Birthday Treat… Pt. 01

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Sunlight crept through the curtains as a new day dawned over Bakersfield, our tiny home sat on the edge of town. It wasn’t much, it was cheap and convenient for me and Mike, it needed a lot of work doing, but we were up for the challenge, and it meant we got to spend more time together working on it.

The light hit me, my eyes slowly opened, pulling me out of my slumber. I was greeted with the glowing blue eyes of my husband lying there on his side facing me. The most amazing man in the world. Mike was tall, black fair hair, he wasn’t crazy ripped but was well built working for his fathers construction firm and had his fair share of bulging muscles. He’s clean shaven but sometimes let’s it grow out into a bushy beard.

I on the other hand was quite the opposite, named Daniellea because my mother thought it sounded like Cinderella, revolting I know. So I usually go by Dani. I was shorter than my husband but not by a lot, I was tall for a girl, short shoulder length burning red hair and a slim body which attracted all the guys.

I first met Mike downtown at a busy bar one night, the room was so crowded, people moving about and dancing everywhere you looked, but through all the madness we locked eyes on each other. Yes yes I know, it’s a stupid romcom cliché but it did actually happen. He stood there leaning on the end of the bar, the young teenagers bouncing around him to the music, the odd older gentleman trying to fight his way to his next beer at the bar. And he just stood there, looking at me with those eyes through all the noise and dancing and people, with that perfect grin of his. We hit it off instantly. Mike was so laid back and friendly, we had loads in common and it made me so happy to be with him. That and the fact he had a super dirty mind just like me that made our physical relationship wild beyond belief.

“Good morning beautiful.” Mike grinned as he laid there next to me staring back into my eyes. “Happy birthday.”

I rolled my eyes, urgh of course how could I forget turning 30 already. Luckily I got my mother’s young looks so I easily pass for early 20s most of the time which makes me happy.

“Thanks.” I grudgingly replied. “Time to get up and carry on with the redecorating, if we start within the hour we should finish today.”

“Absolutely not!” Mike snapped. “You’re not working a muscle today, it’s a special day and I’m going to treat you, besides, I have a little surprise for you birthday girl.”

I couldn’t help but smile excitedly. He gave a coy smile and shuffled in closer to me so our faces were almost touching, I could feel his warm breath on my skin.

“I had a dream last night. It was a really fun, naughty dream about your birthday.” I nudged closer to him engrossed already and eager for him to continue.

“We were lying in bed, side by side facing each other just like we are now” He tenderly stroked my shoulder with his fingers. “But it wasn’t just us there.” I perked up immediately with a massive grin.

“Beside each of us lay a beautiful naked woman on our bed. They start to caress us, feeling and rubbing against our bodies as we kiss. The 4 of us spend half the day together in bed, doing everything imaginable, I’ve never seen your perfect body bent into as many positions.”

This really got me going. Me and Mike were both very open minded people when it came to our sex life, we we’re into loads of fetishes and kinks, up for trying anything at least once and both of us were bisexual which made for some hella memorable experiences. We sometimes run into someone at a bar or club and end up taking them home for a night of fun and adventure. I always remember those two cute blonde boys Mike got hit on by in the club up state one summer. We thought they were just a fun gay couple but turns out they were both curious about experimenting with open relationships and long story short I ended up losing my anal virginity to a teenage twink who’d never fucked a girl before. One of the best nights of my life.

But Mike knew I had a thing for girls and he knew him telling me this dream would get me feeling all hot and horny.

He wasn’t wrong.

By the time he’d finished his story, I could feel the wet patch in my panties, without me even realising I had slid my hand down to my crotch just listening to him, not being able to control my wandering fingers. I bit my bottom lip in pleasure as I gazed in Mike’s eyes.

I felt his hand reach down and grab my wrist, he pulled my hand up from under the bahis şirketleri covers in front of his face.

He whispered gently “I knew you’d like that” holding my hand up as my wet fingers glistened in the rays of light beaming into the room. He dropped my hand suddenly and pulled his body back from mine startling me.

“Well at least one thing out of that came true baby, it is your birthday!”

I rolled my eyes again as he chuckled to himself thinking he was funny, I was about to roll over and get up when Mike spoke again.

“Oh and these two as well.” he exclaimed.

I snapped back to him in confusion. Before I could open my mouth to question him a stunning young brunette propped herself up behind my husband, her long flowing hair falling across a lacy pink bra she wore. I was in disbelief, how did she get there, how long has she been there, who was….

My thoughts were abruptly cut off when a hand reached round my waist and a warm body pressed up behind me.

A pretty young face appeared over my shoulder, a sexy short haired blonde girl with the most amazing brown eyes looking down on me.

“Happy birthday Dani.” They both said in unison followed by girlish giggles. I looked back to my husband lying there, his grin reaching from ear to ear.

“Happy birthday baby.” he whispered as he leaned over and kissed me.

Hands from the mysterious woman behind him gliding over his chest and arms. Surely this wasn’t real. Am I dead? Is this heaven, it must be, I thought as the girl behind me moved closer until our bodies were inseparable, her soft hands crept up under my t-shirt. My nipples stood to attention, poking out like spires under the fabric.

My breasts were always one of my best features I thought, not too big, not too small, perfect round nipples, I loved them, and so did everyone who laid eyes on them. I gave out a soft moan as the blonde cupped my tits and grinded her hips into me.

The dampness in my panties grew ferociously.

My husband still lay there opposite watching me enjoy being fondled by the girl, both of us loving every second of it. I reached across and pulled his face to mine, locking in a passionate wet kiss.

“I love you so much” I muttered as I fought his tongue for air.

My hands fell below and were greeted by a raging bulge in his boxers. I rubbed up and down with the palm of my hand, the throbbing twitches indicated he enjoyed my work. We broke the kiss and we stared into each other’s eyes. I love this man beyond anythingI thought to myself again.

The brunette sat up, she was slightly darker skinned, truly beautiful. She threw her hair back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall off revealing two perfect breasts similar to my own, she gave me a seductive smile before pressing her naked chest up against my husband, he turned his head and they began making out in front of me. I love it when he does that, seeing how sexy he looks with his tongue in another girl’s mouth.

I turned my attention to the blonde girl behind me, she rolled up my t-shirt exposing my nipples to the fresh air, now I could feel her bare skin pressed against me, she never even had clothes on to start. I smiled at the thought. I let go of my husband’s solid package and turned over on my side to face the other girl.

She was so pretty and gorgeous, she was biting her lip as she rose up letting the covers slide off of us. My eyes ran down the length of her I could feel my clit twitching, begging to be touched as I did. The girl had a much flatter chest which I didn’t mind, it actually turned me on quite a lot as my hand shot out to grab and tease her little mounds. She moved in and our lips met, our tongues intertwined as we moaned simultaneously. Her hand slid down my chest to meet the outside of my panties slowly rubbing back and forth over the ever growing wetness.

“Oh my god!” I cried out as her fingers found my clit.

“Yes there, oh fuck.” my whole body writhed with pleasure.

Moans were coming from the other side of the bed, I looked over to see my husband’s fat fingers disappear into the depths of the brunette’s pussy, a cute landing strip of hair sat above leading away to a pierced belly. She had released Mike’s hard dick from the restraint of his underwear, it pulsated and throbbed in her grasp as she stroked up and down.

I copied my husband’s lead and slid a finger into the blondes moist folds not realising how wet she was, she must be enjoying this just as much as me. bahis firmaları She threw her head back, arching backwards as she gyrated her hips on my hand pushing my fingers deeper into her. Her nipples stuck out hard as rocks from her chest, I took the right one In my mouth and began sucking, lightly biting every so often, the left was still covered by my hand rubbing and squeezing, working her into a horny craze. The squeal of pleasure she let out told me it was definitely working.

Suddenly my head was turned round, two fingers shoved into my mouth, Mike grinned as I tasted the brunette pussy drippings on his fingers and sucked without hesitation, I couldn’t hold back my moaning. I could see her crotch shining in the sunlight as her juices flowed out uncontrollably.

My husband clamped my jaw with his remaining fingers tilting my head further.

“You’re going to watch as I get warmed up.” He ordered as he shuffled up the bed, the other girl on all fours leant over him and took his cock into her mouth.

“Mmmm that’s it girl.” He moaned, tilting his head back as she bobbed up and down on his shaft, his fingers still planted in my face making sure I watched every second.

He usually does that when we have guests in the bedroom, he’ll make me watch as his member slides in and out with ease, slathering up his shaft readying it to be used on me. I love watching my hubby’s cock bulging as a guests lips seal around it, taking it deep into their throat.

As I lay watching in awe, I felt the blonde chick lift her self off my fingers still rammed inside of her, she moved round the bed in front of me, taking hold of my knees and spreading them apart giving her full access, my panties still pushed to one side from her finger fucking me. The girl slipped the panties down and over my legs leaving me exposed, her hands gently caressing my legs, moving slowly upwards over my thighs sending ripples of pleasure through my body. Before I knew what she was doing her face dived below and my soaked cunt was greeted with the warm touch of her tongue. Licking up and down she was lapping up my juices and pushing her tongue inside me.

“Mmmm angh.” I groaned through the fingers still lodged in my mouth.

My husband looked over. “Oh sorry baby I forget about those in there” he said as he pulled them out, drool rolling down from my mouth covering my chin.

“Here try the real deal for yourself.” He offered with a grin.

Mike grabbed the girls head as she sucked, forcing it down on his cock pushing it as deep as possible, he held it there until the girl gagged, tears rolled from her eyes, makeup running down her cheek. He pulled her off, a string of saliva stretched from her lips to the tip of his dick, she panted for breath as she moved over and launched herself at me, our lips meeting and tongues instantly climbing into each other’s mouths. I could taste the sweet precum of my hubbys cock that soaked the girl’s tongue.

Mike planted a rough slap onto her bare ass, making her jump and moan. She broke off the kiss, gave me a smile and stood up on the bed stepping carefully over me and the blonde girl who was still face first in my crotch. All I could do is watch in anticipation as she lowered herself onto my face, smothering my mouth with her drenched cunt.

Fuck it tasted so good, sucking her clit and digging my tongue into her folds. She couldn’t help herself writhing back and forth on my face, squealing with pleasure as she did.

I managed to catch a glimpse of my husband lying there just watching as 3 gorgeous hot girls tongue fucked each other in front of him. He waited there for a minute just smiling, letting me enjoy myself in the moment with these two sexy sluts. But I could tell it was just making him more and more horny, and his rock hard dick standing to attention agreed.

He shuffled off the bed and positioned himself behind the blonde girl, she was knelt down, bent over eating me out, her perfect plump ass raised up behind her. My husband playfully slapped her cheeks, grabbing and squeezing as he did, and with two hands firmly planted on each side, he spread her ass exposing her tight puckered hole.

“Mmm now don’t you look tasty” he said, taking his tongue and giving one long lick right up the length of her ass.

He finished by spitting saliva directly onto her hole, rubbing it in with the tip of his cock. I felt her muffled moans through my pussy as his massive dick slid its way inside her ass. As his member slowly kaçak bahis siteleri pushed in and out, the girl’s lips left my pussy for a second to let out a loud moan, clearly loving the size of my husband’s dick pounding deeper and deeper inside of her.

“You’re so fucking wet you naughty girl.” He teased as he rubbed her slit.

Turned on by the sight of the blonde being fucked in the ass, the brunette above me stood up, allowing me to breathe once again, as she said to me.

“I wouldn’t mind a bit of that.” She gave me a seductive grin, bent over in front of me and sat back on my face, only this time her asshole was positioned against my lips.

I tried to smile in excitement but my face was buried between her peachy cheeks, my tender lips pressing against her hole letting it get nice and wet so I could slip my tongue inside.

The blonde, still busy eating my pussy while being fucked by Mike, must be loving it, her moans had gotten louder and louder, she stuck a couple fingers inside my cunt as she slathered over my clit. I felt like I was getting close to orgasm, my clit twitched uncontrollably, my body writhing in ecstasy as my slit was fingered hard. I grabbed her silky blonde hair, pushing her head down into me desperate for more, I could feel her tongue press inside me deeper each time my husbands cock rammed into the back of her.

“Fuck.” I gasped as I came up for air “It feels so good, I’m getting close.”

Before I could say any more, the brunette reached back and pulled my head back between her ass cheeks, tugging at my hair to force me in further. I could barely breath but she forced me against her hole harder and harder, her other hand furiously pounding against her strip of pubic hair as she fingered herself.

I couldn’t hold it any longer.

With a loud moan, I rammed the blonde’s face into my pussy as hard as I could, my whole body shook as I climaxed letting the girls face have the full load of my juices. She raised her head and I watched her lapping up as much as she could as it rolled down her face.

The brunette above me clenched her hole round my tongue as she came, squirting her warm cum all down my chest, screaming in pleasure as she did. I couldn’t resist running a finger up my chest before gently sucking on it, tasting her juice as it ran down. The brunette slumped down the bed besides me in exhaustion turning to me and smiling. I smiled back as I lay there in complete bliss.

Our moment was interrupted as more intense screaming and moaning came from the other side.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum.” Mike groaned as he pounded away at the poor girls ass, his big balls slapping loudly against her with every thrust.

“Fuuucckk.” Both the blonde and my husband moaned as the reached orgasm together, wet cum dribbling down the girls hand as she slid her fingers out of her pussy

Mike gave a deep groan as he drove his dick deep into her one last time before pulling out, leaving her perfect little hole gaping open.

“Here you go baby, she’s all yours, better hurry.” He said with a grin on his face, pointing to the girls yawning asshole with his eyes.

I shot up in excitement and crawled over the naked bodies that lay before me, racing to the other side of the bed. I reached the girl’s ass just in time, she couldn’t hold the gape any longer, her hole tightened up squeezing my husband’s hot load out of her, sticky warm cum dripping down her ass.

I instantly pressed my mouth to her, my lips covering her tender hole, my tongue darting out to lick up the sweet delicious cum as it splurged out. I moaned with happiness as I collected it all in my mouth and gulped it down, it tasted so fucking good.

“Mmm delicious baby” I squealed as I licked my lips from the remaining cum.

I gave the blonde girls ass a light slap, we both giggled as she crawled off the bed, her assistant did the same. Their round plump butts bounced with joy as they bounded over to their clothes on the floor. They turned around and again in unison shouted.

“Happy Birthday Dani” their tits jiggling as they giggled, dribbles of cum running down their legs as they stood there. They turned and left the room to get dressed downstairs and leave us.

“Yes..” My husband lay down beside me on the bed “Happy birthday baby” He whispered in my ear. I turned to face him and kissed him.

“Thank you, I love you so much.” I said before kissing him again.

“But you didn’t even fuck me baby, its my birthday after all” I scowled.

Mike chuckled as he looked into my eyes.

“I know my darling, I said I was going to treat you, I have a whole 3 course meal planned for you.” He said seductively and with a grin…

“That was just your appetiser…”

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