Covert Control

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Sex. With a high libido it was almost constantly on Katie’s mind and frequently the subject of conversation when she got together with her other girlfriends, all in their late 20’s, for their monthly dinner in a popular Italian restaurant in trendy West London.

One of the waiters there was especially hot which didn’t help as he often greeted arriving customers and she enjoyed ogling his firm arse as she walked behind him towards their reserved table.

Tonight was no different, and after conversations ranging from the challenges of office life in London to holidays and complaining about their boyfriends irritating habits, the conversation turned to sex. Three bottles of Pinot Grigio between the five of them made for a relaxed and increasingly uninhibited mood. A comparison of their boyfriend’s clit licking abilities started things off followed by a debate on the benefit and drawbacks of intimate piercings. The conversation then switched to masturbation and toys and Sophie’s latest acquisition, an insertable pink plastic toy roughly the shape and size of a large egg with a sort of “tail” to stop it getting lost, and which can be activated remotely using an App or by music or other sounds. On her smartphone Sophie showed the girls a short promotional video of the toy in action, produced by the manufacturer. Using the App it could be set to vibrate and move at different levels of intensity. The idea of slipping this into her pussy or arse made Katie wet, very wet. The other girls, Wanda and Elise, also clearly found it very interesting and jokes were made about presents for Christmas later in the year!

Getting the tube train two stops back to her local station Katie was itching to find out more about the toy but her smartphone battery was flat so she’d have to wait until she got back to the apartment. Arriving home Katie walked past the living room door to see her boyfriend Jack sprawled in front of the TV engrossed in watching football. Grabbing a decaf coffee and her tablet from the kitchen she headed for the bedroom. In no time at all with her smartphone now on charge she had found the website for the toy’s manufacturer and read a few reviews which were all very encouraging. It appeared that the toy in question is often used by girls doing webcam shows, the sort of shows she had once caught Jack watching, on a well-known webcam website. Her finger hesitated over the “BUY” button. “What the fuck,” she thought and pressed the button to start the purchase process. Entering her credit card details she quickly completed the purchase. She decided that she didn’t want Jack to know that she had brought the toy – the website stressed that goods were shipped in plain anonymous packing clearly marked “Confidential” so Katie put her office address as the delivery address with every confidence that the item would turn up at her desk at the PR firm where she worked unopened.

After showering Katie slipped under her duvet. Jack was still watching football as she lay there pondering about what she had just done. Horny from thinking about the fun she could have with this toy she slipped a hand inside her panties. She was wetter than she expected and her finger soon sought out her clit which was puffy and swollen. Katie wanked slowly feeling the love bud tissue become harder as she became even wetter. Jack would surely be coming to bed soon and the thought of his ample cock filling her up caused her to hesitate momentarily in arousing herself further, but she needed to be up early in the morning so continued to rub her clit but now more vigorously. She thought about the idea of wearing the toy in public with it concealed discretely inside her panties. The idea was amazingly erotic and she could soon feel her orgasm approaching. Suddenly a wave of sensations swept over her as she came hard, her shaven pussy lips now dripping with her juices. Her urges satisfied she showered quickly again then returned to bed. Moments later she drifted off to sleep.

Several days passed by, work was hectically busy, and Katie had largely forgotten about the toy. One morning the following week she was sitting at her desk when Alfie a young 22 year old intern fresh from university and charged with opening the post appeared by the side of her desk. “This package came for you Katie,” said Alfie. “It says it’s confidential so I thought I should bring it straight to you.” In an instant Katie recalled buying the toy online and deeply blushed. Katie was probably the most attractive girl in the office with a pretty angular shaped face and strawberry blonde hair. She had long slender legs, a pert bum, and generous natural breasts. Katie had a suspicion that Alfie fancied her as she often caught him staring at her. Taking the package from him Katie tried to hide her embarrassment. bahis firmaları She was not sure if Alfie had noticed her blush as he smiled and walked away. She reassured herself that no-one would know what was inside.

As lunchtime approached Katie thought more about the package now concealed in her desk drawer. The desk was quite old and the key to the drawer had been lost so she wondered about leaving the package there while she was out at lunch. What if someone nosed through her desk and found it and opened it. Then she remembered her fantasy about wearing it, if that’s the right word, in public. The more she thought about this the more she liked the idea. She could feel herself getting wet as she sat there and impulsively opened the desk drawer, grabbed the packaged, stuffed it into her handbag and headed for the ladies toilet. Once inside a cubicle she ripped the package open and took out the toy which was in clear plastic vacuum sealed packaging.

She studied the instructions noting that the toy needed to be charged for a minimum of 8 hours before first use. She put it along with the instructions and charging cable back in her handbag then left the office and went to lunch. Walking along the city street towards her favourite coffee shop where she was due to meet Wanda, who worked at a nearby law firm, she deposited the packaging in a waste bin.

She spent most of lunchtime complaining to Wanda about Jack, then just before they left to go back to work she told Wanda that she had brought the same toy as Sophie. “Have you used it yet,” asked Wanda. Katie explained that it had only arrived that morning at the office. “You had it delivered to your workplace!” exclaimed Wanda. “That was a bit risky!” Katie agreed that perhaps it was not the wisest thing she had ever done but thankfully nobody had opened the package or realised what was inside. Katie did not mention her fantasy about using the toy in public.

Later that afternoon Katie received a message on her phone from Jack saying that he was going out for some beers with his mates and wouldn’t be home until late. Immediately Katie realised that this would be an opportunity to try the toy out at home so when 5 O’clock came she was quickly out of the office door and on the way home. Arriving home she removed her clothes and ran herself a nice warm bath with some sensuous smelling bath oil. Soaking in the bath she read carefully through the toy’s instructions again. She then dried herself and moved to the bed. Reaching into the adjacent bedside unit she found a tube of lube normally kept for use with Jack when they had some anal action. Katie applied the lube liberally to the toy, set the mode to music, then parting her already wet and swollen pussy lips slipped the toy inside. Its girth made her feel satisfyingly full.

She then turned on some R & B on the hi-fi system. For a moment nothing happened then she felt the toy start to throb slowly and rhythmically inside her. After a few minutes Katie could feel a familiar tension building throughout her pelvic area. She had so far resisted the temptation to rub her clit but she was now soaking wet and the urge was irresistible. Katie turned the volume up and started to rub her clit in time to the pulsing of the toy. Immediately she moved to the next level of arousal and could feel that she would soon cum. Moving her fingertip to press against her arsehole she suddenly felt a wave of pleasure sweep over her with strong contractions of her pelvic muscles, with a bucking of her hips she came with an intensity she had not experienced for many months. It was sublime. Cleaning up, Katie decided there and then that she would wear the toy in her pussy the following day to work.

In the morning Katie followed her usual routine, dressing in a tight thigh length skirt she decided to wear some very minimalist panties and crotchless pantyhose she’d been given at Christmas to allow easy access to her pussy and arse. She lubed up the toy which had been on charge overnight under the bed and carefully slipped it inside her silky smooth pussy. She had set the toy mode switch to APP to avoid any noise or music during the journey to work setting off the device. Leaving the apartment at 7.45am while Jack was still asleep she walked to the station to catch the tube train to her office. Her pussy felt satisfyingly and comfortably full as she made the usual journey she made most days but this time in a state of mild arousal.

During the morning she sat through a meeting with several members of her team to discuss a new project. Alfie was also in the meeting but as an intern had little to say. Katie wondered what her colleagues, male and female, would think if they knew what was inside her tiny panties. She felt sure the men’s tongues would hang kaçak iddaa out of their mouths and the girls would think that she was a filthy slut, which sometimes by her own admission she probably was.

Finally lunchtime arrived and she walked towards the coffee shop to meet Wanda. Before she arrived however her phone buzzed. It was Wanda calling to say that she was tied up with some vitally urgent work and couldn’t meet as usual. Katie didn’t want to sit in the coffee shop alone so as it was a warm and sunny day she nipped into a convenience store to buy a sandwich and bottle of water then walked to the park.

Sitting on a park bench Katie ate her lunch and sipped water from the bottle. It was as she took her second sip that she felt a sudden vibration from the toy. For a moment Katie was taken aback, she was sure she had set the mode control to APP so why would the toy suddenly activate? She checked her smartphone. The APP wasn’t even open. She then felt another vibration and then another longer one. She looked around. The park wasn’t that busy and the nearest other people were at least 30 metres away. The vibrations were now coming in regular bursts and she was starting to enjoy them, a lot. “What the hell” she thought and decided to just enjoy this unexpected experience.

As the minutes passed by she was becoming more and more aroused. Her tiny panties were now sodden with her juices and she could again feel the familiar tension building in her pelvis…OMG she was going to cum in public. As her orgasm approached she gripped the bench ever more tightly. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure swept over her, Katie biting her lip to maintain some kind of control. Eventually the feelings subsided and Katie regained her composure. Trying to make sense of what had just happened she rifled through her handbag for the instructions. She couldn’t find them. Where the hell had they gone? Had she dropped them?

Walking back to the office Katie felt a mixture of confusion and elation. On the stairs she passed Alfie who asked with curious smile, “Nice lunch Katie?” She arrived back at her desk and pushed on with her work for the rest of the afternoon without another thought of her lunchtime experience.

The next morning Katie began her usual morning routine before she left for work. Katie had enjoyed wearing the toy the previous day. The fullness she felt in her pussy and mildly horny feeling she had all day knowing what was inside her and that non-one else had any idea what she was up to. She decided to wear the toy again but this time to try it in her arse. She lubed it up as before and very slowly eased it past her tight sphincter and into her shapely butt. It felt different to when it was in her pussy but no less enjoyable.

Lunchtime arrived. She knew Wanda was away from work that day so she headed straight to the convenience store, brought a sandwich and bottle of water, and made for the bench she had been sitting at the day before. Just like the day before she had just finished eating when there was a strong vibration from the toy which caught her breath. “OMG that feels so good,” she thought to herself. The vibrations came fast and strong stimulating the many nerve endings in and around Katie’s butt hole. She was getting very wet again. She had an urge to touch herself. Just like yesterday the closest other people were some distance away so she picked up her handbag and placed it on her lap in such a way that she could slip a hand underneath her skirt without it looking obvious. Her fingers found her wet slit and she plunged two fingers straight inside. Alternating between pushing her fingers deep inside and rubbing her clit with the toy sending powerful vibrations through her arse she soon brought herself to the brink of orgasm. Her hips bucked as she came hard all over her fingers, soaking her panties again, and leaving a large damp patch on her skirt. With no change of clothes at work she would have to make it through the afternoon as she was.

Arriving back at the office she again passed Alfie on the stairs. “Accident with your latte?” he asked pointing to the damp patch on her skirt with an even bigger smile now spread across his face. A few minutes later when she was back at her desk Katie opened an email, it was from Alfie. “I know your secret,” it read. “I have your instructions!”

“OMG,” thought Katie “So I did drop the instructions and Alfie has picked them up and put two and two together. He’s downloaded the control APP for my toy, paired his smartphone with the toy while sitting close by in the office, then he’s followed me and has been hiding in those bushes close by the bench and controlling the toy!” Katie didn’t know where to look but she caught Alfie’s eye across the office and gave him a withering look. kaçak bahis

Then came another email “If you want your instructions and the device pairing code back stay late in the office tonight. I want to see you use your toy while I wank myself off.” Katie thought about her situation. She despised Alfie for what he had done but at the same time there was something very horny about letting him properly watch her using the toy. He was quite a handsome young guy and she had previously noticed a generous bulge in his trousers suggesting he was well endowed.

“OK I guess I have little choice,” she emailed back.

By 6.30pm everyone had left the office except for Alfie and Katie. Katie knew from previous occasions of staying late that the cleaners wouldn’t be in until at least 9pm so for the next two hours they had the place to themselves. Alfie wandered over to Katie’s desk. “You’re a dirty slut,” he said “And I’ve enjoyed watching you but now I want to watch from close up.”

“Give me 5 minutes,” said Katie and headed off in the direction of the ladies bathroom. Was she really going to do this? She desperately wanted the device pairing code back so yes she’d just have to. She removed her pantyhose and panties, still damp from lunchtime, and slipped them in her handbag. Then she pulled the toy out of her arse, washed it, and walked back into the office.

She sat back down at her desk and and raised her high heeled feet onto her desk with her legs wide apart. It was Alfie’s turn to blush now as he saw Katie’s smooth shaven pussy in all its glory. “Oh Fuck,” he murmured. Katie put the toy on the desk and reached into her handbag to find the tube of lube. She applied ample lube onto the end of the toy and pressed it against her pussy lips which parted easily. The toy slipped quickly inside.

“Control it then,” she said as she looked Alfie directly in the eye. Alfie fumbled with his smartphone and the toy began to softly buzz. Alfie rubbed the front of his trousers. “Undo the zip,” she instructed him as she let her fingernail graze across her now swollen clit. He dutifully obeyed. “Now drop your trousers,” she said. Again he obeyed. Underneath his trousers Alfie was wearing a pair of grey boxer shorts. Katie could see that he did indeed have an unusually large cock which was now straining at the fabric of the boxer shorts. “Drop those too,” directed Katie again and Alfie hooked his fingers under the elasticated waistband and pulled them down. Katie smiled faintly as his cock sprung free – it was a good 8 inches in length with girth in proportion.

Alfie’s cock was uncut but the foreskin was slowly sliding back as it became more and more erect, exposing the throbbing shiny dome. Alfie moved the control on the smartphone and the buzzing of the toy intensified. Kate gasped and started rubbing her clit in a circular pattern. “Wank your cock for me you pervert,” instructed Katie. Alfie gently gripped his hard shaft with his free hand and started sliding it up and down his entire length. “Come here,” hissed Katie “and hold your hand out.”

Alfie did as he was told, moving to within a metre of Katie’s spread-eagled legs. With her free hand Katie squirted some lube onto his fingers. “Rub that into your cock head,” she said. Alfie moaned as he followed her instructions. Katie was now stuffing three fingers inside her wet pussy alongside the toy as she watched Alfie wanking. She knew she would cum soon.

Alfie fumbled with his smartphone and turning the toy onto its highest setting wanked faster. He moaned loudly. “I’m cumming,” he wailed. And with that his knees trembled and thick ribbons of creamy spunk shot out of his cock spattering onto Katie’s desk, legs, and soaking wet pussy. That was all it took to tip her over the edge. Squirting pussy juice in all directions she came harder than she could ever recall cumming before.

Recovering her composure Katie slid off the desk and pulled her skirt down. In stunned silence they cleaned themselves up. True to his promise Alfie handed over the instructions with the all-important code to pair the toy with a smartphone. Katie strutted off to the ladies bathroom again with the intention of never speaking of what had happened.

A fortnight later however she had become bored of playing with the toy herself. It still felt good in her pussy and in her arse but the novelty was wearing off. Her boyfriend Jack continued to pay her little attention so she was not entirely disappointed when an email from Alfie appeared in her inbox. “I’ve got you a present,” it said. “Now you’ll have two, one for each hole.” Katie couldn’t believe what she was reading, but there was more… “6.30pm tonight alright?” the email said.

“Bloody cheek” she thought. Pausing for a moment or two she bit her lip gently then smiled that faint smile to herself and typed “Mmmm…I guess it would be a shame not to.”

Katie spent the rest of the day glancing at the clock every 10 minutes. 6.30pm couldn’t come fast enough.

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