Blaine and Trey – Week 06

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Weeks run Thursday thru Wednesday, as Thursdays are the days the group meets for their weekly updates.

This is not a sex story, but rather a story of two individuals meeting and falling in love.

Week 6

Most of the group was seated around a long table in the library when Blaine and Trey walked in, having met for a coffee before the study session was scheduled to start. Jordan pointed to two empty seats and stated “we’re ahead of schedule. I’ve received everybody’s sections and compiled them into a rough draft. We’ll use this session to go through it together and make any changes we think are necessary. Each group will take a copy home with them and do one final review for next week. Next week if there are any revisions, we’ll complete them in study group and then make the final copy to turn in. We also have to discuss the 15 minute presentation we have to do — who wants to speak, what areas to cover, and visual aids.”

Trey sat down and patted the empty chair next to him as he grinned up at Blaine. As Blaine sat down Trey scooted his chair closer, “so we can read the draft together” he said. The group was quiet for about 15 minutes while each partnership read a copy of the draft and wrote suggestions and corrections in the margins. Blaine wrote while Trey huddled close, his arm draped on the back of Blaine’s chair.

Once each partnership was completed with their reading, Jordan started at the beginning of the report and they discussed possible corrections or changes. As they agreed to a change, Dustin would make the change on the softcopy he had on his laptop. After they reached the last page, Dustin saved the revised version and made copies for each partnership. “Sometime before next Thursday you should review it one more time and write any suggestions.” Jordan reminded them.

The group spent another thirty minutes discussing the 15 minute oral presentation. They got all the details hammered out then Jordan gave them all a reprieve. “I know we’re supposed to meet for at least 2 hours, but it seems we’ve done all we can do at this point, so I will call an end to the official group session 45 minutes early.”

Jordan and Dustin left quickly, arms wrapped around each other. Angela, Lisa, Aimee, and Jordan all sauntered off to the cafeteria to grab a coffee. Trey and Blaine sat at the table in the library and talked for a few minutes. Trey then excused himself, saying he really could use the extra time to study for a test for his next class, which started 30 minutes after their study group usually ended.

“Sounds like most of the group will be there for movie night tonight,” Trey grinned, “don’t be late, right?”

“I’ll be there,” Blaine smiled back at him as they walked out of the library. Just as they parted ways, Trey heard Blaine’s phone ring, and saw Blaine walk over to a bench to sit down as he answered it. Trey then walked off toward the building where his next class was.

That evening

Text to Blaine “where are you??” from Trey.

Text to Blaine “what’s going on? Where are you?” from Trey.

Text to Blaine, “I’m getting worried. Please let me know you’re okay B!” from Trey.

Trey was at home, with a houseful of guests, but was worried because Blaine had not yet shown up, and wasn’t responding to any of his calls or texts. The group was impatient from waiting, so they ordered pizza for dinner.

Text to Blaine, “Ordered pizza, got you wings. Please call or text.” From Trey.

Aimee and Logan were on the couch, Angela next to Logan and Lisa next to Aimee. Dustin and Jordan were cuddling on the loveseat. Trey was nervously perched on the chair. He had no idea what was going on with the movie, he kept checking his phone every two minutes for a text or call from Blaine. He periodically sent Blaine another text, wondering what happened.

After the movie Trey chatted with everyone for a few minutes as they cleaned up the mess. Once everyone was gone he settled onto the couch, wrapped in the same blanket Blaine had used the week before, and stared at his phone, willing it to ring.

“Ring” “Ring” Trey slowly came to consciousness to realize his phone was ringing. “Hello?”

“Trey,” Blaine sounded exhausted and upset. “I am sorry I didn’t respond earlier, I didn’t want you to worry.”

“Where are you? Are you okay? Do you need help?” Trey was instantly awake and worried. Looking at his watch he realized he had fallen asleep on the couch and it was Friday, late in the morning.

“Slow down, Trey. I’m okay. I got a call yesterday from my dad. My mom… is in the hospital. I needed to come home to reassure myself she will be okay. I will be home probably late Sunday.” Trey could hear the tension in Blaine’s voice.

“Is she… will she be okay?” He tentatively asked? “Do you need me to come out and help with anything?”

“She’ll be out of the hospital either today or tomorrow. Recovery may take longer. I really cannot say more than that right now, I’ll start crying again and I can’t… I have to be strong for her and my dad.” Blaine’s voice started güvenilir bahis to crack as he explained.

“What happened?”

“I really can’t talk about it right now.” Trey heard voices in the background. “I need to get back now; the doctor will be in the room to talk to us in a few minutes. I’ll call or text you later.” Blaine responded dully before disconnecting the call.

Trey went to his Friday classes, but had trouble sitting still and concentrating. He had too much nervous energy and anxiety about whatever Blaine was going thru.

Blaine texted him that night. They texted about their project, how movie night went, Trey’s plans for the weekend (nothing exciting), basically everything except what Trey wanted to know — what was going on with Blaine. Each time he brought it up Blaine changed the subject.

Saturday afternoon Blaine called Trey and said his father was sending him back late that evening. Neither of his parents wanted him to miss class, especially with finals coming up. They wanted him to have Sunday to get any homework done he would need for Monday. They chatted some, and Blaine asked if they could get together on Sunday and he would explain what happened. Of course, Trey readily agreed, even while making other plans.

“BLAINE, OVER HERE!” Trey raised his voice so Blaine would hear him over all the noise. It was around 1:30 AM on Sunday morning. Blaine had just come out of the airport lobby and was looking for the taxi stand. He looked at Trey, and even from that distance Trey could see how puffy, red and bloodshot Trey’s blue eyes were.

Blaine quickly walked over to Trey, “What are you doing here?”

Trey smirked, “Did you really think I would make you take a cab home after all you’ve been through the past few days?” He pulled Blaine close for a quick hug. “Are you okay?”

Blaine pulled back and looked up at Trey, blue eyes wet with unshed tears. “Thank you so much.”

After they got into Trey’s Jeep, and got out onto the road, Trey grabbed Blaine’s hand and held it. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Blaine squeezed Trey’s hand, “Much better now that I’m with a friend.” He smiled and shyly looked down at their intertwined hands. “um… Trey… I…”

“What’s up B?” Trey looked at him curiously.

“Well, I… um… Idon’treallywanttostayinmydormtonight,canIstaywithyou?” Blaine mumbled.

“One more time, a little slower please?” Trey grinned at him.

“Can I stay at your place tonight? I don’t want to stay at the dorm.” Blaine’s face blushed bright red as he asked.

“Of course, you’re welcome there anytime you need… or want.”

They were quiet for the rest of the trip, each lost in thought. Blaine was exhausted from his whirlwind trip home — both physical and emotional exhaustion. By the time they reached Trey’s apartment building he was almost asleep. Trey parked, grabbed Blaine’s bag, and helped him out of the car. One arm around Blaine’s waist, Trey led him into the apartment.

“Do you need a shower before you go to sleep?” Trey asked?

“Can I? Travel always makes me feel grungy.”

“Sure” Trey replied, wandering into his room. He came out moments later with a clean T-shirt and cut off sweats. Blaine was already pulling clothes out of his bag, trying to find something clean to sleep in. “Hey, B, don’t worry about it, you can use these if you want. Towels are in the closet next to the bathroom.”

“Thanks, I’ll be quick.” Blaine disappeared into the bathroom with the clean clothes and a towel. About 10 minutes later he came out dressed in Trey’s clothes, which were oversized on him, and headed toward the couch.

“Oh, no; you need decent sleep tonight. You take my bed, I’ll take the couch.” Trey gently steered Blaine into his bedroom. “No arguments lay down!” Trey said, catching the look on Blaine’s face and stopping the argument before it could stop.

Blaine looked at Trey, sighed deeply, and then sank down onto Trey’s queen sized bed. Trey pulled the covers up around him and turned to leave the room. As he turned out the light, he heard Blaine whisper, “Please, stay with me for a while?”

Trey silently walked back to the bed. Blaine moved over, and Trey lay down. For a few moments both men laid there quietly on their backs. Neither one talking or daring to look at the other. After a long few minutes, Trey figured Blaine had fallen asleep. He sighed and started to get up, but was stopped by a hand on his chest. He looked over to see Blaine’s face, not 5 inches away from his own. Blaine’s hand trailed down Trey’s chest, and wrapped around his waist. Blaine laid his head on Trey’s shoulder, and quietly started talking.

“My parents had me when they were very, very young. Like 14 years old. Obviously I wasn’t planned for, but they loved me very much. They struggled to stay together and to take care of me while they stayed in school. My mom’s parents were upset when they found out she was pregnant, they wanted her to get an abortion, or at least put me up for adoption after birth. I don’t blame them for that; they were scared and worried for their daughter. güvenilir bahis siteleri After long discussions during her pregnancy, both my mom’s parents and my dad’s parents decided it would be best, since both my mom and dad insisted on raising me, that she move into my dad’s parent’s house. It had an apartment set up in the basement she and the baby could stay. That way my dad would be around to help her. Because they were so very young, it was a struggle. They got part time jobs, arranging their schedules so they rarely overlapped, ensuring one was with me at all times. Against all odds, they stayed together and stayed in school. Shortly after they turned 18 they got married. They stayed with my dad’s parents for another 5 years. My dad graduated from college with a business degree, while my mom took night courses from a culinary college. After he graduated they opened, with help from my grandparents’, their own restaurant. A year later they bought the house we now live in.” Blaine went quiet, thinking about his childhood.

Trey, sensing Blaine wasn’t done with this story, didn’t say anything. Instead, he wrapped his arm around Blaine, holding him close.

“When I was 15, they sat me down. They were still young themselves, only 29 years old. They asked me what I would think about them having a baby. We discussed it, and I told them I would be happy to have a baby brother or sister. Mom wasn’t pregnant then, but they wanted to start trying.” Blaine took a deep breath. “It took almost 4 years. That call I got a few weeks ago, where I was so happy? They told me she was pregnant, almost 2 months at that time. They asked that I wait until she was over 3 months along before sharing the news.” Blaine’s voice started choking up, and Trey could feel the teardrops soaking into the t-shirt he was wearing. Trey gently squeezed Blaine closer, trying to comfort him.

“The reason I had to go home… she lost the baby and started bleeding heavily. The doctors were having trouble stopping the bleeding. They were afraid we would lose my mom too. I was going home to say goodbye.” Tears flowed freely down Blaine’s face onto Trey’s t-shirt now.

“Oh, Blaine.” Trey sighed, not really sure what to say as he held the smaller man close, gently stroking Blaine’s back with his hand.

“We were lucky, the bleeding finally stopped and they were able to stabilize her. After keeping her in the hospital another day and a half, the doctors released my mom. She will be on bed rest for the next several weeks. They’re not sure if she’ll be able to carry another child. They have to wait for her to heal some.” Blaine sighed. He lifted his head to stare into Trey’s brown eyes. “I’m sorry I worried you. When I got the call I panicked, and then had to rush to meet the plane. I turned off my phone when I boarded, and didn’t even think about it until after I had been at the hospital several hours. By then it was around 3am Friday morning.”

“Shh… don’t worry about it Blaine.” Trey soothed him. “I understand, and it all turned out okay. I am so sorry about your mother. I hope your parents have a chance to have another child. They did so well with you, any child would be lucky to have them as parents.” Trey’s voice had a wistful note in it and his eyes had a faraway look in them.

Blaine watched Trey carefully, wondering what that look was about. Slowly, trembling as he moved, he reached to kiss Trey softly on the lips. “Thank you so much.” Tears threatening to spill again as he settled onto Trey’s chest.

Both men were quiet as they thought about the events of the evening. Before they knew it, they were both asleep, arms wrapped around each other. The next morning, Blaine slowly woke up, confused about the warmth at his back and around his waist. He lay there, half asleep, trying to remember where he was. He blushed as he remembered falling asleep in Trey’s arms. Sometime during the night they had shifted position, they were both on their sides, Blaine was spooned up against Trey’s stomach, Trey’s arms wrapped tightly around Blaine’s waist. He signed and snuggled deeper into Trey’s arms, blushing again as he felt Trey’s morning erection poking into his ass. He tried to put some space between them, but heard Trey growl as he woke up and pulled Blaine close. Trey kissed Blaine’s neck. “How did you sleep?”

“Better than I have in a long time,” Blaine admitted. “You?” He struggled to turn around within Trey’s arms so he could face him.

“Very well; I could get used to sleeping with you in my arms.” Trey teased, grinning at Blaine as he kissed his cheek. Trey reluctantly let go of Blaine to stretch. “How are you feeling this morning?”

“Better, thanks for letting me talk last night. Seems every time we’re together lately you’re listening to me ramble about my past.” Blaine sighed as he stretched. Trey eyed him as the blankets fell to below his waist. His shirt was twisted and when he stretched it pulled up, showing a glimpse of Blaine’s stomach. Before he could stop himself, Trey reached over and stroked that patch of bare stomach, groaning when he discovered it felt as silky iddaa siteleri as it looked.

“I’ll listen to you anytime you want to talk about anything, especially if it ends with you sleeping in my bed.” Trey sighed. “I guess we need to talk about that… I really like you Blaine… I want us to be more than friends.” He felt Blaine’s muscles stiffen up at that statement, and sighed again. “I guess that tells me what I needed to know.” Trey removed his hand from Blaine’s stomach and pushed the covers the rest of the way to the end of the bed. He stalked to the bathroom, locking the door behind him before Blaine could even react.

Blaine went to the living room and was looking thru his bag when Trey came out of the bathroom, walked into the kitchen to start coffee before going back to his room.

Blaine quickly used the bathroom, brushing his teeth with the toothbrush he had grabbed from his bag. He ran a brush through his long black hair and stared at himself in the mirror. He knew what he wanted, was he going to let fear stop him?

Blaine walked purposefully to Trey’s bedroom and walked in with out knocking. He observed Trey, sitting on the bed his head in his hands, elbows resting on his knees. “What do you want?” Trey’s voice was low and clipped. “I need some time.”

“I think what you need isn’t time,” Blaine responded, Pulling his shirt off as he sauntered over to Trey. He pulled Trey to his feet, wrapped his arms around Trey’s neck, pulling Trey’s face down to meet his. Tentatively he kissed Trey, at first not getting any response. He increased the pressure of his kiss, running his hands thru Trey’s hair.

“Please,” he whimpered, “you surprised me with that statement; I didn’t think I was your type.” He kissed Trey again, this time Trey responded, pressing his lips against Blaine’s, and licking Blaine’s lower lip with his tongue. Blaine gladly opened, accepting Trey’s questing tongue into his mouth, sucking on it, and pressing himself tighter against Trey’s body. Trey growled deep in his throat, and wrapped his arms around Blaine’s bare torso, turning them so Blaine’s back was toward the bed. He then pushed forward until Blaine fell back onto the bed, breaking their kiss as he fell.

Trey quickly laid next to Blaine, kissing him again as his hand trailed over Blaine’s bare, hairless chest. His fingers teased Blaine’s nipples for several minutes as his mouth moved to suck gently on Blaine’s neck and shoulders. Trey gently nibbled at Blaine’s ears as he asked, “Is this okay?”

Blaine just whimpered in response and arched his back and hips as he moaned, “please… more.” Trey chucked softly before returning his attention, and mouth, to Blaine’s exposed neck, trailing kisses further down. He flicked Blaine’s nipples with his teeth and tongue, as his hand trailed even further down, hesitating at the waistband of the shorts Blaine was wearing *my shorts* Trey thought smugly. “Yes, please” Blaine whispered at Trey’s non verbal question. Trey slipped his hand under the waistband, and ran his fingers thru Blaine’s pubic hair, gently scratching the skin under the hair. A chill ran thru Blaine’s body as he arched his hips up toward Trey’s hand.

Trey pulled his head up from Blaine’s chest, staring deeply into Blaine’s bright blue eyes a moment before bending down to take Blaine’s mouth with his, tongue thrusting and tasting every centimeter of Blaine’s mouth.

At that same moment, Trey’s hand wrapped around Blaine’s hot, hard, and dripping cock, softly stroking it. As the kiss intensified, so did the pressure on Blaine’s cock. Soon Blaine was moaning softly into Trey’s mouth as he thrust his cock into Trey’s willing hand. “Trey… I’m gonna… I’m almost there…” he mumbled incoherently as Trey’s hand continued to stroke his cock. Trey suddenly released pressure on Blaine’s cock and wrapped his hand around Blaine’s balls, gently rolling them and teasing them.

Trey leaned back on one arm and watched Blaine’s face. “Come for me, baby. I want to watch you come.” He whispered raggedly, moving his hand back to Blaine’s cock, stroking faster. He felt it twitch and get fatter just before Blaine whimpered and came, never taking his eyes from Trey’s. Hot semen spurted out and ran all over Trey’s hand. Trey continued to stroke him, never taking his eyes off of Blaine’s, lost in the beauty of Blaine in orgasm.

As Blaine came down from his orgasm and started to relax, Trey removed his hand from inside his shorts. It was dripping with Blaine’s seed. Eyes still on Blaine’s, Trey brought his hand to his own mouth and licked. Blaine trembled, as Trey smiled at him, and then proceeded to finish licking his hand clean. As soon as Trey was done Blaine pounced on him, kissing him ferociously, savoring the Trey’s flavor mixed with his own essence. Trey ran his hands through Blaine’s long hair, down his back, and over his ass. Gripping Blaine’s ass cheeks, he ground his hips against Blaine’s, his erection evident thru the boxers he had on. Blaine groaned at the contact, grinding back into Trey as he buried his face in Trey’s neck, kissing, licking and sucking at the bare skin, relishing the slightly tangy flavor that was all Trey. After a few minutes, Blaine tried to pull away so he could use his hands on more of Trey’s body, especially that throbbing, thick piece of meat between his legs.

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