Charles’s Adventures with the Maid Ch. 02

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A few days had passed since that wonderful evening when Papa and I had so lustfully enjoyed the mouth and pussy of Betsy, our delightful, dimpled maid. Papa and I had not discussed it but I could tell my father now saw me as a man and treated me with greater respect.

Betsy unfortunately had been sent to help on a neighbouring estate for a few days as they were expecting important visitors. Temporarily taking her place was a timid little creature called Mary. She was pretty enough and, needless to say, I had checked out the contents of her bodice and was was pleased to see a lovely big perky pair. Not as big as Betsy’s but big, round and bouncy, just as I liked them. She was so shy though, I had scarcely had two words out of her. I was looking forward to the return of my Betsy as I was hoping to continue my education with the delightfully wanton young hussy.

Finally there was a gentle tap at the door one evening and in walked Betsy, ready to lay my evening fire. She smiled almost shyly, perhaps remembering (I certainly would never forget it) that the last time we had met, she had had my sizeable manhood thrusting in and out of her pretty mouth and full lips until my balls had burst forth a torrent of spunk which she had swallowed hungrily. Every evening since that marvellous event, I had re-lived it in my mind while pulling on my tool, imagining it was Betsy’s mouth. I had indeed just been doing this before Betsy walked in so I casually threw a blanket over my open breeches at the sound of her knock at the door. Perhaps I was mistaken but I thought she glanced at the blanket, a slight smile playing on her lips. Not long ago I would have been blushing bright red but no longer.

She knelt to deal with the fire and I noticed that the laces of her bodice were tied much more loosely than usual, allowing me tantalising glances of exposed tittie flesh. She worked very busily on the fire so that the two mesmerising globes bounced delightfully in their confines of thin white cotton. I could bear it no longer.

“Betsy, come here.”

She looked surprised. A little too surprised.

“Sir, it is a cold night I should hate you to catch a chill. I am nearly ready to light the fire.”

Goddamit, my fire was well and truly lit at the sight of those bouncing beauties. I certainly was not feeling a chill.

“Come here, girl!”

She came obediently and stood beside the bed until I beckoned for her to sit next to me. I slowly unlaced the ribbon of her bodice. She made no protest. Rather she jutted out her firm young jugs, ready for inspection. The bodice opened and her pair of perfect ripe melons came bouncing out, if anything bigger and more ravishing than the last time I had seen them. I wasted no time in feasting on them, licking and sucking as if my life depended upon it.

“Oooooh, Sir! That is so nice. Do you like my big bubbies? All you men do seem to like them. Are they big and juicy for you?”

I began to concentrate my efforts on her lovely cherry red teats, sucking them till they were hard and then tongue flicking them. This caused her to writhe and moan in a most gratifying and arousing way.

She gasped “Sir…you are doing it so lovely…my kitty is getting so wet…..mmmmm….”

I instructed her to remove her clothes save for her stockings and garters which I found very arousing. She lay back down on the bed. Her tits were pink, swollen and glistening with my saliva. She parted her legs without being told and I found her lovely hairy young muff was also pink and glistening. I was still a novice in this area but I had a feeling that my wanton hussy would be a good teacher.

I ran my finger tips up and down the dripping pink slit and she whimpered and began guiding my hand to show me how to massage it. She then took my longest finger and guided it in. Aaaah! I had fingered her gooey twat once before but I had forgotten how delicious inner pussy flesh felt, clamping on my finger. I was desperate to know how it might feel on my virgin cock.

I removed the blanket, revealing my rigid member poking out of my breeches. Betsy giggled.

“Lor’, Sir! I had forgotten what a monster you have got. “

I was in a hurry to get to that tight young quim but she bobbed her head down and licked my swollen bell end slowly, running her tongue all the way round the mushroom eryaman otele gelen escort head. Then she sucked as much of my rampant cock as she could into her sweet little mouth and moved her head up and down the sensitive flesh. I had never known such exquisite feelings and found myself thrusting my hips at her, causing her to gag a little. She had to hold my manhood halfway down (her hand could hardly stretch around its swollen girth) to prevent me from disappearing down her throat. She used her hand in a most delightful way to massage the lower half of my member. I groaned that she was going to make me spend.

I was very much looking forward to emptying every drop of ball batter into her mouth again but this time she had other ideas.

“Would you like to fuck my pussy, Sir? I’m gagging for it. I can’t wait to feel that whopper in my cunny.”

I nearly exploded at her words. She sat me at the end of the bed and, facing me, lowered herself slowly onto my rigid man meat. It took a few seconds for my mushroom head to pop through her tight opening and, as every inch disappeared, she gasped.

“Ohhhhhh…..Sir, it is so big….oh…perhaps I can take a little more…yes, I…..oh yes, Sir!”

Finally my balls kissed her quim lips and she was fully impaled on my sword. I closed my eyes at the delights of my very first cunt. It was warm, wet and tight and I had never felt anything so delicious. Betsy, accommodated now to my size, began to rock backwards and forwards on it then lift herself up and down. Soon she was fucking me in earnest. There was a squelching sound coming from her juicy, well stretched gash and her big titties were bouncing in my face. I was in seventh heaven. She pushed me back till I was lying on the bed and her huge mammaries were smothering me in a way I could only have dreamt of a week or two earlier. I began to lift my hips and really pound that little pussy. The sound of my full balls smacking her bum in time with my thrusts only added to my excitement. Her moans were reaching a crescendo and she shivered then went rigid – a sign I was beginning to recognise as a girl reaching her peak of delight. Meanwhile I too was ready for my release and warned her that I was likely to spend inside her.

Quickly she removed herself from my pleasure rod, moaning a little as it slipped out. She grasped my member and pumped it vigorously, pointing it at her lovely young melons. She pushed them together, rubbed my sensitive tip against her swollen teats and with a very loud groan, I emptied two ballsfull of gentleman’s relish onto those beauties. It was a delectable sight. She rubbed every last drop slowly into her tittie flesh and licked her fingers,

I slept well that night.

The next day, I had intended to go out for a ride but just before leaving my room, Betsy arrived with a feather duster and, curtsying, asked if this would be a good time to clean my room. I found my desire to ride had suddenly been replaced by a desire to watch a buxom young girl clean my room. I laid back down on the bed and pretended to peruse my book as she worked her way around the room but really I was watching every movement. She made a point of bending to pick things up both facing me and with her back to me. Both afforded me lovely views which set the old trouser snake stirring again.

“How is the new maid, Mary, getting on?” I asked, thinking conversation might prevent me from grabbing her again.

“Mary? She is learning well, Sir. Actually….well, I am speaking out of turn. I should get on with my work, Sir.”

“Dust those high shelves please, Betsy. What were you going to say about Mary? I like to take an interest in the staff.”

Betsy stood on a chair to dust the shelves and I subtly shifted position to get a great view under her skirts. The minx wore no undergarments and made sure her legs were parted so I had a wonderful view of the hairy young muff I had enjoyed last night.

“Well, Sir, she would be furious if she knew I had told you but she did say she thinks you’re a looker. I mean very handsome. She hasn’t had much experience with men if you know what I mean, Sir, but I can tell she was taken with you.”

To my disappointment she jumped down from the chair and said “If that’s all, Sir, I’ll get on with my other tasks?”

My mind was racing. I thought sincan escort back to Mary’s pretty face and large bubbies. I wondered if there was an opportunity here to further my education again. I had had a lot of tutors but none of them had offered this kind of useful life experience.

“Betsy, I felt Mary didn’t lay the fire in my room nearly as well as you do. Perhaps you could bring her with you tonight and show her how to do it more efficiently.”

Betsy smiled her sauciest smile, all dimples showing.

“That I could, Sir. I am a good teacher, though I say it myself.”

The hours dragged that day. I went for my ride and dealt with a few business matters which Papa had entrusted to me, now he recognised my maturity.

Finally the two girls arrived, giggling and, in Mary’s case, blushing with all they needed to lay the fire in my bedroom. I noted that both girls were wearing their bodices low so that their tittie flesh bulged over the top. My mouth watered at the sight. They knelt and Betsy went through the motions of teaching Mary how to light a fire which we all knew she could do perfectly competently.

I cleared my throat.

“Well, Mary. How are you finding the work here?”

Both girls giggled again. Mary was blushing furiously as she replied.

“I…I’m enjoying it, Sir. I’m not afraid of hard work and…I love learning new things.”

“Indeed? I imagine a pretty girl like you would have a young man? Is that so?”

“Oh no, Sir. I haven’t…I’ve never…I don’t have a young man, Sir.”

Betsy now said “Surely you would like a young man, Mary? Don’t you have certain feelings when you see a man you find handsome?”

“Well, I do have feelings, yes. I do notice handsome men.”

She sneaked a look at me under her eyelashes which stirred my loins.

Betsy glanced at the front of my breeches and slyly said “What do you do when you get these feelings, Mary? Don’t be shy. I know that Sir would like to learn more about such things.” (By God, I certainly would!)

“I can’t say in front of the master! I would rather die! Betsy, you are a devil! You know what we do….”

Having let these words slip out unintentionally, Mary bit her lip and began furiously piling wood onto the fire.

“Why don’t you tell me, Betsy? I am sure some extra wages would be useful to both of you this week? Think how grateful your families would be.”

I casually took some silver coins from my pocket and placed them on a table.

The girls looked at each other. They weren’t giggling now. Betsy eyed the money.

“Well, it can be lonely for some of the girls who work here, Sir. The ones who don’t have young men, like. And as we all sleep in the same quarters, sometimes we help each other out with our needs.”

I was completely mystified but tried to hide my inexperience and ignorance. I knew Betsy enjoyed the attentions of Jack, the stable boy, Papa and of course now me so I was fairly sure she was never “lonely” and that her needs were seen to. How on earth could she help shy Mary with her needs?

“Hmmmm. Tell me more.”

“Well, sometimes we share beds to keep warm and we…comfort each other, Sir. As we might like a man to comfort us.”

“Maybe you had better show me,” I said, getting up from the bed and settling myself comfortably in a chair.

Mary looked aghast but Betsy whispered in her ear and pointed at the silver coins. She led Mary unwillingly to the bed and coaxed her to lie down then Betsy joined her.

“Well, we might start by playing with each others bubbies, Sir,” and she unlaced both bodices, freeing both magnificent pairs of tits. She proceeded to massage Mary’s beautiful pair and rub her own against them until Mary moaned with pleasure. I unbuttoned my breeches and pulled out my throbbing, semi-erect manhood.

“And of course, every girl likes to have her titties suckled, Sir.”

She pushed Mary’s tits together and licked and sucked each one. Mary was now writhing and gasping for Betsy not to stop. I was tugging furiously on my thick fuck tool, unable to believe what I was seeing. I had no idea girls did such things to each other but I was finding the spectacle incredibly arousing.

“Oh, Betsy!” groaned Mary. “You are making my kitty so wet. I need you to touch me.”

God, I needed to control myself. elvankent escort I didn’t want to waste my ball batter on my own hand when I had two lovely girls on my bed. I ordered them both to strip before resuming.

They were now completely naked on the bed and Betsy asked Mary what she would like her to do to her kitty. Ye Gods, there were choices?! I was excited beyond belief and could not wait to see what would happen next.

“Lap my cunt, darling Betsy. I will do you too.”

Betsy smiled at my vigorous wanking and positioned herself top to tail above Mary before lowering herself so that each had their faces in the others hairy muff. I thought back to seeing Jack the stable boy with his face between Betsy’s legs and watched intently to see what they would do. Betsy checked that I had a good view then she parted Mary’s swollen quim lips, showing me her lovely pink gash. Betsy then began to tongue it, slowly at first paying lots of attention to her clitty.

I could see Mary was doing the same to Betsy and both girls kept having to take a break from their exertions to whimper with pleasure and exhort the other to even greater skills with their tongues.

“Oh yes, that’s it! Lick my kitty. Oh you don’t half do it well. Yes, my clitty. Oh I know I shall spend if you…if you…if you…ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

Soon both girls had shaken and swooned and reached the peak of their pleasure. When they recovered a little, Betsy noticed my flagpole cock, ready to erupt. She encouraged Mary over to my chair and held my fuck stick while she instructed Mary in the great art of cock sucking. Being the minx she was, she stopped Mary when she could see I was about to explode.

She led Mary back to the bed and parted her legs for me.

“Imagine what an honour it will be to have the young master take your maidenhead,” she said.

“It’s too big! I can’t fit that great big thing in my little puss.”

“Mary, I have used a hairbrush handle and a candle in there often enough to pleasure you. I am sure that will make it easier.”

I tried to think of anything to get that picture out of my head as I was already frantic with desire and lust.

“Once that big monster has stretched you well, you won’t believe how good a cock can make a girl feel. You won’t want a hairbrush handle again!”

She beckoned me over.

“Why not try lapping her cunt, Sir? It will help to make her wetter and I think you will both enjoy it.”

I was torn between desperation to stick my battering ram in that lovely young twat but also intrigued to try this strange act for myself. I knelt gingerly as my purple pole was now painfully swollen. I lowered my mouth to her pussy which the ever-helpful Betsy held open for me. I licked at Mary’s delicious honey pot and was gratified at how much the wench enjoyed it. As well as her cries of pleasure, my tongue work did indeed send down another flood of juices to her virgin cunt.

I could bear it no longer. I stood and Betsy guided my massively swollen bell end towards her friend’s waiting quim.

“Bite on a pillow, Mary!” advised Betsy. “This is the worst bit but it will all be worth it, I promise.”

Mary bit obediently on the pillow and Betsy worked my purple head inside the beautiful young slit.

“Mmmmmmffffff!!! No! I cannot take it! Mmmmmmmfffff!!!!”

Oh, the glorious, sopping wet, tightness of a young virgin twat! I was transported to heaven! Betsy slowly pushed me in, stopping regularly to let Mary adjust and suckling her teats. Finally I was in to my very balls. Betsy continued to tickle Mary’s teats but also dipped her head and licked her friend’s clitty. Mary had removed the pillow from her mouth and was beginning to gasp.

“Does that feel good, Mary? How is that big cock in your cunny?”

“I think…aaah, yes…I could take a little thrusting.”

Soon I was pistoning in and out of that lovely young muff, and its owner was begging me not to stop which I had no intention of doing. Betsy continued to lick her clitty and my cock when she could get her tongue to it.

I reached the point of no return and pulled out my bulging fuck stick. Betsy instructed Mary to open her pretty lips and expertly manipulated my cock so that the entire contents of my balls fired into her mouth. She gagged a little at first but managed to hold every drop of meat sauce.

Betsy kissed her on the lips, transferring some of my hot, salty spunk into her own mouth. Then both girls swallowed down their tasty treat.

I was exhausted but felt well satisfied. The girls had earned their extra wages many times over.

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