Community Theater Act 02

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No one was more surprised than me that Mrs. Cunningham had complied with my acting suggestion to remove her panties. Well, no one except perhaps Mrs. Cunningham herself when my cock plunged unexpectedly into her pussy. And I must confess, she had a velvety smooth pussy, moist and soft, and those first inches met no resistance whatsoever.

But I had no idea what might happen next.

As the curtain came down, the audience applause drew us back for bows. The cast was introduced one at a time until finally Mrs. Cunningham and I came out holding hands and bowing to the appreciative audience. Little did they know what had just happened, especially her husband and daughter standing in the front row.

After final bows, the curtain came down again, with the two of us holding hands. I was nervous. My cock was still warm from having been in her pussy, and I’m sure she felt herself stretched by the size of the dick was that was in her only minutes earlier.

Just when I expected Mrs. Cunningham to slap my face or to scold me, our director came up and congratulated us. Mrs. Cunningham was distracted by him and other well-wishers, and that gave me a chance to back away and disappear into the shadows.

That night there was to be a party for the cast and crew and their families at the Cunningham home. I seriously debated about attending. Maybe if I avoided Mrs. Cunningham, bahis firmaları I could just show up for the next performance and pretend nothing had happened. That would be one strategy. What if she told her husband? I sure wouldn’t want to be at the party if he was angry.

In my dreams, I thought perhaps Mrs. Cunningham regarded the entire thing, from removing her bra, to removing her panties, to being speared by my cock, as an acting method. That was the attitude I took when asking her to undress and become more vulnerable and to really put herself into the part. But for all I knew, she might tell her husband, “That boy fucked me tonight. Arrest him!”

Then again, she complied. At least, she seemed to have.

I decided to face the music and go to the party. I was relieved right away when Mr. Cunningham answered the door and shook my hand, saying, “Nice play, son.”

I thanked him and said, “Truth be told, it’s all your wife’s doing. She’s the acting genius.”

He smiled and patted me on the back as we walked into the livingroom, “The bedroom scene was amazing. You fooled me into thinking there was something really going on under the sheets.”

I replied, “Well, that’s your wife’s good acting.”

Mrs. Cunningham overheard our comments, and she walked over to join us. At the same time, the crew member who was with us backstage during the kaçak iddaa bedroom scene also joined us.

Mrs. Cunningham kissed her husband on his cheek and said, “Darling, we’re so lucky that this young man joined us this summer. His work on stage has helped us greatly.” As she said that, she stared directly into my eyes, then gave her husband another reassuring kiss.

Mr. Cunningham grinned and said, “You had me going there during that scene when I saw your bra lying on the stage next to the bed.”

That’s right, Mrs. Cunningham had dropped it, not knowing that it would be in clear view of the audience. Her eyes darted from her husband to me. I jumped it, “Oh, we have a great props department. Leave it to them to make everything look real.”

Mr. Cunningham chuckled and nodded, but our backstage assistant knew there was no such prop. Her name was Rachel, and when she heard about the bra on the stage, she had to know where it came from. I looked at Rachel and winked.

The Cunningham’s daughter, Violet, approached me and said, “Hi, I haven’t seen you since high school. You’ve sure changed. Golly, back in school, I never would have thought I’d see you in a play with my mom, much less in bed with her.”

I smiled and told her about my college life and drama classes. She shared stories with me, and we had a pleasant conversation. All the while, I was kaçak bahis admiring Violet’s beauty. She definitely inherited it from her mother. Violet was a younger version of her mom, but her hair was lighter, almost a strawberry blonde. Mrs. Cunningham’s daughter made it clear that she enjoyed talking with me, and I started to think about taking her out sometime that summer. But, as you can imagine, that would be complicated, to say the least.

Later, while standing alone by the punch bowl, Rachel walked over and said, “There’s no bra on our props list.”

Again, I winked at her and said, “Well, let’s just say that maybe I thought it would add more realism to the scene.”

“It’s your bra?” Rachel asked.

I sensed that she was suspicious, and curiously that started to arouse me. My cock was starting to respond to the thought of being caught by her. I decided to keep her wondering by saying, “Let’s just say that one of us tossed out a bra.”

Rachel just gave me a stare and said, “You may be a bad boy.” She waited while we both sipped punch, then added, “Bad boys should be spanked.” My cock grew more when she said that.

That night, I left the party wondering what I should do. First, how much did Rachel know, and what might she do? I was sure she’d be watching us more closely from now on. Should I ask Violet for a date? Would that create a storm? But mostly, I wondered what would happen at the next performance. Would my cock once again slide smoothly into Mrs. Cunningham’s pussy? And did she really think it was all about acting? If she did or didn’t, I really didn’t care.

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