Chance Meeting Ch. 06

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Chance Meeting Final Chapter

“Hi Cathy, did you leave anything in the store for me to buy,” she asked her smiling.

“Hello Sara, sure did, but if your looking for some ice melt I just bought the last bag.”

That was something she was going to have to buy now that she had a house but she didn’t tell that to Cathy. “Looks like you bought out the store.”

“Winters can get pretty rough here so just stocking up on essentials that come in handy if you lose power. Last year I finally wised up and invested in a generator so I don’t have to worry about that anymore. This summer I had a tank put in the shed for fuel so I’m all set now.”

She would have to talk to Pete about those things, she didn’t think about power going out. If she lost power she would only be able to use the fireplace downstairs for heat, the one in her bedroom was gas. At first she had thought the one downstairs was gas as well but it burned wood instead.

Sara shivered, the temperature was dropping quickly and she told Cathy she better get inside before she froze to death.

“I can think of a few ways to warm you up.” Cathy didn’t even try to hide the fact that she would enjoy pleasuring Sara again. It had been months since the last time she and Kate had her and she hadn’t been with anyone since that time. She was horny as hell and needed some pussy, and she wanted Sara’s.

Sara hadn’t intended on taking her up on her offer but she was still very aroused after Pete’s quick fuck. “Do you have any perishables that you couldn’t leave in your car? I could sure use a good warming up right now and thought we might just grab a room over there at the Holiday Inn Express.”

“We could go to my place,” she offered. “I do have quite a few things that need to be taken into the house that would freeze.”

“I can’t Cathy I would get lost trying to find my way back and besides I have to go home anyway as I have an appointment very early in the morning. Why don’t I get a room, give you the key and you take your things home then come back?”

“Sounds good to me, it will only take me half hour there and back.”

Sara left her to load her car while she rented a room. Cathy was parked by her car when she came out and followed her around the building to her room. She let herself in then gave the key to Cathy. She took a quick shower and had just finished drying off when Cathy let herself into the room.

Cathy had grabbed her strap on, her little silver bullet vibrator and a nice size dildo before she left the house. She was going to have Sara all to herself and she wanted to make the most of it.

Sara was looking forward to spending some time with Cathy. Unlike Kate she could play with Cathy’s body and have another chance at eating her pussy.

Cathy wasted no time putting her arms around Sara, kissing her deeply. Sara was a fantastic kisser and Cathy had enjoyed how their tongues hade mated with each other as they kissed.

Sara didn’t waste anytime either as she began undressing Cathy as they shared their kiss. She was dying to suck her nipples again and feel her fingers in her pussy. Sara broke the kiss so she could pull Cathy’s blouse and bra away then lifted her tit to her mouth. She still couldn’t believe how turned on she got sucking another woman’s tits. Hell everything about being with another woman was a turn on to her.

Cathy pulled the towel away from Sara’s body so she could play with her nipples while Sara was sucking on hers. She loved how Sara sucked them and rolled her tongue over her nipples as she did so.

Sara pushed Cathy down onto the bed then lay beside her kissing her again. She let her hand roam down to her pussy so she could slip her fingers inside her. She finger fucked her pussy as she kissed Cathy. She sucked a nipple deep into her mouth as she played with her pussy. Cathy had a huge clit and it was already hard and extended.

Sara rubbed her clit in circles pressing lightly as she did so. Cathy was moaning, her hand roaming down Sara’s back as Sara brought her closer to a climax. She moved down her body until her face was buried in Cathy’s wet pussy licking at her juices, tonguing her pussy and finally latching onto her clit sucking and rubbing it with her tongue.

Cathy had her hands in Sara’s hair urging her mouth into her clit. “Yes, Sara, suck it harder baby, I’m close to coming. Harder Sara, suck it hard as you can she was almost screaming at her.” Her hips were bucking as Sara sucked hard on her clit.

Sara reached up wrapping her arms around her legs trying to hold her still while she sucked her off. Cathy exploded in her mouth, she was a squirter so she filled Sara’s mouth with her cum.

Cathy tried to pull Sara away from her pussy but she was having none of that. She sucked her clit more then lapped at the walls of her pussy shoving her tongue inside her as far as it would go then going back to sucking her huge clit. She got Cathy off twice more before Cathy finally pulled her away from her abused casino şirketleri clit.

She pushed Sara down onto her back then got between her legs and made short work of getting her off. She loved eating her pussy, she was hungry for it and was going to get as much of it as she could tonight before Sara went home. She got her off once more then put on her strap on and fucked her pussy long and hard.

Cathy took off the strap on and reached for her dildo. She loved this one best of all her toys. It was a 10 inch long smooth black one, she pushed it slowly into Sara’s pussy fucking her slow with it. She stopped long enough to slip the bullet in Sara’s ass and turn it on high. She loved watching a woman’s pussy as it took a dildo.

She placed her thumb on Sara’s clit and rubbed it while she fucked her with the dildo. Sara came twice before insisting it was her turn.

Sara was dying to use the dildo on Cathy and she too loved to see it going in and out of her pussy. She still had the bullet up her ass and was enjoying the vibrations. She did as Cathy had done to her and rubbed her clit as she fucked her with the long black dildo.

She pushed it in faster getting off on Cathy’s expressions of pleasure as she fucked her. The harder she pushed the long dildo into her pussy Cathy would gasp for breath. Sara was really ramming it in good and hard now, while rubbing her clit getting Cathy off twice before taking it away and replacing it with her fingers.

Sara had three fingers in her pussy shoving hard now. She would twist and turn her fingers in her then her whole hand was inside Cathy’s pussy. She was gasping for breath as Sara turned her hand slowly inside her pussy. She pressed her fingers open inside and Cathy had a powerful orgasm. Sara moved her hand slowly back then forward as Cathy groaned.

Sara pulled her hand out then shoved it all the way back inside again making Cathy squirm in her pleasure. Her pussy no longer tried to resist Sara’s hand, it just gobbled it up with each insertion. She pressed forward hard each time bringing Cathy to another mind numbing orgasm.

Sara’s pussy was soaked in her arousal as Cathy took her turn at Sara. She pulled the bullet out so she could tongue her ass. She tongued Sara’s ass forcing her tongue inside her hole, giving her a good rim job. She slipped her finger up her ass and finger fucked her steady. Cathy sat up between Sara’s leg and shoved two fingers in her pussy fucking her hard. When she shoved three in Sara begged her to stop.

“Don’t Cathy, I can’t take that again.”

“Yes you can Sara,” as she said Sara’s name she shoved her whole hand up her pussy.

Sara yelled, as Cathy’s hand forced it’s way inside her pussy. She moved her hand slowly from side to side inside her pussy. Then she would press forward slightly taking Sara’s breath away. She kept this up steady for a good five minutes before opening her fingers up as she turned her hand in her pussy. She hit Sara’s G spot and she climaxed hard.

She fisted Sara a long time, getting her pussy used to her hand inside. She got her off once again and Sara almost passed out again from her orgasm.

“Come on Sara, let’s go shower then soak in a hot tub.”

The two women washed each others bodies before filling the tub with hot water soaking their sore pussies in the healing warm water. They dried each other off then went back to the bed.

Cathy had Sara lay down then she lay down beside her but with her face at Sara’s pussy, and her’s facing Sara.

Sara hated 69 and would not do it with a man. If she was giving him head she only wanted him concerned with the pleasure she was giving him. Same thing goes if he were pleasuring her, she wanted to feel it all and not have to concentrate on giving in return at the same time.

Sara had her mouth wrapped around Cathy’s clit, sucking it slowly as Cathy was doing the same thing to hers at the same time. The women sucked on each others clits, both of them increasing pressure at the same times until they both came.

Sara told Cathy she had better get home but Cathy asked her if she could get Sara off once more before she left.

Cathy kissed her slowly, her tongue dancing with Sara’s as she rubbed her clit slowly in circles. She would let her finger slip inside Sara’s pussy now and then and finger fuck her for a short time before going back to rubbing her clit. She leaned down and took a nipple in her mouth sucking gently making Sara moan in her pleasure.

Sara had came so many times that it took her longer to reach a climax this time and Cathy knew that would be the case. It was a way she could spend more time with Sara.

When she felt Sara’s clit start to protrude from it’s hood she began sucking her nipple harder as her finger worked faster on Sara’s clit. A few minutes later Sara came and then Cathy cleaned her pussy with her tongue.

Sara was not going to be left out on that one so she got between Cathy’s thighs and enjoyed another casino firmaları good pussy eating before calling it a night. Before they left Sara asked Cathy for her number and told her the next time she was alone with no plans she would give her a call.

Sara was making the bed in the second bedroom when Pete arrived later that day to see how things were going. He told Sara that Kate had went to Maine for the weekend so they had the whole weekend to spend together.

Monday morning Mark made his way into Sara’s office and asked her if she would join him for dinner after work. She accepted and told him she would meet him at the restaurant around six after she had gone home and showered and changed. He surprised her when he told her he would pick her up at her house instead. He said Pete had told him that she had bought the house on the lake from him.

She went to Pete’s office and asked him if she could talk to him for moment. He motioned her on in and asked her what was up. She asked him if he had any idea’s on how she was going to tell Kate that she had moved while she was gone.

“Sara that is up to you how you tell her dear. When are you going to tell her anyway?”

“I’m going to call her in the morning and talk to her. I’m going out to dinner with Mark tonight after work so I’ll call her in the morning and explain it to her. Pete I’m not going to tell her where I moved to. I’m sure she would show up unannounced if I did.” She had noticed a small smile when she had told him that she was going to dinner with Mark but thought no more about it.

“Ok, babe. I’ll tell her tonight that you’ll give her a call in the morning after I tell her that you’ve already moved out of the guest house. She’s not due back today till early evening and I’m sure she thinks you’ll be joining us for dinner and not bother to check the guest house.”

Sara moved over to his side of the desk and leaned down and kissed him quickly. I’ll talk to you tomorrow hon,” she told him as she left his office.

She had dressed in her black silk slacks that shimmered with little bits of silver in the material. The jacket was made of the same thing only cut low and hung long and flowing. She wore a white silk blouse under that jacket that was cut low with lace at the top. She had left her hair hanging down her back and was wearing low flats.

Mark was right on time, he took her coat from her hands helping her into it then commented that the house was looking more like home now that she had furnished it.

He took her to a nice quiet restaurant where they dined on fresh fish and seafood. Sara only liked mild tasting fish and enjoyed the white fish he had recommended to her. Two hours later they were back at her house. She invited him in for a nightcap. She turned to head to her liquor cabinet when he pulled her into his arms.

“I don’t think either of us want another drink Sara,” then he kissed her slowly. He had been waiting for weeks to spend another night with her. This time he could spend more time with her and he was very much looking forward to that.

Mark liked control in the bedroom on occasion and he thrived on denying his female partners sexual release until necessary. He loved to tease, take them to the brink then slow down until their passion had cooled so he could again build them up and deny them release. He enjoyed this kind of one on one with a woman but he also enjoyed something else that Sara would be introduced to soon, very soon.

He took her hand and lead her upstairs to the master bedroom. He turned on the ceiling lights only. The little glistening stars giving off very muted light making the room very intimate.

He turned Sara to face him then slowly began removing her clothes. “Sara I think you know from the first time we were together that I don’t like my partner to talk or move while I am pleasuring her.” He had all her clothes off and stood before her undressing himself now. “Just do as I say Sara and you will be rewarded with some very intense pleasure.

He pulled her down to the bed and lay beside her. “Lay perfectly still Sara and close your eyes, don’t open them until I tell you to do so.” Mark ran his fingertips lightly across Sara’s shoulders, down the side of her neck, across the top of her breasts, then down the sides of her body. He let his fingers lightly skim across her pussy then up to her nipples.

His mouth was at her ear, his tongue licking her lobe, he took the lobe of her ear between his teeth and pulled gently. His nail was raking slowly across Sara’s nipples. He whispered softly in her ear, “I love nipples Sara, I love how they rise and firm when they are caressed and sucked. Yours are very sensitive to touch and a mouth.”

He leaned down and licked her nipples, making them wet with his saliva. Again, he blew across them making Sara shiver as she had the first time. He pulled them lightly between his teeth, letting them slide through his teeth very gently before taking one in his mouth to güvenilir casino suck. “Your nipples love sucking don’t they Sara, your heartbeat increases when your nipples are sucked. This is an erogenous zone that gives you the utmost pleasure.”

Sara wanted so much to move, to talk, and to touch him but she remained still and quiet as he had requested. She also wanted to suck his cock. She enjoyed giving Pete pleasure with her mouth but she had longed to have a cock that she could take further into her mouth. She felt Mark move his hand down to her pussy and waited to feel his fingers inside her.

“Your cunt is hot Sara, very warm to the touch. Is it waiting eagerly to feel my fingers inside it or perchance my cock?” He placed his hand on her pussy and pressed lightly, he rubbed his hand down and up her snatch without getting inside her pussy lips. “Ahhh Sara you’re such hot little bitch aren’t you?”

Mark bent his middle finger so that it would enter her pussy lips as he moved his hand up her pussy. His finger just skimmed over her clit causing Sara to moan. He moved his hand back down her pussy very slowly then inserted his finger deep inside her. He began a very slow finger fuck of her pussy.

He took her right nipple in his mouth and sucked slowly as he fingered her pussy. He felt her body shudder and knew that Sara was getting close to having her first climax but he could not let her do that just yet. “Your pussy wants to cum sweet Sara but I’m afraid that I can’t let it just yet. You don’t want it bad enough yet to allow you to cum.” Mark took his hand from her pussy and told her to open her eyes.

He sat back on his knees looking down at Sara and told her to sit up with her legs spread open. He moved between her legs until he was on his knees in front of her. “Take my cock in your right hand Sara and stroke it slowly.

Sara did as she was told she figured that it would not be to long now before he would want her to suck his cock. She stroked his cock slowly loving the warm feel of him in her hands.

“Look at me Sara, don’t take your eyes from mine while you stroke my cock,” he demanded. “Your hand is soft and gentle against my cock Sara. Do you enjoy how warm it feels in your hand? Can you feel the tremors flowing through it as my hot blood flows through the veins? Tell me Sara, I want to hear from your lips how my cock feels in your hand.”

“You feel warm and smooth to my touch. I can feel your cock move and grow with each stroke of my hand. It makes my mouth water wanting to know the taste of you, to feel you expand and explode in my mouth when you empty your seed.”

“What makes you think I will let you suck my cock sweet Sara?” He enjoyed the look of dismay on her face when he lied that she might not get to suck his cock. He wanted to feel her mouth wrapped around his cock but it would have to wait a bit longer. He had a feeling that once Sara starting sucking his cock he would not be able to keep from coming and he didn’t want her to think she had the upper hand by making him lose control.

He reached down to her pussy and began to finger her clit as she stroked his cock. Their eyes were locked together as she stroked him slowly. He pressed harder on her clit and rubbed a little more fiercer.

She was wet, her cream was thick on his finger and he lifted it to his mouth and licked it off. “You taste divine sweet Sara, I will enjoy eating your pussy. He replaced his finger at her clit, when he felt her hand tighten on his cock he knew she was once again ready to cum and removed his finger quickly.

Again he saw that look of dismay on her face and it pleased him. “Get on your knees in front of me Sara. Now feed me your left tit.” Sara lifted her tit to his mouth and watched as his tongue began licking all around her nipple. She shook a little when he began sucking it. She didn’t take her eyes from him.

“Now feed me your right tit Sara. Again she watched his tongue work her nipple then his mouth wrap around it sucking it gently. He reached between them and shoved his finger hard up her cunt. He worked her cunt with his finger watching intently as her breathing increased.

“You like that cunt fucked don’t you babe, you like it banged fast and hard. Put that tit back in my mouth.” He sucked her nipple harder then bit her lightly as his finger rammed her cunt again. She flinched and he just increased the pressure of his mouth at her breast.

“Lay down on your back and push your tits together and hold them like that.” He straddled her pressing his cock into the valley between her huge breasts. He titty fucked her for a few minutes then ran the head of his cock over her nipples.

“Lick the head of my cock Sara, lick it all around with your tongue.” Her mouth felt wonderful on his cock. He couldn’t wait any longer he had to feel her mouth wrapped around his cock. “Suck my cock Sara.”

Sara wrapped her mouth around his cock, sucking the head slowly, her tongue slithering around and over it making Mark’s hip twitch. She sucked him deeper into the recess of her mouth. Very slowly Sara sucked gently as she moved her mouth back up the length of his hard cock. She kept her eyes locked on his face as she began her assault on his cock.

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