Client Confidential Ch. 03

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As I entered the en-suite shower room I was amazed by the amount of steam that was already filling the room from the shower cubicle. It would have made sense to have the windows open but Jane was clearly in urgent need of the invigorating effects the shower would no doubt provide.

As I made my way through the steam I could see Jane’s discarded panties on the floor. They looked as if they had already had a shower of their own. I picked them up and put them to my lips. The silkiness of them felt so good against my face and they smelt heavenly — a mixture of Jane’s expensive perfume and her pussy juices.

I breathed in the intoxicating aroma and sucked on the crotch of the panties to take as much of Jane’s juices as I could. I wondered if she would have approved of the way I was devouring every trace of her. At the same time I wondered if there was a way I could possibly retain them as a memento of this very special day. I imagined them locked in my desk drawer and taken out on occasions when I needed them. Possibly taken out when I was alone in the offices and wrapped around my hard cock as I pleasured myself imagining Jane there to help.

The panties had already worked their magic, as whilst I played with them I felt my cock begin to spring back to life and I knew it would not take much to have me as hard and stiff as I had been only a short time earlier. I placed the very damp panties on the vanity table and moved towards the shower door.

Through the glass I could see the outline of Jane’s naked body and as I opened the door she turned towards me and smiled. This was my first glimpse of Jane’s body totally naked and she held out her hand to welcome me. A smile told me she had no regrets about anything that had happened and it was only a second before I joined her under the flowing water and we shared a passionate kiss.

The kiss was further igniting my passions and from Jane’s response she was still far from fully satisfied.

I remembered how good the traces of her pussy juices had tasted when I had recently buried my face in her discarded panties. It was time I tasted them first hand. I was sure that Jane would be the last to object as our lips at last parted and I slowly started to lower my tongue and lips. First kissing her cute little chin and then beginning to nibble and lick on her neck and shoulders. She seemed to tense in anticipation of what was clearly to follow and she started to breathe more deeply.

My lips had now found there way to Jane’s tanned boobs and her nipples were again fully erect — partly as a result of the water cascading down on them but also as a result of my gentle sucking and fondling. Jane took hold of my head and pulled me closer to those lovely tits.

“Oh yes darling, please don’t stop — that feels so good”

Jane’s moans had returned and I sensed that I was again driving her close to the edge. Much as I was enjoying the experience of sucking on those rock-hard, wet nipples which tasted so good, I could not forget my original goal which lay farther south and which would, no doubt, bring us both even greater pleasure. Pleasing a bahis firmaları woman had always been important to me and right at that moment there was nothing I wanted more than to give Jane maximum pleasure.

My lips and tongue moved lower. I devoured the accumulation of water that had accumulated in Jane’s belly button as if I were someone lost in a desert that had chanced upon a water hole. Jane writhed and sighed as my tongue wriggled inside what was clearly a very sensitive spot and then as I moved even lower she began to vent a stream of words that I had never heard Jane utter before. Whilst there had always been a lot of innuendo to our conversations Jane was above all a lady and I could never recall her using more than the tamest of swear words. Now the lady in her was clearly ready to be taken over by her more sensual and erotic self.

“Oh yes darling — that feels so fucking good — I want you to nibble on my swollen clit and then suck my cunt till you can suck no more.” She told me.

“I want to feel your tongue inside my pussy and then I want to cum all over your tongue and let you taste me.”

As I previously said, Jane was clearly a lady who was used to getting what she wanted and as I got down to my knees before her she was also clearly enjoying the subservient position that created. Although she was not much above 5 feet tall she now towered above me and as she took my wet hair in her fingers and guided me towards her pussy I was in no position to refuse.

What Jane wanted she could have and in just a few seconds I was nibbling gently on her clit, which was clearly swollen and enlarged, and then dipping my tongue into that dripping cunt.

Jane lifted her right leg and re-positioned it over my left shoulder giving me much easier access to her and as I continued to lick and suck and nibble the noises from above and the trembling of her body let me know that she was very near.

“Oh God” she began to say, over and over until I sensed her body tighten and she let out a scream of delight that would have brought her neighbours running.

The stream of water that was constantly running off her body and into my mouth began to change in both consistency and taste and I felt a surge of pleasure as her diluted juices began to disappear down my throat.

She continued to thrust her pelvis against my face as the juices continued to flow and it seemed forever before she began to return to anything like normality.

“Thank you darling. That was amazing. If you can fuck as well as you suck this is going to be one hell of an afternoon.” She giggled.

It still felt strange to hear those words falling from Jane’s lips but it also gave me a special pride to know that she felt comfortable enough with me to open up in that way.

My hands had been holding Jane’s buttocks as she writhed and moved against my face in the depths of her passion. My fingers were only a few inches away from her ass-hole. As Jane’s body returned to normality, but clearly was in the mood for even more pleasuring, this fact was not lost on her.

Her left hand moved to my right and grasped kaçak iddaa my fingertips before sliding them towards her hole. She was still in the mood to tell me exactly what she wanted. Realising that I had not been turned off by her previous use of language that I was not accustomed to hearing from her, she left me in no doubt as to what she now wanted.

“No one has ever made my ass feel as good as you did earlier darling. I never realised what I had been missing. So now be a good boy and give me a repeat performance. Only this time I want you to really make me groan with pleasure. In a few minutes I want you to fuck my brains out but right now I want your fingers in my cunt and in my ass until I beg you to stop. “

I re-positioned myself to attend to her needs. My tongue was now licking her outer thigh and making occasional visits to play with the light trimmed hair that sat invitingly above her pussy. It was very fine and also very wet and Jane seemed thrilled to feel my lips chewing lightly on it.

The middle finger of my left hand was teasing the tight hole of her ass as the middle and index fingers of my right hand were doing the same to her pussy, tracing out the contours of her lips — lips that were swollen and ultra sensitive. Jane repositioned her stance to open her pussy wider and as if summoned to enter the two fingers slipped inside her wetness and began to slide in and out.

Jane moaned and began to tremble. She seemed to be in a state of almost permanent orgasm. My fingers were soon soaking wet through and not just from the falling water! Her flowing pussy juices also appeared to have been turned on like a tap — a tap that had no intentions of reducing its flow.

I was wrapped up in the attention her pussy was requiring when Jane spoke in a voice that was naughty but at the same time firm.

“Don’t forget my ass darling. I need that too — now!”

I switched my right hand onto autopilot and concentrated on my left hand. Jane’s ass seemed much more responsive than earlier in the day as she pushed it against my left hand. Our earlier exploits had no doubt made her much more receptive to the idea on both an emotional and a physical level.

Added to that was a constant stream of warm water cascading down her back and into the crack below. It was the ideal lubricant and I thought it was time to see how Jane would cope with two fingers. I gently pushed my middle and index finger inside her rim and, as if by magic, it opened up to let them both slide easily inside. Jane gasped to feel me there and began to purr with pleasure as I slowly started to slide the fingers in and out as the hot water continued to lubricate my movements.

Jane had begun to move about, apparently uncontrollably, as the waves of pure pleasure drifted through her body. I was conscious of not causing her any discomfort but she leant forward a little to push her tight ass a little higher and also seemed to clench her buttocks to allow me even greater access.

“Give it to me darling, hard and fast and deep. I want to feel your fingers almost meet inside me.” Jane groaned with each inward kaçak bahis thrust, it was clear that sensations were shooting through her body like electrical shocks. She seemed to be somewhere else as her next crashing orgasm arrived.

I had adjusted the time and speed of my fingers so that my thrusts at front and rear were now simultaneous and getting ever deeper, ever faster and ever harder. Just as Jane had demanded.

So many expletives were beginning to flow from her lips that it was no longer possible to recognise the professionally dressed lady who had so often sat across the desk from me in my office, arousing me just by crossing and uncrossing her legs. Now there was nothing hidden and there would clearly be no going back to the relationship we once shared. The days of accountant and client were in the past. From today we were lovers in every sense of the word. And whilst full intercourse had still not taken place it was clear that nothing could stop it now.

Jane’s orgasms were now arriving so fast that it was hard to define the end of one and the beginning of another. Her cunt was so wet and it was hard to stop my fingers from sliding in and out of her at break neck speeds. Her cum ran down my fingers and onto my upper arms before being washed away by the stream of water from the shower.

She screamed my name over and over. “No-one has ever made me feel this way. I want your cock inside me — deep inside me, now! Fuck me John — fuck me like I have wanted you to do for so long. Bury yourself inside me. Take me — any and every way you want.” She begged me.

My fingers were still working their magic on Jane but I knew the time had finally arrived to cement our new relationship in the only true way, by giving her the fucking we both craved so badly.

It was time for me to break my silence.

“I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you Jane.” I admitted to her.

“Yes I could tell,” she moaned. “And today you shall have me.”

“Its time we made use of that large bed.” I told her.

My fingers started to slow their rhythm and yet Jane seemed to savour the reduced pace even more. Her moans were deafening as my finger fucking slowed to a more leisurely pace.

One final crashing orgasm arrived as she held tightly to me. Her legs seemed as if they were about to buckle as the pleasure began to subside.

I got back to my feet and held her under the steady stream of water. She seemed in need of my support as she struggled to bring her breathing back to a normal rhythm after the intense excitement she had just experienced.

We kissed passionately and as we did my arm slid beside her and reached out to finally turn off the shower.

As the last drops of water fell our lips parted and we looked into one another’s eyes. It was hard to believe what was happening. There, naked in my arms, stood a woman old enough to be my mother, but one I had lusted after for longer than anyone could know. I needed to make her mine completely by making love to her like no man ever had before.

I lowered my arms and lifted her naked body into my arms. We kissed again and she opened the shower cubicle door. I carried Jane through the en-suite bathroom and into her bedroom where I lay her down on the already prepared bed.

She looked up at me and whispered, “Now John — now.”

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