Caught by Flatmate Ch. 03 – Thorough Control

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The story, characters, names and incidents are totally fictitious and it is not intended to insult or defame of any country, religion, caste, sub caste, society, family or even any person (living or deceased), if any similarity could be found in the story and the real life then it will be surely just a coincidence only. The fiction work is also not designed to encourage or change anyone’s interest or point of view. The illustration is limited to thoroughly entertainment purpose.

The fictitious story is totally based on the BDSM, femdom, humiliation, feminization and other kinks. So, if the reader feels any kind of disgust then, please put an end to further reading.

Synopsis: Sara takes extended control over Armaan, and finds more ways to humiliate him to enjoy herself, after reaching at home, Armaan receives his owed punishment and some other duties for him.


She started driving the car, but I was feeling very weird, as all the body hair was suddenly gone. I felt like tingling on my whole body.

Sara: So, how’s feeling?

I was silent, but I realized she wanted me to say and so, she could get her amusement.

Armaan: Bit weird.

Sara: Why?

Armaan: As my body hair was gone.

She laughed.

Sara: Anyways, it’s 9:15 at night, so, we’re going to take dinner outside.

I felt tingling in my stomach, as I was not at all comfortable after waxing, and she wanted to have dinner outside, but I didn’t have such option. We reached a restaurant, and again, that was her choice, of course. I was totally nervous, as I was thoroughly waxed and be in public. We came out from the car and headed towards the restaurant door. We entered in the restaurant and went to reception. Again, we found a girl at the reception,

Receptionist: Good evening Ma’am, Good Evening Sir.

As, Sara was ahead of me, so the girl greeted her first.

Sara: Good evening.

I also replied to the girl.

Armaan: Good evening.

That way, I tried to calm down myself to be natural and responsive. I was becoming more nervous, but I wore full sleeve shirt, so I was bit relaxed that no one could be able to know that I was waxed, but still not comfortable at all through waxed body feeling.

Receptionist: How many people?

Sara: Two.

Sara answered by herself, though, it’s not at all problem, but I felt the girl could know that I was submissive to Sara, although it might be pretty normal in this country, but it’s not normal for me, and I also knew that Sara knew it and so, she enjoyed it.

Receptionist: This way, please.

She guided us to the area and provided the table. We sat there and I saw a waiter came to our table to serve the water and asked about the order. He had two menu folders. First, he gave to Sara and then me.

Sara: He doesn’t need it.

Waiter: Oh, sure.

He took back the menu folder. I was again shocked, I knew that she either already decided what we were going to eat or would decide after seeing the menu, and she would not allow me to say anything, but she should at least allow me to read the menus, and moreover, she should not tell such things in front of the waiter, he would definitely think about Sara’s behavior, as well my silence, as I didn’t say anything.

Sara: I’ll let you know once, I will decide about the order.

Again, she used “I” instead of “We”, and indicated to others that she was the one who took decision for both of us.

Waiter: Sure, ma’am.

He left. I was just looking at the table, as I couldn’t get courage to look at any other place, even at Sara, as well. After some times Sara ordered for us. We were waiting for the food, meanwhile I felt something touched my waxed leg, I immediately looked there, and I saw it was Sara’s feet, when I looked at her, she was playing and giggling at me.

Sara: So, didn’t you like it?

Armaan: I… I am not comfortable.

Sara: That’s even better.

I frustrated at myself, why I was giving chance to Sara to enjoy. I decided to be quiet, then she put her feet on my shaved thigh, I felt more tingling there, but I couldn’t do anything. At my ease, waiter brought food for us. We started to eat, but Sara continued with her stuff to enjoy, while having food and made me more uncomfortable, even while having dinner. After completing the dinner, she paid the bill as well, and I literally thought, that I was thoroughly at her mercy and totally submissive to her. I couldn’t want afyon escort to think, what the staff of the restaurant could think about our relationship, and if someone noticed Sara’s deed, then what that person(s) would think.

Once, we came out of restaurant and sat in the car, then,

Armaan: Sara…

She immediately looked at me.

Armaan: I apologize, Goddess, I want to say something.

Sara: You don’t deserve, but still you’re obliged.

Armaan: Thank you Goddess.

Sara: Go ahead.

Armaan: Why you’re doing it to me, you really need money, then I will find some way.

Sara (with her playful smile): Okay, till then, do as I say.

I didn’t have anything to say, I knew it, she didn’t need money, in fact, she liked to humiliate me.

Sara: In fact, let’s get home and have some talk.

I couldn’t understand, what’s in her mind, but still I thought, I might hope something, but on the other moment, I thought, I shouldn’t hope anything.

While driving the car, she put her right hand on my thigh, I immediately saw at her, and I saw she was enjoying.

Sara: Really, you don’t like it?

Armaan: I am not comfortable, as I did it first time, it’s absolutely weird feeling.

Sara: You will get use to it.

Armaan: But why?

Sara: As I say, we’ll have some talk, once reach at home.

I became quiet for some time. After silence for short duration,

Sara: Why don’t you remove your shirt and pant?

I was in extreme horror, she asked me to be nude in public. I looked at her.

Sara: I am serious, it’s dark outside, we’re on freeway, so you don’t need to worry about. And moreover, don’t doubt on my judgement.

She didn’t leave any situation for me to say anything. She stopped car at one spot.

Sara: Slave, quick. I stopped the car, so that you can remove your seat belt to remove your shirt, be fast.

I did it, once I removed my shirt, she started the car.

Sara: Go ahead, you can remove your pant as well.

I removed my shoes, socks and pant. I was just in my underwear only.

Sara: You might want to remove that, as well.

She giggled. She could definitely enjoy my begging from my eyes and so, she was enjoying it, too.

Sara: Come on, you were nude in front of other person, then why not in front of me, anyhow, I am your Goddess.

Armaan: Please no, Goddess.

Sara: Are you still doubting on my judgment?

I didn’t have any choice, but to remove my underwear.

Sara: Sit on it.

I put my underwear on the seat, and then sit on it.

Sara: Didn’t you think, you look more fair than before?

I was totally in shame, in front of a young clothed girl, at outside area, fully waxed, and under her mercy, in fact, under her amusement.

Sara: What are you thinking?

Armaan: Goddess, please forgive me, I am not doubting on your decision, but if someone will look, or if cop will catch us, then?

Sara: If something will happen, then I will save you, don’t worry, sweetie.

I heard that word so many times, that then I started to hate the word. I was still thinking that how she was so confident, though, I knew from beginning, she was very confident girl, but I never imagined her at that level.

Luckily, we reached at the home safely, without any problem. She parked her car in parking space. I started to wear my clothes.

Sara: No need for it.

Armaan (almost in crying voice): Goddess, please.

Sara: Don’t worry sweetie pie, I will take care of everything. Give me your clothes, stay in the car. Once, I will unlock the door, you may come.

I didn’t know how to react, whether, I should be relax that I just need to finish merely ten steps or, I should worry about someone could look outside from the window, though it’s already very late at night.

Sara: You must immediately respond me. Give me your clothes.

I was giving her my clothes, but I was reluctant.

Sara: Leave the clothes, sweetie.

I gave her.

Sara: Now be ready ok?

Armaan: Yes Goddess.

She opened the door, and indicated me. I immediately opened the car door, looked at surroundings, and ran away towards the door. I think, I completed the distance in just 5 steps, as the distance in almost 10 steps.

Once, I was inside the door, and closed the door immediately, and tried to get calm. After a minute or so,

Sara: We’re at home.

I recalled that, I need to greet agrı escort Sara. I immediately sit on my knees and greeted Sara, while kissing her feet.

Sara (patting my head with her hand): Very good baby, now remove my shoes and put them in the closet.

I removed her shoes, and put them in the closet.

Sara: Now come with me.

I followed her. She sat on the couch, and put my clothes besides her.

Sara: Sit next me.

I sat near her, in the position in which she wanted me to sit (a slave’s position). After sitting, I looked at her, and I saw, she thoroughly enjoyed the situation.

Sara: You look so cute in waxed body, I really like it.

I could see that she actually liked it, from her face expression.

Sara: Anyways, two thing, I want to discuss with you. First of all, I couldn’t understand, why you are always complaining about my dominance over you? Don’t you want it?

I couldn’t answer her, as in fact, even I didn’t know. In reality, I liked it, but I was scared that how could I accept it?

Sara: So, you’re not denying it, at least, hun?

Armaan: No, I don’t like it.

Sara: Then, why did you see all those pics with comments?

I couldn’t answer her.

Sara: You don’t have answer for it, it means you like it.

Armaan: No, actually I like it just to read the comments.

Sara: And what about your comments, which you wrote there?

Armaan: I… please don’t do that.

Sara: You didn’t convinced me, and I know your secret, I can keep it with me till you will do everything without any complain.

I had another defeat and probably the last fight against her.

Sara: And now the most interesting part, your punishment.

I didn’t have anything to save me about it, she already gave me the ultimatum.

Sara: As, you know, you will get spanking.

She was enjoying my defeat again and again.

Armaan: Yes Goddess.

Sara: Very good sweetie. So go to the dining table, spread your legs and put your hands on the edge of two parallel side of the table.

I tried to get up.

Sara: Aaaa… go there on your fours.

I understood that within a week she learnt so many things from the internet. I went to the table and took my position.

Sara came to me, touched my bums and giggled. Then came to opposite side of the table and made the eye contact with me. I wanted to break the eye contact,

Sara: Don’t break it, look into my eyes and say why you need punishment?

How shameful it was to be nude in front of young clothed girl, while saying of the reason of receiving spanking. I knew, it could be very erotic, but just in the imagination, not in reality. But I needed to face the reality.

Armaan: Goddess, I made some mistakes, so I deserve punishment.

I felt so much shame while saying it.

Sara: Some mistakes?

I kept silent for some time, but I knew, it was not going to work.

Armaan: Many mistakes, Goddess.

Sara: Yes, and what punishment?

Armaan (again after some silence): Spanking by Goddess.

Sara (while patting my hair): Very good puppy.

Then she went behind me, and I was expecting of initiating my punishment. But, Sara started to rub my bums and commented,

Sara: It’s so smooth, why didn’t you do it before? But anyways, from now on, I will make sure everything in better way.

She again laughed, and I need to swallow my mortification. She looked at my face from my left side and asked me,

Sara: Do you like it? (rubbing her hands on my bums)

I actually liked it, but I couldn’t imagine the consequences of my acceptance.

Sara: You know what, you don’t need to say anything, your tiny dick, that’s said of small penis, right?

She laughed very loudly.

Sara: Your pee-pee said everything very loudly.

I just realized that my pre-cum was already started. I thought, why everything was going against me.

Sara: I know, you love it, but trust me I will make you to get courage to accept it.

She actually scared me, while saying it. What’s in her mind and what she’s planning for? I was thinking and suddenly, I felt one sharp slap on my left hairless bum. I couldn’t understand and my mind was froze for a moment.

I actually like to receive a spank, it was painful but I must say more pleasurable, but on other hand, I also felt thorough degradation. I couldn’t understand how to react, and suddenly received another spank on the other butt cheek. akdere escort After first two spanking, Sara rubbed her hand on my buttocks. While rubbing her hand,

Sara: You really like it, hun?

I couldn’t answer.

Sara: I know you like it, I could see the pre-cum is flowing on your leg from your teeny-weeny.

Again she laughed.

Sara: But I want answer from you.

I couldn’t understand how to response, but after I made up my mind,

Armaan: Please don’t degrade me, Goddess.

Sara: Oh, you don’t like it, hun?

Armaan: No Goddess.

Sara: Then I need to do in a way that you will like it.

I knew Sara was smart, but I didn’t imagine her smartness at that level before the moment, but then, I understood she was way far better smart than my belief. She enjoyed each and every moment, whether the situation was in her favor or not. I thought she was expecting my answer in her acceptance, but I didn’t answer according to her expectation, but still she enjoyed that moment. I was again disturbed in my thinking by her another spank.

Sara: I actually like your comments as well as those captions which was written on the pics, let’s play that way.

I wanted to say her no, but I knew it would not make any sense. She learnt many of the things very quickly.

Sara: So, from now every spank, which you will receive, you must count it and thank me for punishing you. You know that, right? What will you say?

I knew that caption, I read it so many times, I like it and masturbated so many times while reading it, and I was sure, she knew it, so my disagrees would make her pissed off, and she might embarrass me more, that I didn’t want.

Armaan: Thank you Goddess for correcting me after the count.

Sara: Very good sweetie.

I received another spank.

Armaan: Four, Thank you Goddess for correcting me.

Sara: Aa aa aa… Wrong, I said from now on, so let’s start from beginning.

“What the hell it!” I said myself.

Sara: You made so many mistakes, so I think let’s start with 20 count for your correction, what you say?

I couldn’t answer, how could I say “Yes”, and she would not accept my “No”. I didn’t know what to say, and suddenly I received another spank.

Sara: You know, why it was?

Armaan: Yes Goddess, I didn’t answer you, and you have to wait.

Another spank,

Sara: Hmmm, you’re not that stupid! Now answer me.

I had to answer and of course answer must be in her acceptance only.

Armaan: Yes Goddess, start from 20.

Sara: Nice baby dick, so, you accept it, and I assure you, you will definitely like it, one day.

Then, she started spanking and gave me 20 spank on each butt cheeks, and I repeatedly thanked her after every spank. I thought spanking was fun, but on that day, I realized that it was awesome in just imagination, it was actually painful, and my eyes became actually tearful.

After spanking, she again rubbed her palm, honestly saying, I actually felt extremely good her rubbing after the spanking. Then, she came in front of me,

Sara: Oh baby, are you crying, hun?

Tear were not rolling down from my cheeks, yet, but, she was right, I was almost crying.

Sara (in her play full voice) : Don’t cry baby, it’s for your correction, you know that, right?

I knew, she wanted answer from me, moreover, she might want answer same as those captions and so, I had to answer.

Armaan: Yes Goddess, I know, you’re doing it for my good.

Sara: Very good, so you need to thank me. You may change your position to thank me.

I stood up from the bending position and that was actually painful at the lower back, moreover, I could feel pain and heat on my butts. Now, I assumed, she wanted me to kiss her toe and thank her. I immediately sit on my knee and down my face to kiss her toe,

Armaan: Thank you Goddess for helping me to correct my mistakes.

She put her other feet on my head, and I heard a photo click, I was sure, she took photo from her cell phone.

Sara: Now be on your fours and follow me.

I followed her, she sat on couch.

Sara: Lie on your back, and massage my feet.

I lay on my back, and going to start massaging her feet, and she put her other foot on my mouth.

Sara: I think your mouth can be useful, too, isn’t it?

Sara (talking to herself): Oh, what a tiring day, but why should I worry, I think, I have a good subservient.

I started to massage her, and lick her other feet.

Sara: Make sure to cover whole feet by your mouth, don’t leave even a single millimeter area, and continue till I’ll stop.

I was waiting her signal to stop, but I knew the session would not be ended soon.

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