Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 19

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There is nothing my husband and I enjoy nothing more than a rigorous session of strap-on sex after some hot nude wrestling in oil. We’re both wrestling fanatics as well as first-rate sexual adventurers. My name is Helen Otis Howard Robson. I live in the city of Boston with my husband, Jonathan Jay Robson. I’m deeply in love with this man. He’s also my first, last and only lover. Seriously. I was a virgin when we met. Now, years later, we’re still quite passionately in love with one another. My conservative Jewish family disowned me for loving a black man and basically ran me out of my native town of Memphis but I don’t care anymore. They’re a bunch of bigots who don’t know what love is. To hell with them. I embrace my new life with my main man.

When we met at Wyatt College in Boston in 2006, we fell madly in love. I was a six-foot-three, heavyset, big-bottomed, blonde-haired white chick who was kind of plain and didn’t get noticed by the guys. Jonathan Robson was not like the others. This six-foot-two, 240-pound black stud muffin had a thing for fat chicks and found me quite appealing. We had a lot in common. Jonathan was the captain of the men’s wrestling team at Wyatt College. He convinced me to try out for the all-new women’s wrestling squad. I gave it a shot and fell in love for the second time. My second love is wrestling. My first love is Jonathan. Anyway, life at our college was fun. We attended Wyatt College football, basketball and soccer games and encouraged each other at our respective wrestling matches. And we also had a really exciting sex life.

I love wrestling with Jonathan. I weigh 280 pounds and most people wouldn’t want to go up against a big woman like me but my Jonathan wasn’t afraid of anything. And many times he seriously kicked my ass. He doesn’t hold back when we’re wrestling in the basement of the dormitory at night, long after everyone’s gone to bed. We found ways to incorporate our love of canlı bahis şirketleri wrestling into our sex lives. Sometimes, we would wrestle in oil while naked then fuck and suck like sex is going out of style. I grew to love my body as Jonathan loved it. I also grew to love his body too. I love going down on his ten-inch black cock and lick his apple-sized balls. Pulling back his foreskin, I sucked his cock and stroked his balls. Ever since I met Jonathan, I’ve been fascinated with dicks. Especially uncircumcised dicks like his. I’d never seen one before. In my parents religion, men are cut. I’ve never understood why this barbaric practice is done, especially in modern times. I grew to love my husband’s long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. Just like he loved my fat white booty.

After I sucked him off, he would spread my plump thighs and go down on me. My man loves eating pussy. And he’s quite good at it. He fingers my pussy and pinches my clit, driving me wild. He slips one finger inside me, then two. Three is all I could take at first but lately, I can take four of his fingers into my pussy without so much a grunt. What can I say? My man has me well-trained in the fisting and fingering arts. He works his magic on me, and pretty soon I feel the flood gates opening. I squeal in sheer pleasure as an orgasm rocks my body, courtesy of my man’s agile fingers and deliciously wicked tongue. Man, that was so much fun.

I love getting fucked. Can’t get enough of it. So I’m always eager to get on all fours and spread my plump white butt cheeks wide open to take what’s coming at me. Jonathan takes some of the oil on the mat and smears it all over my ass crack. He also applies some on that big black cock of his. We’re just about ready to go. I turn around and wink at him. Jonathan smiles and pinches my ass as he gets behind me. He presses his cock against my backdoor and pushes it inside. I grimace as he enters canlı kaçak iddaa me. No matter how often he’s fucked my ass, the initial penetration always hurts a little. Jonathan begins to slowly work his cock into my ass. For a satisfying anal sex experience, two things are needed above all else. Lubrication and patience. Preferably combined. And Jonathan has both. He works most of his cock into my asshole. And I feel a wonderful sensation. Folks, my ass is full and I’m loving it! I tell my husband to start pumping away. He gently smacks my ass. I smile. Oh, yeah. I am so gonna get it!

I feel Jonathan’s rough fingers dig into the soft flesh of my hips as he holds me into place while pushing his cock deeper inside of me. It feels so intense. Like a kind of burning sensation down below, you know? It’s hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it. Anyway, Jonathan begins to pump away, slamming it good and deep into my ass. I scream, welcoming his giant prick in my backdoor. It’s stretching me, and it’s hurting me, but it feels so good I almost can’t stand it! I need that good anal fuck! It’s good for me! Jonathan smacks my ass while tapping it. He’s fucking me roughly, taking me like he’s never taken me before. And I love it. I like this side of him. We romp away happily until we both came who knows how many times and lay semi-exhausted on the mat. That was fun.

Jonathan kisses me. I kiss him back, and tell him it’s his turn to get fucked. His eyes widen. I grin, and go grab my strapon. I put it around my waist and apply some lube all over the long plastic cock. Jonathan is going to love this. When I come back, he hasn’t assumed the position like I thought he would. Nah, he wants to fight me for it. Cool, more fun for me. And so it begins. I chase my husband around the mat as he tries to evade me. I tackle him. We wrestle furiously. We’re both quite strong. I manage to pin him on his back. Laughing, I spread his canlı kaçak bahis ass cheeks roughly and press the dildo against his asshole. With a swift thrust, I go into him. Jonathan screams as my dildo pops into his asshole. Hey, that’s what he gets for running around on me. Now I’m gonna take him roughly. Whether he likes it or not. In spite of his half-hearted protests, I begin to fuck him in the ass.

This is strangely reminescent of the first time I took Jonathan with my strapon. We were in my dorm, after a totally wild party. We were both drunk and watched this weird online video featuring a tall, dark-haired white woman in a nurse outfit sodomizing a very dark-skinned man with a menacing-looking dildo. This turned both of us on so much. Jonathan asked me if I’d ever to do that to him. I smiled and said I thought about it once or twice. We went to the local adult video store and bought some grown-up toys. The rest was history. And now here we are. He’s on all fours and I’m drilling his ass with my dildo. I know he loves it. For as I slowly pull out, he tells me to put it back inside. And so I slam the dildo deep into his asshole. I’m tapping that ass, as they say in the hood. And it’s awesome. I stroke Jonathan’s cock as I fuck him. His cock is really hard. He’s close to cumming. So am I. The leather harness my dildo is attached to is rubbing my clit really nicely. I know I’m about to cum and it’s gonna be spectacular. This is so much fun for the both of us. That’s when the magic happens. Jonathan’s cock spews hot cum all over my hands, and I feel a white-hot orgasm surge right through me. For once, we scream in unison as both our bodies climax at the same time. It was out of this world.

I don’t know for how long Jonathan and I lay on the oil-covered mat, but it felt like an eternity. I felt…right. I’d gotten my rocks off and my mind was at peace. As for Jonathan, he smiled and kissed me. I pulled him closer and kissed him back. I love this man. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. We’re kindred spirits. I’m the freakiest woman in the world, an insatiable sex manaic, though most people would never guess it when they see me. And I’ve finally found someone just like me.

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