Conflicted Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: He Pays Her a Visit

Leslie was pinned up against the cubicle wall in her son’s school toilets. Her son’s bully held her up in his muscular arms and thrust into her. Her arms were wrapped tightly round his upper body, her head nuzzled into his neck, breathing in his scent as she came to orgasm. She called out loudly with each pounding Stuart gave her…

“Mum… isn’t that the kitchen timer?” interrupted Lewis. Leslie was mentally jolted back to reality. Leslie sighed to herself and thought it fitting that Lewis should disturb her at the good bit of her daydream, as he had interrupted during the real thing just when she was coming close to climax.

“It is,” she said whilst listening to the beeping coming from the kitchen, “so why don’t you go check the vegetables and get them.”

“But I don’t know what I need to look for; I could come with you and…”

“Never mind,” she said, frustration just seeping into her voice. She retrieved the remaining dish of food from the kitchen and her family tucked into their dinner.

“Mmmm… That was good, darling,” announced her husband, “Christie called me this afternoon. She’s invited us round this weekend.”

“But Dad, it’s Hayley’s birthday this weekend,” said Katie. Katie had been invited to one of her classmate’s sixteenth birthday party. On Saturday, they were going to have lunch at Nando’s, followed by the cinema and then a sleepover.

“I was planning we go to Christie’s on Saturday morning,” answered Malcolm.

“I can stay here, you and Lewis go,” added Leslie, trying to hide her eagerness. Katie had pretty severe asthma when she was younger and even now he parents were reticent to let her stay away from home thanks to a few very terrifying attacks she had in the middle of the night. More recently they had relaxed about it, but the travelling two hours out to Malcolm’s sister house while Katie was still here was not something they were ready to try yet.

“Are you sure, honey?” asked Malcolm. She was sure. Malcolm’s brother-in-law and two nephews were very much like Malcolm and Lewis. Put simply, they could be described as nerdy. This meant the guys all got on swimmingly during weekend visits; playing board games, watching old sci-fi, et cetera. Christie wasn’t into that, however. Christie wasn’t into anything. She was one of the most boring people Leslie had ever met. Leslie almost faked a stomach bug once to avoid going to their house but then she realised she wasn’t a child and Christie was her sister-in-law.

“Well, it’s safer for Katie if I stay here and you and the boys can watch Firefly to your hearts’ content.” Malcolm gave her a slightly disappointed knowing look; she’d never openly said she hated visiting Christie but Malcolm definitely knew that was the case.

“OK, I’ll let Christie know,” said Malcolm, before turning to Lewis, “How are things with Stuart?”

Leslie tingled at the mention of her lover’s name. She thought about her screaming orgasms from the night before and quietly sighed with a stifled grin on her face.

“I haven’t actually seen him that much. I have a catch-up with Mrs Bullock tomorrow. I think I’m gonna say that he hasn’t bothered me since our meeting but I think that’s only because he hasn’t seen me. I mean he made a rough tackle at football so I should…”

“If he hasn’t done anything, Lewis,” Leslie interrupted, “then you tell that to your principal.”

“Sticking up for your boyfriend again!” sniped Lewis.

“Lewis Watkins, do NOT speak to your mother that way.”

“No, right, sorry Dad, sorry Mum. But it’s just…”

“No ‘but’s,” continued Malcolm.

“Sorry, sorry.”

“It’s fine, Lewis,” said Leslie, far from offended, she actually was tingling at the idea of Stuart being called her boyfriend, “my point was that you don’t want to cry wolf.” And that she was sticking up for Stuart.

“No you’re right… sorry Mum.”

Leslie did feel momentarily uncomfortable at what was quite a manipulative manoeuvre but even if she hadn’t been sleeping with Stuart her advice would have been the same, so ultimately it wasn’t a problem that she had an ulterior motive.

They talked for another twenty minutes about lighter topics and then Malcolm told Lewis to clean the table, reiterating his reprimand to his son about showing respect to his mother. Leslie did feel a little sympathy for her son. He was being chastised for being right while she was glowing inside about her chance to finally invite Stuart round to her house.

Friday was the longest day in Leslie’s life. Leslie had counted the seconds as the clock ticked by. She had an appointment with the salon to wax her legs and her private regions down to a ‘landing strip’ straight after work. It was the last stage in her personal grooming routine before her sex-filled weekend with Stuart, as Malcolm helped her dye her hair on Wednesday and on Thursday she got a manicure and pedicure.

Lewis and his father departed around 6pm, after which Katie and Leslie had bahis firmaları ordered Chinese, one dish between two; Katie had a small appetite and Leslie didn’t want to pig-out just before her big weekend. They watched a few recorded episodes of programmes they both needed to catch-up on and then Katie went to bed. Katie was going to get the 12:03 bus to her friend’s house, so she told Stuart to come round at 12:30.

While she lay in bed, heart fluttering as it had all day, her hand slipped between her legs and she thought about what Stuart asked her to wear when she answered the door. She whispered a groan as she came and then looked over to her bedside clock. ‘Just over twelve hours,’ she thought before her eyelids shut.

Leslie rolled her lips together. Her lipstick looked fine. Mascara, eyeliner, foundation, all check. She opened her underwear drawer and took out a pair of black thigh-highs. She pulled them on, the nylon sliding effortlessly across her waxed-smooth skin. The frill top of the stockings reached the mid-thigh of each leg, which were now wrapped in a fine fishnet covering. She looked at the back of her legs in the mirror and straightened the seam that ran their length. She slipped on a pair of pointy-toe black stilettos and was finishing the buckle on her left ankle strap when the doorbell rang. Leslie took a deep breath and poofed her hair in the mirror. She grabbed her mid-length housecoat from behind the door and then headed out of her room, towards the stairs to the ground floor.

The adulterous click of her heels echoed through her wood-laminate floor corridor until she reached her front door. She peered through the peephole and confirmed it was him. An electric shock erupted from her chest and tingled across her whole body, briefly numbing her fingers and toes. She undid her housecoat, hung it to on the hooks to her left and then unlocked the door.

“Took long enough! I thought… oh wowza,” said her lover.

“Get inside,” she ordered with a smile on her face.

He was wearing an unzipped hoodie, a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. She grabbed him by the t-shirt and tugged on it until he was through the threshold. Leslie slammed shut the front door and pushed her lover against the door, his backpack thudding against it before he dropped it to the floor. Their tongues collided as her hands flew around his waist and held him at crest of his buttocks. She compressed her body gently against his and hands gruffly grasped each butt-cheek of hers and squeezed.

“Nice to see you too,” said Stuart, ever so slightly breathless, barely able to prise his lips away from hers. He slid his hands to her hips and gently guided her backwards. He looked her up and down and gave her a contemplative look, “not quite as naked as I wanted.”

Leslie was wearing only her fishnet tights and heels. Stuart had told her that she wouldn’t need clothes for the duration of his stay. He had told her that she looked good in heels so that’s all she’d need to wear.

“Oh… I thought… you might…” she started, feeling a bit disappointed he didn’t like the stockings, especially since she had bought them just for him.

“If you let me finish…” he interrupted with a cheeky smile, “I was gonna say that’s not as naked as I wanted, so those stockings are a nice surprise.”

Leslie giggled and stepped forward to give him a kiss. His hand went to her groin and his middle finger found her clit, which he rubbed and flicked. “I like when Slutty Mum is naked but I like it better when she’s naked with stockings.”

“I like that…” she started, “Bully Boy likes how Slutty Mum looks.”

“Bully Boy… nice.”

“Has a nice…oooo…” she gasped and cooed as Stuart’s middle and index fingers entered her and his lips tickled her neck, “nice ring to it. Doesn’t it?”

Stuart kicked off shoes as Leslie gyrated on his fingers. She really wanted to have sex but she was enjoying what she was doing too much to concentrate on moving. They momentarily broke their foreplay as Stuart pulled off his hoodie and Leslie just managed to step backwards towards the living room. Stuart followed her silent instructions and they entered the living room through the open sliding doors, hand-in-hand.

The couple fell onto the three-seater sofa that faced the TV and began making out even more furiously than they had in the front of the hall. Stuart was lying on his back spread across most of the length of the sofa, whilst Leslie was on top of him. She attempted to remove his t-shirt but she wasn’t willing to release his body enough to expose more than his abs. Instead, she fumbled with his fly, undoing the buttons and freeing his hard-on from under his boxers.

Leslie adopted a kneeling position and Stuart sat up so that he was in the middle of the couch. She slipped her calves under his thighs, carefully avoiding scratching him with the heels of her shoes, and wrapped her left arm round his shoulders. Her right hand went to her lover’s erection and massaged it briefly before lowering herself kaçak iddaa down onto it.

As Stuart penetrated her, she felt the sensitive walls of her tunnel expand. She exhaled, emitting a sound half-way between a groan and a sigh, and then she straightened her back and rested her palms against the wall behind the sofa. Using the wall, she pushed away, thrusting her body backwards and then swinging her hips forwards. Her spine undulated, forcing electric shocks through her body.

“Oh god, baby. I knew I missed you inside me but I didn’t realise… uhhnnn… until I actually… oh… fuck…”

Leslie became distracted by Stuart; he was sucking on her left nipple while he used his left index and middle finger to squeeze her right nipple. She gripped the back of the sofa and gyrated faster and harder. Stuart began to nibble and kiss Leslie’s clavicle as both their breathing became heavier. Becoming more familiar with how her body responded to Stuart’s it didn’t surprise her, as it had the previous times, with how quickly she was ready to orgasm.

Knowing she had no time limits, no reason to fear getting caught and no one around likely to hear them, she completely committed to her pleasure. Her thighs went into overdrive; all her energy focused on gyrating her pelvis against Stuart’s. She suspended all control over her voice, swearing, gasping and screaming with no discrimination.

“You like that, slut?”

“Yes, fuck me… Bully Boy…fuck… fuck… so… close…eeeeEEEE…” she cried as she unintentionally smothered her son’s bully with her breasts. She shuddered gratefully before collapsing limply onto his chest. Stuart, however, was not finished and kept thrusting into Leslie as two of them breathed heavily.

Stuart pushed Leslie off of himself so that she slumped onto the sofa. She regained her poise enough to drag her body up and rest herself in the back corner of the couch to the left of Stuart. As she lay on her back, limbs splayed out, Stuart entered her again wrapping his arms around her torso, his hands gruffly grasping opposite shoulder blades. Leslie, still barely more than a rag-doll, managed to use gap between the middle sofa seat and the one furthest from her to wedge the heel of her right shoe in for leverage. Her left leg was off the front of the sofa but she was able to use her arms, the right was grasping the back of the sofa and the left was on the arm rest, to help twist her torso and avoid a twinge that may have become a back cramp. A bit more relaxed, Leslie started to feel the building pleasure.

“I was thinking ’bout how you said you like that I bully Lewis,” panted Stuart. Leslie groaned in acknowledgement before he continued, “Well it’s actually more that I bully him and get away with it. If I had been punished for bullying Lewis we’d never have met.”

“Yeah…” she wistfully replied in a breathy voice, “It’s good you didn’t…”

“How do you think Lewis would feel about that?”

Leslie thought about how her son would feel about her actions and the motivations behind them, but then she remembered he had already voiced how he felt. She gasped as she spoke, “After our meeting… uhnn… at dinner… uhhnn… we told my husband what happened. Uhnnn… he said I was sticking up for my ‘boyfriend’.”

“So he called me your boyfriend?”

“Yeah, baby. Boyfriend…” she huffed.

Equally breathless, Stuart replied, “So… ugh… do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Hormones were flooding Leslie’s brain, slowing her ability to think, but a slow smile crept across the dazed grin she was already wearing. The innocence of the question once again highlighted their age difference. The cute way he asked if they could be in a relationship would never have come from a man in his mid-forties. The juxtaposition of the innocent question during the gruff act of betrayal only further displayed the contrast.

She kissed him thinking about the label ‘girlfriend’ and what that meant. She had known this boy for less than three weeks and she was totally under his spell. She’d fancied people before, like her obsession with Mark, and she’d been madly consumed by her husband in the early part of her relationship but she had never fallen so hard for someone and definitely not so fast. She thought of their ironically sweet pet names for each other and realised how moot the question was.

“Uhn… uhn… Baby… uhn… Bully Boy… I think I already am.”

She felt Stuart’s arms tighten around her and increased how fast and how hard he drove into her. Through harsh and deep breaths Stuart rasped at Leslie, “Lewis’s slutty mother is now my girlfriend to fuck.”

The word ‘slut’ bore no insult or intent to degrade. From Stuart, it felt like a compliment, even praise.

“Yes… oh god, make your slutty, slutty girlfriend cum.”

“I’m gonna fill up your pussy as you cum.”

“Yes! YES!” she pleaded. All of her limbs tightened as her body slipped out of control and was compelled only by carnal desire. Her right hand involuntarily grasped kaçak bahis the back of the sofa, whilst her left gripped the armrest in a tight fist. Lewis’s words ‘your boyfriend’ echoed through her head. He had said them to make her feel guilty but instead they had driven her taboo relationship to the next level. She screamed out, just about drowning out the loud ripping sound that came from her left. She was only barely aware of the sofa fabric she had just torn but she certainly didn’t care. Her left hand scrabbled around to grip a part of the armrest that wasn’t torn as her orgasm made her writhe desperately.

Barely conscious, she was only really aware of Stuart’s musk and the pulsing orgasm-quakes that rippled through her body. It took half a minute before she could loll her head at Stuart’s direction. He looked at her with a satisfied expression before rolling off and sitting next to her. He moved her right leg out from behind his back and did up his trousers. Leslie was, of course, still naked. Her skin was sticky with sweat making the air feel cool. She sluggishly snuggled up to her new boyfriend and they kissed for a few seconds.

“You’ve been here, what, twenty-five minutes?” she sighed, seeing the wall clock, “I’ve already had two of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. I hope my vagina makes it through the weekend.”

“Don’t forget you’ve got a big load of cum inside you.”

She gave Stuart a dopey smile and cooed at him, “I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend like you.”

They kissed for a few seconds and then Leslie rested her head on Stuart’s clavicle whilst thinking to herself how comfortably she fit into his collarbone. This was the first time sex wasn’t rushed and the first time she hadn’t had to rush back home to alleviate suspicions. She could just relax here against her boyfriend’s chest, until he got hard again. But then she realised… she hadn’t actually had a real conversation with Stuart. What happens in the lazy periods between sex? What would a middle-aged married woman with unresolved issues from her youth have in common with a delinquent boy young enough to be her son?

“So, you’ve got a pretty nice house here,” said Stuart. His tone was a little awkward; in fact, it was the first time he had spoken to her with anything other than arrogant confidence in his voice. Perhaps the dichotomy between their backgrounds was not lost on him either.

“Thanks… um… we’ve had it since Katie was born,” she replied, in an equally uncomfortable tone, “We did up the living room and kitchen a couple of years ago… or was it longer than that… maybe four year ago?”

“Oh… cool… Katie? Didn’t actually know Lewis had a sister.”

“Yeah, she’ll be 16 next year,” informed Leslie. Having to tell Stuart this made her realise how little they knew about each other. Oddly, it made her feel more aware of her nakedness. The intimacy she had felt minutes before had ebbed and her new boyfriend was more like an awkward dinner guest; perhaps like one of Malcolm’s nerdy university friends trying to make small talk.

Leslie turned her head in towards Stuart’s chest and the warm smell of his musk became stronger. Her left hand reached around his stomach and lay on his oblique as she lightly kissed his pectoral. Involuntarily she recalled non-specific memories of being pinned down by Stuart; memories of where he coaxed her to orgasm; this made her feel more affectionate again. It was a long weekend and there was plenty of time to get to know each other, but right this minute she felt she needed to break the tension.

“Would you like some lunch?”

“Yeah babes, I’ve only had toast. What’s there to eat?”

Leslie reluctantly pulled her body away from Stuart. She lazily got to her feet and offered her hands to Stuart to help him up. Now that she wasn’t burning with lust, she felt a little exposed standing naked in front of a teenager. However, as soon as Stuart was standing, he kissed her and their bare chests were pressed against each other, giving her comfort again. Hand-in-hand the couple entered the kitchen through the a-joining arch and went straight to the fridge.

“Well… I didn’t want to have to stop… anything,” she said, giggling a little, “to cook or have to answer the door for food… naked.” Leslie flashed a bashful look before continuing, “I’ve got us some sandwich fillers and microwave meals.”

She was about to go to the fridge when she caught sight of a toiletries bag on the counter-top of the kitchen island, and it made her sigh deeply, “For god’s sake…”

“What’s up?”

“Malcolm, my husband,” she added, realising he might not know her husband’s name, “He can be totally useless at times, he forgot the bag with their toothbrushes.”

“Ah right,” Stuart replied, clearly uninterested.

Leslie, taking the hint that Stuart probably didn’t want to talk about Leslie’s husband, went to open the fridge door when she felt Stuart’s right hand grab her right breast from behind. As she felt him squeeze, she also felt his lips brushing against her left shoulder. She heard an unzipping and knew Stuart had freed his erection by the feeling of warm hard flesh between her buttocks. Both his hands pressed her butt cheeks together and he began thrusting.

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