Community Service Nursing Home Ch. 1-2

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***After she received her sentence from Judge Freeman (Community Service at the Courthouse), Carla continues enjoying the attention of the old men in her life.****

It was difficult to concentrate on my college classes today knowing that I would be volunteering at Mom’s work. A nursing home full of men couldn’t be a bad place for me to serve my community service hours. I got wet just thinking of how I would flash and tease those old farts.

I drove in with my mom who always worked the 3-11 shift. I would take the 5:30 bus home then walk to the daycare center to pick up my baby brother. My sister worked after school so she is not usually home until 10 or 11:00.

Because of some policy I would not be allowed to work in the same wing as my mom, which was fine with me. As a volunteer I get to help with things like wheeling them around to their activities, filling their water pitchers, reading to them, or writing for them or assisting with fun activities. Everyday at 3:00 they had their music time. So I wheeled some old ladies to the recreation room. Even old people have cliques like we do in high school and they each had someone they wanted to be parked by.

As I walked down the hallway, one old man in a wheelchair slapped me in the butt as I passed him. “Hey! Cut that out!” Yet the old man pretended that he didn’t do it. I told the nurse and she told me to ignore him. I wheeled him in a corner where he wouldn’t hurt anyone.

All the folks were assembled together and an old lady with pink hair began to play the piano. She is probably one of the younger people there at the ripe old age of 61. I don’t know her story as to why she’s there. But the old men treated her like Britney Spears and all the old ladies talked about her behind her back.

While she played the piano and they sang songs some of the ladies got up and danced. It was pretty sweet. I sat on a chair by the door and watched a sweet elderly couple dance together. A very old man in about his late 70’s signaled me over to his wheelchair. He was so soft spoken I had to bend over to hear him speak.

“Put your legs together when you sit. I can see your bloomers.”

I was so grossed out and stood the rest of the time. I then wheeled him back to his room at the end of the hallway.


“Excuse me?”

“Your bloomers. They’re pink.” He said as he smacked his lips.

“Do you like pink?”

“Do now!” He howled with a toothless laugh.

“Very funny Mr. Baker. You act like you’ve never seen pink panties before.”

“My wife always wore those big white ones. Yes, she liked white. Never seen colored one before.”

“Shut up!”

“Pardon me, young lady.”

“I mean really? No way.”

“Nope. Sure haven’t. Only black and white is what they had in our day. Only painted ladies wore red you know.”

“Get out of here. That’s crazy.”

Then he whispered again.

“Excuse me”, as I bent down hear him, “I really like pink.”

I bit my lip and looked around the room and whispered in his ear.

“Do you want to see them again?”

His eyes lit up and I hiked my sundress up before him. I then turned around so he could see the back.

He grinned, shook his head, and giggled bonus veren siteler at them as he smacked his hand on wheelchair.

I moved my dress back down and went back to work. On my way out, I went by Mr. Baker’s room to say goodnight. He was eating his dinner and just smiled at the sight of me.

“Our secret Mr. Baker. Shhhhhh ok?”

“Ssssshhhhhh.” He replied.

I couldn’t believe how wet I was knowing I had just showed my underwear to a very old man.

It took forever for me to dress for school today. I wanted to wear something special for Mr. Baker. I thought about some pink panties and matching bra under my jean skirt and pink blouse. He seemed to like pink a lot.

When I got there the charge nurse told me I had the same wing and residents for now on. It seems that Baker liked me and he’s been more social. She have me my action sheet and I skipped down the hallway. I took one of my ladies to the in-house beauty parlor to re-dye her pink hair.

It was then to gather everyone for music time again. This time I purposely spread my legs for Mr. Baker to see while no one was looking. I also let my bra strap fall from my shoulders so he could see they were also pink. He signaled me over and whispered that a young lady should cross her legs when in a dress.

“Yes sir.”

As I walked back to my chair I swerved away from “Spanky” the man who enjoys swatting my ass when I walk by him. “I’m gonna get you!” He laughed as he banged his cane on the floor.

I rushed through my chores with my other residents to get alone with Mr. Baker. Finally at the end of my two-hour shift, I knocked on his door. I told him I was getting ready to leave for home and just wanted to say goodnight. “Sunshine. You are my sunshine,” He sang to me. Did you like my panties Mr. B?

“Don’t know yet.”

I felt so sexy as this man eyes lit up while watching me slide down the straps of my sundress. While I only revealed my bra straps I felt my pussy begin to throb with excitement. I then slowly slipped my dress further up my thighs for him to see his prize. I heard his breath grow deeper while I slowly spun around for him. I was so turned on that I unzipped my dress and slipped the top of it down to reveal my bra.

“Oh my”, he gasped.

“Do you like what I wore for you Mr. Baker? Will you dream about me tonight? Will you promise to think about me while I’m gone?”

My dress then fell to the floor and I stood before him for just a few seconds and we smiled at each other. His gummy smile just cracked me up.

As I bent over to pull my dress back up he was able to see more of my cleavage and a moan escaped him. So I bent over his chair and allowed him to see inside my bra.

“Is that what you want to see Mr. Baker?” He could only nod his head in response.

“Would you like to see more Mr. Baker?” Another nod.

I then slipped my bra straps down and revealed my tiny breasts to him.

His shock made me unsure of his displeasure or approval but then I began to notice a tent in his baggy searsuckers. I moved my naked breasts closer to him and watched his eyes grow wide as I tweaked my nipples hard.

“Tonight I want you to slip into Ms. bedava bahis Betty’s room. I want you to play with her saggy breasts and think about how perky mine are. Remembering that one day you are gonna have mine for your very own ok? But I have to go for now ok?”

His speechless nod only made my nipples harder as I dressed and left the room.

I checked out with the charge nurse who informed me that my mom would be late picking me up. She was off today so she took my brother to t-ball registration.

So what will I do for two more hours?

“Go visit Mr. Baker if you’d like. He usually puts himself to bed and he has no more meds to take.”

As I was prancing down his room, my mind raced with all of the things I wanted this old man to do to me. Then I heard, “Hey come here.” I turned around to see Spanky. “Help me to my room I’m tired of waiting for someone.”

“And what if I don’t?”

“I’ll tell them about your little flash game in the rec room today.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I saw you show your pink panties to Baker. Do you think no one noticed? All of us saw you.”

Embarrassed I released the brake on his wheelchair and helped him to his bed.

“Now close the door.”


“Cuz I wanna see your panties.”

I was completely mortified because Spanky had a roommate and he snickered at my nervousness.

“Now close the door.”

I walked over to the door and closed it.

“Now, stand there and take off your dress.”

I watched him and his old toothless roommate as I unzipped my pink sundress.

Spanky’s roommate clapped his hand like a primate and sat straight up in bed.

“Now come here.”

I walked over in my underwear and sandals. “Pull that chair in between our beds.”

I obeyed with anticipation of the show I was hoping to give these old geezers.

“Slim, take off her bra.”

I walked over to the man’s bed and watched Spanky’s face as his roommate fumbled around with my bra snaps. I reached behind me and unsnapped with one hand.

“Wow, how did she do that?” He laughed.

With lust filling up within me I watched Spanky’s eyes light up as Slim pulled off my bra and revealed my tiny 34b breasts. Slim spun me around so that he could see close up and my nipples hardened as his eyes gawked at my naked breasts.

“Now take off your bloomers young lady that you love to share with everyone around here.”

Although my heart was racing with fear, I turned around. They watched me bare my ass as I slowly shimmied the panties down. Slim gasped as he saw my shaven pussy and his hands went to his crotch underneath his covers. However, Spanky did not reach for his crotch.

“Now sit in the chair and spread your legs.”

“Not until you pull your covers off and show me your dick. Both of you.”

I then walked over and turned down Slim’s covers. He was sporting a proud semi-hard erection. My hands grasped around it and stroked it a few times. I bent down and licked the head of it just to tease him a bit.

“Wow, did you see what she did? That’s nasty.” I proceeded to Spanky’s bed but he grabbed my hand. “Don’t bother. My boys haven’t felt that sort of thing in years.”

So deneme bonus I pulled from his grip, removed his covers then climbed on the bed. I laid back and spread my legs wide enough to reach each rail. Then I scooted my body up his chest.

“Can you see now? Look at how hot you old fucks make me. Are you saying you are unable to satisfy me? If not, I’ll go see Mr. Baker then.”

The old fuck then pulled me up to his face and began lapping at my pussy. He had no continuity or rhythm going just lapping up and down, swirling and gumming my clit.

My legs wrapped around his head as he sucked on my clit. The sensation of his smooth gums on my clit sent me over the edge and I quickly began bucking in climax.

Slim was now next to the bed and I leaned over to grab his little cock. I flipped over into a 69 and licked on Slim’s 4 inch cock while Spanky was rubbing my ass with his hands. I then felt his fingers slip inside my hole and spread my wetness around. While I licked and sucked on Slim while I fondled Spanky’s balls and cock. His flaccid cock was already around 6 inches and was not bad. His hairless balls were very large and hung low.

I didn’t care that he was in his 80’s and Slim in his 70’s. If their pricks couldn’t work then their tongues and fingers would have to do. Slim leaned over and stuffed his fingers inside my pussy with Spanky’s. His cock was leaning into Spanky’s leg and grew harder as it rubbed into Spanky.

I then grabbed Spanky’s long cock and held it up for Slim to see. I licked and sucked on Spanky’s cock and watched Slim’s precum leak out as he watched me suck his friend off. Slim plunged his finger deeper into me as he watched me deep throat this flaccid cock down to the base. I pulled Slim’s cock closer and stretched Spanky’s so that their head’s touched. Slim gasped and shot a load onto my face and I shoved both cocks into my mouth. He shot another load in my mouth and I covered both heads with his cum before I swallowed his small infertile load. Then Slim moved over to the head of the bed and started to lick my ass while both of them fucked my pussy with their fingers. His tongue dug inside my hole and I almost flew off the bed. However Spanky held on to my hips while I grinded my ass against their hands and faces. Slim slowly slipped his middle finger inside my ass while Spanky watched in amazement.

“Faster Slim. Fuck my ass. Oh yes…that’s it. Faster please”

His finger raced in and out of my hole while Spanky tongue fucked my sopping pussy.

I grabbed the sheets as I felt the most intense orgasm building up inside the pit of body.

I hyperventilated as I humped both men harder and faster toward my climax. All at once I was stricken paralyzed yet shaken to the core and Spanky enjoyed lapping my cum juices.

I laid on my belly for a few seconds to catch my breath and wiped a tear from eye.

After I was finished cumming I was overwhelmed with the guilt and remorse of what had just happened. How would I be able to walk in the hallways? Everyone’s gonna know what a slut I am here.

“What’s wrong? Are you crying?”

“I can’t believe I did this. It’s so gross. Not right.”

“That’s right young lady. You are a nasty bad girl that likes to tease old men.

For now on everytime you are here you must report to me. Otherwise, I will tell the charge nurse how you fondled me and have taken advantage of me understand?”

“Yes sir.”

On the ride home I was silent in my shame.

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