Bitten by a Cougar

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Just over a year ago I got involved with a cougar and it has been fantastic.

Like many third year students at university I had a lot of fun in Edinburgh in spite of the horrendous prices for food & drinks. Because I had my car ( not the greatest looking but it goes), my own apartment ( well that is a bit ‘posh’ for what it actually was) and it was shared with another guy, was reasonable fit and not bad looking I didn’t have any real problem in getting girls and getting laid on a fairly regular basis.

I played the field a bit until just over two years ago I met and fell for Gemma, a tall willowy blond student from Edinburgh’s other university. I was at a party in the Three Sisters Pub and as usual it was packed with a crowd all taking advantage of the ‘cheap drink’ promotion. I was passing the dancing area when two girls slightly the worse for wear asked me to dance with them. I had had a few myself and was quite happy to join the curvaceous brunette and the slimmer blonde. In fact the brunette with a great pair of well braed up breasts , short skirt and long tanned legs was more my type but the taller ( not a plus really as I am only 5’11”) blonde was very pretty with a generously wide full lipped mouth and although she was much smaller titted was very obviously not wearing a bra. I love big tits but I love seeing nipples even more. Although Gemma was slimmer than I like her tight jeans demonstrated she had a fairly ripe ass and an exciting space between her thighs.

To cut a long part of the story, I took Gemma back to my flat and enjoyed both the full mouth and the space between her thighs. Her tits while small were firm and high riding with long exciting and very prominent nipples, her rump was pert and for her overall build fairly prominent, her thighs were toned and her pussy was shaved and absolutely beautiful. She was an enthusiastic lover and in spite of me having an early morning lecture which I couldn’t miss we had a great night where we enjoyed each other in several positions. I fucked her mouth , went between her thighs and fucked her doggy several times — so much that I was half dead when I left her sleeping while I went to my lecture.

When I returned I found her gone and a note saying “Mark, Thanks for the night it was fabulous. Don’t usually go to bed with guys on the first date but thought you were wonderful. Call you later.

Love Gemma “

We arranged to meet the next night when she called and when we met that night in the pub she looked fantastic in a white low cut boob tube and short white skirt. Her little boobs looked good and her nipples were very obvious , her thighs long tanned and toned looked great and so did the tight skirt on her high riding rump. Apart from the size of her tits the only thing that was disappointing was that her legs were much slimmer than I like — not skinny — but not as shapely as I like. However she was pretty, smart and appeared to have fallen for me big time and while her 32a 25 34 figure was not as ripe as I like I too found her very appealing. In fact we became an item and while my eye still roved a bit over the next six months we saw each other every day , she stayed in my flat more than her own digs and we had good sex 5 or 6 days a week. In short I really enjoyed shagging her lean lithe body, I loved being with her and certainly was not on the look out for anyone else.

One Tuesday morning Gemma had not stayed over as she had an exam the next day but had arranged to meet me late morning for coffee and possibly for lunch. I was having a wander about Princes Street when my ‘phone went and it was Gemma cancelling coffee but asking could we meet for a late lunch. I decided to kill some time by going into Starbucks for a coffee and a read. As usual at that time of the day it was populated by shoppers and office types. I had a table just behind some two rather loud ‘financial services’ types and was minding my own business with my nose in my paper when I heard them rather loudly exclaim “Look at the jugs and thighs on that” and as I looked I missed the tits but caught the whiff of expensive perfume and took in the attractive back of a curvaceous blonde in a well tailored charcoal grey suit with a shortish skirt with a split up the back, black stockings and very high heels go up towards the counter. As I say I missed seeing he tits but certainly her large swaying rear in the probably too tight skirt , her ripe thighs and very good shapely legs caught my attention. My neighbours were similarly impressed by their comments such as “Do you see the ass on her?”, “What I wouldn’t give to be between those thighs”, etc And three sets of eyes watched her walk back with her coffee.

Her breasts in a tight semi sheer white shirt with perhaps one button too many opened to look professional but which showed nicely tanned cleavage were huge mounds which strained against what looked like a lacey half cupped bra. I could see why they had caught my neighbours attention and bahis firmaları with her fantastically ripe rear she was really some very curvaceous and well balanced package.

She knew we were looking at her and as she passed she gave us a slight smile and I could see that apart from her expensive clothing she was extremely well and expensively made up and overall difficult to age. She sat behind me and over to my left and rather than turn round I had to initially imagine how well she looked when she sat down in the short tight skirt from the comments of my neighbours who had a better view and were speculating that they could see stocking top. Whether it was wishful thinking or she had seen their interest and was teasing them by uncrossing and crossing her legs I heard them say and so must she, that as they had seen her thighs and stocking tops she was definitely wearing stockings and suspenders. Seeing their interest she must have smiled — they thought at them- and one of them said she was interested and he was going to try her.

I put my head further into my paper as I listed to this little drama playing out. I saw him rise and go over and obviously sit down opposite her and her rather formal enquiry could she help him. I heard him say “I’m Bill, my colleague and I couldn’t help noticing you, we think you are very attractive and we were wondering if you would like to join us for lunch.”

“Thanks, I am flattered but I am currently dieting and not eating lunch.”

“Your don’t need to diet and if not lunch what about a drink.”

“So it’s a date you want me to consider , not lunch — with you or both of you?”

“Either — your choice.”

“Why me, there are plenty of young women of your own age available?”

“We both think you look fabulous and much sexier.”

“Well Bill, I am flattered but I’m not in the habit of allowing myself to be picked up in a coffee shop by loud young men and I really am not interested in lunch or a drink with your or your friend. “

At this stage he started to get a little bit nasty probably because as a well dressed and quite handsome young guy he had fancied his chances and he had been rebuffed quite firmly in front of his friend and other people. He said that if she didn’t want attention she shouldn’t be dressed the way she was. When she said “And what concern is it of yours how I dress?”

“If you’re showing your tits, ass and thighs off you must expect guys to think you’re available.”

I think she could have probably have handled him herself but for some reason I got up and rather theatrically said “The lady told you she’s not interested now leave her alone.”

I thought he and his mate were going to turn on me as both were slightly taller and heavier than me but eventually they left it muttering about ‘prick teasing bitch’ etc.

As they left she gave me a beaming smile and rather teasingly said ‘how unusual and delightful a real young knight in shining armour coming to my rescue.” When I mutters something like “not a problem.” She said “I could have handled them myself but it is nice to know there are still some gentlemen around. Would you like to join me.”

I didn’t need a second invitation and offered to get another latte. As I carried the coffees back I noticed that whether by accident or design she had crossed her legs the other way and was showing off not only delightfully ripe stockinged thighs but her lace topped stockings and a light bit of creamy thigh and suspenders. As she reached across to take her coffee I had a look down the deep valley of her cleavage to see two huge mounds held in place by the merest scrap of lacey bra.

Apart from the obviously fantastic curves of her body which she was obviously not shy about showing off she was an extremely attractive woman with beautiful blonde fluffy shoulder length hair, vivid blue eyes beautifully made up, a beautifully shaped thought relatively tiny mouth, and beautifully manicured hands with bright red nail polish. In short she was simply stunning and the musky scent of her expensive perfume and her poise, maturity and confidence completely threw me off balance and totally in lust.

In spite of this I managed to hold up my end of the conversation as we found about each other. Her name was Carole and she and her husband were virtually retired ( very early she stressed) except for them both carrying out some journalism assignments. When I asked her what and where she said virtually anything from golf to fine food and in fact they had not long returned from doing some golf and fishing features in the Algarve. When I asked her had it been fun she smiled and said a lot of fun. – in fact one of the best holidays in her life. When I asked her if the golf and fishing was good she smiled and said both were OK but in fact the holiday had been a life changing experience which had made her realise life doesn’t have to stop with retirement. Planning for it had made her go to the health kaçak iddaa club again and get her figure back, go more often to the beauty parlour and wear younger clothes.

When I said that she looked absolutely fabulous, she smiled and said “That was something else that it changed, the fact that I realised I was still attractive to younger guys.” When I asked what her next assignment was she said that was where she had been that morning — talking to a magazine publisher about doing a couple of restaurant/pub features.

I hadn’t realised the time until she said ‘I’ve really enjoyed our chat and talking about food I would like to thank you for your gallantry by treating you to lunch.”

I would love to have said yes but with a guilty start I realised that I had forgotten all about Gemma. She seemed genuinely disappointed when I said I couldn’t as I had to meet a friend for lunch but emboldened by her offer, I decided to press my luck and say that I would love to see her for dinner that night. To my surprise she said ‘why not’ and suggested a smart restaurant in Frederick Street. She said she would just have another coffee but got up when I was going and I thought she was going to air kiss me but instead she planted a peck on my lips and said “I’m really looking forward to tonight.”

When I rushed down to Rose Street to see Gemma, my emotions were in turmoil, in that I was really turned on by the thought of having a date with a fantastically sexy mature and sophisticated woman while at the same time feeling extremely guilty at the thought of cheating in Gemma. Gemma was waiting for me at the Element Bar in Rose Street. She looked cool and sexy in her denim jacket, tight jeans and white tee shirt and the minimum of makeup but I couldn’t help mentally comparing her very girlish body with Carole’s fantastically ripe mature body.

Fortunately for my plans for later Gemma had an examination again the following day but putting her hand on my thigh she murmured ” I have to study tonight but I wouldn’t mind going for a drink later on — I’ve been neglecting you a bit.” Rather guiltily I said could we do something the following night as I had arranged to meet some of the guys for a drink later. Reaching across she slipped her hand between my legs and murmured “With exams out of the way I’ll look forward to plenty of that tomorrow night and all over the weekend.”

That night I showered carefully and in because she had suggested Ricks a fairly smart place to have our mea,l I wondered should I dress a little but more formally than usual but decided on a smartish tweed jacket, open necked short and cords. I got a taxi into town as I thought I might need a drink or two to steady my nerves.

I was pleased that I had just arrived outside the restaurant when another taxi pulled up and Carole stepped out. I had been worried that this was not a date but a genuine attempt to thank me — however the way she was dressed made it clear it was a date!

She had gone for a ‘rock chick’ rather more business like look and she was absolutely stunning. She was much heavier made up than that morning with heavy dark eye makeup which really did show off her eyes and her hair was fluffed up more which made her look younger — at this stage I had no real idea of her age — I thought early forties to my nearly 21. But apart from looking fantastically facially it was her outfit which was really spectacular. She had on a short designer black leather jacket , black shiny very skin tight leggings which showed off the ripeness of her thighs and what looked like a very prominent pubic mound between them; black very high heels ; and a white semi sheer designer tee shirt! While Gemma’s pert little tits looked attractive in her white tee shirt, Carole’s tee shirt even with the support of a lacey bra struggled to contain the huge mounds . She had managed to create the rare image of classy, sexy slutty.

She was clearly pleased when I told her she looked stunning and said she was glad I like the outfit which she had worn more for comfort because she didn’t know if I would want to go for a drink after the restaurant and it wasn’t as comfortable to wear a short skirt ‘pub crawling’.

However good her tits and thighs looked and they certainly had me erect , I nearly came in my trousers when I ushered her in front of me into the restaurant. I had often admired shiny leggings on fellow students but had never ever seen a rear as big, jutting or ripe in them. This was seriously big rear with fantastically swaying jutting buttocks . The material was so taut it was almost sculpted to her rear and the big round hips and the deep inviting valley beneath them was well defined. Quite simply this was a real woman’s rear perfectly built for fucking.

We decided to have a drink in the bar first and I was delighted that she made her way up to the bar and on to a high stool which was well lit and I could see and admire her assets. As she climbed up on to kaçak bahis the stool I could help noticing that her leggings were so tight that they showed off her very prominent pussy mound and even her big pussy lips. As I said earlier Gemma had a very neat and pretty pussy — something that you wanted to eat and make love to — this looked like a really big mature box which was made for filling. In fact this woman’s whole body looked as if it was really designed and built for sex.

When we went through to the restaurant with her big jutting hips swaying in front of me, I was almost literally almost sick with desire and could only pick at my meal. Needless to say we had great attention from the waiters, many of whom seemed to know her quite well, and when Carole went to the loo I think every male in the place had their eyes glued to the bounce and sway of her big ripe buttocks. On her way back out she created an even greater stir of attention as she had very obviously removed her bra and the bounce of her large slightly pendulous breasts with their thick mature nipples and large aureoles very obvious through the thin material must have caught the attention of all of the mail diners.

When she saw me looking at her big slightly dangling mounds she smiled and said “Sorry I wore a bra tonight but hubby was still in the house when I left and I hadn’t told him I was meeting a young guy.” Sick with desire to get my hands on these huge tits I could only mumble that they were absolutely fantastic . She obviously liked this but said that they used to be better before they started to droop a bit. In fact she had been rather worried about going topless in the Algarve amongst all the women with younger firmer busts but she had found that quite a few guys liked larger boobs even if they weren’t as perky as before. And that had given her the confidence to go braless if she was going out at night.

When I told her I thought she had the best breasts I had ever seen she smiled and asked better than my girlfriends. I answered honestly by saying they were totally different. She asked me what had attracted me most to Gemma and what I disliked most, trying to lighten the conversation a bit I said it might sound a bit shallow but it was the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra when we met and while her boobs weren’t as sexy as Carole’s she had very prominent nipples but rather small boobs.

After a few drinks we relaxed and soon were discussing each other’s lives in quite frank terms. I was able to ascertain that while she was happily married but since they retired her husband was rather more interested in playing golf and drinking with his mates in the golf club than taking her out. She volunteered the information that the trip to the Algarve had been a bit of a watershed as she had slimmed down to go and had been flattered to quickly realise that guys still found her very attractive. This had given her the confidence to wear younger sexier clothing and hubby had agreed that he didn’t mind her having a little fun so long as she was discreet.

She turned the conversation back to me about the oldest woman I had been out with before – 25; did I really find her attractive — yes; was I surprised when she asked me out — very but delighted.

I was keen to know more about her own sex life and rather cheekily asked her had she asked many young guys out. I was surprised when she said “None- they usually hit on me.”

She went on to explain that apart from having an affair with her boss before going to college to study journalism she had not had sex with anyone other than hubby before they married. Lots of experience with guys as she put it “When you have a pair of boobs like this most guys want to grope you.”

With rapidly rising cock I heard that Hubby and she had had a reasonably happy sex life until they retired when it had sort of fizzled out as they took up separate interests. When they had got the assignment in the Algarve she had taken a crash course in fitness at the health club and her new shape had given her the confidence to go topless and wear sexier clothes when they were away. This had rekindled hubby’s interest but because she could see younger guys checking her out it had made her think what it would be like to have a young guy between her thighs again. It would probably just have remained a bit of a fantasy but when she was out on a boat covering an angling trip while hubby was doing a feature on a golf course, and some young guys who had paid her attention when she was with hubby, had become bolder. With drink flowing and seeing their toned young bodies she hadn’t resisted too much when they hit on her and she had ended up having fun with a few of them.

When she confessed to hubby it had really turned him on and he had sort of manoeuvred her into a threesome with him and one of the owners of the golf course. She had really enjoyed realising that guys of all ages still found her attractive and admitted it particularly gave her a buzz when she saw guys around my age get hard erections with desire for her body. And she loved being fucked by young guys because their cocks were much firmer and they could obviously last longer and climax more.

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