Brian, My First Gay Experience

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This story is about my first encounter with another guy named Brian a friend that I had gone to school with. It was the summer of 1976 I had just turned 18 and I thought that I had the world at my feet. I had graduated high school and for the first time I had the house to myself since my parents had taken my younger sister on a vacation and both my older sister and brother had gone away to friends for a few days. When I woke up in the morning I didn’t expect this was how my day would go.

10:30 in the morning the telephone rings, it was Brian asking if I wanted to go out cruising and drinking later tonight. I said sure I have nothing going on, and he said he would pick me up around 7:00.

Around 6:45 the door bell rings it was Brian holding a bag filled with brandy and beer.

“Bob”: Hey Brian you got the booze already I see, come on in and have a seat I’ll be ready in a couple of minutes.

At that point Brian went to the living room and sat on the sofa and I went upstairs to finish getting ready, when I came down Brian was drinking a beer still on the sofa.

“Brian”: Bob why don’t we just drink here tonight then we don’t have to worry about getting caught driving drunk.

“Bob”: Sure that’s a good idea.

Brian hands me a beer, opens the brandy and we both take a couple of big gulps from the bottle. After a little while we were both feeling pretty drunk since we had drank three beers each and almost all of the brandy was gone.

“Brian”: I brought a couple movies do you want to watch them?

“Bob”: Sure what did you bring anything good?

“Brian”: Well I think they are very good.

Brian puts the tape in the VCR turns on the television and starts the tape.

“Brian”: Now this may be a little different than anything that you may be used to but keep an open mind I think you may like it, at least I hope so.

“Bob”: I like all kinds of movies action, comedy you name it.

“Brian”: I really hope you’ll like it.

The movie started with a guy in bed with a really hot blonde chick with casino oyna huge tits. She was sucking his cock when suddenly another guy comes into the scene sticks his cock in front of the other guys face and the first guy starts sucking the second guys cock.

“Bob”: What the fuck is with that.

As I turned to Brian I could see he was rubbing his cock through his shorts. I was looking at how huge the bulge was when I looked up and noticed Brian was staring straight into my face.

“Brian”: It’s just three people having fun nothing wrong with that is there?

“Bob”: Well I guess not.

We both went back to watching the movie, which was just some more sucking and fucking. I looked over at Brian again and saw he had his cock out and was stroking himself, I was amazed at his size a little over 8 ½” about 5 ½” in circumference and uncircumcised. I thought to myself I am way smaller than him at about 4 ½”, a rather skinny 3 ¼” circumference and circumcised. I suddenly looked up to find Brian staring at me with a smile and I turned away.

“Brian”: Do you like what you see?

“Bob”: I’m not gay, it’s just that I never saw a cock that big before.

“Brian”: Oh so I guess you have checked out a few cocks in your life.

“Bob:: Well I couldn’t help notice when the guys got dressed in gym that most were bigger than me, but I don’t go around just checking guys out.

“Brian”: Just how small are you?

“Bob with face red”: In comparison with you tiny.

I couldn’t believe I was talking to him about cocks and looked down at him still stroking his own cock. He stopped and leaned over towards me with his eyes fixed on my shorts when he noticed I was starting to get hard.

“Brian”: Well I showed you mine how about letting me see yours, it’s only fair.

“Bob”: I told you I am not gay.

“Brian”: Would you be surprised if I told you I was?

“Bob”: You are, I can’t believe it.

It was then that Brian reached out and started to stroke the bulge in my shorts, I couldn’t believe but I was actually slot oyna enjoying it as I started to lean back and let him.

“Brian”: See relax you’ll enjoy this, as he started to unzip my shorts and pull out my cock, you are tiny but it’s rather cute.

As I leaned back further on the couch Brian put his lips to my cock swallowed it in his mouth and started pumping his lips up and down my shaft giving me my first blowjob. I looked down and could see his eyes looking up to me and his lips tried to smile as he had my cock in his mouth.

“Bob”: Oh yes that feels so good don’t stop.

I would have never thought I would enjoy this but I really was, it was then that Brian’s hand reached for mine and moved it to his cock. I opened my hand and took his cock in my hand rubbing it against my palm. I never felt another cock before and was amazed at how soft and at the same time hard that it felt, I could feel Brian sucking my cock harder and faster as I played with his.

“Bob”: Oh my god I’m going to cum.

I suddenly shot my load inside Brian’s mouth and he swallowed my cum, I fell back and almost collapsed letting my hand fall off his cock.

“Brian”: Did you enjoy that?

“Bob”: Yes very much, that was the first blowjob I ever had.

Brian again took my hand and placed it on his cock, without thinking I started stroking it again.

“Brian”: Yes that feels so good, would you like to suck my cock now.

“Bob”: I told you I am not gay.

“Brian”: No one will ever know, I thought you might want to take care of a good friend that just took care of you.

I looked down and could see his cock pulsing in my hand and for some reason I started imagining what it would be like. I looked up to Brian and noticed him looking at me with a disappointed look on his face.

“Bob”: Are you sure no one will find out?

“Brian”: I’ll never tell so unless you so nobody will ever find out.

It was then that I lowered my head to his cock took it in my mouth and tried to swallow the whole thing like he did but gagged canlı casino siteleri when the tip hit the back of my throat.

“Brian”: Take it slow not all at once we got all night.

I took his advice and only took the head and a little of the shaft in my mouth. I could feel his cock jump each time the head hit the inside of my cheek. As his cock filled my mouth I could feel my own starting to swell again and Brain noticed this also.

“Brian”: Bob swing your hips around so that I can suck your cock while you suck mine.

I didn’t let his cock slip out of my mouth as I did as he asked and once again my cock was in front of his face.

“Brian”: God you suck cock very good for your first time.

After a couple of minutes of sucking his cock I could feel it starting to twitch in my mouth, this made me so hot since I knew he was about to shoot his load, I started pumping my mouth faster and faster up and down his shaft.

“Brian: Oh god yes I’m cumming, yes I’m cumming.

Brian’s cock started to twitch harder when he grabbed my head and pushed it hard sending his cock deep into my mouth, it hit the back of my throat and I almost started to gag when his load shot in my mouth sending most of it straight down my throat. I guess this must have made my throat relax because the gagging stopped and I had the head of his cock inside my throat, this excited me so much I suddenly shot another load of cum in Brian’s mouth. Brain pulled his mouth away and lay his head down.

“Brian”: I guess you must have liked that, no? It was then that I opened my eyes and realized that I still had his cock in my mouth the head slowly shrinking away from my throat as he started getting softer. I took his cock out of my mouth and put my head down on the couch.

“Bob”: Well I never would have guessed that this was something I would enjoy.

“Brian”: Well I’m still felling pretty drunk, would you mind if I stayed over tonight?

“Bob”: No if you want to nobody will be home for a few days so you can stay on the couch if you want.

He went to sleep on the couch and I went up to my room, all I could think about that night was what it felt like to have my cock sucked and what it felt like to suck Brian’s cock. I jerked myself off and then went to sleep.

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