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I was surprised when the offer came to manage the new clinic down the valley. I liked the idea, I had managed the wellness clinic for an HMO for years. Then came some shuffles and moves, a marriage, a tragedy? Circumstance, like happens in life?

Back to being a single coming up on middle aged woman, living alone in a house that is too big, and working as just a Doctor on staff at the clinic.

Full circle, the rather efficient Nurse that used to work under me was now my boss. Unfortunately for me, she seemed quite happy with the position which I knew would be instantly mine should she move on.

There was no sign at all that she had any intentions of doing that. So, I took the offer.

How did I end up in this situation?

My husband Tom had bought that huge ranch, I knew he would be happy there but the truth is that I was miserable.

I just did not fit the lifestyle, I was used to living in the city. I had no choice for me, I left. Tom finally understood, when we moved back to just outside the city I was happy again, although my management job was gone.

I am probably a lousy Doctor, I don’t like blood and I don’t enjoy dealing with sick people. I see the things that people do to themselves over and over, it sometimes makes me so sad I sit alone and cry for them.

Looking at them on charts, a piece of paper? I can deal with that. I make the decisions that way of which specialist can perhaps help them.

Then my man, my husband Tom was lost in that crazy accident. It took a long time for me to finally accept that the rest of my life would be completely different now no matter what happened.

One day came that offer. A large increase in pay, a huge increase in responsibility, nearly 250 people on staff to keep track of? That was far more than the total of six I had to deal with at the HMO clinic. Why was I chosen? I really have no idea at all, other than one man, also a Doctor, but also a client, he knew me. He happened to be a major investor in the new development. He was the one that put my name on the list.

The bad part was the trip from out East of the city, across town, down the freeway nearly 90 miles, then back each day. Some days it was just a parking lot out there, I figured out all the shortcuts and that helped but still I found myself rolling in to my office garage some days as much as an hour behind. I began to leave for work earlier, then even earlier.

I knew I had to move, there was just no way out of it. It was either that or quit and do something else, and I loved the new position.

I put my house up for sale, expecting it to be a large problem the way things were going.

It wasn’t. Not only was it not a problem but the broker ended up with two families from California bidding against each other, we ended up getting quite a bit more than the initial asking price which floored me.

The third floor Condo I bought was very nice, and just two miles from my office. Mine faced the small river nearby on one side from a large balcony. The bad part was one side of the living room faced the other building.

It did appear a little bit odd to me, the walkway between the two big buildings was only about 8 feet wide, it went into an inner garden section that was a common area in the center of the complex, well maintained. So I had a nice view at the front and rear, of course the other building was right there off one side of my living room.

There was also security, it required a key card for entry to any point, once at the outer section from the garages, then again to get into the building. I soon realized that several of the units remained unsold, so it was a plus that the area was quiet, most of the other people I saw were older couples.

With no lawns to mow or brush to trim, I had time freed up, plus the very long drive each day that had been exhausting was over.

I settled in quite nicely.

It was perhaps a month, I glanced out the big side by side four foot windows that faced the next building over, and saw some motion. A man walked past, he looked to be about 40 or so, tall and in good shape from what I could see.

I saw him several times, moving things around, it was obvious the unit over there had sold. I closed the drapes, to allow him privacy, then went on in to my office.

The next day I looked out and saw his drapes were closed, so I opened mine to let the Sun in on some plants. It was dark when I got home that night, I went into my kitchen and made a nice dinner, then sat in the living room to watch TV.

I glanced over and the drape across the way was about six inches up. The light was on in there, I thought nothing at all about it until I saw the man walk by.

He was naked, I could see him from the middle of his belly to his knees. His penis looked to be quite large, jutting out a good seven inches or so, it appeared to be partially erect. It was obvious that he was circumcised, I saw that clearly as it swing back and forth as he went by the window.

I sat casino siteleri there startled as he passed out of sight, then I got up and closed my own drapes. That had to be just an accident, with his own curtains pulled down that far he could not see me of course.

I sat and watched the TV, not really seeing or hearing what was on. That vision of the man like that kept popping into my head. I felt the familiar tingling in my own loins at the thought, so I got up and went into the bathroom.

I relieved myself, almost ashamed at the thoughts in my head as I did so. It had been several months since I had been with anyone. The affair I had had with a man named Carlton had ended of it’s own accord. That had been fun but we both knew it really was not going anywhere. Carlton had called less and less until finally he just didn’t call at all. The real truth there is that I missed the sex, but I did not miss Carlton if that makes sense.

Then I went back into the living room. I sat there thinking, got up and turned out the lights and the TV.

Shamefully, I slid the curtain up and peeked out over the windowsill.

The man was still there, still nude, but now he was sitting across the room in a chair. I couldn’t see all of his face, but it was clear that he was watching something on the TV, I could see the flicker of light. He looked to be very muscular, a body like that is only gained from heavy exercise.

He was also fully erect, and masturbating!

I watched for a few moments, I could tell he was close to climax as I saw his upper body tense, then long shots of semen poured out and over his hand. He reached for a towel, wiped himself off, then leaned back and relaxed. I could see his face when he reclined the chair, his eyes were closed, he appeared content.

I let the drape fall, went to bed. I slept fitfully that night, and I woke several times with a dream of what I had seen clear in my mind.

I felt badly in a way, I didn’t think I had any voyeur tendencies, but the vision had been illicit, exciting. Seeing the man in his most private moments, that was something I had never experienced before.

The next evening when I got home I peeked out without turning on the lights, he was there again, naked. The curtains were still partially up, perhaps even a bit more than before. I noticed a different light was on, before it had been something from the other side of the room that cast shadows, this time the light was closer to the windows, there were no shadows.

I peeked once again as the man stroked and manipulated his penis, it actually grew to be quite large and swollen, seemingly even more than the night before. My right hand went to my own private place, it only took a few touches before my own orgasm crashed over me.

Once again I felt ashamed of doing that, peeking out at him. The rest of the night I left the drapes closed tightly, managing to control myself.

There was over a week of that, it happened over and over. The man did not appear to ever wear any clothing at all when he was home, he was naked every time I saw him. Sometimes he was in a relaxed state, sometimes partially erect. Several nights I saw him as he climaxed.

It began to become a ritual, something I looked forward to. I found myself hurrying home from work to watch.

When Saturday evening came a couple of weeks later, I was in quite a state. I was in the mood to be laid, just plain fucked senseless by some faceless penis. That is blunt, I know, but it was a fact. Yet that is a rare thing for me, to ever engage in risky sexuality. I have though, sometimes things pile up and I want a man to hold me, love me even if it is pretend?

I showered and dressed nice, wearing a new outfit I had bought. It had a patterned blouse that really was quite sheer, in background light my breasts looked almost bare, in normal light it looked to be mildly conservative. I left it open at the throat to the tops of my breasts. It showed enough skin to attract notice without being slutty. The shirt was short and snug, hugging the flare of my hips. With medium heels, the arch of my calves showed off the strong muscles.

I first put on a bra, looked at myself. Then I took it off, put it back on again.

Finally I just left it off, my breasts sag some of course but not badly, plus I have managed to stay trim and snug from riding my bike so much. I looked carefully at the woman I saw in the mirror. Long gone was the 15 pounds extra I had battled for years, the tricks that I had learned with makeup and hair, decent clothing blessed the better parts of my image, and hid the flaws.

My body looked at least to me like that of a woman much younger, my 36 “C” cup breasts and 26 inch waist matched perfectly in my own mind. My legs were solid from hours of biking, something I kept up after the move at a nearby park with several miles of bike paths.

Spectacular? No, and I knew I never would be that, but attractive I felt sure of. Men sometimes looked at me now in güvenilir casino a way I had never known in my younger years.

I even slipped on a frilly white thong, normally I wear simple panties but I was in one of those moods. We women are not supposed to say it, we aren’t supposed to ever let it show, but I was horny, plain and simple.

Touching myself helped, but it just was not the same. Somewhere out there was a man, I was past the point of needing romance first.

“Cougar!” I told myself in my mind, then I laughed.

I took my Impala, and drove all the way up to Portland, to the little neighborhood bar where my friend Pam works. Of course I could have gone anywhere but the familiar surroundings would be helpful.

“Damn, girl! Are you trolling or what? You look great!” Pam gushed, the instant I walked in.

I laughed and blushed slightly, I guess I did look like one of those Cougars I hear about. Pam of course always looks like she is on the prowl, I have come to understand that it is part of her job. Pam is very good at offering her male customers accidental peeks, the shorts she often wears could be paint.

She told me once that sometimes her tips are enormous, and I learned to tell when she was out to make some extra cash, because one heck of a lot of Pam would be on display.

She slid me a glass of juice, sticking a straw in it to make it look like it was a drink of some kind. I almost never drink alcohol.

“So what’s been going on, do you like the new job?” She asked me.

I explained about that, and described my new Condo. Then I told her about the man I had been watching.

Pam snickered, jokingly said something about coming down to see me for a visit, her grin huge.

“So what are you doing all the way back up here?” She asked.

“I just wanted to be where I knew someone.” I told her.

“Need to hook up, honey?” She grinned at me some more.

Pam never was one for pulling any punches much, part of what I liked about her.

I guess I blushed but I also nodded. Pam just grinned, then she leaned in close.

“See that guy on the end, the one in the leather jacket?”

I looked, a man sat there with both hands wrapped around his drink, he seemed to be deep in thought. He did look nice though.

“Yea, what’s the deal with him?”

“Beats me, he has been coming in the last few nights. He buys one drink, sits for an hour or two, then he leaves. Never hits on anybody. Just your type!”

“Probably gay.” I muttered.

“Don’t think so, hell, worth a shot.” She stepped away to serve some drinks to a couple that walked in.

I looked the man’s direction a few times, thinking I might just give him a big smile but all he did was stare at his glass. Another man came up to me and tried to strike up a conversation but he was obviously drunk and I was in no mood for any of that.

Several times I made the attempt to catch the other man’s eye, I failed miserably. Here I was dressed to the nine’s, and he didn’t even notice me. I hate that.

I drove back home in a depressed mood, I really was not sure what I had been thinking. I even peeked out at the place next door but the lights were out.

The next few days I did my best to stay busy to keep my mind off what had been going on in the apartment across the walkway. It was terrible to be peeking at someone in their private moments, there had to be something wrong with me. I managed to not do that at all over the next few days.

Then Sunday came and I saw the Sun was out. It was actually fairly warm, so I went down to the garden area. I sat at one of the tables, reading a romance novel, letting the sunlight strike me.

“Hello!” a strong male voice came from right behind me, I almost jumped out of my skin.

I turned, it was him.

“Oh, hello. Nice day out, isn’t it?”

“Yes. I looked out and saw you, I thought I would come down and introduce myself, I’m Nathan.”

“Sally.” He held out his hand, I shook it, noticing his grip was strong, his hands rough from some kind of work. He had a book in his other hand.

“Mind if I sit here?” He waved the hand with the book towards the other seat.

“Sure, that is fine.” I realized I was having troubles meeting his gaze, but a waft of pleasure at being noticed swept over me.

“You live right across from me, don’t you?” he asked, sitting down.

“Yes, I guess so.”

“I thought so, I caught a glimpse of you the day I first moved in.” He smiled a lazy smile. I suddenly felt like I wanted to run.

“I got careless, you saw me didn’t you?” I realized his eyes were blue.

“Yes, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to.” I was now blushing furiously.

“It’s OK. I didn’t mind, in fact, it was exciting.” He grinned again.

“I really didn’t mean anything, I am sorry.” I jumped up, now totally embarrassed. It was bad enough that I had been deliberately peeping at him but now I knew that he knew I was.

I made it back to my Condo canlı casino and got safely inside, I was trembling. I left the curtains tightly shut, the next day I went to work normally.

That night I had barely gotten home when the intercom buzzed. It was the front gate, they had a delivery for me.

“Be right down.” I told them. They handed me one of the prettiest bouquets I had ever seen in my life. I carried it back, set it down and picked up the tiny sealed note. All it said on the outside was my name.

“My apologies if I upset you, but I really don’t mind that such a lovely lady sees me.” It was signed, “Nathan.”

I grinned to myself, this man was certainly forward. I looked at the huge double windows, on impulse I walked over and looked out. The window was dark, no one was home, but the curtains were fully open.

I laughed at that, went in and took a shower, then made dinner. Later, I walked into my living room. On impulse, I looked out. The light was on but Nathan was not in sight. I pulled the cord, lifted my curtains all the way.

It was over a half hour before I saw him walk in, he was fully dressed. He looked out the window at me sitting there in my chair, then he lifted one hand and waved.

I waved back. He just stood there smiling. That was almost as strange as when he was walking back and forth or sitting in the chair naked.

I stood up, went over to the windows, planning to let the curtains fall. I glanced up at him, he was still standing there with a smile on his face. I felt myself flush, then my hands went to the front of my blouse with a mind of their own. I tripped a button, then another. I saw his hands come up to his shirt, he did the same. Good lord, what was I doing?

Finally at just the last button, I hesitated. He undid his last one, slipped his shirt off and let it fall. I tripped the last button, let my own blouse fall to the floor. I had on a thin and frilly bra I had bought. We stood there looking at each other, not a dozen feet apart across the narrow pathway. Since our units were on the upper floors, no one could see either of us. My breath quickened, began to come in short little gasps.

His hands went down to his belt, I wasn’t wearing one. Instead, I undid the metal clip at my waist. I let my slacks fall to the floor, stepped out of them just as he stepped out of his.

I was wearing a matching pair of panties, he had nothing at all underneath. Nathan stood there with that same silly smile, completely naked, his penis already jutting straight out. He clasped his hands behind his neck, thrust his pelvis forward obscenely. His body was trim and muscular, hairless.

It was like something I saw just one time, when I was with a group of girls and we all ended up at a night club with male strippers. They had been so blatant, I had tried to not look but found myself unable not to.

I reached back and tripped my bra clasp, let it slide forward. Nathan had his erection in his hand by now, holding it outward in my direction. My breasts came bare, I reached down and lifted them, displaying them for him. He smiled and gave me a thumbs up with his free hand. My nipples crinkled up, I felt a flush of heat pour through my body, I knew I was out of any kind of control.

My loins had already flooded with moisture, I could feel the dampness between my legs.

“My God, what am I doing?” I thought, as my hands pressed the pantie down and off my hips. I stood there naked before him, Nathan took a step forward. He couldn’t come any closer, he was already almost against the window. His penis was completely erect, pointing almost straight up. My hands dropped down, stroked my moist lips. I used my fingers to spread my lips, realizing he could only see my pubic hair that had long since grown back in if I did not. I even had to lift slightly up on my tiptoes to make sure since the lower portion of the windowsill was level with my groin.

“This is crazy!” I thought, just as my first orgasm wafted over me. I felt my legs wanting to buckle but I managed to stay standing, then I saw the jets burst forth from his cock, that set me off again and another powerful wave flooded me.

Nathan grinned and walked away out of sight, leaving me standing there with both hands pressed tightly between my legs. I waited, he didn’t come back. My knees trembled from what I had just done.

Finally I turned and went in and took another shower. Nathan was sitting in his chair, still naked when I returned. I finished off drying myself, tossed the towel into one of the other chairs and sat down myself.

It was like we were a couple, just sitting around the living room with no clothes on. But Nathan was in his home and I was in mine. We sat like that the rest of the evening, finally it was time for bed so I stood up. I grinned and waved at him, then went in to bed.

I left the living room lights on.

The same thing happened the next night, and the night after that. I now undressed the moment I got home, Nathan did the same, normally arriving a half hour after I did.

Weekend came again, another Sunny day. I went down to the garden, half expecting Nathan to show up. I was not disappointed.

“Hello.” He said.

“Hi.” I answered, thinking I sounded a little meek.

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