Cool Summer Shower

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I sat for the day, my back against the sand, the summer sun warming my skin. Occasionally I would swim in the cool water, floating on the surface and watching the clouds or doing tipple-tails and handstands in the shallow sandy depths. There was nothing interesting to see down there, a fake beach with sand brought from another place. But it was fun to play and hot enough that the sea seemed cool and refreshing. After swimming I would climb out again and lie back on the sand, the water from my suit dripping back into the grains beneath me.

I lay in the sand watching the day turn into night, the clouds and blue sky turn into the pin cushion of night. The stars were much more visible out here. Thousands compared to the one or two I could see from my city home.

The beach had been full when I arrived, but now as I walked to the showers I noticed there were only a few couples left wandering under the stars.

I paid my money to the girl at the main entrance and went into the ladies shower room. As the country’s custom decreed I left my towel in the cubbies near the exit and went into the shower room with just my shampoo and shower gel. I was alone. The shower room was really just four walls lined with shower heads, and a door. The floor was tiled but the only light was the bright moon and the twinkling stars above me.

The cool summer evening breeze drifted over the wall. I pushed the button and stood under the cold rushing water, letting it wash away the salt and soothe my sunburn. In this country, quite opposite to my own, it was normal to strip in the showers in swimming pools and gyms, anywhere really where the sexes were separated. I always felt uncomfortable but I was trying to accustom myself to the feeling of being naked in front of others. This situation was perfect for me, I had the discomfort of being in a large open shower room but without the staring eyes, or the eyes I imagined to be staring.

After standing under the shower for a few minutes I took a deep breath and started to remove my costume. The bottoms were easy of course, but the top, a tankini was a little more trying. It was never easy, even when dry, but when wet it was quite a challenge. I unhooked the fastening and then rolled the wet, salty material down over my large breasts. My nipples were standing to attention in the cold water. I pulled the under-wires down over my hips and dropped the costume to the floor. I picked up the bottoms and top and rinsed them with my shampoo, squeezing out most of the water and stuffing them behind the shower pipe. Then I squeezed out some shower lotion and started to bathe. I was more aware now of my body than I had been all day.

The cold water rinsed the sand and salt and I moved my hands slowly over my skin the shower lotion causing them to slide easily into every crevice. I lifted one breast then the other, moving my hands slowly over my nipples. I hesitated then, feeling the familiar thrumming between my legs. After looking around and reassuring myself that there was nobody there I moved my thumb again, slowly over my nipple. I turned and watched my nipple harden again under the cold stream of water.

Bending over I rinsed the sand from between my toes, sliding my hands up my smooth legs, I had shaved that morning and they were still silky. I enjoyed the softness, running my hands up over my thighs and back over my bottom.

I leant back against the wall, feeling pendik escort as the cold water rushed over my front and down to the ground, I felt my way slowly back up my leg. My hand slipped and slid easily in the wetness and I stepped apart slightly to welcome it inside. The heat inside me was so opposite to the cold outside, I gasped as I ran my finger over my clit.

I rubbed slowly, bent over, hiding what I was doing from no one but myself. My other hand reached up and pinched my nipple, it hardened under my touch, I pinched harder. I was struggling to stay upright, the heat travelling down my thighs making my legs want to bend. I heard a door slam.

Standing up quickly I looked around again, there was no one there. Feeling conspicuous and naughty I turned back around, picked up my shampoo and started to wash my hair.

I lathered up my hair and turned again, leaning back into the flow of water, my eyes closed as the bubbles washed over my face.

I felt a warm hand on my hip.

I stopped breathing.

The hand moved slowly, from my hip up my body, crossing my stomach and moving over my breast. It stopped to cover my nipple. Then slowly it moved, cupping the cold water under my nipple and moving a thumb maybe, over my nipple. My body reacted quickly, my nipple rose harder than before I could feel the other nipple hardening just at the thought of what was happening. I felt exposed, caught, trapped, naughty, and terribly excited.

Not able to keep up the facade of washing my, now thoroughly rinsed, hair I brought my body back to it’s upright position and dared myself to open my eyes.

She was standing directly in front of me. A little taller than me, her brown hair cascaded over her little breasts, her dark brown eyes looking down, watching my nipple harden under my fingers.

She was naked and her cool suntanned skin showed only a light shadow of where her bikini should have been. I raised my face slightly and she smiled at me. Looking right into my eyes she dipped her head and took my rock hard nipple into her mouth. She lifted my breast to meet her with one hand, the other still squeezing my other nipple. She sucked on my nipple, grazing it occasionally with her teeth, all the while looking right into my eyes. After a minute or so I felt her other hand moving.

I had no idea what to do; this was my first time being so close to another naked woman. I was only just getting used to the idea of me being naked, let alone being naked this close to someone else. Of course I had thought about having sex with a woman. I was curious, I had fantasised; this was way better! Her hand travelled slowly down my body, sometimes her nails tickled my skin, other times it was just the smooth touch of her fingers. My whole body was on fire, the feel of her and the ice of the water. Knowing anyone could walk in on us at any time.

Her fingers were waiting, sitting just at the edge of my lips, they slowly traced the outline. I desperately wanted her to dive in, but she just waited, circling. She sucked on my nipple, she squeezed it with her fingers, she waited.

I looked at her, tracing her body with my eyes, down from her big brown eyes, over her small pert breasts, nipples hard in the cold water, down over her stomach, down to the brown hair waiting below. Her legs were open, there was a space there, space for me, should I like to fill it. tuzla escort I took a deep breath and crouched down. The water gushed over my head and made me gasp until I came out of the flow and into the hair before me. She shaved a little, just keeping it tidy. I ran the tips of my fingers gently around the edges of her protruding lips and looked up into her face. She had her hands on her breasts, her head back. I separated the lips gently and slid a finger inside.

It was warm in there, her clit was hard and round under my thumb, she gasped each time I moved over it. I moved around slowly making long arcs from her clit, following the line of her inner lips to the waiting hot red hole and back up. Each time I could feel her getting hotter, wetter.

Then, leaning forward, I pushed her lips back and latched my own onto her clit. Licking and sucking I worked my way in slow circles around it. I moved my fingers back and pushed them, two at once into the waiting hole. She made a sighing sound. I kept licking, sucking and pushing for a while, getting her worked up, making her louder.

I turned her around, pushing her back onto the wall and spreading her legs further. My left hand moved around behind her leg. My tongue worked on her clit, dipping down to her wetness every now and again. Meanwhile my index finger stroked slowly down from the middle of her back, down over the crack, down to the tight hole of her ass. I pushed my finger around the hole, warming it up for my entry. I was really enjoying the feel of another woman beneath me, the smell of her, the taste of her, the sounds she made. I had three fingers inside her cunt now, I was curling them forwards, reaching for her g-spot. I was enjoying suckling at the round pulsing mound under my mouth. She was pulling on my hair, on her nipples, chewing on her lip. I could feel her rising.

I pulled all of my fingers out of her cunt, but kept rubbing around her asshole. I rubbed my thumb harder over her clit. Slowly I pushed my finger slowly into her asshole, at the same time I pushed four fingers into her cunt. I felt them meet inside her. I started moving my hands up and down and she started to moan, louder, her breaths coming faster. I pulled out of her ass and after circling again replaced my one finger with two, she really loved the feeling of them entering her.

I kept them there moving, pushing slowly inside her. I moved my right hand, the four fingers in and out and then I replaced my mouth once more to her cunt. I blew directly onto her clit, then consumed it, my tongue working quickly, sliding over her.

I felt her come. Her muscles clenched around my hands, once, then again and again. The liquid which had been lubricating her slid down my hand. On the third clench her ass pushed me out and with one final taste I left that hot place and stood up.

I moved across the room, standing under the water I watched her, her face slack, flushed, happy. She was buzzing, and I knew the feeling. Leaning back on the wall and watching her, my own hand moved down to touch myself again.

I watched her gather herself, she turned and washed her hair. Then turning back she took my shower lotion and started to bathe herself. She looked me right in the eye the whole time, hands moving over herself, the hot flush of her orgasm dissipating.

Once she was rinsed clean she came over to me. She kissed me right on kartal escort the mouth. Then slowly she kissed her way down my neck, over my breast and back to my nipple.

Standing, she moved me bodily. Turning me to face the wall she pulled my legs back, she put my hands against the wall and bent me over so I was at right angles to it. The shower water hit the middle of my back. Now I truly was exposed. She stood back to admire me, with my legs separated in this way I knew she could see everything. She moved towards me and standing at my back she moved her hands over my ass. She circled several times before taking her fingers right down my crack. She made sure each finger touched every hole and bump. Then she came round to my front. She grabbed my nipple and pulled my breast up towards her. She bit down on me, the pain and pleasure surged from my nipple right down to my cunt.

Moving down and under me she put her mouth on my clit. The heat of her turned me on. I could feel her tongue working me, I could feel her fingers dipping inside me. Then suddenly she was gone.

I looked back over my shoulder. She took my bottle of body lotion and as I watched poured it right into my ass crack. I felt as the liquid oozed slowly over my holes. Her hands smoothed it into my skin, sliding over my mound and back up to my ass. I was so turned on. Pulling one hand from the wall I reached to grab a nipple. She came back around and put my hand back on the wall. My cunt got hot with the pressure of her hand against mine.

She moved back under me and as I looked back I could see her back towards me, her face tilted up and I could feel her tongue again on my clit. Her hands were now free, and roaming. Around over my ass, down my legs, up over my nipples. She sucked and licked she dipped her tongue far inside me, she pushed her fingers up into my runny wet heat and French-kissed my cunt.

I felt the orgasm rising several times. She slowed down, or backed off each time and moved to my breast. Finally, when she decided, she kept up the momentum. She licked and sucked, she dived in and out of my waiting cunt with her tongue, with her fingers, then she started moving her hand up and down my crack. Each time her fingers touched my asshole I wanted them to reach inside. I was burning to have her in that naughtiest but most delicious of places. Finally, perhaps feeling my desperation she pushed her finger inside me. It slid in so easily, my ass just waiting, wanting more.

Looking back I watched as she pushed her whole hand up inside my cunt, she looked back into my eyes as she did it, then as I watched she reached around and I felt her other hand on my ass. Watching me she pushed three fingers into my ass. I clenched, trying to hold all of her inside me. She smiled. Turning she licked my clit, then slowly she kissed it gently before starting to suck it, she sucked and moved her hands inside me. I felt them both going in and out, my body was crying to come, getting closer and closer. I was struggling to stay standing, struggling not to touch my aching breasts. I desperately wanted to moan and gasp but didn’t dare to be caught in this act. So instead I did the only thing I could, I breathed, I relaxed and I moved back onto her hands.

The orgasm came as soon as I relaxed, rushing into me from both ends, sucking her hands in and gushing my heat out. My cunt finally released her hand as I sunk gratefully to the tiles. I lay there panting for a while, my back cooling with the water, the red rush of colours dancing in front of my closed eyes. It took a while for the heat to subside, for my heart to slow and for the colours to calm. I opened my eyes and looked up at the stars, I was alone.

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