Birthday Surprise

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My birthday was coming up so I ask Christy, my girlfriend what she was getting me. She replied simply, something you have always wanted. That short sentence got my mind racing. What could it possibly be? I have lived a fairly good life, having received just about all the things I could ever want, so it was now a complete mystery what it would be.

Since she and I had been together I have began to realize and accept that I am bisexual. I know in my heart that I am not gay because I have always had an overwhelming attraction to women and a lust for pussy like a heroin addict has for his next fix. Yet even with this, I have also had a bit of an obsession with cock. And even though I have never had sex with a man, I have on occasion had the pleasure of sucking more than a few dicks in my life, but always anonymously or at least semi-anonymously in the back of Adult bookstores where they have the preview booths with gloryholes cut between the small booths so that men can give and receive blow jobs. Mostly the guys who use the holes are married or at least have a woman in their life. This just gives them a way to satisfy their bisexual urges without having to actually see or communicate with the other person.

Christy knows all about my desires to be with a man since I usually bring it up when were making love. She also knows I have a fantasy to be with her after shes been with another guy. I often masturbate to thoughts of kissing her mouth and pussy after she has had a cock in them. I love the taste of her tight pussy and I also love the taste of other mens hot cum, so I think that if I could combine the two it would be a truly amazing experience. Yet she has always rejected any request for her to fuck and/or suck other men off. She always says that it would be wrong because it would be cheating. I explained that it wouldn’t be cheating if she told me about it, and I want it to happen as much as she does, plus if she were with someone else I wouldn’t feel so bad about wanting to be with another guy. And while she often agrees, she has yet to go through with it, at least to my knowledge.

When we first got together she picked up a guy in a bar, brought him home and had him eat her pussy. I acted mad about it because for most people that would be the normal response. To be honest though, I really didn’t mind. the thought of it still turns me on. She has told me of a friend of hers that she once had a sexual relationship with, but hasn’t really spoken with much since she and I had been together. sometimes during sex when it gets really passion filled, she tells me how she would like to fuck him again. He’s now married but shes sure he would still want to be with her again. Whenever she talks about him her pussy always gets wetter and she seems to fuck me a little harder so I encourage her to talk about it a lot. I don’t mind her fucking other guys because I know one person isn’t enough for her. Just her beauty alone is enough to make anyone want to be inside her. Not to mention her raw sexuality. That’s what first attracted me to her so why wouldn’t everyone else feel the same way. But she never has acted on her feeling to be with him. At least as I said before, not to my knowledge.

My birthday had finally arrived. I was feeling a little down about turning thirty but Christy made it a pleasant experience. she took the children to the sitters early in the morning before I even woke up. She let me sleep late which felt good because I had been working long hours lately and needed some rest. Then around noon when it was time for me to get up, she woke me with one of the best blow jobs ever. I have had my dick sucked by women and men, both gay and straight, but the skills she has are mind blowing. No one has ever came close to making me feel the way she does. I often joke that güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she must have been a prostitute in a past life.

Before I even had my eyes open she had my cock buried balls deep inside her drenched pussy. She fucked me for most of the afternoon, we did it in every position we could think of until I finally came deep inside her. Then she ended our lovemaking session with one of the best kisses I have ever had. The kissing had me turned on again but she told me to save it for later, we had a full day in front of us.

We showered together, which she knows I love. While in the shower she sucked me again until my balls were drained, then we got out and got dressed. Christy dressed in one of the sexiest outfits I had ever seen her in. So of course all I could think about was I’m going to get to do to her later. Our date started out by going to a movie, which is something we rarely do. I really enjoyed just getting to spend some time with her without any interruptions. After the movie we headed off to a very upscale restaurant. The food was amazing. It was the best meal I have ever had other than Christy’s wonderful home cooking. So with our belly’s full we set off for home. Once we arrived home I was hoping for another good fucking before the children returned home, but she apparently had other ideas. She told me that she had to run out and do a couple of things and that I should take another shower before she gets back. Which I agreed to.

About fifteen minutes after she left my cell phone rang. I jumped out of the shower to see who it was. I answered and it was Christy, she said that I had one more gift for my birthday and it was at the door. I said I would get dressed and go get it, but she quickly told me that I had to go get it now so there wasn’t time to dress. I said ok, grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my waste and with shampoo still in my hair I went to the door.

As I opened the door I was surprised to see two guys standing before me. I ask if I could help them and they said no, were here to help you. They told me they were friends of Christy’s and she had ask them to come over. A little puzzled why she would invite guest over during our special time, I reluctantly invited them in. Once inside, I told them to make themselves comfortable, I explained that Christy would be back shortly and that I had to finish up in the shower. When I got back in the bathroom I grabbed my phone and dialed Christy’s number. The voice mail picked up and I heard her voice say have fun with your gift. I hung up wondering what she meant. I rinsed my hair, dried off, got dressed and left the bathroom.

As I walked back into the living room I quickly understood the message. Here on my sofa set two completely naked guys with their large cocks in full view. They introduced themselves as Mark and Peter. Mark was about 6 feet tall, 180 pounds with dark hair and by what I could see at least an 8 inch cock. While Peter was a little shorter, maybe around 5’9″ and about 165 pounds, with much lighter hair, but from what I could see his dick was just as big if not a little bigger.

I started to introduce myself when Mark stopped me. He said Christy had told them all about me and what I liked and they said hat they were here to make my fantasies a reality. I said ok, I mean what else could I say? There were two sexy naked guys in my house with two very large beautiful cocks and they were all mine for the night. Just then I noticed moaning, so I looked around till I noticed a porno on the television. It was a guy and a girl taking turns deep throating another mans hard cock. Peter said they had started a movie to help the mood.

I looked at the guys and told them I was new to this and ask them where do we start? Mark said first you should güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri take off your cloths. So of course I did. Then Peter said Christy told us you like to suck cock, so how about we see how good you are. With that they both stood up in front of me. I dropped down to my knees till I was face to face with these two big monster dicks. They were both semi hard and hanging down a bit. Both of them had clean shaved balls and just a little pubic hair which was trimmed really short. As I got ready to take Marks big cock into my mouth he said, Christy said you like big balls, I hope their big enough for you. I looked at them, then looked back up at him and said they were perfect. Then I opened my mouth and sucked his fat dick head into my mouth.

I loved how hot it was. As soon as it hit my tongue it started to twitch and grow. And grow it did, until my mouth couldn’t open any further. I began to slid my mouth back and forth trying to get all of his hot dick into my throat. Finally I had to move my mouth off him before I gaged. When I pulled back I got to see all his dick, It was rock hard and huge! It must have been ten inches long and seven inches around. I started to say how good he tasted when Peter jammed his now hard dick into my mouth.

I was in heaven now with this big hard on in my mouth. His dick has so hot. I couldn’t believe how good it felt in my mouth. then suddenly I felt his hands on my head guiding me back and forth so I reached around and grabbed his ass with both hands. I was surprised by how nice his ass felt. I had always imagined a mans ass would be rough with course hair, but I was wrong. It was soft and muscular. This had me super turned on now so I began to suck him off with all I had. Occasionally I would pull him from my mouth so I could suck on his big balls and run my tongue up and down his shaft. Once I could tell he was close to cuming I really started to suck harder and move my mouth up and down him faster and faster. The I felt it, that first amazing shot of cum. It came out of him so fast it shot straight down my throat. The next five or six pumps landed right on my tongue.

My mouth was now full of what I had craved for so long. Delicious hot creamy cum straight out of a big fat cock. He pulled out of my mouth but I barely noticed. I was enjoying how good it tasted. I swallowed all of his cum very slowly until my mouth felt strangely empty. He looked at me and said that was the best blow job he had ever had. I just smiled and said thanks.

Mark was sitting down now, he looked at me and said it was his turn and he wanted it to be just as hot as what Peter had gotten. I got on my hands and knees and put his large head in line with my mouth and moved forward. I opened up as wide as I could until I could take no more of him inside my mouth. Then he gently began to rock his hips, fucking my mouth with his giant dick. He began to thrust faster and faster when I suddenly noticed a new feeling all together. Peter was fingering my ass and it felt good.

The faster he fingered me the faster I sucked Marks dick. The more fingers he put in me the further down I would go on his swollen dick. Then all the sudden he stopped touching me. I was a little disappointed but I didn’t stop the blow job. Then out of nowhere I felt what I can only describe as pure ecstasy. There was a hard dick slowly sliding inside of my ass. He slid himself in me so slow it was one of the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt. After a minute or two he had about half of it in me but I wanted it all. So I pushed my ass back against him as hard as I could. I almost collapsed when he was completely inside me. I had at least ten and a half inches of his rock hard shaft buried in my ass and another ten inches in my mouth.

Just then güvenilir bahis şirketleri Mark stood up in front of me. I now knew why Christy had always said she couldn’t explain what it felt like to have a mans dick inside her. I felt pressure but I also felt full. To be honest I had never felt anything like it before in my life. A dildo didn’t even come close to this. And when they both started moving at the same time I knew I was hooked on cock forever.

I loved how it felt to have a man working his dick moving in and out of my ass, the harder he fucked me, the more I wanted to feel him cum inside me. Mark pulled himself from my mouth just as Peter began slamming me harder than he had before. Then I felt his balls tighten as he let out a huge groan. I could feel him pumping my once tight ass full of his cum and I loved it. I was surprised that I could feel him twitching inside me and that I could feel him painting my insides white with his ball juice. He began thrusting slower and slower until he stopped all together.

When he pulled out of me I felt so empty. I felt like something that belonged there all along was now gone. He stepped in front of me with his now half soft penis in my face. I noticed a few gobs of cum still on the tip of it so I stuck out my tongue and licked it off. It tasted just as good as it did earlier.

As I stood up I could feel the cum leaking out of my still open ass hole. I said thanks guys that was great, but they told me it wasn’t over yet. Christy had told them how I have been wanting to fuck another man in the ass and this was my chance. Then Peter bent over and offered me his ass. At first I was a little scared. But as I looked a t his tight butt, I realized just how nice his ass really was. I couldn’t believe it, I was actually getting turned on by another guy.

I had always thought some guys were sexy and had nice asses but they were only on movies or porn. The only guy I have ever known who I thought was even close to sexy was a friend of myself and Christy’s named Micheal. There were a few times I had thought about fucking him. He had a nice ass for a guy, but that never went anywhere. I don’t think he was into me. Now here I am with a tight ass in front of me just begging to be fucked.

I spit on my hand and rubbed it into my hard cock then guided it into him. I was amazed by how good it felt. Before I knew it I was completely inside him. But as I was fucking him I kept thinking how I was right before. That pussy feels better than a man’s asshole. I guess thats why I’m bi, I still love pussy more than anything. Though the thoughts quickly left my head as I felt Mark slide his monster into my cum dripping ass.

It felt good getting fucked while I was also fucking someone else. And I knew that this wasn’t to be a one time thing. We fucked like this for ten or fifteen minutes when all the sudden Mark said he was about to cum. The announcement pushed me over the line and I knew I was going to cum too. I reached around and grabbed Marks erection and began to pump him hard. Then I felt it for the second time that night. Someone was cuming inside my ass and it was as good as the first time. As I felt his dick pulsating inside me I began to pump my cum inside Marks tight ass hole. Then he yelled out that he was cuming too, not to stop jacking him. I could feel the cum shoot from his beast between his legs.

With the three of us exhausted we all sat back on the sofa enjoying the wonderful experience we had just had. After a few minutes the guys got up and began to dress, they said they had to get going, but said they would never forget tonight. I thanked them for everything and said anytime their horny just stop by. They said they would, thanked me and left.

A couple minutes later I heard someone come in the front door. Then I heard keys hit the kitchen table and I instantly knew it was Christy. She ask me how I liked my birthday gift. I grabbed her hand and pulled her down on top of me, then I told her I loved it but it still wasn’t as good as her. She gave me a huge kiss and said happy birthday baby, I love you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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