Can’t Rape the Willing 2

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They slowly untied my hands and laid them by my side. My arms hurt like hell. Then I felt them untying my legs. Great it was the best time for me to escape. Yeah right now, I am so weak and tired, and I don’t know what kind of trouble I would get myself into. I just have to take what’s given to me till my strength is back.

“Up you go, we have to get this dirty whore clean.”

“Fuck you! I might be dirty but I am not a dam whore” He Slap me right across my right side of my face, right across my bruise cheek and eye inflamed more.

“For one you are a dam whore, you are whatever we call you, and yes you are dirty inside and out. By the way we own you till your Master pays us off or we are done with you.”

I was in tears, now I do feel like I was disowned, I felt like a dam dirty whore, I should give up now. But that would be too easy, that’s what they want, for me to just give in, for now I guess, till I do get my strength (if I ever do) I will let them do whatever they want, or what I will let them do to me.

“If I am a whore, why haven’t you paid me yet..? Masters”

“We are you just don’t know it yet.” Snake said

“Now let’s get you in that bathroom and get you clean.”

They grabbed my hair and pulled me out of the bed, and then they put a collar round my neck and I heard a click when they put a leash on, they helped me up on my feet. I was weak from all the beatings, being tied up for so long, and the hell of an orgasm. They had to help me walk to the bathroom or whatever I was going.

I finely found out that I wasn’t in a hotel room; I was in a huge house. They lead me down a dark hallway down to the bathroom. (This bathroom was huge and beautiful) I saw an enema bag hanging from the shower curtain, different kinds of sex toy lying on a towel on the floor and sink, there was a bathroom chair covered with a towel that was sitting out side the huge tub that was filled with hot bubbly water. There was a bathroom mat that was covered with a thick towel. I guess they don’t want me to make a big mess.

“Now get on your knees with your ass in the air on that chair.”

“NO Master”

“Do it now” Rex said with a firm voice and tugging on my leash and collar.

I finely gave up and did what he said. I was on my hands and knees with ass in thee air. I felt someone’s hand rubbing my ass then smacking it hard. “Nice tight ass. Man you’re a dirty little whore, now be a good girl and relax.” Yeah right relax, that’s a jock poker oyna of the year. I looked up and saw Rex reach for the enema hose. Oh shit I was going to be in trouble if I let him use that on me. I finely felt him trying to put the enema nozzle in me, he pushed a little harder. I didn’t want that dam thing in me. He smacked me hard on my ass and I jumped; in addition he started to put his finger up my ass with out lube.

“Relax now or this is going to hurt worse, you dam whore.”

“NO dam it.” I screamed in pain when he shoved the nozzle up my ass and pushed to make sure it would say in. “I told you it would hurt.” I felt the luke warm water flowing in me. Then I felt a sharp pain in my pussy, Snake was fucking me hard with his finger. I looked back at him, with tears started to roll down my face “Dam that hurts, please stop Master” Then as I turned my face away from him the wipe my eyes, he stop fingering me and shoved a huge dildo up me. I thought his fingers were painful. I screamed in pain. “Like that huh?” I felt someone pushing on the bag making the water rush harder in my anus; he finely took the hose out of my ass and stuck a huge butt plug in as fast as he took out the nozzle.

I felt someone pull on my leash, to make me sit on my plug. I try to pull back, but the more I pull the hard he was chocking me. I finely felt him wrap the leash around his hand, and yank me back towards him. I felt him staring down at me, and his hot breath on my neck. “The more you fight us, the more you will get punished the more you will hurt.” I felt him lean in closer to me and he whispered in my ear “The hornier we get, now get in the tub” I felt him reach down to my butt and pushed the butt plug in a little further, I felt a bigger knot of the plug go in. They helped me off the chair and into the bathtub.

The water was hot, but not to bad, I don’t know what kind of bubbles put in the water but it smelt good and relaxing. “I am in the tub, now what Master?” I was stirring them in his eyes. I knew I was going to get smacked because of the smart ass comment, but at this point I didn’t care, I still felt like shit and disowned. Perhaps I would like these guys better then my own Master, doubt it. Yep here it comes, that smack I was looking for right across the ass.

“Sit down on the butt plug till it goes all the way up your ass, and relax for a bit, while we or I wash you up.” Rex said. I sat down like he said, I was trying not to put all my weight down, I knew there canlı poker oyna were at least two maybe three bigger knots to go. Rex looked at me and saw I wasn’t sitting down all the way, “Testing me ah?” He took his shirt off and tossed it on the floor. I tried to ease the butt plug up me. Man I was tight or the plug was bigger then I thought, because the next knot didn’t want to go in without some kind of force. Rex knelt down besides the tub, put his large hands around my hips and pushed me down as hard a he could, making that plug go all the way in. I was in tears

“Dam that hurts, please stop, please!” I whimpered.

“Shut up you dam dirty whore, I am done pissing around with you.” He grabs something from the floor and shoved it in the water.

“Sit back and relax please.” I scoot down and try to relax as mush as the butt plug would let me. I felt his hand rubbing my inner thigh with a washcloth up to my pussy. “Spread your legs, we need to clean that filthy pussy.” I felt him grabbing my lips of my pussy and started pulling and rubbing them with the washcloth. Then I felt him started rubbing my clit. All I could do is close my eyes and enjoy it. Then I felt him washing my legs and feet.

“It looks like your legs need a good shaving; I know your pussy does.” God I felt so good when someone else is washing your body. I laid back an enjoyed every moment.

“I found that dildo that we where looking for.” Snake comes the room yelling

“Good I give it do me.” Snake hands Rex the dildo.

I wasn’t any kind I have seen before. I was long and huge, and had holes up and down it with some kind of holes attachment at one end. Rex reaches behind him again and grabbed some kind of hosepipe and attachment it to the water falsest in the bathtub, then he shoved the dildo up my pussy, turned on the cold water and started fucking me with it.

“Now your pussy is being cleaned, lets to the rest of your body, tilt your head back.” He left that dildo up me while he started washing the rest of my body.

He pour the bath water or my face and hair with a glass, then he put shampoo in his hand and started to clean my hair, he took the glass and filled it with clean water and rinsed my hair. Then he took the wash cloth and cleaned my face. I could still taste the blood from my nose. Rex looked at with a slight unsympathetic look to his face, but his hands are telling a different story. After cleaning my face, I saw the bloody washcloth; I didn’t realize internet casino that my face was that bad. But my face felt better then before, the dried blood was gone. I could breathe again, for now. I was starting to feel better and clean again. But I was cold still, that dam dildo was up in my pussy, all I wanted to do is take it out, so I reach down to try to take it out.

“Thinking about playing with yourself?” Rex said with a grin. “No Master, I thought I would take out this cold dildo out?” I didn’t know what to except, so I said it was a scared smile.

“Oh yeah I almost for got out that, do you need to use the john?”

“OH yes Master please, my stomach is starting to hurt. Please Master my I use the toilet?” I must of said something right, because he helped me out the bathtub and took the butt plug out. Then he left the room with the door ajar. OMG that felt so good expelling my bowls: It felt like I was sitting there for an hour or so, because before I knew it both of the man came back in with a grin on their faces. I hurried up and whipped my ass and got up. “Get back in the tub we’re not done with you.” Rex said

I lay back in the hot, smoothing bathtub, and tried to relax, I was worried what they are going to do to me next, but I didn’t care right now. Rex knelt down next to the tub again and took one of my legs out and started shaving it. He didn’t do a bad job; I guess he had a lot of practice shaving legs, I know their not the easiest things to shave in the bathtub. Rex told me to stand up; he took the shower chair and set it the bathtub facing him. “Sit down and spread your legs.” I did what I was told. I sat down I spread my legs, I made sure that he/ they could get to my pussy effortless.

I was starting to get wet again, I was glade my pussy was dry as the desert. I haven’t had someone take care of me like this in a long time. I was feeling pampered and love, maybe I should make a deal with them, granted I may have to give up my body, but I was doing that any ways with my Master, but at the same time I didn’t feel right, like I was disobeying. Dam I am so confused, I was starting to feel more and more tired. I am clean now, and all I want now is to rest.

Next thing I knew he was rinsing off my pussy, and the rest of my body with the shower head. They helped me up and wrapped me in a large towel, Rex picked me up and we all headed down the hallway again. I was so out of it, all I know is that we weren’t in the same room, but I didn’t care I was sleeping, warm, and conferrable, at this point I had no knowledge of what they where doing to me and why they are being so kind, but soon I will know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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