Country Life Ch. 05

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It was now in the beginning of August and school wasn’t far away. Mother had friends visiting almost every day. There was a nice display of female bodies of all sizes and looks at the lake where we bathed in the nude as a result of mothers fixed ideas that swim suit was a danger to the health. We had done it for many years so mothers friends were used to my presence although some of them hesitated when they saw me. I had grown and matured much during the last year and even more during the summer. Some of mother’s friends had taken on the task to introduce me to sex and develop my ability and experience.

Lena, our lovely maid, had decided that she wanted to teach both me and my sisters about sex. She was a plain looking girl in her late twenties with a magnificent body. I had come to suspect that she liked girls as much as men and that was her reason for involving my sisters in our fucking games. She really liked sex.

So all in all I had had a great summer and my body had developed immensely and so had my cock.

Mother’s friends came into two categories. The first being her old friends, who had frequently visited us since my childhood and were used to be naked at the lake. When they noticed how much I had grown most of them startled but took the chance to show off. A few hesitated to undress but when they got no support from mother they got naked but tried to cover themselves. The second group was the more recent friends. Most of them hesitated to get naked but some of them only to cover their asses. When they understood that mother was serious about no swim suits they gladly undressed and really showed off and even deliberately teased me.

I never knew whom of the women that was going to make a pass at me and invite me to fuck her. They all had their different ways to do it, from a very frank approach to something that should look like a not planned coincidence. Five of mother’s friends had invited me to fuck them and with some I had done it at more than once. But Inga, the lovely woman that introduced me, was available to me for a whole week and I fucked her several times. All the women seemed to like my ability especially the way I licked them. At least they said and acted as if they were more than satisfied.

I knew for sure that mother had chosen Inga to introduce me and had planned it together with her. I suspected that she knew that the other women seduced me but I wasn’t sure. But she seemed to know when she looked at me with her faint smile. And Lena had pointed out to me that all the women that invited me into their pussies were accommodated in the blue room, which was the bedroom in our large house that was well situated for me to sneak into and also separated from the rest of the bedrooms.

So it was not hard to understand that I watched every new woman on visit with great interest. And mother’s fixed idea about swimming in the nude gave the best of opportunities.

A woman called Clary arrived at lunch one day. She was a petite, very slim woman. But her bosom was several numbers larger than the rest of her frame. It looked real big.

Lena hadn’t showed up at the lake that day. She seldom did if the weather wasn’t great and that day it was clouded although rather warm. I was disappointed as always when she didn’t come. I couldn’t get enough of looking at her lovely body especially now when I was allowed to touch her and even to fuck her now and then.

Mother and Clary came to bathe at the usual hour. My sisters and I were waiting as we were requested to take our daily bathe together with mother.

Clary had visited mother before but not very frequent. At lunch I had understood that she lived abroad and seldom visited Sweden. I had no memory of her body but that was the case with most of mother’s friends. In previous years I hadn’t been interested enough.

Clary saw me immediately. She startled when she checked out my naked body. She stopped undressing and said something to mother in a low voice. I wasn’t close enough to hear but I guessed that she asked if mother really meant that she should get naked with me around. She no doubt thought that I was far too grown up for skinny-dipping together with the women.

Mother us usual didn’t want to understand the hesitation. She said that we always swam in the nude. It was dangerous for the health to wear clothes for swimming and mother couldn’t take the responsibility if Clary got sick. So Clary had better undress and come with her into the water.

Mother was very persuasive when she held a speech like that. Most women gave up and got naked. Clary was no exception to that. But she was very hesitant and it took a long time for her to get out of her clothes. But it made it more interesting to watch.

Her skirt and shirt was not a big problem for her. But she realized that after that she had to reveal part of her charms and she had to decide if it should be her fabulous breasts or her pussy. But she was temporarily saved by her stockings. It took time to slowly and gracefully unfasten them from the garter belt bahis firmaları and roll them down and fold them neatly. But eventually she had to choose between her panties and her supportive slip. She chose the panties because the slip covered her pussy although just barely.

She wriggled down her panties, very cautious to have the slip cover her pussy and ass all the time. She stood motionless for a while then sighed heavily. She took a deep breath and rapidly lifted the slip above her head and dropped it on the bench. She covered her pussy with one hand and held an arm over her breasts as soon as the slip was put away. But we had seen her charms, although briefly.

But she seemed to have forgotten something. She still had the garter belt on. Now, her type of garter belt needed two hands to unfasten. She hesitated, not knowing what to do. Then she sighed again and unfastened the garter belt. But now she had given up although she turned around and showed us her back side with her nice firm bottom. She took the garter belt off without haste.

I had heard my sisters giggle behind my back. But when the slip was lifted revealing first the pussy then the breasts they got quiet.

“Look at her pussy hair,” Eva my eldest sister gasped.

“Yes, and what breasts,” Ylva my younger sister panted.

And they were indeed something to look at. Her pussy was covered by a thick mass of curly black hair that totally covered her pubic mons. Her breast were even more impressive naked than I had believed when I first saw her at lunch. Big, very big, but yet round and firm and with long, taut nipples. I guess that her small frame got them to look even bigger. She was very slim and had narrow hips. Except for her breasts and round as cheeks she didn’t have much of a female figure. But she looked great.

Clary stood turned away but had to go down into the water. She turned and walked solemnly with one hand covering her pussy. Her arm was not, as I supposed it should, covering her breasts. Instead she held it under her breasts supportingly; lifting them and making them look great.

Mother called from the water urging us to come to swim.

“Hey, little brother, did she turn you on?” Eva giggled behind me. And she was right. My cock was definitely swollen.

Clary ignored us in the water. She took a quick swim then hurried back ashore and was dressed in her slip before we got up. But when she sat down I noticed that she hadn’t put her panties on. When she raised her legs with closed knees her pussy slit showed underneath. It looked nice.

Soon Clary and mother left. My sisters discussed Clary’s body and teased me for being turned on. Eventually we had to go to the house to get ready for dinner.

Clary was polite at dinner but nothing more. She talked to me as well as to my sisters but of course mostly with my parents. I wasn’t expecting her to give me an invitation.

On the way to my room I met Lena.

“Anders, do you know that Mrs Clary is accommodated in the blue room?” she giggled when she passed me.

I wondered if this was the exception that certifies the rule. There could be women accommodated in the blue room that had no intention to fuck me.

I got ready and went to bed. Under the pillow I found a note.

‘You are herewith invited to the blue room,’ was the simple text.

I hesitated. Was that a practical joke from Lena or my sisters or was it for real? I thought about it for a while. Well if it wasn’t a joke I should miss something if I didn’t go. If it on the other hand was a joke I could always explain by showing the note. I decided I had nothing to lose. I went to the blue room.

The door was closed and I knocked lightly. First there was no answer and I knocked again. The door immediately opened and Clary stood there fully dressed.

“Yes?” she asked looking inquiringly at me. “Oh, it’s you Anders. Come on in and tell me what you want.”

I went inside not knowing what to say. She had taken me with complete surprise.

“I was just going to bed. Sit on the couch and tell me what you want while I get ready,” Clary said before I had had the time to open my mouth.

I sat down and Clary stepped out of her skirt. She went on to unbutton her blouse and took it off. She stood before me hands on hips.

“Well, tell me why you came,” she said while she unsnapped her stockings from the garter belt.

“Well, uh, I found this note under my pillow,” I stammered and gave her the note.

“And you thought that I wrote it and put it in your bed?” She said with raised eyebrows. “And what did you think you should do here at this hour?” She continued without waiting for my answer.

She wriggled out of her panties and put a foot up on the couch and started to roll down her stocking.

“Uh, well, I don’t know,” I said.

“Of course you didn’t know but what did you think?” She pressed on, putting her other foot on the couch and started to roll down that stocking. Suddenly I was looking at her open pussy with puffy lips.

“Uh, well, kaçak iddaa I thought may be it was kind of a practical joke,” I said.

“I never do practical jokes,” she snapped and stood back and lifted the hem of her slip over her head. Her luxurious bush and imposing breasts were in full display.

“Well, I will tell you what it meant. I invited you here because I want to fuck. And I don’t think that I am mistaken when I say that I turned you on at the lake. If you don’t want to fuck me you are free to go.”

While she talked she stood proudly in front of me with her thumbs in the garter belt. When she finished talking she unsnapped the garter belt and let it drop. She was gorgeous with the big black bush at my eye level and her big globs above.

“Yes, yes I want to fuck you very much. You look so gorgeous,” I was able to say without to stammer.

“Well then, what are you waiting for?” She said and smiled broadly. “Please undress and show me that nice fat cock of yours.”

Undressing was quickly done. And she was in a hurry and helped me. I had a bathrobe which she unfastened and pushed from my shoulders. Underneath I had pajamas which she pulled off me. She pushed me back down on the couch and straddled me. My cock poked her in her ass.

“Plenty of time for fucking,” she said. “But first I want to have my breasts fondled.”

Clary sat in my lap with her breasts easily accessible. I started to work on these big mammas with my hands and mouth. They were as lovely to the touch as well as for the eye. Big, round and firm with long taut nipples and dark brown areolas. She moaned immediately when I sucked on her nipple. I remembered some of the women I had had where there seemed to be a connection between the breast and the pussy. Clary obviously belonged to them.

I sucked the nipples in turns and fondled and squeezed the other breast simultaneously. She moaned higher and higher and I could feel her pussy getting wet against my thigh. She helped me by cupping the breast I was sucking and pushing the nipple forward. Her moans got deep and she panted heavily. Suddenly she tensed and put both my hands over her breasts and wanted me to squeeze them hard. Her body shuddered when she came.

Clary sat back with closed eyes. After a while I got aware of that she watched me through partly closed eyes. A smile spread over her face when she saw that I had noticed.

“That was nice. I like getting my breasts fondled. They are so sensitive. Do you like them?”

“Oh yes, that’s the most impressive pair I have ever seen,” I said honestly.

“Oh, thank you. Yes, I think they are exceptional. Will you do me again?”

She didn’t wait for an answer. She pulled me up from the couch and pushed me down on the bed. She knelt over my thighs and started to stroke her breasts over my body. Every so often she put a nipple in my mouth for me to suck on. I squeezed the other breast.

I busied myself in between by caressing her enormous black pussy fur of thick, curly hair. It felt like our thick oriental silk carpet to stroke. My fingers got entangled and I pulled her pussy hair so the flesh of her mons rocked.

It happened together with my sucking her nipple. Clary grunted deeply and sat down grinding her pussy against my leg just above the knee. I sucked her nipple and pulled her pussy hair firm but gentle and she grinded her pussy against my leg. She came, again grunting and shuddering. Her juice spread over my leg.

“Yes, they were right. This boy knows how to please a women,” I heard her muse.

“Anders, my boy. That felt good. But now I want to fill my pussy with your cock,” she said louder.

Clary stretched over me to her bedside table and got something. Moments later I understood that it was a rubber and she put it on my cock still sitting on my knees with my cock in front of her.

Clary rose a little and moved forward. She grabbed my cock and stroked through her slit a couple of times and then swiftly impaled herself. It wasn’t only her hips that were narrow but also her pussy. But she was very wet and could push herself down without problems.

I had a lovely sight before me. Clary, the petite woman sitting upright on my cock and her black fur spreading over her lover belly. Above were her big breasts that bounced whenever she moved. I grabbed them when she started to fuck with long strokes up and down. Her narrow pussy engulfed my cock tightly and she knew how to use her muscles.

She quickly got me to the brink of orgasm. She noticed and a big grin spread over her face when she sat down.

“Oh no. I am not letting you come that easily, my boy. I want more.” She calmed me down before she started rocking again. She brought me to the brink and again stopped, grinning at me. I felt her pussy pulse and I guessed that she got a small orgasm every time. I don’t know how many times she did it. It was pure torture every time she stopped and heavenly when she started again. In the end I begged for mercy. She looked down at me and smiled sweetly.

“Oh. You kaçak bahis think you have deserved your release, my boy. Well may be you have. Ready for this?” She laughed a deep, loud laugh.

She slowly started to rock and did things with her narrow pussy and inner muscles that I cannot describe. But the result was very pleasurable and I came very quickly. When I did Clary rocked rapidly a few times and came herself grunting deeply.

Clary slumped forward, resting her breasts on my chest. She had a content grin on her face.

“Well Anders my boy. You did well for yourself. I liked it very much. Do you want to fuck me again?” She said when she had recovered and were sitting up on my cock.

“Yes, yes please. I would like to very much,” I said.

“Well, you will. But there are a few rules you have to follow. Will you do that?” She asked.

“Uh, well, I guess so,” I answered a bit hesitantly, not really knowing what she meant.

“Good. Here are the rules. You have to obey me during my stay and fulfill all my wishes without asking. You must call me Mistress when we are alone. Agree?” She said sternly.

“Uh, well, yes I do, Mistress,” I said.

“Good, you learn fast. Now I think it’s time to sleep. But I want you here at six in the morning. Understood?” She said.

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered. I had got completely limp under the conversation. I don’t think she had imagined that I could have fucked her once more that night.

I left her. For the first time my woman wasn’t interested to take care of my rubber. I had to do it myself. But I slept well.

At six o’clock sharp I knocked at her door. Clary answered and told me to enter.

“Good morning, Anders,” she greeted me.

“Good morning, Mistress,” I said. I thought I saw a faint smile on her stern face.

“All right, come and lick my pussy. They say you are good at it,” she ordered.

She lay in bed and threw away her bedclothes. She was naked and ready. Her big fur was brushed to great fluffiness. I approached her and started to fondle her the way I had learnt from the top down. I kissed her breast.

“Do as you are told,” she snapped. “I said, ‘lick my pussy,’ didn’t I?”

“Yes Mistress,” I said and did as I was told.

I put my tongue at the top of her slit and she immediately parted her thighs. She obviously liked this game because her pussy was wet already and her outer lips puffy. She startled when I licked over her clit.

I worked hard licking and sucking her pussy. She panted hard and grunted a few times and then her body shuddered. I had by now learnt that that was her way to react when she got an orgasm.

I gave her a last good licking all over her pussy and a hard flicker over her protruding clit then stood by her bed waiting obediently. She had grunted deep when I flicked her clit. I guessed that she wasn’t prepared to be treated a little rough in the end.

“Good boy. Now kiss and fondle my breasts,” Clary commanded after a while.

Well I knew that her breasts were very sensitive and her proud. She would come if I did it right. I grabbed both her breasts and kissed all over them before I put a nipple in my mouth. I sucked hard and decided to try to treat her roughly. So I bit her nipple rather hard and felt how her belly heaved. I switched to suck on the other nipple and bit it as well. Her belly heaved again and she grunted. I kept on sucking and biting her nipples in turns. I bit her hard and rocked her breasts by moving my head. I thought that she would tell when I got too rough on her. Instead she grunted deeply and her belly heaved constantly.

Suddenly she pushed me away and cried out. Her bottom made circular motions and bounced up and down. I saw her pussy open and close as if sucking. She tensed and shuddered. She had got a mighty orgasm I thought.

Clary took her time to recover and when she did she smiled nicely at me and looked very content. Until suddenly when she remembered her harsh attitude. Her smile went away.

“Good boy. You did well. Now put on a rubber and enter me,” Clary said sternly but deep in her green eyes I saw lust.

Rubbers were available on the table. These women really came well equipped. I put a rubber on and climbed on board.

Clary met me with raised legs and parted thighs. I helped myself to find her pussy entrance but couldn’t resist caress her a few times first with my cock. I saw that she liked it but all the same she corrected me by slapping my ass. So I pushed my cock hard inside her wet pussy.

She grunted when I bottomed out in her with my fourth or fifth hard thrust. Again I felt the lovely tightness in her pussy and started to fuck her with my long steady strokes. I put in more force than normal which caused me to hit her inner back now and then. She grunted every time but I thought it gave her pleasure. Otherwise I was certain she would correct me.

She started to pant and her bottom bounced up and down in rhythm with my thrusts. Suddenly she grunted deeply which I had learnt was her sign that she was coming. She put her legs around my thighs to keep me deep inside her. She raised her bottom and thrust back at me with short rapid jabs. I felt her belly heave. She cried out and shuddered.

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