Carny Ch. 06

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I didn’t immediately realize that she was naked until I started rubbing her back and realized what she’d used to clean me up. The feel of her silky skin under my fingertips sent blood flowing through my body, reviving my half-hard cock. I moved my hands up her strong back and buried them in her thick hair, pulling her back and ravishing her throat with rough kisses. She trembled, allowing me to roll her onto her back, her hands resting lightly on my shoulders.

“My turn.” I said in a soft voice, licking the soft flesh just under her ear and nipping the skin. I pushed up onto my knees and lifted her under her arms, moving her to the middle of the bed and on top of the pillows. Lacey let me move her without complaint, settling herself into the goose down as I lay on top of her, pressing her into the softness of the pillows. My mouth moved from her lips to her bared breasts and I marveled at their individual beauty before bending to taste their individual charm.

Lacey moaned, trying to press the nipple deeper into my mouth but I held back. I’d already tasted her breast abidinpaşa escort before and I was more interested in what laid between those muscled stumps. I kissed over her abdomen, noticing the strength that rippled beneath my lips and progressed straight downward to her shaved mound. The scent of her womanhood hit me first, rich and heady and I couldn’t wait to delve into her honey.

She did not disappoint. I let my nose press into the top of her slit, wiggling and stimulating her swollen but hidden clit, then rotated my face down, my tongue sticking straight out to spear her wet hole. I tasted the tang of her essence, followed by a sweetness that made my mouth water. I licked again and again, burying my face in her sweet cunt and pulling her hips into my mouth. Her stubs wrapped around my head and I was suddenly deafened by her flesh, nestled into her body and suckling her pussy.

Her body bucked in my hands and I held tightly to her, keeping my face pressed into her salty quim, licking and sucking until she grabbed my head adana escort and pressed my face against her. She rode my tongue like a cock, impaling herself on its extended length over and over, my nose smashing against her clit until she came. I swallowed her copious cum, loving every ounce until she released me and I pulled back to breathe. Her eyes were closed and her body was trembling, her nipples hard and rosy red.

“I want you inside me.” She whispered, slowly opening sex-sleepy eyes and giving me a sated smile. “Fuck me, Steven.”

My cock was suddenly rock hard and I crawled up, settling my weight between her hips. “Your wish is my command.” I leaned down and kissed her, letting my dick fall into the slick crack of her slit. She purred, arching against me, her lust-darkened eyes finding mine and holding tight. I lost myself in their depths and slid into her.

As her warm wetness engulfed my prick, I entered a level of consciousness that only lovers found. Lacey’s eyes spoke words that only our hearts heard as I moved inside her. Nothing else adıyaman escort mattered except that precious connection. Her stumps clamped me against her and I held my torso above her, flexing my back so that my hips drove into her with ease. She matched my every stroke, holding onto my shoulders for dear life.

“Steven … ” Her murmur was light and breathy and within moments, we were cresting the wave, gliding over the top together as passion and lust claimed us, branding and making us its own. My cock pulsed inside her hot hole, spurting strings of milky cum into her body as her pussy muscles clasped me tightly, rippling against my flesh and making me cum even harder. My lips found her and we breathed together, whimpering as we enjoyed the sweet aftermath.

Neither of us moved for several minutes but I held her close, feeling her soft breaths on my neck and her cheek against mine. I rolled to the side and smiled down into her eyes, wincing as my flaccid cock slid out of her. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, yes.” She snuggled against me, a late shiver causing her to gasp and smile at the same time. “I’m quite fine.”

“Good.” I pulled the comforter over us and kissed her forehead. “Because I’m gonna hold you to your word.”

“What word?”

“Miles to go before we sleep.”

Lacey giggled and both of us slipped off into sleep.

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