Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 86

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 80). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 86 – Two New Employees For The Family


Sheila was panting hard, almost gasping for air that wasn’t there. She usually started the physiological response about a minute or two after I started to check with two fingers whether she was adhering to the office dress code – no panties. I checked Sheila, Melanie, Izzy, and Marcia frequently during the day unless I had back-to-back meetings. Checking usually involving a thorough rogering with two fingers and maybe even my tongue if time allowed for a cleanup afterwards in the private bathroom of my executive office.

Sheila’s knees kind of buckled and she fell back against my large cherry wood executive desk holding onto the edge and taking the weight off her feet. Her orgasm swept past her with a little moan from each of us. I wanted more and Sheila wasn’t prepared to take any more given we were in my executive offices on the forty-fifth floor of Worthington Towers – my corporate headquarters.

We had made love in my office before, but only once in a dozen years in the middle of the business day. Despite Melanie being right outside the door and keeping guard, Sheila was always distracted and worried that someone would come barging in. I had similar feelings, so we’d curtailed such activities until after hours. Of course, we could always go home to our super bed and join the others in our family in making love to each other.

She gasped, “God, Mark, I won’t be worth a salt for two or three hours after that. You know how your orgasms scramble my brain.”

I kissed her and helped her stand. “I love to scramble your brain almost as much as I love to make love to you. I promise you some time together when we get home tonight. If anything, the past few minutes just frustrated me more than I already was.”

“Serves you right,” she grinned. “You called me in here. Was it just to get your jollies and ruin my productivity?” The flush in her face was still very evident.

“No, I have a personnel task for you – more on the family side of things. You’re such an expert at recruiting that I thought I’d turn it over to you, unless you aren’t interested. Barnes is retiring at the end of the year and would even like to go earlier if we can find a replacement, so what we need is a new butler or cook or valet or better a combination of all in the same person the way he was. I think we also need a maid or two what with the five men having moved in with us, and Elsa is going to need a nanny in the near future. Talk to her about that; maybe she wants to do all the nanny recruiting herself. Maybe the all-purpose valet and maid are the same person.”

“Oh, I like that job. Can I pick nice young hunky butler with six pack abs and a big you-know-what?”

I laughed, “If you find one interested in this particular job they’re probably gay and not the least bit interested in sex with you.”

Sheila put her lower lip out in a pout. None of the men in our family or circle of friends were gay or even bisexual. I’d never been sure about Barnes, but he never showed interest in any of the women in the least; he never gawked at their nudity and simply took it as a normal occurrence.

She asked, “Do you want to meet and interview them?”

“The final contenders or semi-finalists or whatever you want to call them after you’ve screened them down. Whoever you find will have to be very discreet because I don’t want our casual lifestyle to change any more than it probably will with the new kiddies as they come along.”

“I don’t suppose you want to share your criteria with me. You had Barnes, Lucas, Marshall, and a few others all hired when we met. You even picked Stacy to help open up Club Infinity and got her to hire all those other people for you.”

I nodded, “But this is different. These are people who’ll be in our homes and taking care of us in many ways. My biggest concern is privacy and no ‘tell all’ books about how this billionaire and his family live, including our wild sex parties where we fuck strippers, porn stars, friends, and sometimes new acquaintances. Other than that, the jobs are pretty mundane and fit the titles as expected.”

Sheila hopped off of my desk onto the floor and stood. She smoothed out her skirt and fussed with her hair, although I hadn’t disturbed a single tress. She planted a passionate kiss on my lips, and then walked across my office and out the door. There was a special sway and seductiveness to her hips as she güvenilir bahis went.

* * * * *

Sheila escorted Celeste Thayer into my office and introduced us. Celeste was the finalist in our ‘find a maid for the family’ activity. The woman was in her early forties, thin, carried an angular face with high cheekbones, and was reasonably attractive. She was wearing a simple summer frock, which I thought unusual since the weather that day was chilly with intermittent showers.

Sheila introduced Celeste and the situation to me, “Mark, Celeste comes to us through the Nelson Agency. She had one prior employment situation for a year, however, the elderly person she worked for died and consequently she finds herself out of a job. She has sterling references. We’ve had two brief meetings or interviews, and she conducts herself well. She assures us of her discretion about any family situation she observes, and has done most of the standard duties we would expect of her – errands, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and so on. She is flexible about her schedule, has no real outside demands on her time, but has no car although she does have a driver’s license. She lives within walking distance of the condominium.” She turned to Celeste, “Did I get that right?”

“Oh, yes, Miss. You surely did.” Celeste Thayer had an English accent that I instantly found delightful.

“Celeste, may I call you that?”

“Oh, yes, please, Mr. Worthington.”

“Please call me Mark, Celeste. What did you do before your last job where you were a maid? Your experience in such a position seems short.”

Celeste nodded, “I hope it doesn’t rule me out, but you are correct. Prior to my one year position as a maid and caretaker, I helped make, sell, and ship flags at the Rawlins’ Flag Company just outside the beltway. I had to quit that job, however, and becoming a maid seemed to suit me, so I found my previous job working for the Atkinsons taking care of their grandfather.”

“Why did you quit at Rawlins?”

“Errr, a personal situation developed with Mr. Rawlins, and I could not tolerate working there any longer.”

Sheila intervened, “Details please. They are important to our decision.”

Celeste thought for a minute about how to phrase her answer, “I had been married to Mr. Rawlins for fifteen years. He plucked me up in my mid-twenties when he visited England. We met at my local pub, and took a shine to each other. Romance followed and I accepted his invite to move in with him here in the city. We were married two years later. It was a rough marriage, but I tolerated it. Eventually, we parted on less than hospitable grounds.”

Sheila looked at Celeste and raised her eyebrows, obviously expecting a more thorough answer.

Celeste gulped and looked down at her hands in her lap. She nearly whispered, “My husband got into bondage, domination, and S&M. He wanted me to do things I didn’t want to do – things that would have hurt me and even marked me for life.” She looked up, “I’ve since divorced him. Please don’t mention what I said to anybody. Some other woman might have coped, but I just couldn’t.” Her eyes pleaded for acceptance.

I spoke, “I assure you that your replies will remain confidential.” I turned to Sheila, “Does she have a non-disclosure agreement with us?”

Sheila nodded, “She does.”

“Did you tell her about the structure of our family?”

“Not yet. I wanted to see if she met your requirements first.”

I started a long discussion with Celeste about her duties, alluding to a large family of adults and some impending children. I assured her that we would have a nanny and depending on how the candidate worked out in the position she applied for, perhaps a butler in the immediate future as well. I also mentioned the security force we maintained, as well as The Meadows.

She asked, “Will I have to get a car to report to work at The Meadows?”

“No. We will have a driver take you there when you need to be, you may use one of the company cars, or you can accompany us out there in the limousine. In a pinch there are always taxis or other limousine services that we’ll arrange or reimburse you for.”

Celeste’s eyes got slightly large at the idea of riding in a limousine. She paused and said, “I hate to be pedantic, but what is the pay range for the position. I do have rent to pay and food to buy for myself. My needs are modest, but I’ve been left with little after the divorce.”

I turned to Sheila. She said, “In this city the average salary for a housekeeper is $20,500, which can become more with longer hours and overtime. Usually, there are no associated benefits except for a few paid holidays.”

Celeste nodded and volunteered, “That’s exactly what I was making at my last job.”

Sheila continued, “We, however, will pay you considerably more than that for some reasons we will explain in a minute. You would be paid a starting salary of $42,000, with up to a ten percent bonus based on your diligence in the job and your fit with the family. Additionally, we would provide full medical and dental insurance güvenilir bahis siteleri with no co-pay required, life insurance, and contribute matching funds to your 401k account with no vesting period. We will provide you room and board in both the condominium and at The Meadows. Further, we will put $20,000 per year in a special retirement account that may be drawn on starting at age sixty when you might retire contingent upon your absolute and total silence regarding the family and anything that goes on regarding them. Oh, you get four weeks of paid vacation each year plus ten paid holidays.” She paused and wiggled her mouth around as she thought; “I think there were one or two other things, but those are the major items for now.”

Celeste’s mouth was hanging open in disbelief. She suddenly said, “Wait! What’s the catch? Do I have to do something I don’t want to do? Is there something illegal going on?”

I shook my head, “Only maintain our privacy by keeping your mouth shut. We would also ask that you not discuss your compensation package with anybody. We will provide you an accountant to help with your taxes, if you wish.”

“Wow!” Celeste muttered. She was truly speechless and her eyes had gotten glassy. A long silence ensued and she looked back and forth between us to see what would happen next.

I said, “There is a catch – slightly, that will require your discretion and may influence your decision to work for us.”

Sheila pointed at me indicating that I should spill the beans.

I said, “I alluded to our large family, so on that score you will have your hands full. Usually, there are fourteen of us when we’re all around; however, we are a unique group. There are six men, including me, and normally nine women in the family. We are polyamorous.”

Celeste looked puzzled, “Polyamorous? What does that mean?”

“We live together as husbands and wives. Some people call our situation a plural marriage, and there are other terms. We are very sexual with each other, and often spontaneous as well, including in some of the public spaces in our homes. We also have some friends who visit us often, sometimes in parties we hold, who we are intimate with at those occasions.”

Celeste studied me for a long time and then Sheila. She started slowly, “So … when I come across one of those intimate situations … I should … what … disappear?”

Sheila jumped in, “To minimize your embarrassment, we suggest exactly that, although given our tendency to be exhibitionists as well, you could always lurk around and watch.” She laughed. “We do that with each other, so you could observe as well. You would always be welcome to join in too.”

“Oh, God. I don’t know whether I could do THAT. Could I just go to my room or wherever?”

“Of course,” I replied. “There is no expectation or requirement in any way that you remain in any kind of an embarrassing situation or participate. We will need your help preparing for those parties when they happen, your help to get them underway with food and drink, but you need not work the party when people start becoming … friendly with each other. We often hire in additional help for those, in any case; people we have used previously.”

Celeste was quick, “I can certainly keep my mouth shut about such events. I now understand your concerns completely and see no trouble with any of the task areas you outlined. In many ways this will be easier than my last job, since none of you are infirm. I would like to be considered for the post, and if hired would be honored to serve you and your family. I am sure I’ll be able to cope with your unusual circumstances.”

I turned to Celeste and indirectly Sheila, “When can you start?”

“I’m out of work, so I could start right this minute.”

I smiled at Sheila and she smiled back. We both grinned at Celeste and I put my hand out. “Welcome to our employ. I think you’ll find the job interesting and intriguing.” I knew there was an employment contract and some other paperwork to go through that Sheila would handle.

Celeste nodded and smiled, “Intriguing? To say the least based on what you outlined as your normal behavior.”


I imagined myself a large blimp with Goodyear painted on the side. I floated through the sky from one location to another with practiced ease and efficiency of motion, like a smoothly moving balloon on a day with little breeze. I could glide from one step to the next without jerky or erratic motions.

Stacy was walking beside me, and we had two security men behind us. I’d decided to walk from the condominium to work, following my OB/GYN’s orders to walk more. Actually, it was more of a waddle. I’d had to stop running; it was just too uncomfortable, between my engorged breasts and my baby bump that now looked more like I’d hidden a large beach ball under my light jacket that I couldn’t even zip up because of the bulge. Despite it being December, the temperatures were still warm.

One week to go to my due date, although my doctor emphasized ‘Any time’ as possible. If I could, I would’ve jumped iddaa siteleri up and clicked my heels together. Of course, Philip Emerson Worthington would put up a mighty fuss and start clicking his heels together inside my womb, and I’d have a hell of a time getting him quieted down. He was going to be a funny baby, because we all laughed so much as his antics when we were playing together, especially having sex.

All my family talked to Philip. Of course, the men tried to talk to him while they were licking my cunt and making me spasm in happy orgasms. The orgasms excited Philip too, and he’d start kicking. The men thought he was applauding their ministrations on his mother.

I’d had a short serious talk with my OB/GYN about how long into my term I could have sex. I explained to her about my family and the prevalence of partners. She didn’t judge. She just said, “Keep doing whatever you want until you don’t want to. I’ve had deliveries where the birth canal still had semen in it, so you can go right up until you have to leave for the hospital. For my sake, however, please stop when your labor pains start.” We had a good laugh.

The more I got into my pregnancy, the hornier I seemed. My doctor attributed part of that to hormones and part to realizing I was what she called a Mommy Machine. Either way, I continued to have sex several times a day, usually with different partners. The most comfortable position had migrated from anything, to doggie, to woman on top, and now to me lying on my back on the edge of the bed holding my legs back as my partner stood between my legs and did the deed. I loved the deed. I think I’d become more orgasmic as the months passed.

It was Friday. I had an interview with the top rated candidate for my nanny position at three o’clock. The economy must be good because there weren’t many women available to work as full time nannies. I planned to work until two o’clock, and then, depending on the outside temperature, either walk home or take the limousine.

I teased Greg and Sean about having sex on their desks as I went to my own desk. I was working myself out of work at Greg’s request. When I disappeared for ninety days or so on maternity leave he didn’t want there to be a lot of loose ends in the work I had to do. The result was that I had the dregs from a dozen different projects rather than a focus on one or two. Moreover, the work was all over the map. Instead of new construction, I was mostly getting small renovations: add a room over a garage, convert an attic to a bedroom, redesign a kitchen, add a bathroom, and design the perfect media room, were some of my projects.

The limousine ride home was in wonderful air-conditioned comfort. The outside temperature had hit eighty with a ‘feels like’ near ninety – and this in December! I would have melted and junior would have complained. At this point, I was to avoid extremes.

Celeste greeted me as I came in the door from the elevator. She looked surprised that I was home early, and I explained about my interview at three. She volunteered to make some fresh iced tea and add a plate of her fresh cookies for us. The cookies sounded really good. Somehow, I knew I’d have to fight to get my weight back to pre-preggers levels after the baby was born.

Right at three, the building’s intercom buzzed. The security man on the ground floor was announcing that Julie Yates had arrived at the building. I had them buzz her up to the thirtieth floor.

Julie stepped off the elevator with some uncertainty and I met her in the foyer. We had pleasant greetings, and then I brought her into the living room. The views in two directions were spectacular and she came to a stop as awe overcame her.

Julie said, “This is … beyond description it’s so beautiful. Wow, you can see forever – even over into the next state.”

“We have two floors in the building – this one and the one below. I’ll give you a tour in a few minutes.”

Julie knew a little about who we were: billionaire and girlfriend, baby very soon, long-term job after that. There might be other babies. If job became overwhelming, she knew we’d hire additional nannies or help staff. Beyond that, she knew little about us that wasn’t in the paper.

Julie and I sat, and Celeste brought in our refreshments. I took it upon myself to introduce the two of them and they had a few pleasant words. This was only the second week that Celeste had been with us. As requested, Celeste did not wear a maid’s uniform, but bought stylish clothes that she was comfortable wearing around the homes from her clothing allowance. That day, she wore Bermuda shorts and a snazzy colorful top with penny loafers.

We started the interview by going over Julie’s qualifications. She was thirty; college educated, and had five years of experience. She’d worked as a child development major for a high-end day care center for a couple of years, and then taken a position for the past five years with a family before they moved to Manhattan. She didn’t want to move, so was on the market. She appeared neat and clean, meticulous about her appearance, and had experience with two infants who became toddlers and then energetic youngsters. She’d lived in most of the time with the couple she worked for, but had since established her own apartment only three blocks from where I used to live.

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