Boredom Can Be Dangerous Ch. 02

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Sean’s Perspective


The events of the past half-hour played through Sean’s mind like a dream, and as though viewing it from afar…

“Well…at least I feel a lot better.” Sean thought to himself as he hurriedly stuffed his deflating cock into his pants. His wife, Emily, was four months pregnant and going through bouts of hormone-induced moodiness. She loved him a great deal, and would willingly do anything for her husband, but sometimes she just couldn’t help but be in a funk. It had been nearly two weeks since he last got-off, and his right hand was becoming a boring partner. Out of frustration, and nothing else better to do, Sean decided to visit the local strip joint for a little inspiration. “No harm, no foul.” He thought to himself…besides Emily was not the kind of girl who’d object to her man staring at some bouncing boobies…she wasn’t that insecure. The last hour or so spent in the bar seemed pointless…the girls weren’t that good looking, and the clientele seemed rougher and louder than he was comfortable with. Still, he needed to bust a nut, and the video booths at the bookstore next door seemed the best alternative available.

Sean didn’t care much for these kinds of places, but he wasn’t above recognizing they could serve a purpose. Grabbing some tokens, he head for the viewing booths in back. He took the first one that was empty and didn’t seem like a complete garbage pit. Sean noticed the glory hole on the side wall, but didn’t really care…it was closed-off anyway. Sean was no homophobe, and could care less if some troll wanted to watch…as long as it didn’t involve anything from his end. The videos were nothing terrific…mostly grainy, and the color from the old monitor was pretty bad. He settled on one that would do, and started rubbing his needy crotch. The opening on the side wall opened…Sean was hoping it would stay closed…but revealed what seemed to be a well-built older guy stroking a nice-sized cock.

“If I’m going to have an audience, at least it isn’t some old fat guy.” Sean thought to himself. He had done the usual circle-jerk thing with buddies in junior-high, and got used to the stares in public showers…letting some anonymous dude watch him jerk wasn’t any big deal…in fact, being watched added a little to his arousal. Mildly curious, he leaned forward to get a better view…finding his neighbor to be a decent looking guy. Sean wasn’t into dudes, but he had ideas of what made a guy look good. The man was maybe late forties, muscled without being bulky, and judging from his arms and legs…hairy without being gross about it…probably kept things trimmed.

The scene on the video had actually become pretty hot, and Sean’s erection grew uncomfortably in his pants. Not having witnessed another guy jerking-off since puberty, Sean couldn’t keep his gaze from going back to the man next door. He had to admit, watching the other guy was at least a mild turn-on, but he wasn’t sure about adding to the show. “Fuck it…I’m here to get off…if the other dude gets his nut looking at my shit…I could care less.” Sean said with his inner-voice. He stood up, nervously dropped his pants, and sat down again to stroke his swollen tool. Sean was better equipped than most men, and he knew it. Certainly nothing to make him a porn star, but enough to draw admiring looks from men and women. His wife loved his size, and was one of the few women he met that didn’t seem intimidated by it. Emily was a true cock-lover, and it made their marriage exciting…even though bedroom fun had cooled for now.

The man in the next booth seemed to appreciate what he saw, jerking himself with new enthusiasm as Sean’s eyes darted from the TV and back to his neighbor. “I’m bigger…but not by much.” Sean thought, looking at the other man and wondering why the idea had even occurred to him. After a few moments of mindless jerking, Sean noticed the man’s finger tracing along the bottom of the opening. He knew what it meant, but decided that letting the guy watch was more than enough. The more Sean tried to focus on the video, the more he found himself staring at the guy in the next booth. He’d never really been in this situation before, and was surprised to find himself fascinated and excited by watching this guy beat his meat. “Damn, I need to get off.” Sean’s own voice reverberated in his head. But the distraction next door was making it hard to concentrate. “Ah shit…what the fuck.” Sean said aloud in a hushed tone, rising from his chair and pressing his body against the plywood wall.

Sean couldn’t believe he had just done this. His cock felt vulnerable as several seconds passed without anything happening. “Did I freak this dude out…did I do something wrong?” he thought to himself. He was nearly ready to back away when a somewhat rough and shaky hand gripped his aching pole. The grip was firm and immediately knew where to go…squeezing along his length and spreading precum around the sensitive head. Sean had been jerked by a fair number of women in his life, but none of them…not even his wife…seemed to know where, or how much pressure, to apply like this guy did. He was horned as hell, and moaned in gratitude bahis siteleri as the unknown neighbor skillfully stroked his cock.

The hand job felt incredible, and Sean was content to let the pervert take him all the way. Suddenly, the grip changed and the young man felt the unmistakable texture of a slick tongue flicking the bottom edge of his cock. The other man’s progress seemed hesitant, and his oral skills somewhat lacking, but the masculine neighbor soon had at least half of Sean’s thick meat down his throat. What the guy seemingly lacked in experience, he made up for with enthusiasm, and Sean reveled in the mildly unexpected sensation. Blowjobs were nothing new, but getting one from a guy…much less in a seedy bookstore…was strange and exciting. It was completely anonymous…no names, no faces…just getting off, and it felt damn good.

Without even thinking, Sean heard himself giving commands to mystery man sucking hungrily on his turgid member. “Ah…fuck man…lick my nuts” Sean said in a low and demanding tone that surprised even him. The man complied; gently tugging Sean’s shaved sack through the make-shift opening. The feeling was incredible as the man lapped and sucked with knowing care around the delicate orbs. Pressing his body against the wall was becoming uncomfortable, and Sean knew his release was building quickly.

“Show me that mouth, cocksucker” Sean demanded, pulling slowly away from the wall and wanting to see the manly lips that hungered for his load. Sean paused for just a second…something seemed vaguely familiar about the half-face that appeared before him, but he just couldn’t place it. He smacked the willing participant’s chin with his hard cock, and the man opened wide to accept him. “You want it…then fuck…I’m going to give it to you.” Sean thought privately, before pushing his steel-hard cock into the waiting mouth. The man choked, as though not accustomed to doing this kind of thing, which only excited Sean even more. Sean started to fuck the half-visible face in front of him as thought it were a soft, warm pussy…thinking of his wife’s warm folds as the tongue snaked around his aching prick. “Relax, man. Shit…my wife can take it deeper than that.” Sean said involuntarily, regretting the words the minute he said them. Regardless, his need was building and the man on the other side of the wall did his best to follow orders. Sean’s balls started to tingle, and the end was coming fast. The young man’s load blasted into the older guy’s mouth, causing him to choke and gag, but still taking as much of Sean’s seed as he could manage.

The relief felt good, even if it was another dude that did the deed. Sean’s need was satisfied, and he had no intention of reciprocating. It occurred to him it might be rude to just split, but he also didn’t want to face whoever it was in the other booth. Offering a short “thanks”, he stuffed himself back into his pants, and left the other guy to do whatever he had to do.

Sean replayed those last few moments in his mind while walking to the car, hardly believing he actually did it…but now reality had caught up with him, and regret started to take hold as his mind came back to the present…

“Shit…what a dumbass thing to do.” I said to myself as my sticky cock slowly deflated inside my pants. “Emily would have done that for me…as soon as her mood shifted…there was no reason to go looking for something else.” I berated myself, realizing that I hadn’t gone out looking for a blowjob, it just sort-of…happened.

I still didn’t want to encounter my “helper” in the open, so I jumped in the car and took-off around the back of the lot, moving between the big trucks. Then, a lump built in my throat so forcefully, that I thought I couldn’t breathe. Jake’s truck…sitting in the back, between some big rigs…it was my father-in-law’s truck. Shit…I know he wasn’t in the bar…hell, I would have bought him a beer…he had to be in the bookstore. “Fuck…oh god, fuck…what I could see of that dude through the flickering light seemed familiar…oh shit, no…please, no.” I kept mumbling to myself while pounding the steering wheel.

As much as I wanted to deny it…to find another plausible explanation…it was all fitting neatly together…I had just face-fucked my father-in-law. I didn’t just let him blow me…I got-off on it…I got hard watching him jerk his daddy-cock.

My mind was now racing a hundred-miles-an-hour. Did he know? Was there any way for him to know it was me? He’d seen me change before, but never completely nude…and certainly not with a hard-on. The clicking on the steering wheel as I drummed my fingers brought my attention to the smoking gun…my ring. Could he have seen my ring? It was dark most of the time…probably wouldn’t have noticed it. Shit…he knows…he has to fucking know. That’s likely why he seemed nervous. He arrived after me…Jake might have seen my car.

My stomach was a ball of nerves, but I managed to drive out of the lot and head home. Maybe he thinks I don’t know it was him…maybe I can play dumb, and forget this shit ever happened. The more I drove, the more I convinced myself that was the answer. I thought I knew Jake canlı bahis siteleri pretty well…and he never gave me a vibe as the kind of guy who sucked cock. In fact, considering how sloppy he was at it…it didn’t seem likely he did it very often. Fuck…I’ve never been the kind of guy who goes cruising for blowjobs. What the hell must he think of me? It seemed pretty clear that we were both screwed.

I fought hard to keep my mind from endlessly running through even more tortuous scenarios. Emily was sound asleep when I got home, and I jumped in the shower to relax and clean myself off. As I soaped my cock and lathered off the dried cum, my mind flashed back to feel of his lips around my pole…and how hot it was to watch him jerk-off. I beat my head against the wall, hating the fact that my cock was starting to get hard thinking about it. I shrugged it off once again, toweled myself dry, and climbed into bed with my slumbering wife.


I awoke the next morning with a pleasant grip around my morning wood. “Good morning, sweetheart.” Emily said while slowly stroking my cock, her pregnant belly pressed to my thigh. “I know I can be a real bitch. I swear, it’s really not me talking. You had a hard-on most of the night…thought I could do something for my hunky husband.”

“I know, baby…it’s alright…” I started to say more, but was cut short as my wife tugged my balls and slid her mouth around my swollen erection.

“Mmmmm…you have such a delicious cock.” My wife hissed while licking my balls. “I could do this every day, if I wasn’t such an emotional mess.”

Emily worked on my cock with intense focus, but she wasn’t much interested in getting anything for herself. Her mouth felt amazing, and she did all the things she knew I liked. My mind didn’t stray from her loving service, and I was thankful for it. My balls were starting to tighten, and Emily knew I was getting close.

“This should add some spark to the start of your day.” My wife said before taking nearly all of me down her throat and shoving a spit-soaked finger up my ass. A little ass-play wasn’t something we did all the time, but enjoyed every now-and-then. Her slick digit went immediately for my prostate, and sent me to the edge very quickly.

“Oooohhhh…ffffuuuucckkkk!” I yelled, as my balls emptied heavy loads of cream into Emily’s mouth. As my climax subsided, regret started to filter back into my mind over the events of last night…it truly was unnecessary.

Emily milked me dry…taking every last drop down her throat, and teasing my softening prick by leaving it between her lips as long as possible. My wife had a naughty side, and I certainly didn’t mind. It didn’t surprise me at all when she moved up to kiss me…our tongues dancing together, and the taste of my own cum on her lips. “I’m certain you have the best-tasting baby batter in the whole world.” She said, biting my lip. The comment was a little raunchy…but kind of hot at the same time.


The next few weeks weren’t too bad. Emily tried, but didn’t always succeed, in paying attention to my “needs”. It wasn’t like I couldn’t deal with it…but I loved her for trying even when her moods weren’t really cooperating. I dreaded going to her parent’s house, but things seemed fairly normal. Jake sometimes seemed a little distant, and I did everything I could to act as though nothing had ever happened. Admittedly, I did look at my father-in-law a little differently…sometimes picturing him nude and jerking…knowing that he was aging pretty damn well. The thoughts bothered me a little, but I could deal with it. I was getting more comfortable around him, and I really thought we had both pushed the whole thing into a closet with the other skeletons. I had even started to convince myself that he really didn’t know.

Another week went by, and I needed to take our car in for repairs. I called the in-laws, and asked Emily’s mother to pick me up at the dealer. She agreed, and I waited for her to arrive. A little later, I was surprised to see Jake’s truck pull into the lot. He owns a small construction firm, and is usually out at jobs most of the day. “Oh…hey, Jake…thanks for picking me up. I thought Kim was coming to get me.” I said nervously, realizing this was the first time I’d been alone with him in weeks.

“No problem…she knew I was working in the area. Made better sense for me swing by.” He replied curtly without ever looking at me.

I’m not sure why, but I did take a look at him. Emily’s dad was a good looking guy, and I’m not so insecure that I can’t admit it. Muscled and toned from years in construction, without being overly bulky…he carried a no-bullshit, very masculine demeanor. His dark hair was showing some grey, despite the short buzz cut. Having seen more than I should, I knew he was fairly hairy, but seemed to keep things trim and neat. I felt a slight twinge in my crotch, and immediately turned to stare out the side window…not wanting to open the closet I’d worked so hard to close.

We drove for several minutes, neither of saying a word. I thought about bringing-up the latest football game…but the words wouldn’t come canlı bahis out, and I was sure it would sound pretty lame, anyway.

“I need to drop by the job…grab some drawings…it’ll only take a minute.” Jake said matter-of-factly, turning into a nearby neighborhood.

“Yeah…sure…whatever…I’m in no hurry.” I replied, still watching the scenery pass by.

We pulled into the garage of a half-finished house, and Jake got out to grab the plans. It only took a few minutes for him to return, but it seemed to be taking forever for Jake to start the truck. “Look…I know you love my daughter very much…and I know how rough it can be when a woman’s moods go crazy with the hormones.” Jake stammered nervously and then paused, seeming to struggle for his next words.

“Uh…yeah…Emily’s been a little crazy…just goes with the territory.” I mumbled back…hoping to fill the awkward silence.

Jake gripped the steering wheel tightly before speaking again. “I can’t take this…we both know what happened…it’s been eating me alive. All I can tell you is that I never did that kind of thing before…I know you’ll think that’s bullshit…but the whole thing was just one huge fucked-up coincidence.”

I looked out the window, staring at the garage wall and biting my nails, my hear pounding like a jack hammer. “If you say so, I believe it…I never did that shit before either…you’ll just have to take my word on that too.” My throat felt dry as I spoke, and was horrified to feel my cock starting to swell. Why the hell was it doing that now?

“I’ve been there man…I know how horned-up a guy can get when a baby turns your world upside-down.” Jake’s words seemed to catch in his throat. “I don’t blame you one bit. At some point I knew it was you…I should have left, but I didn’t…I am so fucking sorry.”

The whole awkward conversation had the events of that night running through my mind once again. My cock was growing painfully hard, and I hoped the resulting bulge wasn’t too obvious. It had been over a week since Emily had done anything for me, and I rationalized that was the reason for my reaction.

“It’s cool…not like anybody died.” I mindlessly answered back, still not looking Jake in the eye. “We’d better get going.” I said, hoping the drive might distract from the overwhelming tension.

Nothing happened. Jake didn’t start the truck, and no words were spoken…we just sat there. I was about to ask what the fucking problem was, when a firm grip started to squeeze my swollen crotch. I gasped for air, and closed my eyes…it felt good, my cock was hard as hell. Unbelievably, I said nothing…just let the hand continue to grope me. Jake’s breathing was hard and ragged, his hand obviously shaking as he squeezed my jean-covered cock.

“I…uh…I’m willing…to help.” Jake said in a shaky and unsure voice.

I still said nothing, my eyes closed and my mind focused only on the pleasant sensations. Jake rubbed my flat belly with his hand, sliding under the waistband of my jeans, and his fingers brushing the shaft of my cock. He soon withdrew, both hands now opening my pants and tugging them below my ass. My aching rod slapped hard against my abs once released from the cloth prison, and Jake ran his tongue along the shaft. “Shit…that’s a big cock.” I heard him whisper before taking the head into his mouth. He may not have done this often, but my father-in-law was a fast learner, and his oral talents increased ten-fold from the first encounter.

“Aaaahhh…fffuuucckkkk” I hissed through clenched teeth before finally opening my eyes. There he was…my wife’s father…with his head in my lap, bobbing up-and-down on my cock. Jake had gripped my balls and the base of my shaft tightly with one hand while rubbing my toned chest with the other. If I thought the glory hole experience was intense…this was off the charts. It was one thing to be serviced by an anonymous mouth on the other side of a wall…quite another to actually watch it happening. His spit was trailing down my sack, and into the crack of my ass. I started not to care who was doing this…it just felt so damn good.

After a while, my jeans became an uncomfortable bunch around my knees, and I pushed Jake off my cock to kick off my shoes and lose the pants. As Jake sat up, his eyes still fixated on my throbbing cock, I could clearly see his own erection straining through the material with a wet precum stain near the head. “Pull it out…show it to me.” I said flatly, while pulling my jeans off my ankles. I watched in fascination as my father-in-law uneasily complied…opening his pants, and pushing his boxer-briefs past his knees. He really was a hairy guy, but not grossly so, and as I suspected…kept things tidy. Jake’s cock was about an inch shorter than mine, and not as thick…but certainly nothing to be ashamed of. His large nuts hung in a loose, hairy sack, and his uncut meat standing straight-up from a neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair, with only a few grey strands sprinkled-in. “Stroke it.” I told him, as I leaned against the door of the truck and watched him fist his pole. This was way hotter than any junior-high circle jerk. I was really getting turned-on watching this…and I would have never suspected it. I’m really not sure what came over me…maybe just a wave of “who gives a fuck now” attitude…but I found myself moving toward him, my face just inches from a dripping cock.

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