Blackmailed Teachers Ch. 01

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Part 1 — The Literotica Ladies Night

In a quiet English village, in a sleepy cul-de-sac a doorbell is rung and hurriedly answered on a smart modern bungalow. Louise is late and by her nature that makes her even more nervous than normal. Maureen, whose house it is, answers and with little more than a reproving look opens the door and ushers Louise inside. Louise is much smaller so she has to look up at Maureen as she passes and is rebuked.

“Late again Louise? If I didn’t know better I’d say you did it on purpose to anger me.”

The elfin brunette blushed furiously and hurried away to Maureen’s spacious living room, where their other friends Julie and Pam were waiting.

It was Thursday night — Literotica Ladies Night.

The four women had been friends for a few years now, thrown together at the local school. Maureen the Headmistress, Julie a secretary, Pam a teacher and Louise a newly passed probationary teacher. Outwardly, at least, they had little in common apart from their work. They were a range of ages : Louise was 25, Julie and Pam in their mid thirties while Maureen was in her fifties. And at school they were keen at work not to become too much entrenched in their little group. But come Thursday night, usually at Maureen’s house (because she was widowed and lived alone) or occasionally at Julie or Pam’s (whose husbands worked away from home mid-week sometimes), everything changed. And all four women transformed their normal staid lives for a couple of hours for fun, fetish and fantasy.

It had all started when Maureen had discovered a copy of a raunchy novel in Julie’s handbag at work. She never let on and asked Julie to come in and see her after work. When Maureen had mentioned the book to Julie in her office Julie thought she was in trouble but far from that Maureen began to discuss the relative merits of it with her, with a growing attention to the raunchier parts of it as the conversation progressed. Maureen had found a kindred spirit and before the week was out Julie was invited to Maureen’s house and shown Maureen’s large collection of erotic books and texts. That Sunday afternoon seemed to fly by but before she knew it Julie had been at the Head Mistresses for four hours and her husband was calling her mobile to ask bahis firmaları when she would be coming home and cooking his tea!

The visit and discussion had left Julie wetter than in years and she had to share with her best friend Pam and before long the three of them were having regular ‘evening discussion’ about this material. Louise just seemed to have joined in at Maureen’s request, the older woman seeming to have taken a real shine to the small, pretty young teacher.

Julie sipped her wine as Louise came in and smiled as the youngster of the group slipped off her rain coat to reveal a very arousing little school girls outfit that suited her better than any uniform like that should suit a woman not in her teens. Both Julie and Pam could not help themselves looking as Louise sat down on the sofa opposite them, hoping (and being rewarded) for a glimpse of the white, cotton panties she wore under that short plaid skirt.

Maureen entered the room with an almost regal air and addressed all three women.

“Now that we’re all her, at last (a sharp glance a Louise accompanied this comment) let’s start. Pamela, dear I believe it was your turn to source a short story off the internet this week, perhaps you’d like to begin?”

The content and activities of their ‘Literotica Ladies Night” had formed over the weeks and months and now the format went roughly like this: One of them would read out an erotic story from the Internet, another would supply various pictures from the internet that they found suitable to their particular tastes and then following a usually short discussion there would be some roleplay and fun that would turn all of them on to go back to their loved husbands and give them some stimulation when in bed.

Pam (only Maureen dared call her Pamela) stood up and lifted her printed off sheet of paper and addressed the other three as Maureen slid down beside Louise, very close. She was a short, buxom blonde and loved the attention of being story reader for the night, it made her want to touch herself.

“Today I’m going to read a story called “In Laws In Charge” by a writer called thedarkcloud, we’ve tried his stuff before and it’s a bit harsher than we usually like but I think you’ll all like this story.”

She was correct. kaçak iddaa It was a brilliantly written, super charged erotic tale which contained all their favourite fantasies and fetishes. Dominant women, submissive women (and men) age play, humiliation, family taboos and more. All four were sporting dripping wet knickers by the time Pam brought the fourth and final chapter to it’s electric end. As her words died away there was a long pause, all four of them revelled in the thick atmosphere and palpable sexual tension. As always it was Maureen that moved matters on eventually.

“Ah, Well, Thank you Pamela, beautifully read, and as you said contains so much that we all enjoy in our tales. Julie, perhaps you would like to start us off with thoughts on the story?”

Julie was 34 years old, had long dark hair and was another very buxom woman. She was wearing a quintessential secretary style outfit, suit jacket and thin skirt and glasses, in fact she looked more like a secretary in their nights than in her actual job at the school.

“Well like Pam said it was a little too harsh for my tastes but other than that I loved it. I loved the themes of sexual domination by the man’s wife over his sister , him and his mother. Especially his mother that was so kinky and well realised just what I like.”

“I liked the degree and description of domination displayed by the wife in the story, she just came across so bossy and dominant, just my type of character” added Maureen.

“Yes, and from what the author wrote in his notes it appears he based the characters on real people, the Denise in the story is based on Denise Van Outen and Kelly in the story based on Kelly Brooke, I’ve printed off pictures of the two ladies in question” said Julie as she passed around some pictures she had printed from the Internet.

The use of pictures was another big thing for them after the stories, it helped them visualise characters and discuss the stories even more. They all accepted the various pictures of the British celebrities and secretly lusted over what they had just listened to and what they were looking at.

“This picture of Denise in a tight rubber top really captures the essence of the writers character I feel” said Julie somehow stopping herself reaching down kaçak bahis to her own soaking pussy.

No matter how turned on by all the activities the four of them got up to there had been no sexual interaction between any of them, it wasn’t about that to them.

“Yes and the brunette, Kelly looks such a submissive, fits right in with her character too. You’re very quiet, what did you like Louise?”

Louise looked up with mischief in her eyes and blurted out.

“I like when he fucked his sister in the ass!”

It was deliberately crude and naughty and got the desired reaction from Maureen who feigned horror at the outburst.

“Right young lady, you will not speak like that in my house bend over my lap you need to be taught a lesson.”

Louise squealed and tried to feebly protest but she was already shifting in the sofa to lay across the older woman’s lap, her short skirt riding up to her bottom already. And what a sexy, pert bottom the young brunette possesses. Both Pam and Julie stopped their discussions on the erotic story to watch as Maureen carefully peeled the hem of the skirt all the way up to reveal Louise’s plain white panties and peach coloured bum.

“Now I think you deserve twelve spanks for that particular outburst young lady” informed the Headmaster to her young teacher and thus began spanking her hard, but not too hard, on her bottom.

It was quite the sight and it was almost beyond both Julie and Pam not to reach down and play with themselves there and then, but they managed they would both have gushing climaxes later that night in their own bedrooms though at the ends of their vibrators.

Maureen delivered the final spank and showed the others the results of her ministrations, Louise’s bum was a shade of red where her Headmistress’s hand had connected. She rubbed it and looked suitable abashed as she gingerly sat back down beside Maureen. The others picked up their glasses and began to sip and discuss the story and previous ones in further detail.

What none of them knew was that in that living room was a hidden spy camera and two microphones and that someone now had the most embarrassing and incriminating evidence to use if they were so inclined. And believe me the person who had so carefully planted that equipment was definitely that way inclined he had a major gripe against more than one of these women and intended that all four would very soon be totally at his mercy…..


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