Bless Me Father for I have Sinned 04

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Bless Me Father for I have Sinned, Chapter 4

Sacred albeit salaciously sacrilegious, with Sister Kathryn reluctant at first, Father Thomas confesses his plan to have anal sex with Sister Kathryn

Continued from Chapter 3:

During her time spent in Theology College, a bit oxymoronic in her study of religion, she had grown quite fond of giving the numerous men she dated what they all so seemingly wanted. With so many young women not sucking cock back then, every man she knew wanted a blowjob. Maybe somehow intuitively knowing she’d become a nun, yet before giving herself to God, as her last hurrah, she wanted to stroke and suck a lot of men, as many men as she could, while they felt her tits and fingered her nipples.

Never thinking that she was back then, until now, with her sexual feelings for Father Thomas, maybe she was just a slut and a whore, albeit a virginal slut and whore. Perhaps, a blessing in disguise, with her walking the path of the Devil then, it was a good thing she discovered religion and found God now, before it was too late to save her soul. Actually, as long the sinner accepts Jesus Christ before they die, it’s never too late to save themselves from the burning fires of Hell and the eternal damnation of the Devil.

Only, rather than giving the men she dated sexual intercourse, rather than making love and fucking, she had grown quite fond of cocks and giving the men she dated sexual pleasure with hand jobs and blowjobs. Rather than running the risk of getting pregnant, she allowed them to cum all over her hand and/or in her mouth instead of cumming in her pussy while even allowing them to watch her swallow. As they felt her big, naked breasts and fingered her erect nipples, she’d kissed them while stroking them before moving her head down to suck them. Only, she wasn’t known as Sister Kathryn back then, her birth name was Elsa Olsen.

Chapter 4:

Born a tall, beautiful blonde with big, blue eyes, D cup breasts, and a beautiful singing voice, instead of becoming a nun, instead of becoming Sister Kathryn, Elsa could have become an actress, a singer, or even a stripper. With her fondness for giving hand jobs and blowjobs, she could have become a hooker, a prostitute, a call girl, and/or a paid escort. She could have been the star attraction at bachelor and birthday parties. She could have become a wife, a mother, and a housewife. She could have become a career woman instead of becoming a nun and a Sister of the Holy Order of Virgins.

With her good looks and shapely body, along with her quick wit, sense of humor, and intelligence, she didn’t have to become a nun. She didn’t have to give her body, her mind, her heart, and her soul to God. She didn’t have to hide herself and shelter herself by cloistering herself away in a convent. With the world at her fingertips, especially with men at her beck and call, a woman who looked like her could have become anything she wanted to become.

Accustomed to having her fingers wrapped around their stiff pricks while stroking them and/or their cocks buried in her mouth while sucking them, a nun would be the last thing the men she dated would have thought that Elsa Olsen would become. If any of them were to meet her today, wouldn’t they be surprised that Elsa was now Sister Kathryn, a nun of the Holy Order of Virgins? Wouldn’t they be surprised that the only time she moved down to her knees was to pray instead of for sucking cock? Wouldn’t they be surprised that she hadn’t seen a cock, touched a cock, stroked a cock, and/or sucked a cock in more than ten years? Seemingly, before she became a nun, in the wild days of her sexual youth, she couldn’t go ten hours without seeing, touching, stroking, and sucking a cock.

She looked just like her mother, Ingrid, who moved to the United States from Sweden after competing with the Swedish, Olympic ski team. Like mother like daughter, Ingrid had many lovers too before marrying Hans, an Olympic, speed skater from Holland. Seemingly Elsa’s lustful, sexual desire for men and her attraction for cocks was inherited from her mother. With her mother having lived the first half of her life in Sweden, she didn’t have the sexual hang-ups that most American women had when it came to sex. Like mother like daughter, Ingrid passed on her sexual openness to Elsa.

With sexual contact no big deal, Elsa was raised to think that there was nothing wrong or shameful about giving men sexual pleasure by giving them hand jobs and blowjobs. Yet, America’s Puritan values had different connotations and views on sexuality, especially when it came to women, and especially when it came to nuns. The Catholic Church was even stricter when it came to sex between a man and a woman. Just as only a man can marry a woman and a woman can marry a man, as far as the Pope was concerned a man and woman should only come together physical in marriage to start a family.

Even canlı bahis though she so enjoyed giving her dates hand jobs and blowjobs, made to feel guilty by other women and men, she didn’t understand their narrow views and limitations when it came to sex. It wasn’t until she was a nun in the Catholic Church that she finally understood that her sexual behavior was in violation of Canon law. Now that Elsa was Sister Kathryn of the Holy Order of Virgins, no longer giving hand jobs and/or blowjobs, she thought that part of her sordid, sexual life was over until Father Thomas awakened her sexual feelings. Whenever she scratched the surface, especially when feeling lonely and/or horny, the thoughts of erect pricks and of men cumming all over her hand and/or in her mouth were still there in her dreams and sexual fantasies.

* * * * *

When Father Thomas didn’t answer her question about what he was doing in inappropriately and sexually touching and feeling her breasts, he touched and felt her breasts again. Instead of answering her, he reached around her to feel her ass while still trying to kiss her. She pushed him away but the damage was done. Not only had he sexually assaulted her but also he had sexually aroused her. Needing to play her role as a nun, as a Sister of the Holy Order of Virgins, and needing to pass Father Thomas’ and Mother Superior’s test of faith, she couldn’t submit to Father Thomas’ sexual will. Instead of relenting to him, acting as if she had been deeply insulted, she asked him her question again.

“Father Thomas! What are you doing?”

Feigning her sexual ignorance, she asked her question as if she didn’t have a clue what he was doing, when she did. She asked her question as if she had never been touched, felt, fondled, and groped before when she had. Not expecting an answer other than a smart answer, she stared at him while waiting for his reply. Instead of immediately answering her question, he gave her an arrogant look. He looked at her smug entitlement as if it was not only okay but permissible to have his wicked sexual way with a nun.

With him a priest and her a lowly nun and with him a man and her a lowly woman, he acted as if he was allowed to touch and feel her as he pleased. In the way that she knew exactly what he was doing, he knew exactly what he was doing too. Having gone through this type of sexual groping before with God knows how many men, she knew exactly what he was doing. Only with her a nun and him a priest, how dare he sexually touch her, feel her, and grope her while trying to kiss her?

“What am I doing? It’s called foreplay,” said Father Thomas with a dirty laugh and a cavalier attitude.

Glad for the memories and for the sexual fantasies, but with all of that in her past, he jolted her from her present life as a nun and returned her thoughts to her prior sexual life as a slut and a whore. How dare he treat her as if she was a slut and a whore instead of treating her with respect as a Sister of the Holy Order of Virgins? A sexual life that she so enjoyed having with men back then, she may have been a slut and a whore but, not an easy thing for her to do, she was a virginal slut and whore. Wanting to remain pure and innocent, she had her sexual limits. She drew her line at having sexual intercourse.

Only, with her now a chaste nun for the past ten years, that part of her sexually promiscuous life was over. Yet, just as this was a temptation from the Devil, she assured herself that this was nothing more than a test of her faith contrived by Mother Superior and Father Thomas. Nonetheless her suspecting that this temptation was a test and that she was being tested, she looked at her priest as if she was being tempted and tested by the Devil instead of by a man of God, her priest. She looked at him as if he was evil. With her evoking the essence of kindness, goodness, and holiness, she didn’t understand why he wasn’t treating her in the same way that she treated him.

‘How dare he touch, feel, and fondle my breasts?’

Yet, even though she was insulted and felt used, abused, and sexually assaulted by him touching, feeling, and fondling her breasts, difficult for her to admit it, she was sexually aroused too. As soon as she had the thought of his hand on her breasts, as if it was a looping video playing through her mind, she replayed him touching, feeling, and fondling her big breasts through her habit. Oh, my God, what a rush for what she was sexually thinking of doing with her priest. She’d have to say extra Hail Mary’s tonight while praying for the salacious sexual thoughts she was having now. Yet, she played the religious virgin to show her priest that she was good, he was evil, and that he hadn’t tempted her to sin by breaking her vow of celibacy.

Jumping up on her high, white horse, she thought, ‘How dare he finger my nipples while feeling my ass?’

Yet, even though she was insulted and felt sexually assaulted bahis siteleri by him fingering her nipples while feeling her ass, she was sexually aroused by his priestly, sexual touch. She silently berated herself for being as sexually excited as she was. As soon as she had the thought of him fingering her nipples while feeling her breasts and feeling her ass, she replayed him fingering her nipples and feeling her ass through her habit. Oh, my God, for what she was sexually thinking of doing with her priest, she’d have to say even more Hail Mary’s tonight while praying. Nonetheless her feelings of sexual excitement, she stood tall in her resolve to avoid the sexual temptation of his touch and feels.

‘How dare he try and kiss me?’

Yet, even though she was insulted and felt sexually assaulted, brutalized even, by him trying to kiss her, she was sexually aroused. It had been just as long since she stroked a man and sucked a man as it had been since she kissed a man, French kissed a man. As soon as she had the thought of him kissing her while feeling her tits, fingering her nipples, and feeling her ass through her habit, she imagined him kissing her, French kissing her. Kissing and kissing her, she imagined him making out with her.

She imagined Father Thomas as if he was Bing Crosby as Father Chuck O’Malley and she was Ingrid Bergman as Sister Mary Benedict, in her favorite movie, The Bells’ of St. Mary’s. She imagined Father Thomas taking her in his arms and kissing her, French kissing her, and making out with her while feeling her tits, fingering her nipples, and feeling her ass. Unable to let go of the thought of him making out with her, she imagined him kissing and kissing her again and again while feeling her big tits, fingering her erect nipples, and squeezing her shapely ass through her habit.

Even if this was just a test of her faith, especially if this was just a test of her faith, assuredly by the lascivious thoughts she was having, she was failing the test. If they scored her by what she was thinking sexually, she’d flunk the test and be asked to leave the convent. Yet, even if this was a test of her faith, how could Father Thomas do such a deplorable and despicable thing in violation of their vows of celibacy and against their faiths in the Catholic religion and their beliefs in God? The bottom line was he was a priest and she was a nun. After taking their vows of celibacy, they were forbidden to have sex.

Even if this was just a mere test of her faith, how could her priest touch her breasts, feel her breasts, fondle her breasts, finger her nipples, and feel her ass in such a sexually inappropriate way while trying to kiss her, French kiss her? My God. How dare he treat her with such disrespect? How dare he treat her as if she was a slut and/or a whore instead of a nun? How dare he sexually excite her with his inappropriate, sexual touches and forbidden feels?

As if she was already lost to his sexual charms, she looked at him with confusion mixed with revulsion that was peppered with sexual excitement. She looked at him with as much disappointment as she looked at him with sexual arousal. Surprising even herself that her sexual desires and lustful male attraction were still there, albeit buried deep within her, she looked at him with a wanton yearning to have sex. It only took Father Thomas to scratch the surface to release the sexual beast that lay dormant and sleeping within her. Now she looked at him with as much sexual frustration as she looked at him with anticipated sexual excitement of having sex with her priest. If only she could have sex with him, she would have sex with him but she couldn’t have sex with him. Just as it was forbidden for a priest or a nun to have sex with anyone, sex between a priest and a nun was forbidden.

* * * * *

“I know what foreplay is Father. I may be a virgin but I’m not a prude. Yet, more importantly than the definition of foreplay or whether I’m a virgin and a prude, I’m a nun and you’re a priest. We’ve taken vows of celibacy. Just as we’re not allowed to have sex, we’re not allowed to have foreplay either,” she said holding her head up high before lowering her eyes with a look of shame and sadness.

Feeling lewdly uncomfortable by his lechery, even though it wasn’t her fault, she was upset that he had sexually aroused her by feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples. She was upset that he had sexually excited her by trying to kiss her while feeling her ass. With her having no control over her internal, sexual organs and her lustful, sexual desires and thoughts, she was already wet for him. As if she was struck by a bolt of lightning, the pent up sexual frustration she felt suddenly hit her as if thrown at her from the Devil himself and from Hell.

As if he was her father instead of her priest, changing his approach, Father Thomas looked at her with patient reverence and kind understanding. As if he was her bahis şirketleri lover instead of her priest, judging by the bulge he had in his black trousers and the ungodly thoughts he no doubt had on his mind, he had an unholy erection. Trying not to look, she couldn’t help herself from staring at the priestly prick that tented his trousers.

Just the sight of his erect cock that lay hidden behind his pants made her horny. Just the sight of the bulge of his erection made her want to unzip him and pull out his cock to stroke him before sucking him. If this was a test, she was failing miserably. If this was a test, she was doomed to spend her eternity in the fires Hell instead of in the glory of Heaven.

‘God help me,’ she thought. ‘Help me to stop staring at Father Thomas’ bulge.’

Just as she thought that, she stared down at his bulge again and as embarrassing as it was sexually exciting, he caught her looking.

“If you’d allow me the pleasure and the sexual satisfaction, I can help you,” he said with a smugly self-confident smile. “While kissing you, French kissing you, I’d like to continue to feel your big breasts while fingering your erect nipples and feeling your round, firm ass, I can give you sexual satisfaction,” he said. “I found that touching you, feeling you, fondling you, and kissing you in that sexual way to be quite enjoyable.”

She looked at him as if he was nuts. She looked at him as if he was the Devil. She looked at him as if he wasn’t even a priest but some guy who was trying to pick her up in a bar so very long ago. When he took another step forward, no longer trusting her priest and not caring if this was a test, she took another step back.

“I beg your pardon? Quite enjoyable? I’m sure it was quite enjoyable for you, Father, but it wasn’t quite enjoyable for me,” she said lying.

Tacking on more Hail Mary’s onto her evening prayers, she’ll be on her knees for an hour tonight asking God to forgive her for all that she was sexually thinking.

“I won’t tell if you don’t tell,” he said with an arrogant laugh. “Whatever we do behind my closed, rectory door will be our little secret.”

Tempted but staying firm, she shook her head from side to side.

“God will know,” she said. “God sees everything and knows all.”

He gave her a shit eating grin.

“Even God won’t mind and won’t think that a little tickle and teasing is a sin,” he said with a chuckle.

She looked at him appalled.

“Forgive me for asking this question, Father, but are you insane? Have you lost your mind as well as your faith?”

He smiled at her naiveté.

“I can assure you that I’m quite sane and by the erection that I have in my pants and that you continue to stare at, I have a healthy male libido,” he said with an annoying laugh. “As far as my faith, you must put your faith in me and trust me to do the right thing by you.”

As best as she tried, when he caught her looking again at the bulge he had in his pants, she looked away before looking at his throbbing penis again and again.

“You touching my breasts, feeling my breasts, fondling my breasts, and fingering my nipples while feeling my ass and kissing me in a sexual way is out of the question. Father, no,” she said when he took a step forward. “I’d hardly call that tickle and tease. I’d definitely call that foreplay.”

He gave her a priestly look as if he wanted to comfort her and console her.

“I just want to talk,” he said talking another step closer.

As if warding off a vampire, a demon, or Satan himself, she raised the crucifix that hung from her neck in a panic. She outstretched her arm when he took another step closer to her.

“Get back! Stay away from me Devil! Dear God in Heaven please help me to stop this lunacy. Dear Saint Michael, defend me from this perverted priest. Dear Virgin Mary, allow me to remain a virgin.”

He laughed at her panic and at her drama.

“I don’t want to take your virginity Sister. I’d never be the one responsible for you breaking your vow of celibacy,” he said with an assuring look and a laugh. “Just as you’re a woman of God, I’m a man of God too.”

He looked deeply in her big, blue eyes as if trying to hypnotize her.

“No? Are you not trying to seduce me? Are you not trying to violate me and force me to give you sexual intercourse? If not, then what are you doing and what is this all about?”

As if he was the Lord God, Jesus Christ reincarnated and risen from the dead, he held out his hands as if to show her that he came to her in peace. He gave her a saintly smile as if he was Pope Thomas instead of Father Thomas.

“There are other things that we can do other than sexual intercourse Sister,” he said giving her an inviting smile. “May I lay my hands upon you to sexually excite you as you have already sexually excite me?”

As if he was trying to medically heal her instead of sexually excite her, he paused while waiting for her response. When she didn’t answer him but stared at him instead, he continued trying to convince her to have sex with him.

‘No,’ she said in her mind without verbalizing her thoughts out loud.

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