wet.

He finally breaks, and as we pant, his blue eyes pierce my own green eyes and he asks haltingly, “Why? Why are you doing this? We don’t even know each other.”

I quietly kiss each of his eyelids, the tip of his nose, down the side of his face to his neck and then softly, again, kaçak iddaa his lips. “Because I’ve never met anyone I wanted more…”

Staring at me with burning intensity, his hands suddenly grab my ass and pull my body roughly towards him, closing the small space between our torsos.

Bodies mashed together, I kiss him and sensuously rub my breasts against his chest. Chip slowly unbuttons my crimson cardigan sweater and throws it on the couch before languidly pulling my lacy camisole away from my heaving breasts.

Releasing them from my bra, he immediately pulls me close; tiny flicks of his tongue on my burning neck is all I feel before he arches me backwards away from his body, supporting me with one hand on my back as the other slowly explores my left breast.

His tongue continues its wet way across my collarbone and down into the cleft of my breasts. I stretch my naked upper body back up close to him, lower his mouth to my firey nipples, cooing between excited breaths of passion.

Moving in fast whorls around my aureolas, his tongue begins to ravage my peaks in a swift suction, left then right, before staring up at me once more.

In one swift movement Chip’s arms circle my waist and he lifts me up, my legs bend around him and our molten crotches transfer heat back and forth as he wends his way into the bedroom and lays me at the edge of the bed.

“Now we must do something about those pants, naughty daughter,” he says with a twinkle in his eye.

“You can only have my pants if I can have every single part of you right now, daddy…”

He was instantly on top of me, teasing laughter trapped in our stomachs, his erection trapped in his pants, pressing into me, breathing his sweet breath into my face. “As you wish, dear one.”

And with that he sprang up again, yanked off the rest of my own clothing, and began disrobing himself. When he was nude, my breath caught in my chest as he climbed onto the bed and I finally laid my eyes on the most beautiful cock I’ve ever imagined. Medium length, thick (but not too thick), perfect peach mushroom head, downy softness, and heavy swinging balls.

“Oh Chip, I’ve been wanting to touch you for so long…” I tentatively reached out my hand midway to him and stopped.

He took my hand and guided it to his turgid penis, and I began to stroke it up and down with small sighs and long strokes, delighting in slicking up his shaft with pre-cum.

His eyes began to glaze over, and then he broke out of his reverie. “Stop,” He whispered. “I don’t want to lose it yet.”

Laying me back against the pillows, he sidled his body next to mine. Sharing breath, lips pressing against one another; the sweet, milky kisses of a fantasy.

I could feel my wetness squishing silkily between my legs and I wondered what he would do next, as he seemed to have hijacked my seduction. Not that I was complaining.

Looking down at me from where he rested on his right elbow, he rubbed his glorious cock against my bare leg; his left hand lazily traced my breasts, outlined kaçak bahis my nipples before reaching up and twirled his finger into one of my strawberry-blonde curls. “It would be a waste to cum before I got to experience that magical puss of yours.”

“And how do you know it’s magical?” I asked, raising an eyebrow, a slight smile on my lips.

“Because,” he said, smoothly running his hand between my breasts, gliding down my body and tucking his fingers into my steaming pussy. I gasped at his sudden intimate touch.

“Because it’s attached to you, and you, my sweetest darling, are a magical, naughty nymph.”

Inhaling sharply as two of his long fingers sinuously swept inside my honey hole, I panted “More like nympho…”

“I’m fine with either one,” his eyes were twinkling, the large pad of his thumb grazing my clit quickly. “So let’s have a look at my nymph’s lovely petals, shall we?”

Before I knew what was happening, Chip had scooted down the bed and opened my legs wide; I heard him gasp. “What?” I was alarmed. Maybe he didn’t like my red bush, which I had trimmed down and shaped into a heart.

“Two lovely surprises…” he breathed. “A topiary bush and the tiniest clit I’ve ever seen.” I was relieved.

I felt his face get close to my wetness, his fingers keeping my lips open, and then the wide flat of his tongue run from just underneath my love hole, quickly curling in to taste my juice, and then continuing on upwards over my clit to briefly lodge itself in the space between the hood of my clit and my labia: the top, center.

I moaned loudly and held his head as his tongue undulated in my dripping cavern. I had felt every pore, every coarse tingly nub on his tongue flick over my hot wet button.

As I lay there panting, Chip’s face was suddenly by mine again. He tilted my own face to him and kissed me tenderly. “The universe folded you into the most beautiful piece of origami I’ve ever seen,” he whispered.

Rising above me, he centered his cock over my waiting snatch and began to rub his big tip over my tiny clit, sending me into passionate agony.

Then, looking very deeply into my eyes, he swooped his cock down to my steaming, drooling hole and edged the head in very slowly and smoothly until we were balls to ass deep, and loving every sensation.

In a steady rhythm, he thrust and I received. Our bodies melted together- feeling every small nuance of passion, the fire of the universe was using us as pieces of glass, blowing, stretching us into the complete fusion of one soul.

Chip reached down and began to rub my clit for me, so we could explode together- I could tell he was close. I read it in his eyes and the shape of his eyebrows that it was time, and we both came violently, trembling, small exhalations of air mixed with heaving groans of passion.

Cascading feelings and liquids; out of my body, running down and coating every crevice of my ass before pooling on the bed underneath us.

He was still a little bit hard inside me, and melded together, we turned sideways, facing one another.

I could see some tears welling up in his eyes as he gazed at me tenderly. Cupping my face in his hands, he kissed me gently and cradled my head into his neck. “Thank you. Thank you so much…” he whispered.

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