Casey gets clean

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Casey opened the door of her car and stepped out. The night air was cool with a mild breeze. Fog hung in the air, or perhaps it was just in her head. It had been a very long shift, and her feet were killing her. Now it was a very early Sunday. She began to drag herself up to the front door of her mom’s house she could hear footsteps running toward her. Heavy breathing, startled, she spun around. Dave, the next door neighbor, stopped just short of her. He greeted her with a smile, and said “Good morning”.

“Good morning to you. Isn’t it a bit early for a run?” He was hot, mid thirties she guessed, and his wife, Sharon, was gorgeous.

“Nahh, I run pretty regularly this time of day. It’s cooler, and less people out, so less distracting me. You, on the other hand, are a welcome distraction at the end of my run.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Sharon is out of town again, so you are the only beautiful woman I’m likely to come across.”

She could feel her face turning bright red, even in the dark. She had already had to fight back arousal while she was at work, but now this? It wasn’t fair she thought. “Thank you Dave. Good night” She turned and trudged up the walkway to the door.

“Good night, say hello canlı bahis to your mom for me when she gets back.”

“Did she leave Jack here, or take him with her this time?”

“Hahaha” his laugh told her the answer right away. “He’s probably drunk on the couch girl. Let me know if you need help.”

“Thanks Dave”

She opened the door as quietly as possible, slipped in, then closed and locked it behind her. She had no patients to deal with him tonight. She peeked around the corner, and felt the flood of relief. He was passed out, tv still on. She made her way quietly to her room, and locked the door. As she recalled her day she began to become aroused again. It had been 2 months since she last had sex. She had watched her boss as he worked, daydreaming about him eating her, and then fucking her.

With the shower running she disrobed, and prepared to wash the day away. The water was warm as she stepped into the shower. It felt amazing on her skin. She began her ritual of hair washing, then conditioner. Her daydream began to come back to her as she washed her body.

Her hands caressed her breasts, and then she began teasing her nipples. Now it was Dave she was thinking about. His hands gently rubbing her tits, bahis siteleri and twisting her nipples.

She moved her left hand down her toned belly, and onto her sex. An electric sensation received as she slipped her middle finger through her slit. Her eyes closed, she closed she was imagining him sucking her nipples, and playing with her clit. Her breathing was getting heavy as she slipped her index finger into her pussy. She let out a moan of pleasure over the welcomed intrusion.

She slid down the wall of the shower to a seated position. Her feet spread, and her knees wide apart. She began to stroke her finger in and out. All the while rubbing her breasts and nipples with her other hand. As she switched back to massaging her clit her moans and squeaks increased in volume and frequency. She was now well on her way to a much needed orgasm. She was lost in her dream now.

She plunged her finger back into her pussy. As she strummed her g-spot she was racing toward her climax. Her cries of ecstasy only faintly registering in her brain.

Then, suddenly, everything stopped, nothing but pleasure flooded her body. She stiffened, breath held. The pleasure was intense as her orgasm crashed over her body like a much bahis şirketleri needed warm blanket. Wave after glorious wave of pleasure rocked her.

She stayed there as the water cascaded over her limp body. She continued caressing her left breast with her free hand. Quietly moaning as she did so. This movement, and noise are the noise the only signs of life. Slowly she opened her eyes again. Staring out the glass door of the shower. Just staring off into nothingness. She’s had her fun she thought.

She brought herself back to life, and stood back up to finish her shower. Switching the head to a spraying blast, she began to shave. First her legs, then switching to a fresh razor to shave her pits. She would need to shave her pubic area another time, too sensitive tonight.

Exiting the shower she grabbed a towel. As she turned, fear halted her immediately. The window was open. Just a few inches, but still open. How could she have missed that? She slammed it shut and locked it…. It is directly across from the shower. That was a stupid mistake to make, but it was 4am, surely no harm could come of it.

After drying, and brushing out her hair she donned panties, and a shirt to sleep in. Then she climbed into bed for a good sleep. With her thoughts wandering back to Dave. What would it feel like to have him inside of her? What would it be like to suck on his cock? Hmmmm zzzzzzz

She was out in no time…..

to be continued.

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