Cocksucking Fishing Buddies

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I don’t know where to begin this story because the whole situation seems so bizarre to me. I’ve never, ever thought I would give a guy a blowjob because my favorite thing is to go down on a girl, not a guy. Well, this is how it happened.

Ron, my fishing buddy, and I went to his camp last weekend to do a bit of lake trout fishing. His camp is quite isolated, and the closest camp on his side of the lake was about a mile and a half away in one direction and a little less in the other. Across from his camp, the lake was pretty well surrounded by camps and cottages. His side of the lake was just beginning to develop; and since he was one of the first ones in on the development project, he was able to buy five lots in a row in exchange for building the road into the area and running a hydro line. It was a good investment for him because the going price for a lakeside lot starts at $30K without services.

His camp is quite big, with three crude (so far) bedrooms, a large, large livingroom, a nice kitchen with only camp-style cooking facilities. He has power going into his camp, backed up by a generator. At least we had lights for playing cards at night, watching TV on a small, antiquated unit (but who cares?), and running a large bar fridge that we loaded with beer; and if there happened to be room left over, we put food in it J. Actually, we had lots of room three Coleman insulated coolers that kept things cool with ice packs.

We arrived at the camp around 11:00 and got things arranged before we set out in our boat to see how the fishing was going to be. In no time at all, we had caught several nice northern pike for supper. Ron was quite skilled in filleting the fish; so while he did that, I prepared the other food. I’m quite skilled at opening prepackaged stuff. J again.

We went out in the lake again after supper and did some catch-and-release fishing until sunset. Back in the camp, we dressed down to our shorts and t-shirts and sitting side-by-side on a futon, watched a bit of TV while we savored the flavor of nice, cold Coors Light. (Yup! The mountains turned blue) With only two English channels and one French channel, there was not a lot of programming we could choose from. We put a movie into the VCR (remember those?) and watched the Bill Murray and John Candy movie, “Stripes.” Good movie with lots of laughs.

After the movie, we were not yet tired enough to hit the sack, so Ron dug out a porn video that ran the gamut of everything a man wants to see: cute, small Asian girls taking large cocks; two Asian girls playing with each other; a three-guy gangbang, and even a Thai tranny. As we watched it, we commented to each other about various scenes, then the experience started.

I had a really good hard-on; and looking down at Ron, I could see he did as well. I just couldn’t help myself from holding onto my cock and bonus veren siteler gently stroking it through my shorts. I was so fucking horny that I really didn’t care how he felt about it. It didn’t take long for me to learn how he felt about it because he began doing the same thing, only his cock was protruding from the leg of his shorts and he had the real deal in his hands, not through his shorts. I didn’t know how to handle this because I really didn’t expect to see a guy stroking his cock. Although it didn’t bother me, I was intrigued by the event and found myself watching him quite a bit.

On the screen was a girl sucking a guy’s huge cock—huge in both length and girth.

“Look at the cock on that guy, Ron. Man, it must be at least nine inches long. How can she take something like that down her throat?”

He said, “Mine isn’t much smaller than that. Look.”

He stood up, pulled down his shorts and held his cock toward me. I think it was just as large as the porn actor(?) was. He stroked his cock in front of me and I thought the sight was pretty erotic.

“Well, if I’m going to jerk off, I might as well sit down and do it. Why don’t you join me?” he asked.

I said, “What the fuck. We both know what this is all about and it will stay just between us anyway, right?” so I undressed completely and sat beside Ron. We stroked while we watched the movie and talked about tits, cunts, ass, and cocks. Another surprise: Ron reached over, moved my hand from my cock and began stroking me.

“Like this, Les?” he asked.

I said, “Yeah, it feels pretty good,” then I reached over and took his cock in my hand. What a feeling! It was warm and hard, but yet soft to the touch. I stroked him while I switched my gaze from his cock to the TV to his cock.

“Ever been sucked off by a guy before, Les?” he asked.

“Yeah, when I was between 15 and 20; and coincidentally, it was at my buddy’s hunting camp. His name was Eldridge and he made the first move. I was so young that I really couldn’t enjoy the entire experience.”

“Did you suck him off in return?”

“Yes, I did. As a matter of fact, we used to do it to each other for about five years before I moved away to university. How about you?”

“Yeah, many times with different guys. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not gay or anything because I still love fucking and sucking women beside my wife. I haven’t sucked a cock for about two years, but I wouldn’t mind doing you right now? Do you want me to blow you?”

“Sure, Ron. Go ahead, suck my dick”

We kept on stroking each other’s cock as we were talking, but this time I couldn’t take my eyes off his big piece of meat. I think he realized that I wanted it because he let go of my cock, put his arm around my shoulder and drew my head down to his lap until my face touched his cock.

“Go bedava bahis ahead, Les. Take my cock.”

“Hey, I thought you were going to give me a blow job, but I guess this is too good to let pass by.”

I licked the head of his cock until I felt comfortable taking it in my mouth, but I knew I couldn’t take it all. I sucked him, bobbing my head up and down in his crotch. I loved what I was doing.

After about eight or ten minutes, he said, “Wait a minute. That must be uncomfortable. Let me change positions.” And with that, he got up on his knees and faced toward me with his cock staring me right in the face. “Is this okay, Les?”

I said, “Yes. That’s better. You know what I like, Ron? It’s when a guy trash-talks me about being a cocksucker while he holds my head and fucks my mouth.”

He didn’t say anything. He just held my head between his hands and gently fucked my mouth with his fantastic cock, putting it in a little deeper with each thrust.

“Do you like this, Les? (Mm-hmm!) Do you like being my cocksucker?(Mm-hmm) Do you like being face-fucked? (Mm-hmm). Do you want to be my cum slut for the weekend? (Mm-hmm) I love being a part-time fag, don’t you Les? (Mm-hmm) You’re doing a good job, Les. Hold my balls while I fuck your mouth. I won’t drive it all the way in. Are you enjoying this, Les? (MM-HMMM) Suck my cock, Les. Suck my cock. Play with my balls. Play with my ass, you cocksucker. You’re so fucking good. Do you want me to cum in your mouth”

Well, mm-hmm just wouldn’t cut it right now. I wasn’t ready for him to cum. I wanted more face-fucking. I wanted to play with his balls and his ass. I wanted as much cock as I could get, so I took his cock out of my mouth just long enough to say, “Yes, I do, but not right now. Fuck me some more. Talk to me some more.”

“You’re a fantastic cocksucker, Les. I wish I had found this out earlier. You’re a better cocksucker than my wife and my girlfriend. Suck my cock, you little fag. Be my cocksucking slut. Do you want me to fuck you in the ass? Would you like me to lick your ass after? (Hm-mm) Notice: Just a small Hm-mm this time. I wasn’t quite sure what this would be like. ” I wanted to shake my head to say no, but I found myself reaching behind him with both hands to hold onto his ass to increase the thrusting motion.

Ron’s ass felt good, especially when I opened his cheeks up a bit so I could play with his hole. I used my index finger to penetrate his hole little by little. “Fuck, you’re good, Les. Suck me and fuck me, you cocksucker. Be like a whore to me. Finger-fuck my ass, Queer”

I just couldn’t stop even though I felt like I was going cum but I didn’t want to cum just yet. I was having a great time and getting lots of encouragement. After about ten more minutes, he said, “I’m going to cum, Les. Are you ready?”

I pulled deneme bonus his cock out of my mouth, began jerking him and let him spray my lips and face before I took it in my mouth. Never before had I seen anyone cum as much as this, not even in a porn video. He sprayed me just like he was pissing on me and he took his cock and rubbed the cum all over my face—as if I didn’t already have enough there.

“That was the most fantastic blow job I ever had. Thanks a million. Now, It’s my turn to please you, but let’s get cleaned up a bit first.”

We went down to the lake with a bar of soap and some towels and cleaned up, then headed back up to the camp. He said, “Let’s take a rest before we do it again, Les. I’m all out of cum right now.”

“No wonder. I’ve got most of it in my stomach,” which brought a good laugh.

After about fifteen minutes, he said, “Stand up and show me your cock, Les.” And I did it, stroking it in front of his face. As he sat on the futon he reached over and began jerking me off; and as the precum started leaking out, he leaned forward and licked it.

“That tastes good, Les. I can’t wait to eat your cum. Turn around.”

I turned so that my back was facing him and felt him reaching between my legs to hold my cock and stroke it with one hand while the other roamed over my ass and between my crack.

“Never had your ass fucked before, Les?” he asked. I told him no.

“Then how about this” I heard a slurping noise and discovered that he had licked his fingers so they were wet enough for him to slide one in my hole, very gently. “Like that?” I told him how good it felt.

“Sure you don’t want me to fuck you?”

“No, not yet. I might be open to it later on.”

He played with me for a few minutes, then he said, “Get ready for an experience of your lifetime.” He spread my legs apart, spread my ass cheeks, then I felt his face touch my anus. I was frozen with passion as he sucked my hole, alternating between a finger and his tongue. Never did I experience a feeling like this. It made my whole body shudder with delight.

“I’m going to cum, Ron.” And with that, he spun me around so that I was facing him as I let my cum cover his face and chest, but he was not satisfied with that much. He put his hand around my back and fingered my ass as I grabbed my cock and jerked off the rest of my cum.

“And you call me a cum-slut. Look at you! I can barely see your eyes because of the cum.” Which triggered another good laugh between the two of us.

Well, that was the first session I had with Ron; and knowing that it would never be revealed that we did this, I was more open to whatever he wanted for the next day and a half; and although I didn’t have the nerve to suck his ass, I did finger-fuck it and let my cock and cum slide up and down his crack.

I can’t wait until two weeks pass by because we are going back there. Who knows what I’ll try this time. I can’t wait to feel his mouth around my cock and his fingers in my ass. Maybe I’ll get fucked for the first time.

If you liked this, why not drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32