Bizarre Encounter

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It was probably the most difficult position I could be in. Here I was sitting in the same room as my girlfriend and my ex-wife talking and drinking. We had always been on good terms, but this might be taking things too far. We were together for the kid’s. It was my oldest daughters continuance to high school, and we were having a small family get together. Things were going fine.

We talked, joked and prodded each other about the past, present and future. It was good. My ex and I were still talking and we made a point to get along at least for the kids sake. Then the party started to clear out, winding down. Kelly, my girlfriend and I started to clean up the house. While putting dishes into the dishwasher, she came up behind me, wrapped her arms around me and whispered in my ear.

“So, are we going to have sex tonight? I am so hot!”

I laughed, wondering when she would get it through her head that I always wanted her. I moaned my agreement to her, and she kissed my neck. We finished cleaning up, and went back to join the remaining party guests.

Jill, my former wife was still milling about. I went up to her to see if she was okay. She had obviously had a couple too many drinks. She was swaying slightly as we stood face to face.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m good. How are you?”

Her words slurred barely. I looked her, studying her face to see what she was thinking.

“Maybe you should just stay here tonight. You have had one too many, I don’t want you driving.”

I was serious when I said it, but she laughed.

“I’m fine. I wouldn’t want to interrupt anything for you.”

I was amazed that she still brought that up. Kelly and I had been together for a couple years, and things had worked into a comfortable rhythm for us. Jill still thought that we fucked like rabbits all the time. As I stood facing Jill, I remembered how things for us used to be, at least in the bedroom.

She was very naïve sexually when we met, I was only the third man she had ever been with, and she had never found someone to be with after we divorced. And she brought it up every time I saw her.

“It’s fine, I can set up the couch for you. Please don’t drive.”

She looked deep in my eyes, wavered a bit and slowly spoke.

“Maybe I will hear you two tonight.”

I was stunned. What was wrong with her? She was beyond drunk if she was thinking I would let her hear Kelly and I have sex. But then my cock spoke. That might be kind of hot. What if she snuck in and watched? What if she joined in? Oh God, that would be hot!

Wait, what the hell was I thinking? I must have had too much to drink as well. My girlfriend and my ex? I must be insane. But damn that would be hot.

“I don’t think so. I’ll get you some bedding in a bit. Why don’t you sit down?”

I wasn’t sure what to think. Was she that drunk? Was she serious? Where is Kelly? I have to see her. I knew I couldn’t tell her anything about the little exchange I had just had, but I needed to be close to her.

I found Kelly sitting in the dining room talking with a friend.

“Kelly, can I talk to you? In the kitchen?”


We walked into the kitchen and faced each other.

“Jill is too drunk to drive, so I told her she could stay here. I hope that’s okay.’

“Sure, she can sleep it off and go home in the morning.” She replied.

Not long after that the party was over, the kids had went to bed and it was just the three of us sitting in the living room.

“Thank you for letting me stay here. I didn’t think I drank that much.” Jill said.

“It’s fine, we don’t want anything bad happening to you.” Kelly said.

“You won’t even know I’m here. I don’t want to bother you two.” Jill smiled as she said that, winking at Kelly.

“What are you talking about?” Kelly shot back.

“I know him, I used to sleep with him, remember?” Jill was really pushing this now.

“I miss fucking him. He really knows how to make me cum.” It was obvious Jill was talking out of the bottle now.

I put my hand on Kelly’s arm to keep her from following Jill down this road, but she didn’t want to stop.

“Do you? Why would you say that? You know we are together now.” She was getting irritated, and it showed.

“I know, but it’s true. Just to be fucked one more time, and I would be good. It makes me hot just thinking about it. I’m jealous, you get him all the time. All I have are the memories and my dildo.” She spoke with a dreamy, far away look in her eye, like she was being fucked right there.

I sat there quietly, wondering if Kelly would jump up and tell Jill to leave immediately, or just kick the shit out of her right there. But instead she just sat there, mouth agape, staring at Jill. I wondered what she was thinking. I didn’t have long to wait for the answer.

“What would you do if you had the chance to fuck him again?”

WHAT? Did Kelly just ask that? Was she high? Why would she ask my ex-wife that? This couldn’t be happening.

I bahis siteleri looked at Kelly, surprise spraying from my face.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked Kelly.

“Just asking a question. I want to know the answer. This is a one in a million chance to hear what she still thinks about.”

I was stunned. I couldn’t believe that my girlfriend wanted to know what my ex thought about when she masturbated.

“Oh, I would do all sorts of stuff.” Jill slurred. She slammed the last of her drink down and sighed again.

“Like what, tell me details.” Kelly said pushing the issue.

“First I would take off his clothes, so I could see his body again. Then I would kiss down his body, and then suck his cock. I always liked doing that.” She faded off a little towards the end, that dreamy look creeping back into her eyes.

“Let me get some more drinks, and we’ll continue this.” Kelly jumped up and went to the bar and started making more alcohol. I went after her.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” I demanded.

“Oh come on, don’t tell me this isn’t making you hot. Your ex still has the hots for you, she’s drunk, and so are we. I’m just having a little fun with her. She can tell us this story, by the time she’s done, she’ll just pass out, and we can go to bed and fuck like crazy.”

“Fine, I am a little interested. But is this really necessary? You are playing with fire and you know it.” I chided, knowing it wasn’t getting through to her. She was drunk enough herself, that it didn’t matter what I said, she would do just as she pleased.

We returned to the couch, passed the drinks out and went back to talking.

“That’s it? All you would do is suck his cock? You want more than that, and you know it. What else would you do?” Kelly said, pleased with herself again.

“Oh no, I would do a lot more. I would have him eat me out, and then I would fuck him. I love how his cock feels in me. Especially when he cums. The last time we fucked, he had to use a rubber, and it looses so much with those.” Jill was starting to squirm in her seat. Was she actually getting horny talking about this?

“I know, condoms suck! I like a naked cock so much better.” Kelly said.

I watched these two women. They talked like I wasn’t even in the same room. Like I was a piece of meat. I kind of liked it.

“Yeah they do!” Jill replied.

I looked Jill over as she sat and talked. Her huge nipples poked through the material of her blouse, letting me know that she was indeed turned on. As they talked she shifted in her chair, separating her knees slightly. Her big thighs showing a little more because her skirt had ridden up just a little. I could’ve sworn that I smelled sex in the air.

Kelly was moving in her seat a little as well. I noticed that her hands were now between her thighs, as if her pussy were praying.

“You know, I have never had a man like him ever. He fucks me so good. He always makes me cum over and over. I love to have his dick in me.” Kelly said, knowing that she was having an effect on Jill.

“I know, same for me. Especially doggie style…” Jill started.

“Oh God, that’s my favorite! I love him taking me from behind.” Kelly interrupted.

Jill’s hand moved down and adjusted her skirt in the front, a thinly disguised move to touch her pussy.

“We may have to stop talking about this. I am getting so hot.” Jill said, squirming more openly. I secretly wondered just how wet she was.

“Oh no, I want to know more. We can’t stop talking now, I’m a little hot now too. Finish your drink. And tell me more.” Kelly goaded.

Jill slammed her drink down, took in a deep breath and looked at me. She moved in her chair, sliding down a little, causing her skirt to ride up even further. From where I sat across from her, I could now clearly see the crotch of her leopard print panties. Slowly her thigh parted a little more giving me an almost unrestricted beaver shot.

“Oh, you must be hot Jill! I can almost see you pussy.” Kelly giggled.

“I am. If I were alone I would start playing with myself.” Jill said.

“Don’t let us stop you, far be it from me to keep a girl from a little pleasure.”

I looked at Kelly, astonished that she would take this game this far. But ultimately glad that she was. Jill moved again, but not making a move to touch herself. One hand went up to her collar and started to play with it. Rubbing gently from the top button to about mid-chest right in between her tits. Her nipples still protruded obscenely through her blouse and bra. At this point I looked over to Kelly. She was now leaned back on the couch one hand on her mid-thigh, the other resting just above her right breast. Her fingers were lightly scratching the fabric of her shirt.

“Is this making you that hot?” I asked both women.

“Hell yes!” They answered in stereo.

Again, my cock spoke up. Why don’t you tell them to do something. Tell them to get naked, anything, this is great. But I decided to just keep canlı bahis siteleri my mouth shut. But I couldn’t ignore the fact that I was hard as a rock, and needed to readjust myself. I moved my hand slowly down, trying not to let either woman know what I was doing, to move my cock into a little more comfortable position.

“What’s the matter baby? Did we get you hot too?” Kelly coyly asked.

“What do you think? I’m sitting here with you two, listening to you talk about sex, with me, it makes me hot too.”

“Awww, poor baby. Too bad I can’t do anything for you. You know I would.” Jill said, sex dripping from her lips.

“Whatever. I will be fine.” I said, wishing Kelly and I could just go upstairs and go to bed so I could fuck her.

“Oh come on, take it out and show her, she wants to see it again. Maybe she’ll even show you hers too.” Kelly added. “Go ahead, I don’t mind. You want to see it, right Jill? You want to see it, don’t you? See that hard cock. Maybe he’ll even stroke it for you. Wouldn’t you do that, baby? Stroke your cock for Jill? Or maybe I’ll do it.” Kelly was in full swing now. She was pushing hard to get someone naked.

We had tried the threesome thing before without much luck. She didn’t feel right afterward. Jealous. But here she was, trying to get me to take out my prick for my ex-wife.

“I don’t know, I don’t think she would appreciate it very much. It’s kind of teasing, don’t you think?” I asked.

“No, please take it out. You don’t have to touch it if you don’t want to, but I would like to see it.” Jill was now brushing her palm against her tit, and rubbing the inside of her thigh. Her pale thighs spread apart even more revealed a slightly dark patch on her panties.

“Tell you what, Jill you take off you panties, and he’ll show you his cock. And just to make things fair, I’ll take off my shirt and bra. Fair?” Kelly said.

“I don’t know, I guess that would be okay. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep from touching myself though. I am so wet right now, I could use a good cum.” Jill was breathing heavily now and it showed in her voice. But even before I did anything, she raised her ass off the chair, reached up under her skirt, and pulled off her panties. I saw her pussy for the first time in years. It was just as I remembered it. Clean-shaven, small lips, and glistening with wetness. She always did get good and wet. Then it was my turn. I stood up and undid my pants, hooked my thumbs in the waist of my underwear, and pulled them down with my pants. My cock stood at full attention, slightly bobbing as I moved to sit back down. The Kelly followed suit. She stood before us, looking around nervously, pulled her shirt off over her head. Then she reached back, unhooked the clasp of her bra and let it fall from her arms. Her tremendous tits swayed as she threw her clothes off to the side. She sat down and cupped her breasts and rubbed little circles around her nipples with her thumbs.

“Oh God, that is so hot.” Jill said, as she watched Kelly fondle herself.

“Yeah? You like that?” Kelly asked sexily.

“Yes I do. I didn’t think I would, but I do. I wish my tits were that big. But I make up for it with my nipples.” Jill added.

“Let’s see ‘em.” Kelly said. As she watched, she began to twist and pull on her nipples.

Jill looked hesitant for a second, shrugged her shoulders and began to unbutton her shirt. I could she her hands tremble slightly as she took each button out. I couldn’t help myself, I started to gently rub the outside of my cock, not fully grabbing it, but just sliding my fingertips across the skin.

Kelly wiggled in her seat, and spread her legs open and began to rub lightly over where her pussy was in her pants. Jill undid the front clasp of her matching leopard print bra and pulled it aside displaying her tits for us. Her nipples were hard as diamonds, surrounded by the wrinkled skin of her areolas. Her nipples looked huge on her C cup tits. She lightly pinched her nipples, shivering at her own touch.

“Oh, that feels so good. Damn I’m hot. I can’t believe I’m doing this. But I don’t think it’s quite fair. You two have way more clothes on.” Jill complained.

“Baby, why don’t you fix that for us.” Kelly said to me.

I just looked at her. Not really knowing what to say. But my cock knew what to do. I stood up, finished removing my pants and briefs, and moved in front of Kelly. I reached down, hooked my fingers inside the waist of her pants, waited for her to lift her ass, and yanked her pants and panties off. Then I shucked my shirt and turned to Jill.

“Is that better?” I asked.

“Much. Can I have a closer look at that dick?” Jill burned me with her eyes. She stared at my erection with obvious lust.

I looked to Kelly for approval. She smiled and nodded towards Jill. I took the step to Jill, placed my hands on my hips and looked down at her. She studied it intently, the alcohol making her sway a little in her chair.

“You can touch it if you want, Jill. I don’t canlı bahis mind. In fact, why don’t you put it in your mouth? I know I would.” Kelly was trying her hardest now, to get a threesome going.

Jill sat still for a minute. She looked between my cock and Kelly a couple of times, and then did it. She reached for my cock with one hand, around to my ass with the other, and opened her mouth for me. At first she only took the first couple of inches in, but soon was working a little more than half of my hardness into her mouth. She made loud sucking sounds on each backstroke, and licking the underside of me with her tongue.

“Oh yeah, suck that cock. You know you want to do it. Damn, that’s fucking hot. Suck him good, maybe he’ll return the favor.” Kelly coaxed. I turned and looked at Kelly, she had her legs splayed open on the couch as she gently rubbed her clit in tight circular movements.

“Ummm.” Was all that Jill could say, at least while it was stuffed with my cock.

It had been a long time since I had felt Jill’s mouth on me, and I remembered how much I liked it. She was never a great cocksucker, but she was good enough to get me really hot. As she continued to blow me, I reached down and tweaked her nipples, first softly then more rough. I knew she liked to get her tits pulled hard. She moaned around my shaft as I played with her nipples. I turned to look at Kelly. She was fully engrossed in the scene before her. She worked her clit hard with one hand and pulled her own nipples hard. She looked at me and smiled. Jill stopped sucking just long enough to look up at me and say,

“God your cock tastes good. Am I doing a good job?”

“Yes you are. Play with my balls too.” I replied.

She returned to suck me, rubbing my balls with one hand and pulling me closer with the other. Soon she had her nose up against my pubic hair. It was so hot to see my ex-wife sucking my cock and my girlfriend fingering herself while she watched. At this point I decided to take charge of the situation and get some real fun going.

“Let’s go up to the bed and continue this where we can have a little more space. Plus I have a couple of ideas of how we might be able to have a little more fun.” I said.

Without another word, the girls got up and followed me to the bedroom. I felt like the king of the world taking his mistresses to his chambers.

Once in the bedroom I took charge of the activities. I locked the door behind us and told both women to get on the bed. Then it came to me, I could tie them to the bed and have my way with them. What a good idea I thought.

I reached into my bag containing my bondage gear, got two pairs of handcuffs, four leather cuffs and my riding crop. The girls were getting settled while I did this and didn’t see me pull out my toys. I snapped the crop hard against the bedpost to get their attention. They both snapped their heads around to see what had made that noise. Then, it hit them, I was looking for a little fun myself.

“Lay down side by side and grab the headboard.” I commanded.

I watched with pure lust as these two big beauties arranged themselves on the bed, baring their asses for my inspection. I gave them each a light smack on the ass with the crop to get them to move faster. They jumped at the sting of the leather. Then I climbed on to the bed between them and cuffed each of their wrists to the slats of the headboard. Once I felt they were in the right positions, I began.

First, I started rubbing their bodies lightly with my hands. Slowly working from each ankle, caressing each calf and thigh, grabbing each ass cheek, squeezing gently. Then down came the crop. Each swat of the tool elicited and sharp squeals from the woman taking the blow. Then moving back to caressing both bodies. Across each back, up to the shoulders, I leaned forward and bit each neck lightly, kissing and sucking ear lobes. Then I grabbed each by the hair. Kelly easier than Jill. Kelly’s long blonde hair wrapping around my hand, covering it completely. Jill’s short cut made it a little harder, but I got it anyway. I pulled both of their heads back together, and said,

“Is it hot in here or is it just me?”

“I am so fuckin’ hot right now! What are you going to do?” Jill asked.

“By the looks of things, anything I want.” I replied coldly.

“Oh yeah….” Jill breathed.

I climbed on top of Kelly first, lying out on her naked body, resting my cock between her ass cheeks.

“Look at her over there, Kelly. Doesn’t she look good tied down? Helpless. Naked. Do you want me to fuck her tonight?” I chided.

“Fuck yes! I want to see you fuck her hard.” Kelly said.

Jill moaned when she heard that. She knew that this was going to be fun, even if she couldn’t use her hands. I began to gently rock my hips into Kelly’s backside, pressing my cock deeper between her cheeks. Then with one hand I reached down and spanked her ass. She flinched a little.

“Was that hot Jill?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She said slowly. She was watching every move Kelly and I made.

Then I moved across and lay down on Jill’s back the same way I had been on Kelly. She immediately pushed her hips back to meet me.

“Oh, you want some don’t you?” I said hotly in her ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32