Boots and Birthday Suits

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I keep a journal. I know. It’s not the kind of thing guys do but it helped me though some tough times in my youth and I have just kept doing it.

My wife, Madison, and I have been through a lot over the past 3 yrs. I have gone back through my journals. I have long debated about publishing these some of the events. I have decided that I am ready to do so. I am re-working them for privacy reasons as well as readability and other such things.

I hope you enjoy them:

Early 2007: Madison and I had been married just under two years. I guess we are the modern married couple. We met in college. We had a rough patch and went on a break. Thankfully we reunited after realizing that we were truly the ones for each other. I was a couple years past 30 while she was just on the other side of it. I love everything about Madison. I love her personality, her body and most of all, that hidden side of competitor and troublemaker that would challenge me and make life interesting in a good way. She loved me every bit as much as I loved her. I never felt like this before in my life and while I had always been skeptical of marriage, now I could not imagine life not being married to her.

We live in a decently populated area of “flyover” country. Our area was at the front end of the housing crisis. The economy began circling the drain in our area more than a year before anyone in the rest of the country was even aware. I had lost my salaried job along with health insurance and other benefits. Madison was between careers and only had a interim receptionist job. We had counted on my job and its security we thought came with it. I was lucky to find hourly work in the local plant. I am not the biggest of guys but I am responsible and as hard a worker as anyone. Lately many of us had our hours cut.

As you would imagine, we began to fall behind. Regularly we had to deciding which bills to pay and how late to pay the. There was no help at the time because the rest of America didn’t think there was a problem.

This was the time that Madison’s good friend, Susan, decided to share how her and Dave were surviving hard times. She said they were “performing” at a wealthy private “club” about once a month. That is all she would tell Madison, but said if we were serious about saving our home, her and Dave would meet with us and give us more detail.

Now when Madison came to me with this shady proposition, I figured we should have nothing to do with it. She talked me into at least hearing what they had to offer. We did love our house. We had envisioned raising a family here and Madison had a deep trust and friendship with Susan. I always felt there was something more there but I felt it best to leave it at that. Besides it made for some very hot daydreams.

Two nights later we were at Dave and Susan’s nervously awaiting the solution to all our problems. Dave and Susan were a few years older than us. They had no kids yet. I remember Madison saying they just started trying when the economy turned and they felt it best to hold off. They had a very nice home. I had wondered how they were still affording their home. The evening was fun but tense. I am a 3 beer drinker kind of guy. At the moment, I was holding my 6th beer and had just finished a shot of Jager that Dave kept in the freezer. Madison was much calmer. She was always like that when the pressure was on. It was one of the things I found most attractive about her.

After the nervous pleasantries of the evening, Susan could tell we were anxious to hear what it was that was going to save our home and pay our bills.

Susan began by saying, “Madison and Max, you are our dear friends and we know you like many others are struggling with what is happening these days. We thought long and hard about sharing what has solved our problems with you.”

Dave chimed in, “Please don’t judge us. We were staring into the abyss when this opportunity came along.”

With that I feared they were going to continue to only hint and what was going on. I declared, “Yes, y’all are our friends. Hell your our best friends. That isn’t going to change and I honestly can’t take the suspense. I wish you would just tell us what the hell this thing is already.”

Madison put her hand on my knee accompanied with a stern, “Honey.”

Sarah, sensing my stress level said, “No, Max is right. Well, I guess there is no other way to say it.”

Dave blurted out, “We wrestle.”

I said, “You what?”

Susan repeated, “We wrestle.”

“What do you mean wrestle? Like in high school wrestle? Wait, how can that be thing to save us?!” I said.

I noticed that Madison was extremely cool in the face of this news. She is cool under fire, but not this cool. I suspected that it meant that she already was already told about this.

“We wrestle pro-style, in a ring as a tag team. Against other couples.”, Dave said calmly.

I just stared at them like they just stepped off of a UFO.

The evening continued bahis şirketleri with them explaining the situation to me. An older wealthy billionaire and his wife liked to wrestle with other couples back in the 60’s and into the 70’s. Now that they are older they created a private club where they have other couples wrestle. The club members watch the matches.

The matches are full mixed tag team. Whoever is tagged in wrestles the other team’s tagged in member regardless of gender. I wondered how that would work with the men against women. Apparently, the men could not weight more than 160lbs for their 1st match. This rule helped kept big guys out of the league and made it safer for the women. Remember that I am not that big of a guy at 5′ 7″ 170lbs. This is one of the reasons we could be considered. The women had no max restriction, but could not be less that 120lbs for any match. Madison just under 5′ 5″ and was 125 or 130lbs and I loved that it was in all the right places.

Madison kept assuring me that it was fine and we could do this. I know my wife. That meant there was a bombshell still to come. Susan explained how much money was involved. $1000.00 for simply performing in your first match. However you would be invited back if you performed well. Performing meant entertaining as much as if you won or not. A team that won but was regularly boring could cease to get invited back.

After the first match, no one knew how much money winners received but Dave said it was consistently twice their mortgage payment when they won and about 1/3 of their mortgage payment when they lost. The weird thing is that they never reported what their mortgage payment was. This whole thing was fucked. A ton of emotions were running through me but I knew getting twice a mortgage payment was a huge help.

I sipped my beer and try to be as cool as everyone else in the room was. Honestly, I wasn’t pulling it off. I finally asked, “What are you not telling me?”

They all looked at each other, which meant that this was not going to be good. Susan began, “You know there are no secrets between girlfriends.”

“Madison and I discuss a lot of things and I know how you found women wrestling and mixed wrestling more than a turn-on.”, she continued. I gave my wife a very unfriendly look at it was a rare moment when I saw that she was scared of what I was feeling at the moment.

“Well what the hell else did you tell them?!”, I said.

Madison explained that she told them about how we had developed our play wrestling into something more. Her dark side and our competitiveness combined meant that our play wrestling often involved cheating by trying to arouse and distract each other. This developed into “who can make who cum first” wrestling matches. This is what made Susan think we were perfect for this.

Susan followed that with, “We wrestle them naked and you win by pin, submission or forced orgasm!”

“WTF! I only do that with my wife!” I exclaimed, “That isn’t something I’m going to be doing with other people in front of other people!”

“Baby, you are OK with this?! Are you serious?! I don’t even know you!”, I blurted.

Madison looked like she might cry. Dave was watching me closely in case I truly lost my cool. Susan stepped in with, “Madison had the same reaction. She just had it yesterday when only her and I talked about it.”

Madison with a serious and sad tone said, “This is the only way. This is the only way we can save everything.”

I do love my wife and I know that she wanted to save our home more than anything. I had to consider that I was hot for wrestling. In college Madison noticed my intensity when watching the Divas wrestle on TV. She loved exploring sex with me and when she made the connection, she used it to take our sex to another level.

One day she found my wrestling video stash of hot women wrestling. Instead of getting mad, she surprised me with her and her extremely hot roommate having a wrestling match for me at my apt while my roommate was out of town. I always loved that she did that for me. She was definitely a keeper.

My brain went to the thought of wrestling other hotties like Susan naked or watching Susan and Madison go at it gave me a serious hard-on. That quickly faded as I realized I had to wrestle Dave and other guys! Then I realized Dave and other dudes would be all over my woman! It was a win/win/lose/lose.

Madison had time to work on me. It was two months of interviews, paper work, non-disclosure agreements, health checks, health records, birth control checks, waivers and most of all training. For all of this information, checking and prodding, it was a very covert ring of operation. I felt like I was in that movie, The Game. This billionaire guy must have spread some decent money around to do this and still keep it quiet.

Training was very hard. I liked pro wrestling since I was a kid. I taught Madison a bunch of moves when she had shown interest. Mostly clinches, bahis firmaları ground moves, and general holds. Nothing dangerous.

I was glad to see that actual pro wrestlers did the training. They were two male and two female trainers. They wore masks for obvious reasons, but I was pretty sure who all of them were. Madison and I impressed them with what we knew but they taught us so much more. These wrestling holds hurt and many hurt like hell. We would be sore until the next sessions. I have to say that we were taught well as they didn’t want anyone to be seriously injured. It would not only be bad for the wrestlers but also for the private club in general.

Our training was fully clothed. A far cry from the birthday suit wrestling we were to perform in less than a week. By now we were well under water on our mortgage and bills so there was no backing out. My cut in hours was actually helpful so I had more time to train. The strange thing was to not lift weights, as I had to lose 10-15 lbs to be sure I made my 160lbs weigh in. There were two other couples in training with us. They purposely had no one we would be wrestling early on. They kept the training groups small. That didn’t stop Madison from sizing the other couples up. We didn’t have much time to chat either. We were each referred to by number and we weren’t supposed to exchange names or anything which made things really odd. Any brief talking at all was nervous chitchat of “I can’t believe we are doing this” talk or trying to guess who the rich people were behind the operation. Folks were nice but we also knew we were each other’s competition.

It hit me that Madison’s acceptance of my wrestling fantasies lead to this and I could tell Madison was definitely getting into it as well. She had always liked being competitive against other women. I had seen it with all of her friends, especially Susan. The closer she was to a woman the more competitive she was with them and he always like challenging the boys. Some of the stories her mom told me made it clear that it was in her personality from early on. As a young woman it manifested into her becoming a sexual tigress that strived to be the ultimate partner to whomever she was dating. I’m just glad as hell she ended up with me.

When we showed up for the last week of training, we all came ut of the locker room to met with our trainers. They were all stark naked except for their boots and masks! It was a shocking reminder that this was a naked wrestling league. I couldn’t really enjoy the incredible bodies of women pro wrestlers because the male pro wrestlers were right there too. Let’s just say their members were going to put me, as well as most of the male population, to shame.

The trainers told us to go back into the locker room and come out wearing only our wrestling boots. I know my face had to be as white as a sheet. We all were unprepared, but one of the wives didn’t say anything but started to slowly cry and just couldn’t stop. Madison and the other wife rushed to her tried their best to console her along with her husband. They kept telling her to think of it as something else. It was a sledgehammer that drove home what we were about to do. The trainers said we had 10 minutes to change and the clock had started. We had to be back and ready or pack your things and go home.

We all went to the locker room. The crying woman managed to stop crying and changed into just her boots with the rest of us. She had a good body. My guess is she looked 30 but I figure she was a 36 or 37 yr old who kept in shape. She was hot. If it weren’t for the crying I would have enjoyed looking at her body.

I took a quick check of myself in the full-length mirror. I thought I looked ok. Madison was the hot one. I only hold my own. I can act like I’m more because I know it gets Madison aroused. I managed to lose 13lbs and it definitely help make me more cut looking but I felt weak as hell. Something I think they intended. After the initial match, us guys don’t have to come in the 160bs requirement. For some reason, I was incredibly nervous until I finally was undressed in front of the other couples.

Madison came over to me with concern. “I don’t think she is going to be able to do it.” she whispered to me with genuine concern.

“Baby, I hope she makes it but we have to make sure we are out there so we don’t get cut.” I replied.

She closed her eyes and sighed because she knew I was right. That was her caring side that was also a big part of her. While Madison would have tried to beat her with everything she had in the ring she really wanted to help her through this.

We made it back out to the ring with about 2 minutes along with the other couple. You could see the husband of the crying woman trying to coax her out of the locker room doorway. “This is our only hope.”, he kept telling her. Finally he said, “They are all the same people who just saw you naked in the locker room.” and that seemed to get her to come out. They made kaçak bahis siteleri it into the ring in the nick of time.

The trainers acted no different now that these 6 people were buck naked in front of them. All three women were good looking. I still go nuts over my wife’s body but the others were sure fine too. I was trying to focus on keeping my member at bay. The trainers treated this session just like the others. We did our stretches and warm ups followed by some Irish whips. We did collar elbow clinches, headlocks, arm bars and some ground work.

After our first break they finally addressed our being naked with regard to the wrestling. We were told that there were to be no physical attacks of pain to male or female groin area. Only sensual attacks were allowed on the sex organs. In appropriate attacks were admonished by the referee and could range from a warning to a disqualification. As with other disqualifications, if your tag team is disqualified from a match you go home with no money and could also receive a suspension.

“What about breasts?”, Madison asked. I was embarrassed that she asked but was also turned on and curious to what the answer would be.

“Glad you asked.”, the lead trainer responded.

He said, “Nipples for males and females are protected from attacks like the groin is. Just like the groin, they can be sexually attacked. However, the rest of the breast or chest area is fair game within the general wrestling rules.”

This lead to Madison and the other wives protectively cupping their breasts subconsciously. There was no further mention of our being naked through the rest of the session and we continued with our moves and holds. The remaining sessions were naked as well.

–end part 1

Spring 2007: It was the night before our first match. We had been trained as pro-style wrestlers. We had been tested poked and prodded. Madison had her birth control verified witch made me question our doing this all over again. We had our wrestling gear which were just boots and any pads we wanted from the equipment staff. In no way were Madison and I ready this but there was no turning back.

We both lay in bed that night unable to sleep. We talked about how we needed to do this. We tried to make up little agreements about how we would handle wrestling the other sex and watching each other wrestle the other sex. We knew “agreements” were pointless because these were wrestling matches where forcing an orgasm was one of the ways to win. Now we really couldn’t sleep. I don’t remember who started it, but we had some of the best sex we ever had which was the only thing that relaxed us. We professed our love to one another regardless of what happened the next day and we both fell asleep.

That next morning, Susan and Dave called to wish us luck. They had a match but didn’t think we would see each other that night. Shortly afterwards we got a call from the club. They told us where to park our car that evening at 6pm sharp. We were told to bring an overnight bag and that a suburban would pick us up.

There we sat at 5:45pm waiting for our ride. Once again, we thought about leaving and not going through with it. Before we got up the nerve to take off, a black suburban with blacked out windows pulled up. We received a call that told us to get into the suburban. With deep breaths we got inside knowing there was no going back now.

We were told to put our phones, wallets, keys, etc into a safe in the car. It was one of those hotel safes where you pick the code. Our ride was about 3 hours. I was sure that 30+ minutes were for confusion. The suburban didn’t even let us see out the front. There was some alcohol in the ride but only enough to take the edge off. There were movies for us to watch. Mainstream movies, not porn. Most were comedies and some romantic titles.

We arrived and the location with our hearts racing. We were never outside so we really had no idea where we were. We were lead down a long hallway with many doors to a private suite. The door was sound proofed and I figured that all the suites had the couples who would be wrestling. There was a place for Madison to do her make up along with a king size bed, a plasma TV, a massage table and a restroom. In here there were all kinds of magazines. You imagine it, they had it from Hustler to Working Mother. It was outright comical.

Within about 10 minutes a knock at the door turned out to be Ms. Levinson, a very hot woman in office attire and all I could think was Ms. Hancock from WCW with brunette hair. She was always extremely professional and had handled our paper work and orientation process. She came in to explain that our match would be roughly an hour or more away. She went over things with us again as part of procedure.

“You will be wrestling tonight as ‘Hawk & Angel'”, she said.

“Your outfits are hanging over there.”, she pointed, “I will watch the rules video with you. After which, you may ask questions as I am fully versed in the wrestling match rules. Then we will have you sign the rules and match agreement document.”

“Have the rules changed?”, I asked.

“No, it is just a video refresher of the rules so everyone understands them.”

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