Brainy to Barbie: Cass

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Brainy to Bimbo: Cass Ch.01

“You son of a!”

“Get her out of here,” he beckoned his bodyguards.

“I’m not done with you,” yelled the elegant blonde.

“Yeah, well I’m done with you,” he mumbled back as she was ripped into the elevator.

The guards carried her to a long limousine waiting for them in front of the skyscraper. The driver opened the door as the hurried her into the back seat. Bystanders either didn’t notice or they didn’t dare intervene.

The limo drove for several hours without stopping. The woman, who thought they were going to kill her when they arrived in an abandoned lot on the outskirts of a small industrial town, was pleasantly surprised when they simply left her, albeit not before taking all of her possessions, including her clothes.

Ella would never surrender. Though it took her decades of hard and morally questionable work, she was determined to regain her fortune as quickly as it parted with her. After relieving herself, Ella judged the soundscape and identified a nearby highway. At the highway, she identified the direction most likely to bring her to civilization and made her way. She walked nude, having decided a long time ago that it didn’t matter what anyone thought of her. She was toned, with large breasts and fully expected to reject at least one white knight on her way to town.

After making quick work of her highway suitors, Ella happened upon a large pit stop with multiple fast-food restaurants with a high end one attached. The moment she walked in, she was approached by staff who informed her that she needed clothing to enter. Ella explained that she had been robbed and needed to call the police. The staff almost didn’t believe her due to her calm tone. After being given an employee’s uniform one size too big for her, she waltzed into the high-end restaurant where a travelling businessman happened upon her. Using the psychic and seductive skills she had honed her entire life, being among the world-class masters of the craft, she quickly ensnared this man. He couldn’t help but run his fingers up her legs while they sat at the bar. The combination of her vulnerability, control and sexual provocation overpowered the man who caved so hard he sought to please her not only with a free meal, but with extravagant gifts soon to be delivered. He even offered to leave his wife and children for her.

Despite his kind offer, Ella had already decided that she would rather make use of the bartender named Cass. After Ella had already brutally seduced the businessman within a few seconds of sitting together, she quickly zeroed in on Cass for her curvy body, innocent eyes and happy-go-lucky attitude. She wasn’t faking it, that much Ella could tell. As Cass came to attend to the lovers, Ella made what, if some historians could have seen it, would be considered the highest form of suggestion bordering on linguistic mind control. Her effect was so powerful and so subtle that its cause would have been impossible to notice, and its effect impossible to deny.

Ella took the man to his car to let him fuck her in exchange for ten thousand dollars. He lowered his backseat and spent an inordinate amount of time worshipping her body as she rested on all fours, waiting for him to finish the deed. With a light shake of her ass, she had him at attention pounding into her tight pussy. Her moans were geared toward increasing the amount of money he would give her. Meanwhile, Cass had a sinking feeling she needed to catch up with this mysterious woman. She wanted to have a word with her, but she didn’t know why. There was just something special about her, it was as if she could help Cass escape her situation, not that her situation needed escaping. Somehow, Cass knew that she could find the woman in the parking lot. Somehow, she knew Ella was the one causing the sounds of a grown man grunting coming from the luxury SUV. She also knew that this woman wanted her to watch.

Cass stood unnoticed by the couple as she watched the man lose his mind over Ella while Ella remained calm. He slammed and screamed into the tight blonde babe, but to the trained eye she didn’t seem to be really into it. Cass could tell that something unique was happening, since to most observers, it would have seemed that Ella was enjoying herself. However, Cass could tell that Ella had a purpose for everything she did and this event was no exception. It was at that moment that Cass began to fall madly in love with this woman.

When the man finished, Cass ran to a safe viewing distance. She stood watching as the two sat and talked for a short time. It wasn’t long before Ella gave a goodbye kiss, exited the vehicle and, after waiting for the man to leave, sauntered over to Cass.

“So, what did you think?”

“That was amazing. Who are you?”

“Me? Oh, I’m no one. I’m more interested in you,” she said as she began to groom Cass by adjusting her hair, her clothes. Cass swooned and nearly fell over. Ella caught her in her bosom and kissed her forehead gently. Though she should have been terrified of her situation, Cass felt a deep warmth overcome ostim escort her. She felt loved, cared for and, above all, ridiculously horny.

“Come on, let’s find a place to sleep.”

“Oh, you can stay at my apartment. I live alone.”

“Perfect, but don’t you have to work?”

“I’m done working.”

“My my, look at you.”

“You have to teach me how you did that, everything.”

“Sure! Why don’t we start tonight? Have you ever kissed a woman?”

“No… But now I want to.”

“Yes, I’m sure you do.

Brainy to Bimbo: Cass Ch.02

Cass was struck by a wave of horniness during their car ride. She practically gushed during her conversation with Ella. Ella explained that she was a former billionaire who had been outplayed by a competitor but couldn’t be killed for fear of her killer being killed in return. It was all very well-known in the underground community of which Ella was a part. Cass was amazed by this turn of events in her life. In the dark recesses of her mind, she knew good things were coming. In the forefront of her mind, however, was a strong desire to rub her clit against this woman.

Her hands shook while she pulled her keys to the door of her small-town apartment. She could barely speak and worried that when she did she would say the wrong thing. Ella made sure to soothe Cass’ insecurities as they arose by wrapping her arms around her and resting her head on her shoulders. Ella’s breath on her ear would have made her knocked her over if she hadn’t already braced for Ella’s weight. When she opened the door, she felt herself leading Ella straight to the bedroom.

There, Ella gently enforced her will. She laid Cass down on the bed softly and climbed over her. Cass looked at her expectantly and bit her lip, her hair framing her sweet face, inviting Ella to take her as she wished. Ella almost laughed. She brushed Cass’ hair, causing her to giggle. Cass had never done anything like this. Ella kissed her forehead lightly; she kissed her ear and neck. When it occurred to her that Ella wouldn’t stop at the neck, Cass’ temperature doubled. Her chest became bright red and she tried to press her crotch against Ella’s leg with moderate success. Cass, who laid almost paralyzed, couldn’t seem to muster the strength to rip her and Ella’s clothes off as she wanted to. She had to wait for Ella to make her way through whatever she had planned.

When Ella sucked on her nipples, she wondered if they might explode. Pleasure radiated all over her body. Ella sucked them like no man could, she had never felt so activated and alive. Ella paused to look into her eyes. Cass tried with all her might to communicate her growing needs. Ella continued slowly down her body. The skin on Cass body almost levitated to be closer to Ella’s lips. The cells of her body seemed to crowd around where they expected them to land. When they were right, Cass’ pleasure amplified. Her body became an instrument of pleasure and Ella was the undisputed master of that instrument. Cass and her body began to sing as Ella slipped off her work pants with dexterity. Cass thanked the heavens that she chose to wear cute panties.

Cass began to worry that Ella would torture her more by going for the legs. The worry grew so intense that, as her panties hit the floor, she mustered up a “please,” in the hopes that Ella would finally oblige her. She did.

Ella’s lips enveloped her pussy. Cass shot forward and tried to grab Ella’s head but grabbed the sheets instead. She moaned loudly and frantically as Ella gently caressed her clit and dug her fingernails into her soft flesh. “You’re going to be all mine,” Ella informed her. Cass moaned in agreement. “You’ll do whatever I say from now on,” she continued. Cass couldn’t help but want to agree. Her agreement made her orgasm build faster and harder, as if it threatened to shatter the room. Cass practically begged her to free her from the pressure. “You’re my girl now,” said Ella. Cass gripped her breasts and loudly agreed. She tried everything to maximize her pleasure, hoping to burst through the roof of her first lesbian orgasm. Ella’s tongue barely budged.

Ella knowingly caused an orgasm to ripple through the room without so much as a flick of the tongue, delivered with a smile. After Cass finished shaking, she curled up in front of Ella in the bed so she could be spooned. Ella pet her hair and kissed her softly. When some time had passed, Ella asked to have a shower. Cass fell asleep in bliss.

When Cass awoke, Ella was sitting at her computer. It didn’t occur to Cass that she had a password on her computer. Ella told her, when asked, that she was buying some things for the two of them with the money she had earned, it would be a surprise, she said. Shortly after, Ella joined Cass in bed again and started to kiss her. They spent several minutes just kissing, but Cass found herself wanting more. She wanted to please Ella in the same way, but no matter what she tried, she couldn’t seem to inspire the same rapture. It made her feel inadequate. Still, Ella seemed to push her to continue trying.

Cass ankara otele gelen escort tried to suck Ella’s pussy like she had done for her the night before. Ella didn’t seem too pleased. Instead of lying there, she sat up on the edge of the bed and pushed Cass to the ground. The floor bothered her knees, but she tried to ignore it. Ella grabbed her head and shoved Cass’ face into her pussy. Cass began to feel like Ella was using her mouth for pleasure. The thought made her wet. Cass put her tongue to full use trying to please Ella, but Ella would not be pleased how she expected her to be. Ella made sure to treat Cass harshly, rubbing her clit tightly against her tongue and lips and controlling her head with a firm grip. Ella began to grunt and curse as she dominated Cass. Cass had long since begun fingering herself. Ella rocked her body fiercely against her, gripping harder than before. Though her tongue hurt, Cass persisted for Ella, who she felt was about to cum. Ella told her to put some fingers in her and Cass quickly did. She tried her best, but couldn’t seem to make Ella cum.

Fortunately, Ella pushed herself over the edge. She told Cass that she was a good girl and that she would make a good slut. Cass was proud.

Brainy to Bimbo: Cass Ch.03

That afternoon, over the course of a few hours, several packages arrived at Cass’ door. Ella unpacked them in secret while keeping Cass in a state of suspense and excitement as she had the entire day. The first thing Ella took out for Cass was a remote vibrator. She explained what it was and had Cas put it in her pussy. Ella set it on a dull hum as she continued building suspense for Cass, who was not allowed to touch herself under any circumstances. Shortly after, Ella entered the room wearing an expensive designer dress and holding another one in her hand. Cass put on the dress and felt extremely pretty. While her vibrator continued to hum, Ella gave Cass an elegant make-over, amplifying Cass’ natural beauty. Cass was stunned when she saw the results. Her lips were fuller and her eyes even more feminine than before. She loved having Ella touch her face and hair. Ella kissed her on the forehead before she got up. It was hard to resist touching herself afterwards.

Ella returned with a nail kit and gave Cass a pedicure and manicure. Cass felt like she was having a wonderful spa day, like Ella was making her in her image, she loved how sexy Ella looked. They kissed deeply when done and Ella remarked that Cass was irresistible now. Ella increased the vibrator’s strength.

After Ella applied a spritz of perfume to Cass, she asked her if she had ever been with a guy. Cass said she had a boyfriend in high school, but they never had sex. Maybe when she could afford college, she said. Ella asked if she had ever given a blowjob or a hand job. Cass said she tried but her boyfriend felt too guilty about it. She really wanted to though. Ella explained that she would need to spend some time practicing and informed her that she had organized a party at the apartment to do that. Cass was surprised, but she trusted Ella’s judgement. Ella pet and cuddled Cass while they waited.

The first knock at the door came from two large, muscular men who greeted Ella. They were pleased by Cass’ appearance and immediately disrobed. Cass sat absentmindedly on her bed staring at these two men. Ella screened them online, she said, they were good, now get to work, she suggested. Cass did as instructed, but as she kneeled in front of the men on the cold hardwood floor, she instinctively tried to rub her clit. Ella quickly told her to not even think about it. Not knowing what to do, Cass looked at Ella expectantly. She told the men it was her first time and to go easy on her. Cass had lost all of her resistance to Ella. When the first cock hit the back of her throat, she coughed. Ella’s reassuring gaze helped her to relax her mind and body further. She quickly mastered her gag reflex and felt that the men had free use of her throat. They jockeyed to get into her mouth. When they asked if they could fuck her, Ella said she wasn’t ready yet and told them to keep going until they were satisfied. Ella coached Cass to look them in the eyes and moan in a special way to make them cum. Cass quickly grasped Ella’s teachings and made the first man come down her throat. Ella told her to push the cock deeper down while it shot in her mouth. She looked at her as if to say she would get it perfectly next time and continued to the second man as the first waited outside. The second man came quickly.

When they left, Ella congratulated her. Cass was fired up, she really wanted to come. Ella said she was the one who would make her come and that she was still expecting more guests. Shortly after their conversation, three men appeared, just as big and muscular as the last two. Cass was excited, she loved muscles and her vibrator felt stronger than ever. She squished her legs together for pleasure as she knelt in front of them. The first man stared expressionless as she worked her eyes, lips and throat around ankara rus escort his cock. Seeing her body language, the men agreed to move her to a new position Ella didn’t stop them.

One man laid on his back and encouraged Cass to climb on top. His cock was the largest and thickest. Cass swiftly removed her vibrator. When she put the tip of the man’s cock against her pussy, she felt that it would never fit. She was almost scared, but because of Ella’s presence, she felt that she could do it. It was heavenly when she did. As quickly as she had got her bearing on this man’s gigantic cock, another stood in front of her and shoved his cock inside her throat. Cass felt peaceful and blissful. She smiled as she felt precum drip down the man’s cock as pressed against the back of her throat. Finally, the third man took her ass. Cass had no idea what all this meant. She thought that this was normal behaviour, this was what sex was supposed to be like. Imprinted in her mind was the idea that all of her holes can and should be used. She felt as if these men’s cocks filled her entire body. She no longer felt that she could do anything specific to give pleasure. She let go of attempts to do anything because she knew that she was pleasure, she didn’t have to give it anymore. Everything inside her was gooey and happy.

She didn’t remember when and in which order the men dumped their come in her. Cass only remembered waking up to Ella’s caresses. Cass was shocked when she felt a thick cock slide into her as Ella climbed on top of her. She was even more shocked by the strength of the vibration.

“You didn’t come yet, did you?”

“Mhmhm,” Cass spit out, indicating that she didn’t think she did.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to take care of you,” soothed Ella as she ran her cock back and forth inside Cass. Cass felt very loved and appreciated. She clenched her legs around Ella’s soft feminine body. When they kissed, she felt that Ella truly understood her. Her breasts seemed to grow whenever Ella touched her. Her lips got thicker from working cocks and kissing Ella. Her mind slipped away completely under Ella’s watch and her pussy felt better and better.

Ella felt that Cass was finally ready to be taken to the high-end fight clubs of Japan.

Brainy to Bimbo: Cass Ch.04

Ella drugged Cass for the long business-class flight to Japan so that she would sleep deeply. She inserted the vibrator into her pussy on a low setting and played with her leg during the trip. In Cass’ mind, she was being fucked hard by large cocks and beautiful women. She came several times during the flight. While Ella kept her in an orgasmic slumber, she prepared her schedule for the fights. She would need Cass to drain the energy of the opposing fighters so that she could make guaranteed bets and quickly multiply her holdings. She was afraid that the presence of supernatural beings would frighten Cass as well. Ella contemplated her beautiful companion as she was visibly enjoying her sleep. She wondered if the other passengers noticed.

Over the course of several days in Japan, Ella continued to groom Cass, making her even more beautiful and elegant. She gave her small breast and butt implants, lip filler and had her waxed from head to toe. If anyone who knew her had seen her, they wouldn’t have been able to associate Cass with the perfect bimbo girl in front of them. As Ella chaperoned her throughout Tokyo, they drew increasing intention, becoming minor celebrities quickly. Eventually, after truly gaining control of Cass’ mind, Ella explained that Cass was to drain the energy of some of the world’s best fighters. She also warned her that if she happened to be caught alone in the rooms while an angel, a god-like humanoid, were out walking, it would take all her strength to resist them and get out alive.

These being were the final fighters in the tournament, they were controlled by the largest corporations on the planet and, most of all, they had a profoundly powerful sexual aura that affected all creatures within a kilometer of them. While they could come and go as they pleased, they often didn’t enter the human world without someone’s permission. Ella hoped that this registered for Cass, because if the angels found her, they would fuck her and there would be no coming back from it.

On the night of the first fight, Ella sent Cass into the dressing rooms. One of the men, feeling nervous about his upcoming fight, drew her into him. She kneeled in front of him and serviced his cock while another fighter, she made sure it wasn’t the fighter meant to win, thrust into her from the other side. She used techniques that Ella taught her to drain their energy as well as their balls. When she returned to Ella, they both grinned. Cass did much the same thing two more times, making Ella extremely happy.

The night of the semifinals, after finishing swallowing a fighter’s load, Cass hopped in the dressing room shower. She figured if anyone else needed a go, she’d be happy to oblige as she cleaned herself up. When she hopped out of the shower, however, no one was there, the lights were off, and she couldn’t hear a soul. Until she did. She heard naked footsteps in the hallway. The feet sounded large. Suddenly, she had an incredible urge to cum, but as she reached to rub herself, she heard the breath of the person walking and realized it was an angel and feared for her life.

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