Can You Make Me High?

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“I still want to know how our normal movie night turned into a ‘let’s watch porn on your laptop’ night?”

“You’re the one who couldn’t decide what movie to watch. And now here we are, in bed on a Tuesday night with popcorn, beer and my laptop loading porn in the background. Seems logical to me.” I stated as I set the big bowl of buttery popcorn on the bed, taking a piece and popping in my mouth, chewing it happily as I shrugged my shoulders at his question.

“It amazes me everyday that I’m dating someone like you.”

“Why? Because I’m a girl and I watch porn?”

“No, because I’m dating a girl who finds it perfectly normal to get into bed with her boyfriend and watch porn like they’re binging Netflix.”

“We could go in the living room and watch.”

“Clearly not the point.”

“Oh come on,” I scoffed, climbing up onto the king size bed and curling up into him. “You know you love it. Every guy secretly dreams of a girl that’s either okay with or indulges their ability to watch porn. Be excited you have a girlfriend that does exactly that.”

“You know I am and I also love you, including all your weird quirks.”

“I love you too…now can we get to watching. I haven’t seen some of yours yet.”


Between the two of us we had a good mix of some actual decent porn and also some of the funny, just downright cringey ones that you can only joke about. It definitely has been one of the most interesting nights I’ve spent with a guy.

A little over an hour later and a string of some of my favorites, I was completely lost in my own world, wanting nothing more than to slip my hand into my pajama shorts and take care of the throbbing between my legs. My mind barely registered his hand pushing my hair to the side and whispering, “Your cheeks are flushed and your breathing is heavy. Are you wet sweetheart?”

“I can’t help it…this is my favorite one,” I whimpered, squirming a little in my seat and feeling how wet I was from watching but also from just being near him, smelling his unique scent mixed with a hint of his cologne.

His hand slipped through my hair and softly grabbed a handful, moving his head to my neck and nipping at the spot where my jaw met my neck, causing me to let out a little moan. “Don’t look away from the computer screen. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Mmm good girl.” He slipped a finger underneath one of the straps of my cotton camisole. “Even though this shirt makes your breasts look amazing, I think we need to take it off since it’s in the way.”

I pulled the cami over my head, my breasts slightly bouncing without the confines of my bra that I had taken off earlier. My eyes never leaving the computer screen, I could see out of the corner of my eye him licking his lips and staring at my half naked body, his güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hand discretely adjusting the bulge in his pajama pants. It aroused me to no end knowing how I could turn him on so easily and break that cool and collected facade, even if it was for just a few moments.

“Much better. Now I want you keep watching the screen, letting your hands wander over your body, feeling the goosebumps form on your soft skin as your mind begins to imagine all the things you want me to do to you.”

I started at my cheek and moved down my neck, over my chest, arms and stomach, skipping over where I wanted my hand the most. My entire body shivered in its currently excited state when he just merely stroked the outside of my thigh with the back of his hand and nuzzled his nose right underneath my ear.

“Is this what you do when I’m not with you. Do you watch this, imagining it was me doing these things to you?” He whispered, his breath deliciously tickling my ear and neck, making me hotter than I already was.

“Yes,” I sighed.

He chuckled, lifting a finger to my flushed cheek, teasingly stroking it and causing my head to lean into his hand, desperate for him to touch me elsewhere. “Start to play with your breasts. Roll them in your hands, feeling how swollen they’ve gotten.” His finger moves slowly over my jaw and down to my neck, lightly teasing my skin. “Trace a finger around your nipples, are they sensitive?”

I nod my head a little as I trace the other nipple and lull my head backwards, whimpering as he pulled his hand away and looked at me with teasing eyes. “Not tonight baby, I want you to entertain me a little first before I spend the rest of the night fucking your pretty little body until you’re unable to move.”

“Are you still mad at me for sending that picture?”

His laugh echoed the room. “Why would I be mad at you for sending that picture? It was…shit I can’t even express how hot that picture was. But since you brought it up, I still haven’t punished you for having some fun by yourself while I was out getting us breakfast.”

“So this is the punishment? Making me masturbate to porn? Hate to break it to you, but that’s not much of a punishment.”

“Ohhh no no, this is strictly for my enjoyment. No, your punishment I’ll save for later when I have lots and lots of uninterrupted time to thoroughly teach you that only I can tell you when you’re allowed to cum.” He grabbed my chin and turned my head to meet his dark eyes. It really shouldn’t turn me on this much when he’s like this…but it does. “Do you understand?”

I swallowed hard, already incredibly excited just from the prospect of him torturing me for as long as he saw fit.

“Yes Sir.”

“Good…now take off your shorts. And leave your panties on.”

Laying güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my head back on the pillow, I made a show of throwing both of my legs up and slowly pulled off my short cotton pajama shorts, thankful for the 10+ years of gymnastics my parents involuntary made me take. Hey, if I was already getting punished, might as well go all in. I threw the pajama shorts onto the floor next to the bed with my cami and sat back in my cross legged position in front of the computer screen.

“You’re so damn lucky that I love when you tease me like that.”

“Maybe one day the student will surpass the master?”

“I wouldn’t hold your breath, but you did give me an idea for a little role play night.”

“When isn’t something I say interpreted by you as sexual.”

“Can’t help it. Now, lean back and keep watching the screen.”

I leaned back onto the mountain of pillows behind me and stretched out my legs, leaving them open just enough for the cool air of the ceiling fan to hit my soaked panties, causing me to shiver again.

After moving the computer further up on the bed, he turned around and faced me just out of reach of where it was easy for either of us to touch each other. “Move your hand over your cunt on the outside of your panties.”

I slid my hand down my stomach, the light from the computer screen reflecting off my belly button ring, forcing myself not to stick my hand down my panties just yet. When I reached my covered pussy, I bit my lip at how wet and sensitive I really was.

“Spread your legs a little more sweetheart,” He said, his voice rough as he watched my legs spread open for his view. “Fuck you’re so wet. Trace your finger over them, spreading more of your wetness onto your panties.”

The wonderful sensation of running my already wet panties over my swollen clit caused me to bury myself deeper into the pillows, slowly rolling my hips into my finger in the desperation of finding that sweet spot which will push me over the edge. I closed my eyes and moaned, “Please…”

His hand slid over my thigh, caressing the same spot right above my knee, teasing me, letting me know who had all of the power with just this one touch.

“Please what?”

I choked out, “Please…let me cum.”

The slow smirk that formed on his face almost made me do just that.

“You will…but I haven’t had my fill of enjoyment yet. I need to tease you and torture you to the point of madness, your pussy completely dripping and your body shaking with need. Only then will I let you cum. Now roll your palm, making sure you’re hitting your clit.”

I gasped loudly, moving my hips faster in time with the rhythm of my hand, moaning as he moved his hand a little further up my thigh. My mind vaguely pondered ‘this is definitely güvenilir bahis şirketleri punishment for the picture…but not for playing alone’.

“Hmmm ok, take off your panties. And I’d be careful with the teasing.”

Yeah, It was definitely punishment.

I slid off the cream colored lacy thong and threw it on the pile of clothes next to my bed, laying back onto the pillows. My eyes looked back at the computer screen and saw a girl between the guy’s legs, licking a long line up his hard cock and slowly worked her mouth all the way down his cock, moans and grunts spilling out of the guy’s mouth. A few seconds later the girl moves off the guy’s cock, swallowing but with a thick, long stream of cum still connected between her mouth and his cock, making the girl go back down and clean his cock off. I licked my lips slowly, my breathing even harder and wanting to suck him off but knowing what would happen if I tried to move without his permission.

“Good girl. Now close your eyes and start by rubbing your fingers over your clit, feeling how aching and wet your pussy feels. How your lips are swollen and red from the teasing I’ve put you through. How does it feel?”

“Amazing,” I moaned.

“Move your other hand up your body, over your breasts, along your neck. Feel how your body craves your touch.”

My breathing became ragged and my body pulsated with the undeniable need to cum, wanting desperately to draw out the pleasure, but also needing to feel the euphoric wave of pleasure crashing through my body. I forcefully grabbed my left breast, pulling and rubbing as my hips rocked to the slow beat of my throbbing body, my eyes never leaving the computer as the girl lays on the couch and the guy slowly eats her out, whimpering and moaning resonating through the speakers.

“Are you almost there baby?” He questions as he moves closer, running his hand through my hair. His gruff voice pushed me closer to the edge and all I could do was nod, biting my bottom lip hard. The hand in my hair slowly slid down my face to my neck, wrapping around my neck tightly and whispered, “Then cum for me.”

“Ohh fuck!” I screamed out, moaning and panting as my hips continued to rock into my hand, my eyes closed as waves upon waves of pleasure crashed throughout my body. He let go of my neck and grabbed me as my body limped back onto the pillows, chest heaving up and down as I tried to recover.

“Damn…I don’t think I’ve ever cummed so hard,” I laughed as my eyes averted to the ceiling, the low hum of the fan coupled with the cool air helped to calm my breathing and brought me back to my senses.

My head turned and saw him grinning at me as his hand slid up my thigh, making me groan and shudder as one of his fingers drew up my slit and circled my swollen clit. He pulled his finger away with a glob of my cum dripping down his finger and brought it up to his mouth, licking and sucking on it with a guttural moan escaping his lips.

With a pop, he pulled his finger out of his mouth and stared down at me with a dark look of determination and lust.

“Then I’ll just have to try harder.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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