Cowboy Wannabe Gets His

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The clubhouse at my apartment complex has a well-equipped gym as well as an outdoor pool and shower facility. Strangely, these amenities are rarely taken advantage of by the people who live in the apartments. As it is, the sign-in sheet at the clubhouse routinely lasts for three months before it has been filled up and even then few signatures except mine are to be found on it. I guess it is part of the American lifestyle to be sedentary and not exercise or be social.

Fortunately, it is here this story diverges from the norm of the American lifestyle. For one day, my normal solitude at the gym was interrupted by quite the unexpected stranger. He wore a cowboy hat, denim cut-offs, a t-shirt, and cowboy boots. Who wears cowboy boots to exercise?

We took one look at each other and expressed visible shock at the wardrobe choice of the other. I was lying on my exercise mat stretching, wearing soccer shorts and a European jersey. After initially pausing with shock, he grunted his disgust at me, removed his cowboy hat, and sat down at one of the weight machines.

We mostly ignored each other for the next half-hour while I ran on the treadmill and he made the rounds on the various strength building stations. However, our mutual exertions led to the exercise room being filled with our pheromones. And I also began sneaking peeks at his well-defined body as his t-shirt raised during his weight lifting.

It was he that broke the ice though, as I finished running and he sat toweling off his sweat.

“You look like a cock sucker with those short-shorts on,” he grunted.

I responded, “Do you have a problem with that?”

He sat quiet for a moment, and I could tell even this backwards wannabe cowboy didn’t want to be considered a bigot.

He finally responded, “That’s your businesses, I’m… I’m sorry.”

Seizing the moment I said, “Don’t worry about it. In fact, you look like a person who enjoys having his cock sucked.”

“That I do,” he laughed, not catching my pass at him.

“Well whip it out, then,” I said with an innocent smile on my face.

He sat thinking for another moment; this was obviously a man not unaccustomed to whipping it out in public after being challenged to do so. Although in the past I am sure his cock was only exposed to prove that his bragging about its length and girth were not empty statements.

Hesitation casino şirketleri over, and fear overcome, he lifted his ass up and undid his button and zipper, exposing a flaccid but long, fat dick.

“Very impressive,” I said, and he smiled with the compliment.

Content with having shown his manhood he went to refasten his pants, but I moved quickly and took the cock in my warm hand.

“What are you doing?” he asked with a child-like expression on his face.

“Proving you’re right,” I responded, “I am a cock sucker.”

His cock felt so velvety in my hand as I moved to my knees and stuck the whole flaccid member in my mouth.

At first, his body was much more rigid than his dick as he sat petrified at having another man give him head.

“Not scared are you?” I teased, looking up from his cock.

“Uh… uh, no,” he stammered.

“Does it feel good? Do you like to cum?” I asked.

“Uh sure, but you’re not supposed to be doing that,” he managed to say.

“You’re right, we shouldn’t do this here,” I said.

I knew that while the gym rarely gets visitors, the men’s shower facility never does, with most residents preferring to return to their own apartments to clean up. So I helped him up by taking him under the arms and I buttoned up his pants for him. I left shoving his cock back in his zipper to him; I didn’t want any damage to his precious tool.

I led him down the hallway, through the empty clubhouse, to the men’s room. Turning around, I saw he still looked like he was in shock, so I thought it was time to make him comfortable. I unbuttoned his pants again and lowered his zipper, watching as his fat cock fell out. Apparently my cowboy didn’t feel the need to wear anything between his dick and his denim cutoffs.

This time, in the greater privacy afforded by the shower room, I took my time. I started with his balls – they were huge – and I imagined it had been a while since they had been drained. I loved how soft they were in my mouth and I found his musk intoxicating. My mind was swirling and I felt so high.

I licked the seam in his balls and explored the underside of his testicles with my tongue. He was really moaning by that point, but the best part was still to come. I shoved his entire member in my mouth. It was still not 100% hard casino firmaları and it felt so good in my mouth. I began working my head up and down on his cock, not fearing to take every inch like I imagined the timid girls who attempted to give head to this man before had.

We got into a real rhythm then, his hips thrusting and my head bobbing. His cock had reached its maximum size and I felt it strain against the inside of my mouth. I reached behind him and grabbed his rock-hard ass checks that were even harder because of the strain of pumping his tool in and out of my mouth.

Still, I managed to force open his butt checks and stimulate and explore his asshole with my fingertips. This new exploration added to the ecstasy of the blowjob and he began breathing hard. I also began to taste his pre-cum. It was delicious – salty-sweet – and I swallowed it greedily between his strokes in and out of my mouth.

Finally, he exploded in a roar that would have been heard by anyone else who had ventured into the clubhouse. He came in giant streams in my mouth, and his jizz tasted impossibly good. I swallowed it as he thrust fully into my mouth, grabbing the back of my head with his strong hands.

When he finally released me, I gasped for air and sat back on my knees admiring his cock still covered with my salvia and beginning to drip his last bit of cum. Not wanting to waste a drop of his wonderful man juice, I enveloped his cock in my mouth again and savored the last of his seed. It was so nice to hold in my mouth, since I didn’t get to taste a majority of his climax with the end of tool being shoved down my throat past my taste buds.

The suburban cowboy panted and shivered as I finished draining his cock, then said, “Well thanks, man. I have never had anything like that before.”

“We’re not finished yet,” I replied with a devilish grin on my face.

“Really! What more could we do?” he quizzed excitedly.

At that question, I grabbed him at the hips and turned him around. His ass was beautiful, smooth and hard. I thrust my tongue up and down his crack. At first he tensed up and my tongue was almost pinched between his rock hard gluts.

“That tickles!” he whined.

Slowly though, he relaxed and I was able to explore more and more of his crack with my tongue. Soon he lost his inhibitions and bent over, offering güvenilir casino his asshole to my wandering tongue. I gleefully plunged my tongue down his sphincter and then alternated to rimming the outside.

“Wow, that feels really great!” my displaced cowboy exclaimed.

Just wait, I thought, having seduced him to bending over and fully lubricated his anus. Now it was my turn, and I stood up and dropped my shorts to the floor.

I gave his wet, puckered asshole one last look before I plunged my bulbous dickhead inside. He howled, “Wait a minute!” And I did, giving his virgin ass a little time to accept its first visitor.

“I don’t… I don’t want to do this,” he continued.

“It’s my turn,” I pointed out. “Would you rather suck my cock now that’s it been your ass?”

“… no,” he replied.

“Okay then, just take it like a man. It’ll be over soon enough,” I promised.

I eased my cock back out of his pouting anus, the whole time the sphincter muscle tightly grasping my cock. My saliva was an excellent lube and I worked my dick back into his manhole. Soon we were back to a nice rhythm as I firmly gripped his hips just to keep him from straining to get away from me.

It was beautiful to watch in the mirror of the shower room. Occasionally, he would turn his head so I could see his face and I enjoyed the panged expression of a virgin getting his cherry popped. My favorite part to watch, however, was his large horse-cock swaying with each of my strokes. His dick continued to leak sperm and the swaying motion left little strings of cum on our pants and the floor of the bathroom.

Finally, all of this stimulation got to me, and I neared my orgasm. I breathed in the heavy smell of our musk and I could taste his salty residue in my mouth. I could hear him moaning, see my dick disappearing inside his anus, and feel my cock exploring ever deeper in his ass.

I exploded with such force I though I was going to black out. My balls emptied deep in the recesses of his derriere and I stood there enjoying the rush of blood to my brain and the rush of semen out of my cock. After some time, I pulled out and looked at his now gaping asshole. It was a beautiful sight between two hard buttocks.

I stepped back and pulled up my shorts. A real workout today, I thought.

He straightened up and pulled up his own shorts. Without looking at me he asked, “You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

“Why would I do that?” I teased.

He left without saying another word and I moved to a shower stall to begin reminiscing about the recent events under a jet of hot water.

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