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Thousands of dollars, that’s how much her mistake was going to cost us, thousands we didn’t have extra. I tried my best not to get mad, though I couldn’t help but be a little irritated when I left for work the next morning. I made my best effort not to dwell on the situation during work that day, but still…it’s hard to ignore losing thousands of dollars.

Fortunately the traffic was light on the way home from work that evening, so I got to relax a little mentally on the drive home.

I pulled into the driveway and walked up to the door, not sure how the evening would play out. Opening the front door yielded a pleasant surprise: evidently she had been busy cleaning house that day. “I’m home, dear” I announced as I dropped my briefcase, adding “and the house looks great! Thanks for cleaning!”

“Can you help me in here?” she answered from the back room. I entered the bedroom to receive my second pleasant surprise: she was wearing a sheer white coverup that plainly revealed every inch of her otherwise-naked body. Her firm tits were a captivating sight through the thin gauze, only to be matched by the view of her freshly-shaven beaver. “You like?” she purred, easing up closer to me and kissing me full on the lips. I started to answer as she pulled her mouth away, but was speechless as she quickly began unbuttoning my shirt. Pulling it open, she kissed from my throat down to my bellybutton, and her fingers found my belt canlı bahis buckle. A few seconds later she had my pants undone and she slid my trousers down to the floor. Well, sometimes even I can take a hint, so I hastily kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants, tossing my shirt off in the process. This left me standing there wearing nothing but my briefs and a smile, as she moved back closer to me again and wrapped her arms around me. She pulled me close and ground her pussy tight against my groin, and my already-stirring cock leaped to full attention.

“I’ve been waiting for you to get home” she murmured, “so I could show you how sorry I am for everything.” Again she began kissing my chest, working her way down, as she slipped down to her knees. As her hands felt my now-firm erection she looked up and smiled, pulling my briefs down and exposing my hard-on to her full view just inches from her face. Again her hands grasped my cock and she leaned forward, guiding the tip of my throbbing muscle into her mouth as she moved closer to me. I was helpless with ecstasy; as she moved forward to take all of me into her mouth, her hands moved to my ass and she pulled me tighter to her.

For several minutes she sucked me as her fingers caressed my butt.

I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to come in her mouth but she soon answered that question, as she pulled away from me. “Would you let me use my vibrator, if I do something bahis siteleri special for you?” she asked as she reached for her favorite little toy on the nightstand. At that point I would’ve agreed to most anything, but the “something special” turned me on even more.

Realizing she would want some lubrication, I gently slid off her sheer coverup and grabbed the bottle of oil that was conveniently waiting nearby. She lay back on the bed and spread herself with her fingers, exposing her clitoris and stroking her pink button as it awaited the oil and the tip of her vibrator . Her eyes closed, her breath quickened, and she uncontrollably began squirming a little while she moaned with excitement.

I always enjoyed watching her as she brought herself to climax but the enjoyment grew even more intense when she paused from her delirium long enough to tell me, “come on honey…I want it in me now…” I turned her slightly so I could stand up at the side of the bed and looked down on that beautiful body, with her oiled shaven pussy spread open before me, and I picked up her legs to place them on my shoulders. God she looked so lovely as she lay on the bed below me. Moving forward I was ready to thrust my shaft deep into her hot pussy while she used the vibrator on her clit, when with her free hand she reached down to grab my hard cock. “Here, put it in HERE!” she gasped and she moved the tip of my cock away from her pussy down to bahis şirketleri her tight ass. Fortunately I was still holding the oil and I liberally spread the lubricant on her rosebud as well as my cock while she guided me into her forbidden hole. Her anus was so firm that for a second I thought she would be torn with pain, but surprisingly she was able to relax enough for the tip to slide into her netherlands. “Yes!” she exclaimed as I slowly pushed further. Only a few times in our many years together had she allowed me the privilege of enjoying her in such carnal fashion, though almost always she had experienced a mind-blowing orgasm. As I finally buried my cock all the way up to the hilt, her breaths came shorter and more forceful and her back arched taut. The vibrator she held to her clit was working its magic and I could tell she was ready to climax. I pumped her ass slowly a few times, then more furiously buried my hard-on deep within her as her legs began to thrash. A second later her cry of pleasure signalled that she was coming, accompanied by an incredible sensation as her anus tightened uncontrollably around my cock. She screamed and thrashed in her throes of passion passed I felt my own orgasm start to build up. Just as her cries subsided, I pulled my cock out, drawing an involuntary gasp from her, and she clutched my cock, with one last stroke into her hand I came. My cum dripped through her fingers as we both caught our breath.

It was then I noticed my last pleasant surprise: she had set up the video recorder and the whole steamy session had been recorded for posterity. THAT was going to be a fun home movie I would enjoy watching for years!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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