Changed For Life

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Close Up

I was a different sort of person I knew that. During high school I was teased for being so feminine. I got my pants yanked down in the locker room once so everyone could make sure I was a guy. Some of the girls I dated called me sissy when I wasn’t interested in them anymore. I found out that they weren’t wrong in my final year of high school. I had to catch the bus for an hour to get home and once I had to stay late for music practice. I caught a later bus than usual and it didn’t have many people on it. Soon after I got on the bus was empty except for me, Jase, a guy in my year I didn’t really know, and the driver. This was a new sort of bus, with the driver separate to the passengers, but cameras so he could watch them. Half the cameras didn’t even work. I sat on the bus reading and Jase slid into a seat next to me.

“Hey” he said. I just nodded. “The people in school are right, you are kinda feminine.” He said.

“What the hell….” I started but he cut me off, ” I don’t care though, I think it’s kinda hot.” It took me a moment to work this out. I wasn’t stupid I knew what gay people were and I never really considered myself gay despite being feminine. But as I looked up at Jase, reasonable muscular and good looking I thought about gay sex seriously and my cock stirred. He must have noticed because he lent over and said “I want you and now I know you want me to.” Without saying anything else he ducked his head and unzipped my pants. Soon I was aksaray escort receiving a great blowjob from a hot guy on a deserted bus. I blew in his mouth eventually and as he sat up I said “That was great, I had no idea guys could be that good.” He nodded and said “Your turn now.” I was shocked. I had never realized that I had to do it to. But fair was fair.

I leant down and pulled Jase’s cock out of his pants. It was the first cock I had seen close up besides my own. I reached out with my tongue and licked the tip. Jase seemed to understand it was my first time, he just sat there and let me get on with it. I slowly drew it into my mouth and sucked. It took me a lot longer than Jase but eventually I got him to blow in my mouth.

My life changed after that. I had many gay encounters after school finished and my adventures with men increased my interest and confidence with girls as well. I hadn’t “come out” yet but people were getting the idea once I started picking up guys in bars. One day, 4 years after school I was going out with a guy and a girl at the same time. The girl, Clara was her name, dumped me and kicked me out of the house we were sharing. In my grief I decided to move in with my boyfriend, Craig. Craig was great, he made me feel better. He made me a coffee on our first night and then we started to get frisky. I fell asleep before anything happened though.

When I woke up I was tied to a chair and gagged. I had clothes alsancak escort on but they felt strange. I couldn’t remember much at all. My brain wasn’t working properly. I saw Craig enter the room. I made a noise in my throat and he just smiled at me. “I see you’ve woken up, you’re finally ready.” He said, then he leant forward and squeezed my tits.

HUH I thought, TITS, I don’t have tits, I don’t remember a lot but I am sure I am a guy. “By now you’ve noticed some changes in your body. I decided you’d look great as a chick so I kept you drugged for last 6 weeks while the hormones took effect.” I made another noise around the gag. “I am gonna untie you now.” He untied me and when he got the gag off I said “YOU BASTARD” then I stopped. My voice was a chicks. Craig smirked. He opened the cupboard door so I could see myself in the full length mirror. I stopped being angry. Craig was right I looked good as a woman. I had always had a feminine shape and now with the hormones I looked great.

Craig had dressed me in a boob tube and hot pants. My belly was smooth and thin. My hips where wide and my legs, as always were shapely. My lips had always been rather full and now they were painted red. My hair had been grown long. But what I couldn’t believe were the two huge tits hanging off my chest. They were big. Looking at my new form got me excited. To my joy I realized I still had a dick and right now it was really excited. amasya escort The front of my hot pants swelled up and the tip of my dick poked out over the top. Craig laughed, “That’s one thing you’ll have to learn to control.” I turned to him.. He stopped laughing and looked defensive. I decided then that I wasn’t angry enough anymore I was actually kind of happy. I walked over to him and pushed my tits into his chest and kissed him. “Thankyou,” I said. He looked surprised.

Craig said “you’re welcome,” then he looked down. My cock was still poking out of my pants. “I guess I’ll take care of that for you,” He said. He bent down and unzipped my pants. He pulled them down and my cock sprang out. He engulfed my cock in his mouth. I ripped off the boob tube and looked down at my tits. I grabbed hold of them in my hands. They were great, I squeezed them and it felt pleasurable so I kept doing it. My nipples stuck out from between my fingers. I kept massaging my tits and Craig was giving great head. I blew my load quicker than normal. “Now its your turn” Craig said.

I knelt down in front of him and pulled out his cock. As always it was a beautiful 9 inches. I took the head in my mouth and inched closer. I pushed my head forward until I had swallowed it all. Then I pulled my mouth off and his cock was wet. I pushed forwards even more, forgetting that I had a chicks body now. His wet cock slid between my tits. It felt great, but I wanted to please him as well so I grabbed my tits and squeezed them together. He started to fuck my tits. I was in ecstasy. I faced my head downwards and licked as he thrust up. Soon he came all over my tits and face. We hadn’t finished for the night but already I was exhausted.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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