Bonnie’s Obsession Ch. 3

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Christina stood naked in the bedroom she occupied at her grandmother’s house. She gazed at the reflection in a full-length mirror that hung on the far wall. Quite a piece, she thought, admiringly. Her pussy creamed at the thought of Jason taking her down and filling her to capacity with his cock.

That’s all she had thought about since the previous evening, that and Bonnie’s perfect tits and ass. There was something odd about them, but she couldn’t figure out what it was, and it didn’t matter. She had spent a delightful hour fucking herself with her favorite dildo, the fat 8-incher with a handle like a sword, thinking about rolling on the bed with either or both of them in wild lust.

She turned from the mirror to the little half-door in the dormer that opened onto a balcony that was adjacent to her bedroom. She had discovered this alcove from the beginning, and had used it for her purposes. Many mornings when her grandmother was manning the office and she was alone in the house, Christina would come out and sunbathe nude, getting a nice all-over tan and inevitably masturbating furiously. She had also discovered that the high hill behind her grandmother’s property looked over the house, affording anyone who climbed over the top a view right down on the balcony.

Christina loved to fuck in front of an audience, and the thought of putting on an erotic show for some unseen viewer had brought her to many a crashing orgasm. Wearing only a pair of shades, she stepped out the door and into the hot sunshine. She lay back on the lounge chair with a bottle of oil. She took a long time rubbing the oil down her chest, brushing her hands over her small tits as she did. She lifted her legs and rubbed them down, then turned onto her knees and ran her hands all over her backside, paying special attention to her buttocks, which she thrust toward the outdoors.

Satisfied that she was covered sufficiently, she lay on her back and soaked up the rays, feeling the sun’s warmth cover her with its glow. After awhile, she turned over onto her stomach and let her back get equal treatment. It didn’t take long for the heat to radiate to her pussy, which was juicing from the contact of her super-hard nipples with the towel where she lay. Moaning slowly, she reached under her body and began to run her fingers through her dripping wet pussy. Her middle finger found her mushrooming clit and she rolled her finger around it to increase her pleasure.

As an orgasm began to build, she rolled onto her back, spread her legs and began to go at her cunt with purpose. She hadn’t been at it long when she saw a beam of light play across the balcony. Puzzled for just a second, she looked up and realized that it was the sun’s reflection on something with a lens, either a camera or binoculars. Squinting into the sun, she thought she saw people atop the hill overlooking the house, and a thrill ran through her spine. She was being watched!

Jason and Bonnie had left their cabin early, after enjoying the coming of daylight as it spread across the high country. They had made the hour-long trip to the nearest supermarket and picked up supplies for their stay. Once they got unpacked, they decided to take a hike through the neighboring hills. They packed a lunch, plenty of water, a rolled doobie and their camera, then took off into the woods. They dressed practically: boots, sturdy shorts and t-shirts. They were both in good shape, so they were able to climb through the woods and over the hills without much difficulty.

Finally, they crested a high hill that overlooked the area and stopped under a medium-sized fir to eat a bite and enjoy the scenery. After lunch, Jason took out the camera and began snapping a few pictures of the incredible vista that spread out before them. Panning the valley below through the zoom lens, he missed the balcony at first, then jerked the camera back until it was fixed on the house below. Jason grinned as he gazed at the sight that was in his viewfinder. He immediately recognized their friend from yesterday, and he liked what he saw.

“You’re not going to believe what I see,” Jason said as he passed the camera to his mother. “Look, down there in the valley.” Bonnie looked and her stomach suddenly began churning with the first signs of arousal. Through the zoom lens, they had a clear view of the hot little brunette from the resort, who was beginning to writhe on the lounge below in sexual frenzy.

Christina arched her back, which had the effect of thrusting her pussy directly toward her viewers. She was so hoping it was the sexy couple from Number 8 that was watching her, and that thought spurred her on to be just as nasty as she could be. Christina had her right hand aimed at her pussy from underneath her body, so she could alternate fingering both holes between her legs, while her left hand was busy with her throbbing clit.

Jason’s cock was rapidly becoming painful as he watched the obscene display. Bonnie, too, was quickly becoming aroused, and reacted by rubbing her crotch, pushing her soaking panties casino şirketleri between her pussy lips. They passed the camera back and forth, using up the rest of the roll of film on the show below.

When the roll was finished, Bonnie handed Jason the camera then dropped to her knees in front of her son. She unzipped his pants, fished his rock-hard cock out of his boxers and began to lick the shaft slowly from the base upward to the head. She licked the hard ridge on the underside of his cock, all the way to the tip, tasting the pre-cum, then she opened her mouth wide and drew him into her mouth. She slowly descended on his purple-veined boner until she had him all the way down her throat. Satisfied that she had him all, she pulled back and began to suck his cock with a steady motion.

“You just watch the show and enjoy,” Bonnie said, taking her mouth off his cock for just a moment. Jason did as he was told and concentrated on the hot number showing herself below.

“Does she know we’re watching?” Jason asked. His answer was a muffled sound indicating, “I don’t know,” as Bonnie worked her mouth on her son’s hot cock. Looking back down, Jason saw that Christina had gotten up, but was climbing back onto the lounge, this time holding a huge dildo. Lying on her back again, she aimed her pussy right at the overlooking hill, spread her legs and drove the 8-inch cock up to the hasp in her steaming pussy. She howled in delight as the rubber dick invaded her box. Christina may have been small in stature, but her pussy was well stretched, and she could easily accommodate the fat dildo. Grasping the handle, she pumped the toy back and forth in her cunt, which dripped wetly out her lips and down between her butt cheeks, lubricating her asshole.

Jason grabbed the back of his mother’s head with one hand as he watched the show through the camera with the other, and pumped his cock in her mouth. He was anticipating with great pleasure the feeling of his cum shooting down his mom’s throat as he watched the show down in the valley.

“I want you to suck my cum, Mom,” Jason whispered. “I want you to suck me dry right here in the open, where anyone could see. I want to shoot my cum down your throat and have you swallow every drop while I watch this babe put on her show.” Bonnie just hummed her approval as she fisted practically all of his cock into her mouth.

Christina pulled herself up onto her knees, giving her watchers a full frontal view of her tiny tits, which gleamed with sweat and oil. Propping the dildo onto the lounge, she rode the cock like a bucking bronco, bouncing her lithe frame up and down on the pistoning rod. She could feel a huge orgasm building, the best of the summer, and she wanted to make the most of it. She wanted to show these people, whoever they were, what kind of nasty slut she really was.

Pulling herself off the dildo momentarily, she turned around, grasped the handle in her right hand, aimed it at her slimy asshole and impaled her butt on the rod all in one motion. Groaning heavily, she rode the fat dong in her ass with complete abandon, every muscle taut with anticipation of the orgasm that was beginning to rush through her body, thanks to the fingers that were a blur on her pussy and clit.

“Wowwwww,” Jason exclaimed as he watched Christina fuck her ass with the dildo. The combination of the noontime heat, the sight in the valley and his mom’s hot mouth working steadily over his cock was too much. Setting the camera down, he grabbed Bonnie’s head in both hands and began to force his cock in her throat as deep as it would go. “OMIGOD!” he yelled as the first hard bolt of cum splashed the back of Bonnie’s throat, followed in rapid succession by a half-dozen more. Bonnie backed her head away slightly as she milked his cock with her lips, and what small amount of his white cream she didn’t swallow flowed out the corners of her mouth as his spurts subsided.

Christina could feel her orgasm building, until, like a tidal wave, it crashed over her. She squealed, panted and moaned, with the rubber dick imbedded to the hilt in her ass. Finally satiated, she pulled the dildo out of her ass and collapsed back onto her calves. After a few minutes resting in that position, she stood up, gathered her things and disappeared into the bedroom. She needed to shower and get ready to relieve her grandmother in the office. She whistled a happy tune as she stepped into the shower. She was definitely looking forward to the next few hours.

Pulling Jason’s cock out of her mouth, Bonnie squeezed the base until the final few drops of cum oozed out the tip, which she promptly licked up. The feeling of her son’s hot cum shooting down her throat, and the taste of his white-hot sauce, had made her hugely horny. Standing up quickly, she unbuttoned her shorts, dropped them to her ankles and leaned forward against the tree with her butt thrust back. She frantically pulled the gusset of her panties aside to show Jason her dripping pussy.

“Quickly!” she panted. “Lick my pussy and make me cum.” casino firmaları Jason crawled behind his mother and pressed his face to her crotch. First he ran his tongue over Bonnie’s asshole, still red and swollen from the previous night’s sex. Then he dipped his head lower and began to lap at his mother’s pussy. Bonnie reacted by leaning forward even more and thrusting her pussy toward his invading mouth. She rotated her hips around Jason’s face, trying to get him to hit all of her hot spots as he briskly ate her out. Jason covered her whole crotch with licks, kisses and sucks, moving from her spasming pussy to her pulsing asshole. It didn’t take much of this to cause a wrenching orgasm to roll through her body.

“OH YEAH!” Bonnie bellowed, as a warm glow ran down her back and out her pussy as she came. Jason sucked up her flowing juices as they dripped past her pink lips, while Bonnie lowered her head against the tree as she shuddered in the last throes of her orgasm.

“Wow, that was great,” she said as she stood up and pulled her shorts back on. “We’ve got to find a way to get her back to our cabin tonight.”

“Why don’t we just come clean, tell her what we saw and invite her to join us for steaks?” said Jason. “A good meal, a few beers, maybe a doobie or two, some sex talk, and, bam, I guarantee we’ll both be fucking her before the night is over.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Bonnie said as they descended the hill back to their cabin. Along the way, they discussed how much of their true relationship they wanted to reveal to this girl. Bonnie thought she might freak if she found out her new bed partners were mother and son, but Jason argued for truthfulness.

“Trust me, Mom, she’ll freak, all right,” said Jason. “She’ll freakin’ fuck us even harder when she finds out. You saw her down there. That girl’s got a nasty streak a mile wide. I promise you, she’ll get off on it.”

“Well, if you say so,” Bonnie said apprehensively. “You’ve got a better feel for kids your age than I do. You’re probably right, but let’s not be out front with it. Let’s let her figure it out.”

Bonnie and Jason spent much of the afternoon taking a long, relaxing nap, then got under an invigorating shower. The cabin wasn’t modern, by any means, but it was clean and well cared-for, and there was plenty of hot water for the shower.

When they finished, Bonnie took out a light blue skirt of a translucent material that hung low on her waist and one of her big men’s shirts that she liked to wear around the house. She could take the tails and tie them around her stomach, leaving her midriff exposed. Of course, she wore nothing underneath. She put on just a touch of makeup, including a ruby-colored lipstick. Putting her sandals and shades on, she paraded for her son.

“You look irresistible, my dear,” Jason said with mock gallantry. “You’ll have her eating out of your hand in no time.”

“I want her eating out my pussy,” Bonnie said with a chuckle, then she headed out the door and down to the office. Jason stayed behind to get a charcoal fire going in the grill outside, then set up for a fire in the fireplace inside. The sun was beginning to drop in the west as Bonnie walked down the path to the office. She was still nervous, but Jason had assured her that everything would go just like they wanted.

Christina had about decided that her watchers, if watchers they were, had not been the sexy couple from Number 8,and she sighed in disappointment. She was just about to start closing up when she saw the woman strolling down the lane. Her stomach did cartwheels as she watched Bonnie approach. She especially loved the way the setting sun shone through the thin material of Bonnie’s dress. She could see the older woman’s long legs, and thought she detected a hint of darkness at the crotch. She stared as Bonnie’s tits swayed freely under her shirt. Christina’s pussy began to swell and sweat as she watched her. Bonnie looked so sexy and sassy looking, a true redhead, and she looked as natural as could be, with an easy, loping walk.

Bonnie entered the office and went right up to the counter. She rested her elbows on the glass top, offering Christina a good look down her shirt at her naked, bouncing tits.

“So, how was your day?” Christina asked with a slight flutter in her voice. “What do you think of our little mountain?”

“Beautiful, simply beautiful,” Bonnie replied. Then she leaned close to the younger girl and looked deep into her eyes. “We really enjoyed the show,” she continued, in a soft voice. “We’d, um, like the opportunity to get to know you a little better. Jason is back at the cabin getting a fire going and grilling some steaks, and we’d like for you to join us.” To punctuate the invitation, she leaned further over the counter and kissed Christina on the lips, softly at first, then she opened her mouth wide and ran her tongue into the younger girl’s mouth. Christina responded eagerly, kissing Bonnie back with mounting lust as they darted their tongues around each other.

Abruptly, Bonnie güvenilir casino pulled back then came around behind the counter, gathered Christina into her arms and they resumed kissing, allowing their hands to roam freely over each other’s body. After a few minutes of this, they came up for air and looked at each other with a wild, incredulous expression. Staying close, Bonnie took one of Christina’s hands and put it under her skirt to feel her naked pussy. Christina didn’t need further encouragement, but began to briskly finger Bonnie’s boiling cunt, as Bonnie began to rub Christina’s jean-covered crotch. Bonnie could feel her orgasm building, but she was content to wait and do a slow cook. She had a feeling tonight was going to top any of her previous escapades with her son. So she broke the embrace, walked back to the other side of the counter, where she stopped and leaned in for one more kiss then turned to leave.

“We’ll look for you a little after 7, OK?” Bonnie said as she swept out the door. “Until then…” Once outside, Bonnie blew Christina a kiss before heading up the road. Christina’s legs were about to collapse as Bonnie disappeared over the nearest rise. She licked her lips lasciviously as she replayed the encounter, remembering the scent of Bonnie’s arousal. Suddenly, she remembered her hand, which had been dipping in Bonnie’s hot box. She brought the hand to her nose and sniffed then licked the sexy redhead’s juice from her fingers. That almost made her cum right then, but she quickly gathered her wits. Like Bonnie, she suspected that this was going to be a long night, and she knew she didn’t want to use herself up too soon.

Closing up the office took about five minutes, then she drove up the road to the big house to tell her grandmother that she was going to visit her new friends, the couple in Number 8. They had invited her to dinner, she said, and she was looking forward to kicking back with some people who were closer to her own age. Granny nodded her approval; she was half in the bag already, and would be out in an hour. She generally allowed Christina the run of the place after she went to bed. Christina put on a little makeup, changed into a tank top that fit snugly across her braless breasts then fairly skipped to her car and made the short trip to Number 8. She greeted Jason just as he was flipping the steaks.

“Glad you could make it,” Jason said lightly. “M-Bonnie’s inside fixing a salad and some French bread. Why don’t you grab a beer out of the fridge and join me?” Christina agreed and entered the cabin to find Bonnie just finishing her meal preparations. Christina grabbed a beer for herself and one for Jason. Bonnie grabbed a glass of wine, wrapped her arms around Christina’s shoulders and they walked outside into the lowering gloom. They chatted and drank for a while as Jason finished up the steaks, then they went inside to eat.

The trio quickly found themselves acting like long-lost friends. They had many of the same likes and dislikes, and that they had much the same sense of humor. As dinner wound down, they started telling raunchy jokes, and soon they were laughing hysterically. Christina felt comfortable with these people, but there was something about their relationship that she wasn’t getting. Although Jason was a hunk and Bonnie a dish, she couldn’t figure out how they would have hooked up. She was a business owner and he was a college student, so they couldn’t have known each other long, yet they looked and acted like they’d known each other all their lives. It baffled her, but she put the problem aside as they cleared away dinner then sat in front of the fireplace. Reaching into his shirt pocket, Jason produced a joint, and they proceeded to get mellow, as the anticipation began to build. They all knew why Christina was here, and, after the joint was roached, it was time for the real party to begin.

Christina stood up and stretched her arms to the ceiling, a movement that tightened the shirt over her small breasts, and her hard little nipples poked through the material. Then she turned to face her new friends, who likewise stood up and approached her.

“So, you guys liked the show?” Christina asked in a soft, low voice. “Maybe you’d like to get a closer look.” With that, she pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her clad only in her tight jeans. Bonnie and Jason moved to either side of Christina and gathered her into a three-way embrace. Jason leaned to Christina’s head and found her mouth open and waiting. They kissed passionately while Bonnie leaned over, grabbed her left breast and began to lick the hard brown nipple, which stood proudly at attention. Bonnie also ran her left hand up the inside of Christina’s leg to the crotch of her jeans, which were already radiating the heat from her arousal. Christina swayed seductively in the grip of this sexy couple.

“Oh man,” Christina exclaimed as she broke the kiss with a deep intake of breath. “You don’t know what it’s been like here. I have so craved the touch of another person. I mean, I love my toys, but they can’t caress your skin like another person, and they can’t love you like another person. You can’t imagine how grateful I am that you’re here. Please, fuck me, both of you. I’ll do anything that doesn’t involve pain.”

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